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Best Rowers 2020 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

On the sports market at home, offers and products are relatively numerous. This is the case for the rowers, these exercise machines that work all the muscles of the body, with prices and features can differ from completely. Gaps that ultimately make the final choice more difficult.

To spend at home, maintain his body, his cardio and his silhouette, nothing better than a rower who is seeking close to 90% of body muscles, as stated in the website Sport Enthusiast. Used regularly, it is ideal to spend at all levels without having to join the gym. Did you know also that the rower is one of the most used fitness equipment with the elliptical or the treadmill? However, to offer a quality model is not without repercussions on the budget, more reason to choose it well.

This is why you may be one of those people who are desperate for the model of their dreams, one that meets all your expectations; without ever really find it.

Therefore, we are here to help you sort through a neutral analysis that takes into account all standards, rates, features, advantages and disadvantages, but also the product manuals and the audited opinion, like those Amazon and others.

For this, we conducted and compiled research that take into account all relevant criteria for purchase of such sports equipment and home fitness, as we did for the best bikes spinning. From this, we retain 6 reliable and effective models that are popular in recent times and that should meet your expectations.

Are there a more trusted brand than the others? Do we really need to invest in a high end rowing machine? What results get through exercises performed with a rowing machine?

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Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

Before you offer the best rowers models available in the market, we perform thorough research and we learn about supply and demand. We draw reviews from reliable sources and real orders placed like Amazon. In this approach, manufacturers and brands do not intervene and that none of them can sponsor its products with our website. (Detailed explanations here)

We prefer conversely we rely on expert advice that we analyze and compare, as we have with other devices like the bike or the best steppers for example. For this, we strive to meet all the positive and negative opinions on the sites after sales and advice on sports coach of the sites used in the practice of this product or even brands.

Compare Rower From Apartment / Our Top 3

Foldable and quiet, this rowing machine offers various possibilities of resistance to suit both beginners and experienced rowers. Moreover, its price remains one of the lowest on the market.

Ultra connected, rower allows real-time tracking your progress and cadence via tablet. Through its competition mode for 500 m, the model Sportstech RSX500 is ideal for challenger.

Sturdy and strong, this rower is among the best on the market thanks to its circulation system, unlike straps draws more fragile. Moreover, it gives the same feeling as the models available in gyms.

Foldable and quiet, this rowing machine offers various possibilities of resistance to suit both beginners and experienced rowers. Moreover, its price remains one of the lowest on the market.

Ultra connected, rower allows real-time tracking your progress and cadence via tablet. Through its competition mode for 500 m, the model Sportstech RSX500 is ideal for challenger.

Sturdy and strong, this rower is among the best on the market thanks to its circulation system, unlike straps draws more fragile. Moreover, it gives the same feeling as the models available in gyms.

How Is Made The selection?

To choose a rowing machine, we rely on several important criteria to the success of the fitness session. If the price between course into account, it is not the only one who can tip the balance in the final decision. Others such as weight, ease of storage or resistance have a genuine interest to declare whether a particular rower quality.

Namely, generally, specialized brands in the input range models do not offer upscale models and vice versa. For each of them, the materials used and the features are not the same and can hardly be compared. However, here are the criteria we considered to highlight the 6 best rowers of 2020.

The unit in its generality

Be aware that a rower apartment is generally impressive and long. Its length can also reach up to 2.5 m, which makes it difficult to conceal and store, especially in smaller surfaces. In this case, if you have a small area, consider looking if your device can bend or disassemble into parts.

It can also weigh between 15 and 30 kilos, which makes it more or less easy to move. So, if you are forced to have to put your device after each session for lack of space in your apartment, you are advised to opt for lightweight models with wheels at the front, you will have less trouble moving.

The rowers also evolve with the times. So they are often equipped with a latest generation screen or are compatible with tablets, as well as a cardio belt for analyzing heart rate. Options can also be based on calculations made by machine, ie the distance, time, calorie counting, the number of cycles, the pace …

Accessibility and comfort

A rower unfortunately has a limit of weight and size. If these vary depending on the model, we must remain vigilant when buying. Some example are not designed for tall people or high build. On average, it is estimated that they need to be able to welcome a person of 150 kg maximum guarantee of solidity.

Since you are about to spend long sessions of training sitting on your rowing machine, it must offer a minimum of comfort. The seat must for example be designed to fit the shape of your butt so you do not feel any discomfort during exercise. Similarly, the pedals must be non-slip or propose a scratch to prevent feet from slipping.

