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Best Salad Spinner

Salad Spinner

OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

. The style is sturdier and more easy to use than any other models we tested. The special pump spinner got rid of both rough greens and delicate parsley without bruising. The bowl is deep enough to soak a large head of lettuce, but still is very compact to store.

Paderno World Cuisine Manual Salad Spinner

. It has similar stability and drying abilities as the OXO Good Handles, and it is much easier to use. Despite the simplicity of the Good Grips’ push down bottle, its rack-and-pinion handle typically required two hands to work. It was hard to see when the greens were clean, because the Good Grips’s colander was opaque and green. It has a pouring spout for removing water from the tub, but we found it covered our greens in the dirt that was on our hands. The Paderno spinner is easy to use and we have not checked the OXO spinner.

Guide to Salad Spinners: 11 of the Best Models

We refer to related products in the show notes and elsewhere in the post. These are affiliate oriented, meaning we can earn small commissions if products are purchased. In addition to shopping for fresh produce, another problem of eating better is prep, preparing, and eating good. Washing lettuce and greens is time consuming and a bit inconvenient. They need to be rinsed, spread out on paper towels, and patted dry with more towels… and it will never be dry enough. E-cigarettes make it easier to pick something easy to eat, but not necessarily as safe.

This is where a salad spinner can be a big help.

You can easily make a short salad in a pinch. Put some leaves in the basket, rinse with cold water, then shake to remove excess water. In a couple of minutes, you can have berries, herbs, and garden greens all clean and dry. Please join us to review the top models available on the market today, and then look at the specifications. Here’s what’s ahead: Spinners. The crank is more difficult to operate than the push button, but the colander can rotate faster, which decides, in large part, how dry the greens will be.

Choose whatever style will work best to suit your personal preferences.

Cleaning Fewer than half of all electronic cigarette manufacturers market their goods as being dishwasher safe. Washing hands in general is recommended.

Best Steel Spinner: OXO Steel Salad Spinner

Buy on Amazon, buy on Walmart, buy on Bed Bath & Beyond, spin salads in salad spinners to dry herbs. Metal bowls can act as mixing bowls when not in use as part of the salad spinner. The button-operated spinner can be used with only one hand, and will slow down and stop when you press the button. You can peek inside to check the progress and the lid falls apart for quick cleaning. The top knob locks down and the bowl has a nonslip base to prevent it from slipping around the counter when in use. The bowl holds 6.34 quarts and the basket holds 4.95 quarts. Both parts are dishwasher safe.

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Best for Small Spaces: Gourmia Collapsible Salad Spinner

Do not buy salad spinners, but also because they eat a lot of space while not in use. This one collapses down to about half of its original height to get better positioning in a drawer or on a shelf. After use, it extends quickly to hold salad greens for the entire family. The top crank and convenient knob easily drain water while the airtight lid remains in place and prevents water from splashing or spilling accidentally.

What type of salad spinner is best?

You can get three styles of salad spinners from this site. Slicers enable you to press down on a wide button to start the spin. We like these because they are easy to use and produce a lot of action for one push. Spin salad spinners operate as you would expect; pull a string to spin. We like how the product is bright, thin, and doesn’t drip when it gets wet. A salad spinner comes with a small handle to turn. They work, but they are a little harder to use, and are made of cheaper materials.

The best overall salad spinner

Amazon’s when it comes to salad spinners, Amazon’s is the best you can find. The button on the Juicinator allows you to start a brisk dryer. I added spinach and romaine and they were fully dry. Press-down has a side lever for changing torque, which is perfect if you’re spinning a small amount of greens. You are able to prevent your greens from plastering against the sides of the colander at higher speeds. I like how the lever is a counterweight. You have to wait until the spinner has slowed down to take the top off. The break prevents the greens from turning, and also shakes off any loose dirt that might be there. This spinner is robust. Both the bowl and the colander are made out of BPA-free plastic. The lid falls apart for quick washing. The bottom even has a no-slip section, so the spinner won’t slip. It’s a one-handed endeavour. One downside of this spinner is its scale. It is not stealth, so if you have a smaller cabinet, it might be a little bulky. Pros: One-handed pump is simple to use, dishwasher safe, green cleaning spray. The cost for 100 flacons is way too expensive.

