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Best Radiators Blowing 2020: 6 Reliable Heating – Comparison

To heat a room quickly, without the hassle, the fan heater is an extra solution much appreciated. It is small, relatively quiet and it takes just a few minutes to climb at least 5 ° the temperature of a bath.

To help you make your choice, we compared the performance of fan heaters currently available and their technical specifications. This analysis is based on specific criteria and complete records developed by many professionals, including Que Choisir.

The results of our present comparative six products, organized by price range, the better the Rowenta SO9265F0 Excel Mini Eco Safe. Despite its small size, this heater offers the best performance, as you’ll see for yourself.

Find out right away from the best fan heaters of the moment.

Special radiator Blowing Best Quality / Price

Ansio Heating Portable electric blowing in …

Rowenta SO9420F0 Tour blower Ceramic …

Pro Breeze ™ fan heater Mini Ceramic …

electric fan heater Tristar KA-5039 …

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Compare Blowing radiator / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Rowenta SO9265F0 Mini Excel Eco Safe

Rowenta SO2320F2 Instant Comfort Compact

This device produces only heat, but with controlled and power consumption in a compact, lightweight and easy to move. The handling is easy and secure.

Complete, with RC, and very ergonomic, this heater is a heating true for all parts of the home through a diffusion hot air at 360 ° or 180 °, as desired.

Radiator and fan, this extra device can be used all year. It has two modes: Eco / mute (44 dB) and max, as well as a mechanical adjustment of the temperature.

The best mid-range

Rowenta SO9265F0 Mini Excel Eco Safe

This device produces only heat, but with controlled and power consumption in a compact, lightweight and easy to move. The handling is easy and secure.

The best high-end

Complete, with RC, and very ergonomic, this heater is a heating true for all parts of the home through a diffusion hot air at 360 ° or 180 °, as desired.

Rowenta SO2320F2 Instant Comfort Compact

Radiator and fan, this extra device can be used all year. It has two modes: Eco / mute (44 dB) and max, as well as a mechanical adjustment of the temperature.

How Is Made The selection?

A fan heater is a small auxiliary heating. It does not take much space and it has a large power consumption. It is convenient in mid-season or in rooms difficult to heat, even in rooms that do not need to be heated more than a few minutes a day, like the bathroom. It therefore differs from the electric heater or radiator oil bath designed to heat over a longer period of time. It is also a reassuring system when you have children that oil stove.

To determine which is the best fan heater, a list of criteria was established. It allows for precise and relevant comparators. You can also follow this list and some tips to make your own comparison.

Manufacturers highlight priority electric power that can calculate the power consumption over the year. However this is also information regarding the heating rate of the unit.

A fan heater may have a power of 1000 W to 2500 results are obtained quite satisfactory with 1500 to 2000 W, no need to take more and thus see its electric bill go up much more. The energy class is also a very interesting point to consider.

The thermostat and / or power control

According to the product range, there will be a button to adjust the power or thermostat to select the ideal temperature. The thermostat can be mechanical, electronic, digital (the difference is detailed on this site). It often requires the presence of a screen and a thermometer, not always necessary when one has already equipped its housing of good weather station.

The first awards often have no accurate setting, which is not ideal because it causes just a very big power consumption, not always relevant ..

The programmer / timer

A scheduler allows to set the time of starting and ending the operation of the unit. This requires to leave the device connected and especially adjusted to the correct time permanently. This is particularly interesting when one starts his day through the bathroom for example, especially in winter.

The timer only adjusts the operating time of the heater, eg 5 or 10 minutes. This is often a mechanical timer, as found in kitchen pots timers.

The power cord

The length of the wire allows to know where to install it. The fan heater works best when it is on the ground. This allows it to suck cold air, while warm air rises naturally rejected.

However in bathrooms for safety issues, electrical outlets are normally high. We must find a solution for any position in the room safely. Moreover, the IP21 standard is a way to ensure that the device does not fear anything if your slightly splashed out of the shower. In any case, it will never be sealed as a unit is wired.

Automatic cut

Different models offer one or two security systems. So there may be an automatic shutdown in case of overheating. The other possibility is the automatic shutdown if dropped, especially recommended when you have pets.

The format and ergonomics

A fan heater is often a device is moved. He is in a room when we returned from vacation in the bathroom when it’s cold, etc. It is therefore necessary to have a relatively light design, with a handle for moving it. And since it can be required to take up everywhere, it is best to choose a simple design.

Best Blowing radiator – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Rowenta So2320F2 Instant Comfort Compact: The Best Cheap

Best Radiators Blowing 2020: 6 Reliable Heating - Comparison

Blow hot air or cold silent mode Good air distribution Long power cable Temperature Adjustment

misplaced handle Stops regularly

The fan heater Rowenta Instant Comfort Compact is a backup option that can be used all year. Indeed if its main function is to heat, it is also possible to use it as a small fan to cool off during the summer. For this, the controls are conveniently positioned on the top and are very explicit, between symbols and short texts. A knob adjusts the power, the other to set the temperature.