This is the most important criterion when deciding upon a weight machine like the rowing machine. Whatever your level, it is important to improve and excel and for that, the rower must be able to follow your rhythm. To do this, it is important that it can offer various modes of resistance. On average, there are 7 resistor settings model, but are more or less easy to resolve.

Namely, the mode of resistance can be magnetic (most common), water (the cheapest), air (without adjustment) or water (the most pleasant and dear to this day). The latter is for example difficult to solve since we must fill or empty the water to achieve the desired weight resistance.

The system drawing and sustainability

To date, there are two own draft systems rowers namely center pull or draw vertical or Scandinavian. The first is the best known and standardizes the movements. The second allows you to work even more muscles in depth, however it is not recommended for tall people. (More details here)

For sustainability, it is based on the quality of the link that connects the turbine to the arm. For most input-end models, it is a strap that tends to be damaged during the sessions, to draw against a chain for high-end models. However, if the former is more fragile, its purchase is less expensive, which still decent for people who do not wish to have daily use of their exercise equipment.

The user and the frequency of use

Before buying a rowing machine, it is important to check whether it was designed to hold your weight and height. Namely that on average, they are designed for people of up to 185cm and 150 kg. For people of size or higher weight, there are obviously alternatives with longer rails and resistant. so be sure you consider this criterion when buying at risk of not using your device gym.

We do not choose the same type of rower depending on the frequency of use that you will offer him. For beginners or intermediates who do not seek a daily practice, it is not absolutely necessary to move towards water resistance models or air are generally the most expensive and require some experience.

Afford a rower apartment still requires quite a budget, especially if one wishes to combine the maximum of criteria mentioned above. You should know that on average, for the purchase of this type of device, there will be between 300 and 1500 euros for the most advanced models. In this case, it may be worthwhile to order the rowing machine that meets your expectations during the sales periods, Black Friday or to bet on seasonal specials to save precious euros.

Best Rowers From Apartment – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Sportplus Sp-Mr-008: The Best Cheap

Best Rowers 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

8 manual resistance training programs 6 integrated technology Bluetooth Function Foldable and ultra compact

unclear assembly instructions fragile parts

The rower SportPlus SP-TB-008 is a compact foldable rower and that is useful for people living in small areas to moderate. Once folded, the latter no longer as 95 cm against 190 cm in use. In addition, it weighs only 26 kg, making it an easy to move, thanks to its front wheels.

For now, this model rower is suitable for people who are up to 185 cm and weigh up to 150 kilograms. However, for people who exceed this size, there are two other versions of the same model with a rail of up to 110 cm were designed.

Otherwise, this rowing machine has been developed to be comfortable by the slip pedals, a seat ball bearing, a rail treated aluminum and a safety belt. Moreover, it was developed with compensation from the ground level to be always well-supported when using it.

Also this device offers 8 levels of manual resistance with 8 kg oscillating weight. On the same principle, 6 training programs are already pre-installed, which is quite correct. These can be selected through the onboard computer which calculates both the oars of repetitions, distance, time, calories burned, but also pulse with chest belt 5 kHz which is not, however, included in the batch.

SportPlus is a reliable brand in terms of rower, evidenced reviews on different purchasing platforms like Amazon for example. Easy to move, maintenance and storage, this makes it a very good investment for people who practice rowing weekly. Its price is also one of advantages because it remains one of the cheapest on the market while showing a genuine quality.

As for its use, the rower SportPlus SP-TB-008 is very quiet thanks to its magnetic brake system and its rail treated as aluminum. This allows to use it even if another person sensitive to noise is in the room with you. The default remains the mode of instruction to mount the device.

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2. V-Fit Rowing Tornado Air: The Alternative No Dear

Best Rowers 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Fast delivery pre-assembled and assembled Excellent value for money Easy to store Easy to assemble Lightweight

instruction in English noisy

Excellent alternative to the previous model, rower V-fit Tornado Air Rower is ideal for athletes of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Unlike its competitor, however, it was not designed with a magnetic resistance, but air resistance. On this principle, it is not adjustable and increases with the intensity you put. Ultimately, this practice provides sensations that reproduce almost identically the rowing.

