Best Electric Kettle Buying Guide

Best Electric Kettle Buying Guide

Easy to use and practical, the electric kettle is an essential accessory for tea lovers. Different manufacturers now offer a wide range of models so that everyone can find the ideal device. Here are some tips to help you make your choice.

What Is An Electric Kettle?

An electric kettle is a device for boiling or heating water. It is a kind of container made up of a lid, a handle, a pouring spout which allows to empty quickly, a resistance at its base which heats the contained liquid as well as a basement.

Best Electric Kettle Buying Guide
Best Electric Kettle Buying Guide

There are electric kettles in stainless steel, plastic or glass. Other characteristics, such as capacity, power or functionalities can also differ depending on the model.

What Is The Best Electric Kettle?

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How To Choose A Quality Electric Kettle?

The Capacity

Capacity is the first criterion to consider when buying a kettle. To find the right model, you must first determine the number of people in your family.

Best Electric Kettle Buying Guide
Best Electric Kettle Buying Guide

If you are only two, a small electric kettle of less than a liter is enough. On the other hand, if you are more than 4 people at home, it is preferable to choose a device with a capacity of 1.5 or 1.7 liters.

The Power

Power is also an important point to check before buying a kettle. Expressed in watt (W), this indeed makes it possible to evaluate the speed of the device. The more powerful it is, the faster the temperature rise.

If you want to get an electric kettle of 1 L or more, prefer a power between 2000 W and 2750 W. However, it should not be forgotten that the most powerful machines are the biggest consumers of energy.

The Material

Electric kettles are generally made of stainless steel, plastic or glass. Although the plastic range is much wider, it can leave a certain odor and an undesirable taste.

Best Electric Kettle Buying Guide
Best Electric Kettle Buying Guide

The glass models are aesthetic and allow you to see your water boiling from the outside. However, they turn out to be more complicated to handle, because the glass is quite fragile and heats up with the liquid.

The best choice would therefore be the stainless steel electric kettles which are much more resistant. In addition, these are currently available in a wide variety of versions.

Features And Security

Electric kettles are nowadays more and more perfected to provide better comfort to users. There are, for example, models with a digital screen to precisely adjust the water temperature.

Best Electric Kettle Buying Guide

Do not forget to check the available amplitude, which is generally 40 to 100 ° or 85 to 100 °. Also note that some high-end electric kettles have a keep-warm option that can go beyond 30 minutes.

In addition, safety is also a criterion that should not be overlooked when purchasing an electric kettle. We therefore advise you to opt for a model that automatically turns off when the water has reached the desired temperature, as well as a model equipped with a 360 ° base that offers more stability.

Why Buy An Electric Kettle?

Simple To Use

Ease of use is one of the strengths of the electric kettle. Indeed, it suffices to pour the water to be heated respecting the minimum or maximum quantity indicated and to replace the cover before pressing on the start.

Cleaning the accessory is also not complicated, especially since the majority of models have a removable anti-limescale filter to fight against the accumulation of tartar.

Save Time

The main advantage of the kettle is that there is no need to sit next to it and wait for the water to boil. We therefore have the opportunity to engage in other tasks. Thanks to its power which can go up to 2750 W, this type of device can heat a large amount of water in no time. In addition, you can boil only the desired amount, since it is graduated.

Which Electric Kettle To Choose?

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The Different Types Of Electric Kettles

Classic Kettle

The classic kettle is the simplest model. It is somewhat autonomous, because it does not require electric current. It simply arises on all types of fires to bring water to a boil. Some whistle when the water boils.

The classic kettle is ideal for adventurers and anyone considering outdoor use. The material used is most often metal, but there are currently stainless steel models.

Like the electric version, the classic kettle consists of a spout, a cover and a handle. However, the drawback of this accessory is that it does not have options and that it is necessary to take care to filter the water before introducing it into the appliance.

Filter Kettle

Very practical, the filter kettle is undoubtedly the most popular on the market. It uses electric current and is fitted with an on / off switch which allows it to be switched on or off.

Provided with an automatic stop system, this type of kettle has the main advantage of stopping when the water comes to a boil. You will not have to constantly monitor the machine.

High-end models even have additional options, such as temperature control and keep warm. Also, the electric kettle is more manageable thanks to its non-slip handle.

What Is The Price Of A Quality Electric Kettle?

Price is often the criterion that we favor the most when it comes to purchasing. Only, you have to be careful, because electric kettles at very low prices are mostly of poor quality.

The best is to opt for an accessory manufactured by recognized brands which guarantee durability and comfort of use.

Among them, we can mention Moulinex, Techwood, Kitchenaid, Tefal, Riviera and Bar, Kenwood, Magimix or Russell Hobbs. The cost of a quality kettle generally varies from 40 to 80 euros depending on the functionality.

How To Use An Electric Kettle?

The electric kettle is one of the simplest household appliances. However, there are still a few precautions you can take to boil water safely.

You must first check that your machine is clean. Use the kettle filter to filter the water, pour in the amount you want to boil, and then close the lid properly. You can then plug your kettle into an electrical outlet and press the start button.

Once the water has boiled and the appliance has stopped automatically, unplug the kettle before emptying it. Hold the handle firmly to avoid burning yourself. After each use of your kettle, try to clean it to prevent it from deteriorating quickly.

How To Take Care Of Your Electric Kettle?

Although the electric kettle is a robust device that is often offered with several years of warranty, be aware that it requires some maintenance. It is indeed important to clean it regularly so that it remains functional for many years. There are different processes which do not require any specific product.

To remove the limescale, boil a mixture of 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3 water. Leave on for about 30 minutes before rinsing the kettle with clear water. The second tip is to boil water to which will be added two teaspoons of baking soda. You can also place a very clean oyster shell at the bottom of your machine which will act as a filter.

In addition, some models are already equipped with an anti-limescale filter in order to prevent the accumulation of tartar. It is a small removable element that can be easily cleaned. But, that doesn’t stop you from cleaning your device from time to time.

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