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Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable – Comparison

The Cookeo cooker is a very specific device and not a type of product. This is a series of products developed by Moulinex for accessing multiple cooking modes from a single device. Relatively compact, it simplifies the kitchen and can do anything else during cooking.

Given the success of this product, Moulinex is constantly developing its Cookeo collection and today the choice is pretty impressive. So we invite you to discover the best Cookeo Moulinex to buy the more direct interest.

Take stock of these questions and many others by continuing your reading. You will also find a presentation of different products, the Moulinex Cookeo + Connect CE857800 which we prefer.

Cookeo Your Best Quality / Price!

Moulinex Multicuiseur Intelligent Cookeo+ Connect…

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

To achieve this selection of the best Cookeo 2019 editorial team works strictly from the products. To this list of criteria has been established and it has been applied to Cookeo on sale now. The customer reviews were also read and analyzed on several sites like Amazon, Darty and Boulanger. This helps to get a clear picture of the actual quality in the long term, as well as customer service Moulinex.

For G tested for you is an independent site! It is not sponsored by any brand or manufacturer. Learn more.

Compare Cookeo / Our Top 3

The best high-end

The best mid-range

Moulinex Cookeo+ Connect CE857800

Moulinex Cookeo+ Gourmet CE852900

Sold in black, Cookeo + is a connected model, loaded with 200 recipes and with a power of 1600 W. It is easy to learn and to monitor cooking on his smartphone.

With an original color (brown glossy), it Cookeo + 1600W comes with an additional accessory, a practice cake pan and secure to use even more often the cooker.

Former citation still on sale, it is very often in promotion and is still effective. Containing 100 pre-programmed recipes, it helps prepare much without breaking the bank.

The best high-end

Moulinex Cookeo+ Connect CE857800

Sold in black, Cookeo + is a connected model, loaded with 200 recipes and with a power of 1600 W. It is easy to learn and to monitor cooking on his smartphone.

The best mid-range

Moulinex Cookeo+ Gourmet CE852900

With an original color (brown glossy), it Cookeo + 1600W comes with an additional accessory, a practice cake pan and secure to use even more often the cooker.

Former citation still on sale, it is very often in promotion and is still effective. Containing 100 pre-programmed recipes, it helps prepare much without breaking the bank.

How Is The Selection Made, What Cookeo Choose?

The Cookeo series offers complete equipment for cooking meals and even the realization of buns, desserts and various sauce. On its own, a standard Cookeo replaces Multicooker, a pressure cooker, steam cooker and even a slow cooker!

However these are devices that are very similar and it is not easy to identify the differences between Cookeo. Just in terms of design, they all look the same! That’s why we made this list of criteria that can move from one product to another and know what Cookeo buy.

One hesitates between a Cookeo 1600 W and 1200 W, but it is a detail irrelevant. All recent models are at 1600 W, it allows preheating a little faster. On the other hand, it also means that power consumption is slightly higher. But now we do not have much choice since it is the same on all devices.

The number of programs

Officially Cookeo all have the same power consumption and the same number of programs (see previous criterion). In fact, in the same way as the old models have only 1200 W, they also have that 5 programs.

So, it is still better to opt for a newer model (without trying at all costs to buy the latest Cookeo) for greater versatility through 6 different programs.

The number of recipes

It is truly access to recipes that made all the difference. This is where we understand the difference between 100 and 200 Cookeo recipes and even between the USB Cookeo or Connect.

There is always a manual mode, but it is much easier to be guided by a pre-recorded recipes in the cooker. There are a number of recipes included with the device and then it can be possible to add to a specific USB or via Bluetooth.

All Cookeo have the same format (with a 6-liter tank) and the same design almost. The only variation comes from the color that you can choose according to the decor of the kitchen or her personal taste.

Best Cookeo – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Cookeo Ce704110: The Best Cheap

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Often promo six cooking modes Basic and simple recipes 100 preprogrammed

This reference may well be that of one of the first Cookeo Moulinex, it remains a very good choice, because it is always effective and above all it is very often in promotion. This is the classic Cookeo par excellence!

Indeed the Cookeo CE704110 was the base model of the first generation of Multicooker Cookeo by Moulinex. This is a Cookeo 1200 W and it only contains 100 recipes. As against it has the same design as the others, it is white, it has an LCD display and is very easy to handle.