Performance-wise, this is an air resistance rowing machine, as we said above. While it is ideal for all categories of practicing, it proves particularly physics since the resistance increases with the strength that you release. It therefore seeks nearly all muscles of the body, both in depth that surface.

storage side and waist, rowing is also nice since the dimensions increased from 212 cm to 120 cm when folded. What easily put his camera in a corner of his house or under a bed if it is high enough. The machine is also equipped with wheels at the front and weighs only 19 kilos to be easily moved.

Side height and weight, you should know that rowing is nearly 220 cm when unfolded allowing it to accommodate taller people thanks to its longer rail. For weight, however, requires that persons weighing over 115 kg may not use the rowing machine.

Developed with a monitor that offers 6 edge programs, this camera follows you with your development including recording the distance traveled, the number of oars, calories burned …

If we remember, however a downside is that some users show a little difficulty with the chain can derail. However, they admit that it is very easy to recover. See in this case, it is not a small mounting defect.

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3. Sportstech Rsx500: The Best Middle End

Best Rowers 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Comfort Suitable for tall people connected Ultra Belt heart rate

average finish of parts

To work his body including his back, its belly and legs, rowing machine is truly the best choice. Made with an ergonomic seat with ball bearings and magnetic brakes, it makes using all the more pleasant to push the user to the challenge.

The 16 resistance programs controlled by the screen and the onboard computer allows beginners and people confirmed to opt for this device while keeping the possibility to improve. Moreover, this rower midrange has a chain and a long rail to accommodate the tall people who often struggle to find their happiness. Not to mention the fashion competition that grows to exceed a specified time and exceeding its own performance.

What we particularly appreciate about this model, it is his pioneering connectivity. Indeed, this rower apartment is compatible with applications directly on smartphone or tablet, enabling to monitor performance at all times. Through E-health application, you remain master of your results and your progress.

This model is also interesting thanks to his belt heart rate monitor which gauges the heart rate and grows to the overrun. His support also helps to know which zone you are in, namely: beginner area, elimination of fat, or aerobic training. Beware however, because the belt is not always included in the batch. So check before validating your basket.

In terms of negative feedback, some Amazon customers have shown their dissatisfaction with the finish of certain parts. However, if these returns are rare, perhaps these persons have been subject to manufacturing defects? If that is the case, do not hesitate to know the customer service who will come back to you to negotiate a return or exchange.

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4. Kettler Favorit: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Rowers 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Solid Quality materials Lightweight Many resistors Easy moter

Instructions unclear force adjustment Difficulty

Stable and strong, we see at first glance that the choice of the rowing machine Kettler Favorit materials are of quality and are trimmed to accompany you during long workouts. This is also one of their main criteria since the brand has chosen the warranty of 3 years. The proof that it is the first to have confidence in his equipment.

This product allows also a draw from easiest to most difficult, if not impossible, according to some buyers who left a comment on Amazon. However, it may not be necessary to rely on the last resistance, unless you are already rowing in competition champion. Its slightly inclined slope is also seeking more arms than legs. A proportion that pleases some and less to others. Again, it is to see according to your muscle development goals.

On the side of its design, this rowing machine is extremely compact if not pliable. It also weighs only 25 kg, making it easy to move within the apartment thanks to its carbon skeleton. In terms of mid-range model, we also know that there is very accessible as it is today marketed within 500 euros. A bargain and that does not detract from its quality and benefits.

If we however find a negative point, it would be his instructions and the instructions that are not clearer. However, the machine is very easy to assemble. Other users who bought their machines on Amazon say they are also disappointed by the difficulty setting of force, making him sometimes lose up to 2 stars out of 5. But overall, the rower is still a great product to offer when we wish to practice several times a week.

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5. Concept2 Model D: The Best Premium

Best Rowers 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

quality materials Suitable for high corpulent people Compatible with applications Easy mounting experienced Level

With a rowing machine Concept2 Model D as we really going to the next level and is truly quality issue. Not that this was not the case for others, but this professional model opens up new opportunities, particularly for high stoutness of people who can finally find something that suits them since the machine tolerates up to 220 kilos. In addition, the rail is 274 cm long, this means that users of large size may also be used.

True quality machine originally developed for gyms, this rower initially address to an experienced audience proves willing to pay the price. Priced at more than 1000 euros, it must indeed be a true addict or an elite athlete who works regularly physical and muscle preparation, to offer this product.

With its air resistance, it can multiply his strength and to challenger daily. The draft system by chain and precisely chosen to avoid wear at this level, despite the frequency of use. According to its users, it is truly aware of the difference with cheaper models including the smooth movement without vibration.

