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A fresh take on our classic design Before the launch of OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner in 1998, crank or pull-tab salad spinners were considered high-end products. Some people used their washing machine’s spin cycle to dry lettuce. Our easy-to-use Spinner made the tool an important everyday kitchen.

Nearly 20 years later, we revisited the Spinner for some changes while retaining top features and original inspiration: a top kidsâ€TMs. With a sleek style that complements contemporary kitchens and an improved brake that stops every time, we think youâ€TMll love our new classic design twist. Dry salad greens with soft, non-slip knob press. The non-slip foundation holds the bowl on the countertop, and the modified built-in brake button stops the unloading Salad Spinner. The basket serves as a colander, separating the lid for quick washing.

No More Soggy Salad!

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[This review was obtained as part of the promotion.] The OXO Salad Spinner quickly became an important part of my regular meal planning, saving time and making sure I don’t have soggy salad! I like salad every day, either for lunch or for dinner. I typically buy salad in a lettuce, carrots and red cabbage bag. Even though the bag says it’s pre-washed, I prefer to wash it again to make sure it’s clean and dirt-free or who knows what! I’d put half the salad bag in a colander before, and keep running it under water.

Then dump the salad and apply the dressing. Trying to get out as much water as I could was a constant struggle, eventually excess water sticking to the salad. To make matters worse, the colander holes are so big that some carrots and cabbage will fall into my drain! So, I just started using the OXO Salad Spinner and I can’t believe how much better my salad tastes because it’s excess water-free. Since the strainer basket has narrow slits to let the water flow through,

I don’t lose bits and pieces of carrots and cabbage in the drain! It works well to wash my grapes and strawberries! I’m just moving the simple grip pump to quickly spin the water away, and the built-in “brake” is a great feature! Luckily, plastic bowl has a non-skid surface so it doesn’t fly off the counter! That’dn’t be a good sight! Yes, yes,

How To Clean Oxo Salad Spinner Lid

Ways To Clean Oxo Salad Spinner

An Oxo salad spinner is useful for vegetarians. A useful tool for quickly washing and drying herbs and veggies for fresh salad servings. As the spinner does his job, salad eventually clings to the holes of the spinner, and its lid and cleaning can sound a little daunting. Ok, maybe you just need to learn basic hack cleaning. Keep reading about cleaning oxo salad spinner lid.

How To Use Oxo Salad Spinner

Cleaning an Oxo salad spinner is fast. Via dishwasher cleaning and hand cleaning, it can be done. It’s worth learning how to clean the Oxo salad spinner lid, as it lets you have a cleaner, perfectly textured vegetable salad. Look at the following ways:

Paderno World Cuisine Manual Salad Spinner

Knowing how to clean the Oxo salad spinner lid is important, and knowing the best way to use your salad spinner will also prolong its service life. Steps to use your Oxo salad spinner:

1. Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel

Put chopped greens in the basket. Pour water into the spinner tub, ensuring the greens are properly submerged and protected. Pressure down and move the salad greens a little bit in the water and clean off the dirt on the water. Also, adding ice cubes is a smart idea; cold water makes your greens crispier. Let your vegetables stay in the water for about five minutes to let the dirt settle down to the bowl’s bottom. Use your extra time while waiting to prepare your salad dressing. After a while, separate the basket and empty the bowl with dirty water.

Place the basket basket spinner in the tub, place the lid and press the start button to start spinning. Some spins are enough to eliminate excess water. To stop the spinning, push the Stop button. Remove the basket from the bowl and drain excess water. Repeat the same procedure to drain all your greens’ excess water. Serve and enjoy your newly washed, crunchier greens with your salad dressing. Buy choices $30 from Amazon $30 from Bed Bath & Beyond $30 from The Container Store The OXO Strong Grips Spinner was our top pick when we released this review in 2014. We find it reliably easy to use and wash and like it easily cleans and dries a range of greens. We pitted the Strong Grips against a few new models this year, but it always came out on top, with the most solid base we tested and one of the best slow-spinning brake mechanisms.