To use this Cookeo, we must start from the home screen and choose one of four options: ingredients, recipes, favorites or manual. There are 6 cooking modes in all, the rapid pressure cooking. It is possible to fry or stew, cooked in steam or cook gently. And of course, it is possible to delay the start of the preparation or to opt for keeping warm at the end of the preparation. To learn more about getting started, you can read this review of the Cookeo CE704110.

Even maintenance is simple. All removable parts are dishwasher-safe. However the tank of 6 liters is non-stick and so it is possible to wash quickly from the end of lunch. Thus Multicooker is available all the time, a good thing when we see the great variety of dishes that can be prepared.

Note that even though it is an old Cookeo, it is still possible to use the application to take advantage of new recipes. And accessories sold by Moulinex (such as glass jars, cake pan, etc.) can be seated to improve cheaply.

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2. Cookeo + Ce851100: The Alternative No Dear

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Simplicity Available in white or red 150 recipes included Steamer included

No added recipes

Directly from the new generation Cookeo, model CE851100 Cookeo + is the new classic product, basic and therefore cheap Moulinex. It differs from the older generation by adding the + in his name. Thus we find all the characteristics of Cookeo + models: use of 1600 watts and a 6-liter tank ceramic ultra-resistant. The exterior can be chosen in white or red only. The size is the same as other models Cookeo.

150 recipes are pre-recorded. They are directly accessible from the menu. Some can be stored in the library for future reference in seconds. By cons attention, this model is basic, it does not allow the addition of new recipes (either via Bluetooth or USB). But the more time passes and more users are finding that the addition is not necessarily an indispensable option. Indeed, thanks to the free app developed by Cookeo (highlighting recipes Moulinex Community) and through the manual mode, it is possible to cook everything, jam ketchup through the chili and ‘Osso Buco ! To do this, simply select the manual mode directly from the menu.

It is also a device that offers Cookeo 7 operating modes: pressure, steaming, browning, gentle cooking, reheating, simmer and keep warm. One can also opt for a delayed start up to 15 h. Adjustments are made with a big color LCD. A steamer basket is included as an accessory. To learn more about getting started, check out this review of the Cookeo CE851100.

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3. Cookeo + Gourmet Ce852900: The Best Middle End

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Cake Pan Steamer 150 recipes Accessories compatible dishwasher Speedcook

No revenue additions

The Cookeo cooker + Gourmet CE852900 is the format for foodies or for families who no longer wish to consume snacks buy in the supermarket. Indeed, the specificity of this model is the presence of a cake pan. With a diameter of 18 cm and with a handle, it greatly increases the range of possibilities. So in addition to the classic dishes (as well as inputs and some desserts), it is now possible to do more desserts, snacks, cakes.

As explained in this review of the Cookeo + Gourmet CE852900, this does not detract from the other specificities of multicuiseurs Cookeo. Thus it is equipped with a ceramic vessel with a capacity of 6 liters and it also comes with a steamer. Removable parts (including the inner cover) can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The exterior maintenance is done simply with a sponge.

For the preparation of dishes, use menu and four choices. From there we have access to recipes or manual use. 6 different cooking modes coexist in this small cooker: browning, simmering, steaming, gentle cooking under pressure reheating. There is also the possibility of keeping warm for 1 h 30 or program a delay start.

The Multicooker Cookeo + Gourmet CE852900 is charged with 150 different recipes comprising entries, dishes and desserts. The set is varied, with vegetarian dishes, world cuisine and traditional dishes. And while it is impossible to connect the Cookeo his smartphone, it is still possible to download the application My cookeo to benefit from many additional revenue.

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4. Cookeo + Ce851500: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

150 recipes included Red Exterior 1600 Watts Easy to clean

All Cookeo are not available in the same colors. The Cookeo + CE851500 model is one of the products presented in bright and vibrant red. From Cookeo + series, so it has a power of 1600 watts and it warms in 3-4 minutes. It also has 4 classic menus and six cooking modes that can do everything. It is sold with a steamer that fits easily into the bowl 6 liters. a later departure can also be programmed (up to 15 hours later) and keep warm dish for a little over an hour.