And to follow its evolution, you must know that this model is compatible with cardiac belts and Strava type applications. Connectivity can also be done with smartphone or tablet and keeps all the results at hand.

History put the blow to its competitors, the rowing machine Concept2 Model D mounts in a flash and fits just as easily with his two separable parts. Finally, this product known to date no negative feedback about the offer that performance and quality. In short, it is a purchase that you do not regret.

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6. Waterrower Rower Series Original Oak – Monitor S4: The Alternative Premium

Best Rowers 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

The design quality resistors and programs connected with Ultra Application We-Row Performance Monitoring

Water resistant to empty oneself significant weight

The rower WaterRower actually is the only model with a water resistant system that we propose here that these are incredibly reputable and design. Developed using traditional methods oak filled with a flywheel of water up to 18 liters of water, the latter offer different difficulties and resistance levels. Namely however to moderate and regulate it, empty the tank and fill it at its discretion.

technology, the brand has put the package! To track your progress, so you can connect via the application We-Row, designed and developed by WaterRower which stores and analyzes your results. But the best is the different challenge programs like running against his own Ghost, which are based on data races conducted before and that can be monitored in real time through an avatar. Qualities that justify its price reaches 1,300 euros.

For noise concerning water resistance, all buyers agree that rowing is rather quiet and the gentle sound of water is relaxing and enjoyable. Namely, regarding the filling, we recommend you bring a hose and a funnel in order to save time.

Only problem, it remains cumbersome rower of its weight (31 kg) and oak beams. He is given a still very positive for its sporty design and elegant at once, which is necessarily its place in the house. On assembly also must apparently be concentrated because of the screw passages that can be approximate due to the thickness of the wood. In this respect, the manual is in English which can give a bit of trouble.

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And why not ?

Despite our Top 3 and the proposed alternatives, other models as an entry-level, midrange and high-end have caught our eye. Here are the ones we selected and were on the verge of being in our list. Focus on ranges across all products that might interest you to take part in your future training bodybuilding.

Hop-Sport Cross Hs-060R

This rower hit us especially for its very low price because costs less than 300 euros. If the product does not pay mine at first, it has positioned itself in appliances at very good value for money with its performance. After a few minutes, the results are there, and the first drops of sweat appear. For this we can rely on eight resistance levels, a magnetic brake and 9 kg of mass inertia.

Very compact and light, it nevertheless asks to be blocked with a gym mat slip because most users testify to a lack of stability on the ground.

Best Rowers 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Nordictrack Rx800

The rower NordicTrack is also one of our favorite fitness machines even if we do not give him a place in the top 3. Very strong and reliable, the brand has put the package on comfort with an oversized seat and ergonomic high-quality, wide pedals and an adjustable screen.

Ideal for people who want to challenger, he has more than 20 registered programs. Another positive point is unisex. We appreciate the strength in the air to force during training bodybuilding.

However, it lacks a chest strap with the rower. A critical that review the ratings given by buyers on Amazon. The rower is expensive, so it is interesting to buy the product at the sales of Black Friday.

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Sportstech Rsx600

If previous models offered many advantages for the rowing at home, Sportstech RSX600 is not far behind. Designed for complete and intensive sessions, this rowing ergometer caters to experienced people. Extremely large and imposing it however proposes to personally challenger through its air resistance system.

Compatible with applications on smartphone or tablet, it offers an unprecedented experience through a rowing simulation while you row in your apartment. The advantage is that it also is less expensive than high-end models mentioned above for performances that are equal, although a general improvement remains to be considered.

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Conclusion: What We Rower According Buy?

Now that we’ve skimmed the possibilities of choice and purchase, for the hard to pick one. So which model to turn? This of course depends on the budget is fixed and level.

But if he had to choose only one model, our choice would turn to SportPlus SP-TB-008, which offers the best value to our knowledge. If less advanced in terms of quality and technology that average model range and high-end, it already meets all expectations in the field. Cheap, strong and reliable, we believe it is the ideal choice for homes on a budget but still wish to invest in a quality model.

However, for households wishing to make a nice gift and frequently practiced without playing in the big leagues, we recommend rower Sportstech RSX500 is an excellent model with advanced connectivity and promises great performance both men and women. As a bonus, there is a strong and durable model.

Finally, if your level is really experienced and have a habit of practicing daily, our choice would be more for the Concept2 Model D model which offers features worthy of a high-level athlete preparation.

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