How to use a salad spinner

What Is A Salad Spinner?

The salad spinner is a powerful kitchen tool that helps you to wash your salad ingredients thoroughly, but also dries them! It’s always been one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, and when my last spinner broke and couldn’t be repaired, I went on a replacement search. My first stop, Amazon. When shopping online, I prefer checking reviews and purchasing recommended items. I finally purchased a highly recommended spinner up to the high ratings.

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A salad spinner is an innovative kitchen gadget invented by someone who, as I do, hates washing greens by hands. But I’d like to think.

It’s Generally Composed Of The Following Pieces:

Wide bowl Strainer or colander-like basket fitting inside the bowl Lid mechanism to spin the basket – this is usually part of the Brake lid to stop the spinning basket The idea is to put greens inside the basket. You wash the greens when in the basket. Then you can quickly dry the spinning mechanism. Since the basket has holes in it, the water will fly off the greens when spinning into the tub. Then dump the mug.

Why Should I Use A Salad Spinner?

For salad spinners, you guessed: salads. Great for washing leafy greens and herbs. Have you ever had a piece of gritty, sandy greens in your salad? Or started peeling outer layers of lettuce only to find soil at each layer’s base? Sure, hand wash these greens. But a salad spinner can save time, effort, and be more successful. Here are some benefits of using a salad spinner versus hand washing greens:

What Is The Purpose Of A Salad Spinner?

The spinner is essentially a “dryer.” salad. It does an excellent job of keeping not only the lettuce crisp, but also any other ingredients that need to be cleaned. There’s nothing better than a delicious salad with some crunch. Waterlogged lettuce is crunchy! With this gadget, I can wash my salads thoroughly without wondering how to drain it. You will see how many secret dirt particles you extracted from your lettuce by looking at the spinner’s rinse water. It was incredible that I could wash it several times until the water ran clear without losing the lettuce’s crisp texture.

Types Of Salad Spinners

There are many styles of modern salad spinners, some of which, including stainless steel, are heavy duty and will last forever. I still have my original salad spinner, it’s not pretty, and it’s just finished working properly. It’s a white plastic version and has taken a lot of violence over the years, but it’s still doing its job for remarkably long. My dream was to buy another spinner for years of service like this one. Four types of mechanisms run the spinners. A crank handle, push pump, pull cord, and electrical mechanism. Electric spinners are primarily used for industrial settings and can be costly.

Typically these aren’t appropriate for home use. Most spinners use the crank or press top button. I used and enjoyed these two forms fairly. The crank is a handle that turns in a circular motion on the spinner’s side or top. The push-button is on top and you push it when it pops up. I’ve never used a corded spinner, but it’s a pull cord that you just keep pulling as it snaps around. Salad spinners are more stylish now than when I purchased mine. They come in colors and styles but still maintain their usefulness. A crisp salad should be able to stand on a plate-like this picture and not be sunk in a salad tub. Which guest you’d rather serve? Pixabay Pixabay

How Do They Work?

Salad spinners all use centrifugal force to remove salad ingredients from water. As seen above, they are most often manual devices using a hand pump. Commercial models are electronic, but this is not sufficient for home use, manual spinners work well to support smaller groups.

How To Get Your Greens Super Clean With A Salad Spinner

Of all the gadgets and devices you may have in the kitchen, few are as easy and impossible to get wrong as the salad spinner. Before I discovered I was really doing the impossible: I was misusing my salad spinner. Here’s how I and, no offense, but probably you too thought to use a salad spinner: wash lettuces under cold, running water. Placed the greens in a salad spinner. Spin-off. Go through life with dry greens. For years, I enjoyed my salad days like this. But there was a problem.

My greens got dry but they didn’t get clean. In this age of farm-fresh all, where the harvest is literally transported from the ground to our farmer’s markets and “prewashed” is a thing of the past, lettuce has become a little dirtier. And the dirt stuck. That’s where our old friend and his lesser-known superpower come in. A salad spinner may do both washing and drying. Instead of washing the greens under cold water, put them first in the spinner and fill them up with water. Rustle all and do absolutely nothing for a few minutes.