Maintenance is fast. The removable parts are dishwasher safe and simple sponge allows the outside of the robot regain its luster. In case of problems (breakage or wear), it is easy to buy these removable parts to replace or supplement your device with various accessories.

Revenue side, this model is charged with 150 recipes. It only has them and it is impossible to add as explained in this opinion on the Multicooker Cookeo + CE851500. Even if we talk about smart Multicooker, it is not connected. What this does not prevent you from downloading the application My Cookeo is really complete and very practical. It provides access to recipes posted by Moulinex and others suggested by users of this cooking robot. This makes it possible to prepare dishes for daily, vegetarian or special child, as well as real party tables.

This Multicooker Cookeo remains simple enough for its price class. It is very effective, but it is still better to buy coupon for the value or interest to the user.

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5. Cookeo + Connect Ce857800: The Best Premium

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Connected via Bluetooth Follow the cooking app with ceramic bowl 200 recipes 6 preprogrammed cooking modes

To purchase a Cookeo connected, it is essential to be prepared to pay the price and that’s why all these multicuiseurs are in the high end. The model Cookeo + Connect CE857800 is a product that can be partially used with a smartphone or a tablet. This is only partial, as in cooking, always himself cut the vegetables and place them in the cooking bowl.

This is a cookeo + black 1600 watts. It weighs 6 kg, and has the same dimensions as the others. It has 4 menus giving access to 6 cooking modes. It is possible to steam them, fry, simmer, cook pressure cook and reheat slowly. Pressure cooking is also named quick cooking because it saves lot of time. It is thus possible to prepare in less than an hour some recipes very time like boeuf bourguignon.

200 recipes are preprogrammed in Cookeo + Connect. As from the menu, simply select the recipe program and find one that interests you. From there, everything is explained step by step. The same approach is proposed on the application My Cookeo but with large legible images. This is particularly interesting when you start cooking. The application therefore provides access to recipes and more, it is possible to load the cooker (to find them with the “favorites” program for example). Last note, it is possible to follow the evolution of cooking and therefore not to stay right next to the cooking robot!

Its main drawback is its price, actually higher than the other models which. To make you a better idea about its quality, check out this presentation of Cookeo + Connect CE857800.

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6. Cookeo + Connect Grameez Ce856800: The Alternative Premium

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Cookeo connected recipes included 150 connected Balance Color black 1600 W

Connecting the helpful little balance

The Multicooker Cookeo CE856800 + combines two specificities. On one side there is a Cookeo Connect, that is connected to a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth. On the other, it comes with a very powerful accessory, the balance Grameez Moulinex.

The presence of a Bluetooth connection on Multicooker allows easy grip and provides access to hundreds of recipes in addition to 150 preprogrammed recipes. That one started or you’re looking to try new things, it is very valuable to have clear and illustrated explanations for each step of the preparation. Also follow the dish on the application My Cookeo allows to remotely monitor (moderate) changes in cooking.

The Grameez balance is also a connected device. It can weigh up to 10 kg food, the gram. It is extremely accurate and very handy. It has a touch keyboard and tare is done with a great touch. It is of excellent quality. As against the connected aspect seems a little gadget. This scale also works with Bluetooth, and the application allows to adapt the recipes to the weight of a particular ingredient. The contribution is rather limited. Well, if you already have an excellent balance at home, it is useless. More details are given in this review of the Cookeo + Connect Grameez.

Moreover, it is a black Multicooker Moulinex. The tank has a capacity of 6 liters and is easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. The power is 1600 watts. There are the 4 menus and 6 conventional cooking methods, as well as the steamer automatically included.

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And why not…

Here are some other attractive Cookeo cookers. This allows you to get an idea of ​​the versatility of existing models and therefore to find the best Cookeo for you specifically.

Cookeo Ce7041 + Mixer Moulinex Plunging Dd100141

Cookeo product of the first generation, it is a Multicooker 1200 watts with 100 preprogrammed recipes. It has a completely white exterior and is sold with a hand blender 350 W design matching white. It also receives a measuring cup of 800 ml. The mixer can be used directly in the bowl of 6 liters and this will prepare soups and jams easily. The base of the blender comes apart for faster maintenance. And on top is a suspension ring for a handy storage.

At the Multicooker is the same device as the classic Cookeo CE704110. So it works with 4 menus and 7 cooking modes. To prepare different recipes from those recorded, it is necessary to use the manual mode.