The Strong Grips uses a pump mechanism: in the middle of the top you only push down a large button and the unit spins for you, making it the simplest to use. We preferred this effortless, steady pace to the Culina and Starfrit crank spinners as well as ratchet spinners like the one on the Kuhn Rikon, which require a bit of effort to get the basket to any speed. Also, crank models require two hands to spin, one to make sure the spinner doesn’t fly off the counter. Terry Hope Romero still likes OXO’s pump. “I love [Good Grips] don’t have that stupid string,” she said. “If that breaks, what do you do?

This setup is much less likely to break.” There’s also a large, flat base with a circular rubber ring that helps make it more robust than any other we’ve tried. Healthy Grips’ sides go straight down, making a flat base equal to the tip. Compared to models with tapered bowls and non-stick feet, like the Culina or Starfrit, it’s far less likely to wobble all over the place. Unlike the crank, ratchet, or rack-and-pinion versions we tested that required one hand to stabilize the bowl, the other to get the spinning going.

OXO’s stainless steel spinner uses the same spinning mechanism as the Good Grips, and feels much more durable thanks to its all-rubber frame, but the difference between it and the Good Grips is small. (This is nytimes.com)

5 Quarts: Our Top Pick

. It is comparable in price to the OXO Good Grips, and has the second-best combination of stability, drying capacity, and usability. During our research, however, its pull-out rack-and-pinion handle typically took two hands to work and was nowhere near as user-friendly as the Good Grips pump.

And its opaque green basket made it harder to see when greens were clean than the transparent bowl and colander of Good Grips. It even has a pour spout, presumably to drain dirty water with the greens already in the tub, but we noticed it coating our greens in the dirt we just washed off. The Paderno spinner is, however, simple to use and dried lettuce and herbs to complement the OXO Strong Grips spinner.

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OXO makes some amazing kitchenware gadgets that really go the extra step in user-friendly design and component quality. And OXO Steel Salad Spinner is just that as our favorite model for hard, everyday use. The patented pump mechanism enables one-handed operation with a large plunger made of a soft, non-slip polymer. With your hand, a few pumps easily attach gears and rapidly remove excess water. Then it smoothly locks down a smaller storage profile.

OXO Steel Salad Spinner, available on Amazon Proprietary brake mechanism. A big, soft button push stops the basket on a dime, shaking off the last few drops of water and fluffing the greens from the quick stop. A transparent acrylic lid helps you to watch. And here’s a function we love: the two lid parts are easily separated for cleaning, unlike other versions on the market. And if you’ve ever dropped a transparent acrylic bowl onto a tile floor just to see it break or crumble, you’ll love this big steel bowl! Made of food-grade stainless steel, it’s lightweight but durable, it has a non-slip base that holds it steady, it won’t break when dropped, and it also makes a beautiful bowl.

The slotted sieve is made of BPA-free plastic and is durable enough to be used as a colander – even with hot foods such as pasta or steamed vegetables, it won’t warp or lose shape. Both pieces on top rack are dishwasher-safe, measuring 10.5 x 10.5 x 7.5 inches. Another great benefit is the guarantee – OXO’s limited lifetime warranty involves fixing or removing defective products or workmanship. For many reasons, we love the OXO stainless steel spinner: the stainless steel bowl is nearly unbreakable, the lid seperates quickly for thorough cleaning, and the consistently powerful pump generates intense centrifugal force for fast drying. Add the lifetime warranty and OXO’s reliable customer support, and you’ve got a top-notch product that offers a great price value!

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Concluding Oxo salad spinners are a great addition to kitchen gadgets, particularly if you love greens. You can wash the salad ingredients and vegetables by hand, but a salad spinner can save you time and effort. It’s the perfect way to remove and dry unwanted and secret dirt on your vegetables. Knowing how to clean Oxo salad spinner lid is the perfect way to keep your spinner in good condition. Cleaning will also offer you more health benefits to make the most delicious salad. Go spin and enjoy!

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