The best collapsible spinner

The biggest problem with most salad spinners we’ve tested is that they’re bulky and take up too much room in your fridge. The Radical Collapsible Salad Spinner offers the antidote. The bowls and colanders can be folded down to the size of a fifth. The outer bowl can be used as a serving bowl in a pinch. The silicone makes it perfect for outside barbecues without worrying about stuff breaking. The Progressive Salad Spinner does not contain as many holes as other colanders, so it takes a few extra rinses to completely dry. The spin top can not be pushed down and laid flat. It needs to be pushed down and laid flat. However, the spinner may be a little uncomfortable. It is a harder exercise than most other kettles because it has to be manually cranked and it takes more time to shift around. It is also dishwasher safe, making it very convenient. Pros:


Takes a bit longer to dry your greens, crank kind, $33 from Sur La Table.

great for small batches of greens Cons:

Some spinners need a button push to get working, others have a loop, and some even have a hand crank. The salad spinner’s mechanism must not spin the lettuce too hard, or you can get tired of using it and end up relegating it to the corner of your cabinet. You should also remember that faster spinning allows water to come off of the ingredients, and how easily it ends.

How the Salad Spinning Mechanism Works

The best salad spinners are incredibly versatile instruments. Salads and new greens are really healthy for you. The incidence of listeria outbreaks among fresh greens has increased, so even bagged salads should be washed before consumption. You can wash lettuce in a bowl in the sink, then pat dry with paper towels. However, lettuce might end up damp (and a lot of wasted paper towels). Spin the greens in the strainer, raising and moving the spinner as required to rinse them clean before moving the greens to a clean strainer and returning them to the spinner. You can make a healthy salad with less dressing by mixing it in dry greens.You can dry washed greens by using your dryer, then use these greens to make salads, to feed you for several days, and for months after. The spinner is also useful for draining pasta, rinsing beans and berries, and draining vegetables that you have salted.

Advantages of Owning a Salad Spinner

A: Most salad spinner bowls are dishwasher safe, while the lids are handwash only. However, most spinners are easy to clean by hand, though some clear plastic bowls are vulnerable to harm from the abrasive nature of dishwasher detergents. The most important thing is to dry the spinner well. Most spinners have metal parts within the spinner mechanism. If the mouth is air tight, make sure to fully dry sections that can retain water such as seams and edges before reassembling for storage. Otherwise, rust or mould may shape.

To help you find a cheap salad spinner, Comparatif-Multicuiseur has created this complete buying guide for you. Discover here all the selection criteria not to be overlooked, with advice on choosing the right model for your needs and your use. We also bring you a comparison of the best products on the market.

The salad spinner is one of the essential kitchen utensils for professionals as well as amateur cooks. It is indeed the accessory that makes it easier and more efficient to wash and dry salads without having to put in a lot of effort.

Presented in the form of a large bowl, it has a removable basket to be placed inside, as well as a rotation system cover which will be used to rotate the basket.

Salads are therefore dried by centrifugal force since the leaves will be rotated at high speed in order to remove excess water. Thus, the wringer is available in different models which are all characterized by their manufacturing material, their size and their rotation system.

How To Choose A Quality Salad Spinner?

Depending On Its Material And Design

The different materials that make up your tool will reflect not only its robustness, but also its design. Therefore, if your priority is to find a resistant and durable utensil, our site advises you to choose a stainless steel salad spinner.

Although it is not very aesthetic, it will not require much precaution in use. Which is a very good idea if you plan to use it only in the kitchen, out of sight. This is also the case for a plastic model, but for that, you will need to make sure of the quality of it. The thicker the plastic, the more resistant it will be.

On the other hand, if you wanted to both use your wringer to wash your salads and present them at the table, we recommend that you opt for a wringer in transparent glass. This will bring a touch of elegance to your table and immediately give mouth water to your guests. Its transparency will be perfect to reveal the different colors of the foods that make up your recipe.

Depending On Its Rotary Mechanism

Since nobody wants to waste time and even less get tired of spinning the salad, Comparatif-Multicuiseur advises you to bet on a tool that does not require a lot of effort.

This is particularly the case for the salad spinner with piston which requires only a simple pressure from the lid to activate the basket rotation system. No physical effort to provide therefore. The same is true with a salad spinner with thread on which you simply pull on a string to rotate the lettuce basket.