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

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Cookeo + Gourmet Ce852900 / Mold Cakes Included In The Bible + Official From Cookeo

This is an ideal case Cookeo complete choice as a gift to someone who does not yet know what kind of Multicooker. Indeed first receiving a Cookeo + 1600 W with 150 pre-stored recipes. In accessories, we have a cake pan (which allows for sweet and salty) and finally a cookbook entitled the official bible of Cookeo.

This book contains 200 recipes Severine Auge for everyday life. It is very readable and airy, the ingredients are all grouped on the side of the page with illustrations to learn a glance if you will. The preparation is explained both in relation to the ingredients (how to cut and prepare) as compared to the device (and choose which menu mode). dishes included is for a whole meal, from appetizer to dessert, with even some vegetarian dishes.

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Cookeo + Connect And The Bible Of Official Cookeo

In this Cookeo kit, it receives only two elements: a connected Multicooker Cookeo and a cookbook. The device itself is sold in black and is charged with 200 recipes. With Bluetooth and application My Cookeo, it is possible to have access to many other recipes and especially to check the receipts directly to the supermarket.

The cookbook is the base model and also a reference. This is the official bible of Cookeo. It presents 200 recipes that aim to learn to use the cooking robot while making everyday dishes. He is not making holiday meals, but to feed the whole family every day. One can even enjoy some vegetarian recipes and desserts.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Price Of A Cookeo?

The first prize for a cheap Cookeo is around 150 EUR. The amount increases with the addition of options and accessories to the maximum, it is possible to find luxury models almost 400 EUR.

It is therefore particularly interesting to buy a Cookeo in promo for a period balances or in private sales. Because it allows for a more complete cooker and more revenues for the price of a product cheap or almost.

What You Can Do With A Cookeo?

It is not necessary to buy a Moulinex book or go to the brand website to find special recipes Cookeo. More and more sites (amateur or professional blog site as Marmiton) offer different recipes. For one can really cook anything with Cookeo!

Here is a small selection of possible recipes: tenderloin, ratatouille, veal stew, roast pork, beef bourguignon, stew, cassoulet, chicken leg, fried pork, lentils, etc. But also world cuisine like borscht, couscous, paella, risotto, hummus … Finally, you can even prepare desserts, including brioches, brownies, etc.

How To Serve On A Cookeo?

There are three ways to use a Cookeo with revenues recorded by entering data on a single ingredient or cooked in manual mode. In general use is this:

At the level of detail, it is possible to program a delayed start. After use, it is necessary to empty the tank which collects condensation and which is on the back of Cookeo. Removable parts wash all the dishwasher.

Cookeo How it Works?

Everything is done to maximize the automation of cooking. The heat distribution is homogeneous and from the time the program is selected, there is no risk of “burn out” meal. This is why it should not hesitate to use the first time the precise recipes included with Multicooker before embarking on the creation and adaptation of personal recipes. By cons we must remember that this device is strictly a cooking appliance, for everything else it must be done separately.

Cookeo, Companion Ou Thermomix ?

Cookeo is Multicooker while Companion Thermomix and are more versatile robots. They allow (depending on model chosen) to chop, peel, mix and cook. As against this versatility that these are devices with less choice for cooking. Most often they do not offer quick cooking under pressure.

So if you have a food processor, the Cookeo is largely sufficient and effective. But if you are looking for a first device to equip a kitchen, Companion and Thermomix will be more comprehensive for the various stages of preparation of the dish. It all depends on your needs!

Conclusion: What Cookeo Buy Moulinex According to Us?

Since the objective of this file is to allow you to choose just one, we also thought about. If he were to be only one, what Cookeo would we buy?

Finally, despite its price, the model connected Cookeo + Connect CE857800 which seems the most practical. Without the connection it is possible to use other recipes with manual mode. But in this format, it allows recording the cooking recipe on the robot and thus no longer need his phone the next time. And we think to ask his phone is a very good thing from time to time.

However if you want to buy the device as cheaply as possible, so do not hesitate to order the classic CE704110 Cookeo. It is comprehensive, effective and often discounted. Otherwise it is also possible to favor a Cookeo sold with more accessories (as needed) as Cookeo + Gourmet CE852900.

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