Best Kitchen Trash Cans

The Best Automatic Kitchen Bins

For a kitchen to be fully functional, it must have an automatic bin that allows waste to be released easily. It is revolutionary equipment which is available in multiple models, however, and the choice can be complicated. Comparatif-Multicuiseur presents here the important points to focus on to help you choose the automatic kitchen bin that will suit you.

What Is An Automatic Kitchen Bin?

As its name suggests, it is a piece of equipment used to dispose of kitchen waste. A more modern version of traditional bins which is characterized by an automatic opening system.

The Best Automatic Kitchen Bins
The Best Automatic Kitchen Bins

It is an accessory which indeed has an infrared sensor activating the opening of the valve as soon as it detects your presence nearby. Innovative technology allowing you to easily dispose of your household waste while avoiding getting dirty. There are 2 types of automatic kitchen trash, including the classic model and the sorting trash.

What Is The Best Automatic Bin?

Our site makes you discover its comparison of the 5 best models of automatic trash cans on the market.

How To Choose An Automatic Trash Can?

Depending On Its Capacity

This is the first point that you should consider when purchasing your trash can. The manufacturers have made sure to offer different capacities so that everyone can find the perfect equipment.

The Best Automatic Kitchen Bins
The Best Automatic Kitchen Bins

If your bin is too small, you will have to empty it very often, which will waste your time. Too large, it will clutter your kitchen for nothing.

Know that your equipment must suit your consumption habits and the quantity of household waste that you produce each day. The more you cook for many people at home, the more capacity you will need. For example, a 30-liter automatic kitchen bin would be ideal for a couple, while a model of at least 50 liters would be necessary for a large family.

According To Its Material

The choice of a bin is also made according to its material. It should not be forgotten that this determines the solidity and the ease of maintenance of the equipment. First there are those made of steel which resist impact well, but which are not very practical to move because they are quite heavy.

The Best Automatic Kitchen Bins
The Best Automatic Kitchen Bins

There are also polypropylene models which have the advantage of being both resistant and light. They are also simple to clean while often being anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant. However, if you are looking for a high-end automatic opening kitchen bin, there is nothing better than a version designed in fine stainless steel. It proves to be even more resistant, in particular to rust and impact. It is easily cleaned with water and neutral detergent.

Depending On Its Design

Design is another feature that you should not overlook when choosing your model. If we always hid our trash, we now expose it to everyone’s view. These days are so modern and aesthetic that they can add a touch of elegance to your home.

The Best Automatic Kitchen Bins

There is something for all shapes, from square models to rounded versions. You will also have the choice between various colors. Opt for a black bin or a chrome finish if you like sober tones. They will suit whatever the decoration of your kitchen.

On the other hand, if you want to add more pep to your room, prefer colored equipment. The manufacturers offer red, blue, yellow trash cans… There are even personalized versions that present all kinds of patterns in case you are looking for originality.

Depending On Its Practicality And Consumption

In addition to being quite bulky, solid, easy to maintain and aesthetic, a good semi-automatic kitchen bin must be practical. This point must therefore also be among your selection criteria if you want to acquire the perfect equipment. Some models are for example provided with a handle to ensure easy movement.

We also advise you to prefer the garbage bins which are provided with a plastic strapping to keep your trash bag, and a non-slip plastic base or with a ring on the ground for the protection of fragile floors. Note that there are trash cans with a button offering the possibility of opening the trash either by infrared or manually or a closure system designed to activate without making noise. It is therefore up to you to choose the equipment that best meets your expectations.

In terms of consumption, it should be noted that an automatic waste bin operates on batteries. The most demanding models require 6 batteries while the most economical require only 4 batteries.

Why Buy An Automatic Trash Can?

Very Hygienic Device

The first reason to use an automatic bin is that it is more hygienic than traditional models.

Indeed, you will no longer have to dirty your hands to lift the cover, since it has a powerful infrared system that opens and closes the garbage bin as soon as you approach your hand. This avoids any contact with the lid of the bin.

To Make Your Task Easier And Save Time

In addition to the hygienic side, the advantage of being equipped with an automatic bin is that it simplifies the task while saving time. It is a very practical equipment which allows an easy displacement, a faster evacuation of the trash bags and especially an easy maintenance. In addition, some models have one or more compartments to facilitate the selective sorting of your household waste.

Which Automatic Kitchen Bin To Choose?

Comparatif-Multicuiseur presents its TOP 4 of the best-selling automatic bins right now.

The Different Types Of Kitchen Bins

Classic Automatic Trash Can

It is a type of bin with a single compartment that has a motion sensor that allows the valve to open automatically.

The latter then closes by itself after a few seconds of being opened.

You just have to pass your hand or an object ten centimeters above the photocell for the opening to work.

Automatic Sorting Bin

It is an automatic trash can with several compartments identifiable by a color at the level of the flap.

This makes it possible to determine the category of household waste that can be affixed to it.

It is the ideal model for sorting the packaging of common household waste in order to facilitate recycling.

What Is The Price Of An Automatic Bin?

The price of an automatic trash can varies from one model to another. This according to the criteria that we mentioned earlier, namely capacity, hardware and functionality.

First of all, it is a piece of equipment that can be bought both in stores and on online sales sites such as Amazon. The bins are generally accessible between 30 euros and 70 euros. The price can however climb to more than 150 euros for the most advanced models. Your budget will depend on your needs, your expectations and the quality you are looking for. In any case, prefer recognized brands, such as Songmics, Curver, Kitchen Move, Hailo Solo, Sundis, Simplehuman or Casa pura.

How To Clean Your Automatic Trash Can?

Like all other household equipment, the automatic bin needs to be well maintained so that it can be functional for as long as possible. Here are some tips to help you get started.

First of all, know that a trash can should be cleaned at least once a month. You can use products like a bleach spray or an antibacterial spray for frequent cleaning. You just have to apply it and then wipe with excess paper towel.

You can also adopt very simple natural methods, but which prove to be effective. It suffices to rub the walls with a sponge soaked in a mixture of white vinegar and hot water. In case your equipment is very dirty, take hot water and add some soda. Let the product act for a few minutes, then wash with a sponge. After each wash, do not forget to rinse your garbage bin with hose and turn it over to let all the water run out. Finally, to remove the bad smell, you can simply sprinkle the bottom of the trash with household baking soda.

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