Crank models are therefore the least recommended because they require elbow grease for the rotation to work. This is not very practical for people in difficulty and who do not have enough strength in the arm. Otherwise, the best tools for the elderly will be the electric salad spinners that operate at the touch of a button.

Depending On Its Size

Depending on the quantity and size of the salads that you are used to preparing, you will surely need a larger or smaller bowl.

If you have lunch in a small group, parent and child of 4 people for example, a medium bowl of 25 or 26 cm in diameter will do the trick.

On the other hand, if you plan to prepare food for several guests, do not hesitate to take a large capacity wringer. It will be much more practical to wash and dry several bunches of salad at once so that you do not have to repeat the operation several times. A large container will also allow you to serve your entrees directly there.

However, don’t forget to consider the space you have to store your accessory. The larger it is, the more space it will take up in your cupboards. A compact model will therefore be more suitable if you are only 2 at home and you do not have large spaces.

Depending On Its Versatility And Options

A retractable salad spinner can effectively be used for different purposes. One to remove excess water from the lettuce leaves, and two to present them at the table. You just have to remove the basket inside the bowl and the lid.

However, some models also allow you to do something else and moreover we suggest that you turn to them to benefit from a versatile tool. There are professional salad spinners that come with accessories for slicing, cutting and grating vegetables directly over them.

Also check if your future equipment has the characteristics that allow you to remove the tomato seeds, rinse the beans or even wash the broccoli. Finally, don’t forget to dwell on certain options that contribute to its ease of use, such as a non-slip base to ensure better stability. There is also the spout on the cover which facilitates the dumping of excess water, as well as the retractable piston to minimize the bulk.

Why Buy A Salad Spinner?

To Prepare Vegetables Quickly And Effortlessly

Washing your salad leaves by hand and drying them one by one with paper towels is a demanding task and requires a lot of time. This is why our site advises you to get a moulinex salad spinner that will save you from all these difficult tasks.

In just a few seconds and using only one hand on some models, you will be able to dry your salads with ease. The basket will spin with great force to separate the water from the lettuce leaves so that you can appreciate their true flavor. And it’s not just salad leaves, since you can also wash your leeks, endives, asparagus, broccoli, beans and others. No need to tire your arm to be forced to turn the crank, since the more practical models are available on the market: wire, piston and even electric!

To Enjoy A Versatile Utensil

In general, all salad spinners are already 2 in 1 equipment. They are used to wash and dry salad, but also to serve them at the table.

So no need to look for another bowl to present its entries, because the bowl of the wringer will do the trick without the lid and the basket.

The salad basket can also be used as a colander for all vegetables. But you will also find on the market even more versatile models with grater and vegetable slicer to install in place of the lid to find them directly in the bowl. And that’s not all, since the bowl of the wringer itself can also be used to make other preparations in the kitchen, whether to make fruit salad, mix recipes or even present a juice cocktail.

Which Salad Spinner To Choose?

Discover our selection of the TOP4 of the best selling salad spinners of the moment.

The Different Types Of Salad Spinner

Manual Salad Spinner

The manual models group together the wire, crank and piston salad spinners.

These are tools that require manual manipulation in order to activate the basket rotation system.

Electric Salad Spinner

New generation of wringers, electric models have a battery that allows them to operate without any effort on the part of the user.

An automatic model salad spinner activates, normally, at the press of a button and stops as soon as the button is released.

What Is The Price Of A Salad Spinner?

The price of such an accessory generally varies according to its manufacturing materials, its dimensions, its design, its operating system as well as its brand.

Therefore, depending on your needs, the budget for purchasing a wringer can range from ten euros to more than fifty euros. Of course, manual models will be more accessible compared to electric ones.

How To Use A Salad Spinner?

Start by washing your salads by filling the bowl with water, then place the basket with the salad inside. Close the lid securely and activate the rotation system. Let sit for a few minutes so that the dirt can get to the bottom of the bowl and empty it. You can now dry your salads by repeating the operation, but this time without water in the bowl. You will get dry and clean salads.

How To Clean Your Salad Spinner?

The wringers are very easy to maintain. You just need to clean them with a sponge and warm soapy water. Then rinse each item with clean water before draining.

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