In order not to disturb you, the lowest power, called eco mode is also particularly quiet mode. It emits only 44 dB, which is very discreet. And power consumption is only 1000 W. The maximum power used 2000W you can keep at any time control of the consumption of the device and not just its temperature. However it must be understood that the silent mode will heat more slowly the room.

It is relatively easy to find a place because it has a power supply cable measuring 1.40 m. A small handle is present on the back. It has the merit of being discreet and thus to provide an aesthetic design, but it is not simple to grasp.

Finally, the air distribution is optimal. The hot air is not only propelled on the front of the apparatus, but also on the sides to heat the room. By cons it seems equipped with an automatic stop as soon as overheating (or hot for too long), which is surprising because it seems to stop for no apparent reason.

Best Radiators Blowing 2020: 6 Reliable Heating - Comparison

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2. Pro Breeze Pb-H01-Eu: The Alternative No Dear

Best Radiators Blowing 2020: 6 Reliable Heating - Comparison

Air broadcast with cable oscillation Long Ceramic Discreet (57 dB) automatic safety stop

Life expectancy reduced if long use

For a radiator blowing not expensive, the Pro Breeze PB-H01-EU is an effective and safe model. So it has a double protection. It stops automatically when the camera switches and there is a risk of overheating. As for its effectiveness, it comes primarily from its construction. Heating is provided by heating ceramic discs, which allows the temperature to rise faster.

On top of the product are two buttons to rotate in one direction or another. The first used to select the temperature, hot to cold. The second allows to choose between the two powers (1200 or 2000 W) and two modes. Indeed an oscillation 60 ° system allows a better distribution of heat in a room. But it is possible to favor the stationary mode.

Online review boast prioritize its discretion. It emits only 57 dB. That is to say that we mean well and that it is in operation, but it does not particularly bother discussion or listening to the radio. It is also easy to move with its wide handle and wire 1.5 meters.

By cons is really a radiator designed to troubleshoot or to heat only a few minutes. So users who place only in the bathroom, with a continuous use of 30 minutes, and are delighted reported no concern. But those who put it out for the whole day or at least for several hours in a week say the heater is off.

Best Radiators Blowing 2020: 6 Reliable Heating - Comparison

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3. Rowenta So9265F0 Excel Mini Eco Safe: The Best Middle-End

Best Radiators Blowing 2020: 6 Reliable Heating - Comparison

eco energy Position Mute function room for up to 20 m² washable filter Thermostat

This is a fan heater of high quality that can heat as well as a small bathroom up to a room measuring 20 sqm. For that it works with a ceramic-based system. The temperature rises so quickly. The settings are made with an electronic thermostat that offers very high precision. When the desired temperature is reached, the apparatus goes to sleep. There is even a freeze sensor included.

Two different powers are available. The low power eco energy is the mode that reduces power consumption. Power is 1000 W. The power 2 is 1800 W. The unit is energy class A ++.

There is a silent position which limits the emission of noise to 49 dB. By cons in case of trouble, it will not be be too surprised, because it is equipped with an audible signal. Indeed in case of malfunction, the heater is turned off and beeps. A case of overheating, he just stop automatically. A well appreciable security system.

Finally, it is a compact and ergonomic radiator, designed to last. On the back of the grid which allows the passage of air opens easily to clean tap water filter. By doing it regularly ensures the general functioning of the unit. There is also a handle on the back for easy mobility. And the buttons are easy to handle, it is not necessary to keep the manual handy. It’s very intuitive!

Best Radiators Blowing 2020: 6 Reliable Heating - Comparison

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4. Rowenta So6520F2 Instant Comfort A: Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Radiators Blowing 2020: 6 Reliable Heating - Comparison

Air hot or cold self-boost function Mute Standard IP21 (against humidity) 2 powers to choose

Beep when stop always on LED

The booster heater Rowenta Instant Comfort A is a device that can be used throughout the year as well as diffuse hot air as fresh air. Indeed, ventilation can be set only way to cool off during the summer. heating side, it heats quickly and has very good heat distribution in all directions.

There are four ways to use it. The minimum power is also called silent mode. It is 1200 watts and emits only 45 dB. The maximum power is 2400 watts. Finally there is the self-boost mode that offers 30 minutes of efficiency. First the unit heats up during 10 minutes, then it runs more slowly for 20 minutes before stopping automatically. It’s a perfect way to take a shower effectively and without wasting too much energy. Finally, the last mode is, as stated earlier, the only ventilation to propel the air and bring some freshness.

Moreover this fan heater is made to be positioned in a bathroom since it has the IP21 standard, which guarantees a certain moisture resistant. Besides, the control panel is protected with a transparent cover. The latter is easy to handle and provides additional security.

