Best Home Meat Slicer

Best Home Meat Slicer

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Meat Slicers Home Use – Are You Still Undecided?

My guess would be that more people with smaller families and thus less food preparation to do are the folks sitting on the fence up there trying to figure out whether the expense, space and cleanup of a home meat slicer are worth the potential benefits.
Well, I’m not going to try to persuade you one way or the other, but what I’m going to do is offer you the pros and cons of first getting one at all, and secondly, which are good reliable brands and models for use in a home kitchen – and of course what’s good value for money. So let’s start by looking at the key feature that separates home meat slicers from their commercial cousins. It’s all about blade size.

Can You Cut Frozen Or Raw Meat With A Slicer?

14-1/3 horsepower is common for lighter-duty slicers. These are perfect for slicing in less than an hour a day. They’re typically only useful for slicing thinner cuts of meat. Slicers with medium power range from 1/3 to 1/2 horsepower. For a few hours per day, these are sufficient for cutting most meats and cheeses. Higher horsepower motors can be used more often, so they’re the perfect option if you intend to use your meat slicer on a regular basis. They have at least 12 horsepower. Most foods can be sliced for 4-6 times a day. Some of the most efficient slicers will operate nonstop.

Can A Home Meat Slicer Cut Through Bone?

Some meat slicers have built-in protection features or guards to keep you from cutting yourself. Meat slicers are strong machines, so it’s worth testing to see if one has a safety feature. Check for a blade guard that is included with the order. If you want to take your protection into your own pocket, you should invest in cut-resistant gloves.

Home Meat Slicer Care And Maintenance

Finally, meat slicers are graded as either automatic or manual. Automatic meat slicers are much easier to use because they slice meat that you feed into the system without needing you to control the blade for each cut. Automatic slicers are also better for quickly slicing up large amounts of meat. If you don’t have cleaver, check out our Best Meat Cleaver.  If you’ll be slicing meat every day for a long time, an automatic slicer is a great investment. A manual setting is available on many automatic slicers for finer cutting power. Automatic slicers are, on the whole, a little easier to use in large-scale operations. Manual meat slicers, on the other hand, are easy to operate and don’t need much preparation time to get started. Consider whether a meat slicer comes with a cleaning leg or a kickstand. These make it a little easier to clean the meat slicer. Also, make sure the meat tray is the right size. Larger trays allow you to cut more meat in less time. With smaller trays, you’ll have to feed more meat into the tray more often.

How To Sharpen A Home Meat Slicer

Although the specifics of your meat slicer’s operation can vary, most meat slicers follow the same basic principles.

Edgecraft 610 Chef’S Choice Premium

Incredibly affordable in price at $130 or so, the Chefs Option 610 Meat Slicer has a 4.5 star rating and lots of good feedback – it’s also the model a colleague and acquaintance has in her kitchen, so I’ve used this one a few times too. Do you know a knife can do a lot, check out our Best Knife For Cutting Meat. Now about eight years old, in terms of use it gets a good hammering, Bernie has three seriously hungry boys, four including her husband – plus an extended family, so she cooks a lot. What’s she loving about? Performance is outstanding for the money and cleaning is a real breeze, I’ve cleaned it many times and beats each other for ease and pace. Actually thinking about it, this model is still made and still very successful, but the 610 first came out around 2004/5, now it’s not a poor review, is it?
If you’re looking for an ordinary family usage slicer, the 610 is highly recommended, as one reviewer notes, it’s not a commercial appliance, but feels it is! Size-wise, it has a medium space requirement – these home meat slicers all come at the highest point in around the same size bracket at about 18 inches – this one is 16 x 12.4 x 11.9 inches. Weighing in at 12lb, you can comfortably hold this model, but it’s only heavy enough to be in use. Interested in a tenderizer, check out our related Best Meat Tenderizer. But you should also bite the bullet early to have a smooth blade because you’ll end up having to do it anyway – this one comes with the squeezed version because they don’t slip through ham or fried chicken, more like mash it – so you try to clean the blade! Anyone who burns the motor is likely to push output faster than the computer can handle.
After all, these are home meat slicers, not large commercial machines, so handle them carefully and slice your food patiently if you do they last you for years. Why so cheap? I’d guess, because many new models like the 615 moved it out of the top promotion spot, but does that lessen it as an amazing deal? Nope, just down the price.

