Best Filter For Coffee Makers

Guide To Buying The Best Filter Coffee Makers

Although the current trend is towards espresso machines, many French people remain loyal to their famous electric filter coffee maker. Our site has therefore prepared a practical buying guide allowing you to better know the product in order to choose your future filter coffee maker.

What Is A Filter Coffee Maker?

The retro filter coffee maker is undoubtedly the most widespread and popular electric coffee appliance for large coffee consumers in France.

Guide To Buying The Best Filter Coffee Makers
Guide To Buying The Best Filter Coffee Makers

Long found in individuals for over 50 years now, it has the advantage of preparing large quantities of coffee for a whole family, it is easy to use and allows to obtain a less intense taste of coffee.

Here, the ground coffee is placed in a paper filter and will be crossed by hot water to give the final drink collected in a jug.

What Is The Best Filter Coffee Maker?

Discover our comparison of the best quality filter coffee makers to make your choice easier.

How To Choose A Quality Filter Coffee Maker?

The Type Of Filter

First of all, we would like to inform you that the size of your filters will essentially depend on the capacity of your carafe.

Guide To Buying The Best Filter Coffee Makers
Guide To Buying The Best Filter Coffee Makers

Therefore, the coffee machines are capable of making different volumes of coffee and your choice will be based on the number of people to serve. 2-cup filter coffee makers are generally the smallest and are ideal for a couple. On the other hand, if you are a large family or you are used to having coffee several times a day, we recommend a high-capacity coffee maker that can prepare up to 1.5 liters of coffee at once, or even even more.

First, you will find the traditional paper filters which undeniably guarantee an optimal cup result. Due to the fineness of the paper fibers, you are sure to obtain a coffee without grinding or deposit of particles in your drink.

However, it should be noted that there are 2 types of paper, namely brown paper with a natural flavor and white paper with a neutral taste. White paper is more advisable if you are very demanding in terms of flavor. This does not mean that brown paper should be avoided, because it only partially changes the aromas of coffee.

Guide To Buying The Best Filter Coffee Makers
Guide To Buying The Best Filter Coffee Makers

Next comes the permanent filter coffee maker, which is fitted with an integrated filter where the meshes are woven very finely. Very practical and economical, this type of filter will prevent you from changing the filter each time you use it and will therefore allow you to save money on the budget.

However, the disadvantage is that the permanent filter will always allow the particles of ground coffee to pass through since it will not have a quality equal to that of the paper fibers. This filter system is very similar to a piston coffee maker filter that lets you see deposits, without changing the flavor of the coffee.

Ease Of Use And Speed

Unlike the espresso machine which can require a certain know-how from regular users, the coffee machine with filter is very easy to use.

Guide To Buying The Best Filter Coffee Makers

Depending on the model you choose, the only difference is when you change the filter for Melitta filter coffee makers against a simple cleaning of the filter for permanent filter coffee makers.

For the rest, simply fill the machine’s water tank and place the amount of ground coffee in the filter according to the cups to be served. The waiting time can vary between 4 and 6 minutes before getting coffee, but here at least everyone will be served at the same time.

Options And Features

The coffee machine is actually available in many models, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated. In addition, the various options and functionalities of the latter can bring a big plus a maximum of comfort of daily use.

The ideal would be to opt for a programmable filter coffee maker which, in addition to having the keep warm function, is also equipped with the delayed start function so that you can program the start of the preparation of coffee at time you want. Some models of coffee machines with new generation filter even have connectivity features for remote control via a smartphone or tablet.

However, if you want to keep your coffee warm for 5 to 6 hours after preparation, you can always opt for an insulated filter coffee maker or a jug with a hot plate on its base. And for those who like to vary the pleasures, we recommend a combined machine, for example both filter coffee and espresso.

Why Buy A Filter Coffee Maker?

No Need To Buy Capsules

In addition to a low cost compared to an automatic coffee machine, the cheap filter coffee maker is a very good investment since there is no need to buy capsules.

Its use does not require any particular control and it suffices to stock up on paper filters to obtain a delicious coffee every day.

It’s even more economical if you have a permanent filter coffee machine because all that’s left is to buy ground coffee. With this type of device, there is no need to change the filter each time you use it and no need to obtain capsules which are generally very expensive commercially.

Preparing Coffee For Several People

Its ability to prepare coffee for several people is also one of the main advantages of this type of coffee machine.

If the automatic coffee machine brews only one cup per pod, compact filter coffee makers are capable of making between 8 to 10 cups of coffee at a time.

And it’s not the largest size of jug, because you can even find large capacity filter coffee makers offering up to more than 1.5 liters to fill between 12 to 18 cups. It is therefore a very user-friendly device that allows the whole family and diners to gather around the table during afternoon tea or meetings at the office.

Which Filter Coffee Maker To Choose?

Comparatif-Multicuiseur offers you its selection of the best sellers of the moment on the internet.

What Is The Price Of A Quality Filter Coffee Maker?

It is obvious that a coffee machine with small filter will be much cheaper compared to a larger one. But it’s not just the capacity of the jug that influences the price of a filter coffee maker.

Indeed, several criteria can modify the price from one model to another, namely the programmable functionalities, the different integrated options, the type of material used or even the power. Thus, it is quite possible to find a cheap filter coffee maker from 10 euros, however the quality of the product will certainly not be there. The best machines are available at a price between 20 and 80 euros.

The high-end filter coffee makers can however go up to 400 euros for those who have a high budget.

How To Use A Filter Coffee Maker?

The electric filter coffee maker is very easy to use. The first step is to fill the water tank provided for this purpose. Then place the paper filter, if necessary, in the filter basket and pour in the amount of ground coffee corresponding to the number of cups to fill.

For this, we advise you to put a full teaspoon for a cup, or about 4 gr of ground coffee for 125 ml of water. The little tip to reduce the taste of the paper is to moisten the filter before pouring the ground coffee and spray a little water to wet the ground coffee. Once all the elements are in place, you can plug in the power cord and activate the launch of the preparation.

However, the procedures may vary depending on the machine model, especially if it is a coffee machine with a programmable filter. After getting your drink, don’t forget to unplug the machine to save energy, unless you want to keep it warm for about 30 minutes.

How To Take Care Of Your Filter Coffee Maker?

To avoid altering the flavor of your coffee, remember to regularly maintain your appliance, especially the pourer and the filter basket. The cleaning can thus be done by hand, with soapy water, or in the machine if these accessories are compatible with the dishwasher.

Also avoid reusing the paper filter more than once. To limit scaling, try to use very little mineralized water as much as possible. Otherwise, descaling can always be done with alcohol vinegar mixed with clear water.

To do this, mix 1/5 of the alcohol vinegar with 4/5 of water. Pour half of the mixture into the water tank, run the machine and let stand for about fifteen minutes in the pourer before repeating the operation with the other half of the mixture. Finish by performing two rinses with clear water.

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