Watch as the spinner serves as a washing bath, nudging down even the smallest of dirt particles. After testing Instagram, remove the basket with the greens from the spinner. Dump the spinner water, return the basket to its rightful home, and spin until dry. Go through life with dry, clean greens. Our editors pick all items featured on Epicurious. If you buy through our retail links, we will receive a small affiliate fee.

Everything You Need To Know About Washing Lettuce

New, crisp greens are everyone’s goal. Learn how to wash and dry your lettuce to make sure it’s clean, nutritious, and tasty too. You know that leafy greens are healthy for your body, bringing nutrients to your diet as well as fiber that will make you stay fuller longer. But washing salad greens can be a real hassle, and it’s tricky to store them properly to keep your salad fresh longer. Pre-washed lettuce can be a great choice when you’re in a time pinch, but if you’ve ever wondered if the bagged variety is really clean then you’re not alone.

The answer: It’s probably good, but to be healthy, wash (or re-wash) all the lettuce before using it in your salad, whether it’s directly from the garden or shelf. Don’t worry, washing and drying lettuce won’t take as long as you’d imagine if you’ve got the right equipment. Using a salad spinner will give you a big start as it skips the hassle of leaf-by-leaf handwashing and also greatly improves drying efficiency. It’s quicker, takes up less counter space than paper towel-blotting, and also extracts more water. (Soggy salads don’t just lose their appeal, they also can’t keep their dressing.)

Follow these simple steps to make sure your green bowl is fresh, clean, and dry. Step 1: Cut off the “core” of lettuce styles like an iceberg. Inspect outer leaves and extract hard-looking ones. Then check out the head itself and take out any wilted or hollow leaves for spinach. For greens like kale or chard, cut or break large leaves into smaller pieces. Step 2: Place the broken leaves in your salad spinner. Run cool water over to wash it thoroughly. Throw the leaves with your hands. Shake excess vapor. Phase 3: Put colander inside the cup.

Fill the bowl with cold water, allowing leaves to stay in water for a few more minutes to loosen any residual dirt particles. Remove the basket and shake water. Rinse spinner tub. Step 4: Put the pump lid back in the spinner bowl and top. Push the pump several times to dry the salad. Our favorite part: The spinner not only saves counter space, but it can also run with one hand only. Step 5: Press the spinning button. Remove clean, dry colander lettuce. Rinse the bowl’s remaining polluted water. Phase 6: Bowl clean greens. We like using a salad chopper and cup, which helps you to chop salad directly into the bowl. Step 7: Once the salad spinner is washed and dried (yes, your dishwasher is safe), press down the pump and lock it in place, allowing you to store it flat.

You Know What They Say:

In my life, I owned two salad spinners… the first my wife and I shot out because we never used it. I saw a friend use theirs to clean two lettuce heads at once with minimal effort and full productivity. We never used our salad spinner because we never learned how to use our salad spinner. We’ve got a second spinner. And without it, I could never return to existence.

From The Manufacturer

Spin salad to win salad And by “they,” that’s what I mean. It makes cleaning greens and herbs so easy. Your leafy green intake will increase after one. A salad spinner saves lots of time and difficulty. But, only if you can use it correctly. Keep reading for step-by-step directions to clean your greens with a salad spinner. The producer You can use your Farberware Pro Pump Salad Spinner as a colander. Simply position the desired product in the basket and rinse thoroughly.

The bowl has a soft, non-slip foundation, so it won’t fall off your counter when spinning. Say goodbye to lettuce and greens. It’s time to start enjoying the eases of quick, healthy eating with crisp, delicious and nutritious salads and products with Farberware’s Pro Pump Salad Spinner. You can wash, dry and serve your greens and other items in the same bowl in seconds, including fruits and berries. The bowl Farberware Pro Pump Salad Spinner doubles as serving bowl!

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