There is a fault to know the device emits some beeps when the off completely. It’s quite surprising and useless. As against this confirms that it is not in standby, but stopped.

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5. Honeywell Hz445E: The Best Premium

Timer 360 ° distribution ranging from 1 to 8 hours cold handle remote control with its storage Thermostat

Not for wet rooms

The fan heater Honeywell HZ445E is a real solution to heat various living rooms of the house. By cons, unlike all the other products in this selection, it is the only one that is not suitable for the bathroom, because he does not like wet rooms. An important detail before purchase!

This is a heater that can be installed in the middle of the room. In fact, the hot air is circulated in the top of the unit 360, that is to say in absolutely all directions. And if you can position it as against a wall, it is possible to adjust to a mailing to 180 °, that is to say in front and sides. So in any case you make the most of its heat.

Possessing an electronic thermostat, it is very easy to learn, directly on the device or remote control. Two powers are proposed, to 1200 or 1800 watts. A timer is included and allows you to program the operating time. It is possible to choose between 1 h, 2 h, 4 h or 8 h. At the end of the chosen period, the camera turns off automatically. Moreover it is also off when the desired temperature is reached, but the difference is that he comes back as soon as it cools.

Built in ceramics, it heats quickly. And the handle is designed to remain cool at all times. It is not necessary to wait if you want to move. Also it weighs only 2.4 kg, which is relatively comfortable to reach.

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6. Rowenta So9420F0 Intense Comfort Hot: The Alternative Premium

Very High Oscillation 90 ° 3 different powers Remote Start Delay

Heavier than average Not included batteries into the remote

After some hesitation, we chose to include this round selection in this blower fan heaters. Indeed due to its size it stands out, but in reality, there are several types of heating blowing, including wall format. But here, it’s not what it is. The radiator Rowenta Intense Comfort Hot is a whole height unit. Thus it measures 81 cm high. In principle, it works just like any other products here today.

Three powers are available with 1000, 1400 and 2400 watts. One can also opt for the eco function that allows a hold at 19 °, that is to say with automatic stop and ignition to maintain the temperature, but with reduced power consumption. The set has an optimal use in a room at least 35-40 m².

This ceramic heater control tower directly on top of the unit or with an included remote control (but without a battery which, given the price, is a shame). You can program a delayed start up to 24 hours. You can also use the electronic timer up to 24 h. They are two very practical functions for only heat at the right time.

The tower performs oscillation at 90 ° to send heat in a wide range of direction. Be careful, the tower still weighs almost 5 kilograms, so it is best to position it once and for all. It is not made for smooth movement. Against by, knowing that the minimum noise power is 42 dB, it is possible for less sensitive to position in a room.

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And why not…

Hard to be limited to two products by price range, then here are some fan heaters which we were also impressed by their performance and ergonomics.

Pro Mini Breeze Blowing Compact Heater

One might think a gadget so small it is. The mini fan heater Breeze Pro is a desktop model. It measures 16.5 cm high and 19 cm deep and 10 cm wide. It blows hot air upwards to avoid stealing the papers. It is also suitable for a small bathroom (in a studio student, for example).

It is also very quiet since it emits only 47 dB and it only consumes 500 W. However, it is efficient and reliable, with an overheating protection system and automatic shutdown in case of failover. It is even possible to vary the temperature obtained.

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Rowenta So9280 F0 Excel

The radiator Rowenta SO9280 ​​F0Excel is an elegant solution specifically designed for the bathroom. Indeed it is equipped with a splash guard, which allows use safely out of the shower or bath, including with children. It has two different power (1000 W and 2000 W). Equipped with a thermostat, it stops when the desired temperature is reached.

In smaller more significant, it has easy access washable filter and a carrying handle. The temperature rises quickly because it works with ceramic elements. It measures 33 cm high and weighs only 2.1 kilograms. The set is sturdy and reassuring.

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Delonghi Dch7993Er-Bc

This fan heater DeLonghi heater is suitable for rooms up to 70 m², as it has a base with oscillating rotation. This allows an optimal distribution throughout the room. Furthermore it can be easily installed in a living room because it has the Silence + technology, which allows it to be extremely discreet. At maximum power, it does not exceed 41 dB (where competition often offers 45 to 50 dB at minimum power).

It is also a very aesthetic design with all visible control panel and easy to handle on the front of the unit. it is chosen among other desired temperature (which is displayed) and there is even a remote control for not move.

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If it were up to us, this selection, we would choose the radiator Rowenta SO9265F0 Excel Mini Eco Safe.

Indeed the main drawback of these products is often power consumption. Here it is energy class A ++ and has a power that brings the piece gently to 21 ° C while using energy smoothly. This is the function eco energy. We also liked the general discretion, ergonomics and its format.

Little more, even if it is a mid-range model, it is relatively easy to find a good price, that is to say for about 50 EUR.

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