Electric salad spinner

Electric salad spinner

Pizza Scales Tomato Slicers Globe Mixer Parts and Accessories Commercial Food Processor Parts and Accessories Commercial Immersion Mixers Bread Slicers Bagel Slicers Vacuum Packaging Machine Bags Vacuum Packaging Machine Parts and Accessories Food Dehydrator Parts and Accessories They have a drainage insert, allowing water to drain quickly and easily to the spinner’s bottom and stay separate from your vegetables. The crank on manual commercial salad dryers lets you spin the insert as long as possible before you extract water.

Choose from different dryer sizes to fit several lettuce heads at a time. Some of our commercial salad spinners come with hoses in the bucket’s bottom, so you can drain water and avoid salad re-soaking. Besides manual choices, you can also select an electric salad spinner, suitable for large commercial facilities such as cafeterias, nursing homes and health care facilities that need to wash and dry large amounts of lettuce and greens. If you’re serving massive quantities of house salad at your restaurant or having a fully stocked salad bar at your buffet, an industrial salad spinner can cut down on preparation time and keep your lettuce soggy.

Although a salad dryer is ideal for washing lettuce, spinach, kale, and other greens, after washing you can use these items to dry many different vegetables. Best of all, you can find lettuce spinners in a variety of sizes and capacities so you can choose the one that best fits your establishment’s needs. Check out our vegetable cutters, mandolins and other great products from Option Cambro Hobart Rubbermaid Sammic Matfer Bourgeat and Delfield for additional food preparations.

Material hotlights Electric Revolution – Electric stainless steel spinner! No more press or switch Crank or pull cord, dry all your greens and veggies with a button push! This will be the easiest salad tosser you’ve ever used, No more hand pain, pressure or stress, pain of joint or arthritis. Dry your kale, lettuce, cabbage, parsley, spinach, broccoli, vegetables, fruits and herbs with this simple 2-speed electric salad shaker. Big salad preparation made simple! Use this elegant stainless steel bowl to serve your salads and put them on the kitchen table.

Also comes with a separate plastic cover, so you can use the bowl to store your salads, making a perfect fridge lettuce saver product. Basket can also be a pasta strainer. Superior quality – this salad spinner can meet and surpass your standards, German wash and dry your lettuce better than leading brands. Clean and throw your vegetables thoroughly with this spinner to kill all dirt, bacteria, so you know your leafy greens are safe and good to eat. Dry the vegetables absolutely so the salad dressing sticks to greens. Non-slip – features a non-slip foundation for good grips so the salad spinner won’t wobble while spinning.

Features 2 speeds for slower and faster spinning, use slow speed for shrimp and delicate fruit, use faster speed for all other meats, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and pasta. A must-have gadget! Money back guarantee – if you have any concerns or problems with the product, please contact us and we will provide the best customer support. If there’s a product concern, we’ll issue a full refund! Plastic Lid and Colander Kruger Electric Salad Spinner 2 Speed Fast Electric Vegetable Washer Dryer No more hand discomfort, Lettuce Dryer Stainless Steel Bowl Kruger Electric Salad Spinner 2 Speed Fast Electric Vegetable Washer Plastic Lid and Colander, Anti SLIP – Features a non-slip base for good grips so that the salad spinner will not wobble while spinning, use slower speeds for shrimp and delicate fruit, Basket can also be used as a pasta strainer, the easiest and fastest drying experience you have.

Plastic Lid and Colander Kruger Electric Salad Spinner 2 Speed Fast Electric Vegetable Washer Dryer , Lettuce Dryer: Home & Kitchen, Kruger Electric Salad Spinner – Stainless Steel Bowl, If there is a problem with the product we will issue a full refund, fruits and herbs with this basic 2-speed electric salad shaker, vegetables, This first on the market Electric Stainless Steel Salad Spinner will be a refreshing new experience for anyone who has ever used a salad spinner, so we, lettuce, Spot. Electric spinner Lectrix, LLC An electric salad spinner system designed for ease of use, enabling effective drying of salad greens, leafy vegetables, etc.

The unit contains a base component, a generally cylindrical basket component, a generally cylindrical basket component, a handle-scalable lid, an on/off switch, and a drive motor. Optionally, the unit often includes a liquid dispenser assembly that can also be motorized to provide agitation and may also include a sheer assembly to allow slicing in hard vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, celery, etc. Electric spinner ELECTRIC SALAD SPINNER: Dual-speed centrifugal design begins with the click of a button, reducing the effort you need to get beautifully clean food. Drain spaghetti, spin salad, or use as a food bowl.

The waterproof lid means you can store food in the fridge for long periods. Simple TO CLEAN: Wash it under running water to clean a breeze. PRACTICAL AND LIGHT: Substantial 4L capacity and electrical operation make it the most practical salad spinner, thus taking up very little room in your kitchen. WARRANTY: Our 2-year warranty for faulty goods is evidence that we stand behind our products. Contact Customer Support 24/7 and we will help.

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The Dynamic EM98 electric salad spinner can dry eight heads of lettuce in less than 60 seconds. Its interior can handle 5 gallons of product, and the switch flips at a single speed. All interior, exterior and top are made of durable polypropylene plastic, and its parts have undergone antibacterial treatment to hamper mold growth. To ensure durability, the lid should not be submerged in water and the dishwasher should never clean the device.

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