Meat Slicers Home Use

Meat slicers for domestic use in a home kitchen are excellent job savers and wonderful help if you have room and make good use of one. If you use a vegetable kitchen mandolin and have the bad habit of trying to get stuff through that you shouldn’t, a tiny home meat slicer would possibly save you a ride to the ER somewhere. if you prefer a small cheaper version, check out our Best Meat Grinder .  Yep, I did that too! You don’t need to spend a fortune and the best value, in my view, is the Chef’s Choice brand.
Why? Why? Since they come close to a pro-deli machine feel, they’re very well built with a strong feel, plus they’re very competitively priced. It’s what I’d buy for or recommend to my best friend, but it’s not the one I have in my own kitchen. I really hope it’s helpful and clears up any questions you’ve come up with, but if you have more questions or a suggestion to make, then drop it down below and I’ll get back to you within a day, typically faster. Just like the last thought,
I know many people are uncertain about food safety – hardly any wonder because it’s too easy to make a mistake – and slicers can cross-contaminate – this connection goes to a US food producers site, and a pdf you can download on deli slicers plus other food safety tips – very useful!

Best Meat Slicers For Home Use In 2021

After comparing some of the top brands available to today’s families, we recommend the Beswood 10″ Meat Slicer thanks to its high-quality construction, stellar reputation and long-lasting life thanks to ultra-sharp blades. Or grinders like our related Best Meat Grinder For Deer. There are a handful of cooking equipment and utensils in our kitchen: cookware, vegetable choppers salad spinners and our meat slicer. If you’re considering hosting your family or throwing down a party, you should be ready for detailed, arduous plans.
From going to the grocery store to finding the best meat chunks, you’ll spend lots of money. In our house, we normally keep the meat slicer in the garage and bust it out to make cuts that fit well. But, that doesn’t mean compromising efficiency. It just means you’ll have to change things a little to get the best meat slicer on the market.

The Best Meat Slicer For Personal & Commercial Use In 2021

Freshly cut, paper-thin deli meat on fresh baked bread is a treat for all carnivores. If you prefer roast beef, capicola, corned beef, prosciutto, or good old-fashioned roast ham and turkey, the thinner the slices the better the sandwich For most people, having your deli fix means a trip to the nearest deli counter or corner deli store, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
You can save money, manage portions, and still enjoy fine sliced deli meats with your own home meat slicer. Buy meat in bulk from the local butcher and slice it as thin as you want, or make the most of the remaining roast ham and turkey around the holidays. If you prefer a small cheaper version, check out our Best Manual Meat Grinder . You can also use it for improved portion control when making sandwiches, making sandwich masterpieces that are as nutritionally balanced as delicious. How do you know the right meat slicer for your kitchen? Check our product reviews for more detail and our best value choice.
best home meat slicer

New 10″ Blade Commercial Deli Meat Cheese

Some home chefs are satisfied with their kitchen’s consumer-grade products; others demand commercial-grade products because they want the best. Best Option makes this 10-inch meat slicer for the latter type. The Best Option is designed for continuous heavy-duty use with a 240-watt motor (twice the capacity of regular home meat slicers). Machined stainless steel construction and die-cast aluminum parts ensure this machine can stand up to hours of heavy use, and can handle everything a regular manual deli meat slicer can handle at your local counter or store. Thanks to the 10-inch cutting wheel, this best meat slicer can handle large cuts of beef brisket, salami, lamb, and even whole turkey breasts.
In a busy restaurant kitchen, the potential to make fine-sliced meat cuts for appetizers, soups, and entries cannot be overestimated. Additionally, this model contains dual whetstones for fast self-sharpening, and all components that come into contact with food can be quickly removed, cleaned, and sterilized at home or for restaurant kitchen use. All in all, if you want the pros to use this style in your own kitchen.

Nesco Fs-250 Home Meat Slicer

The Nesco FS-250 food slicer is one of the top quality models in our meat slicers series. It has a powerful engine and a larger blade than most top competitors. Ideally, it’s a bridge between home and competent food slicer. This 180-Watt model is perfect for customers who prefer complete steel slicer. Other highlights include dual protection mechanism and versatile thickness control knob. However, if you need thin slices, this might not be appropriate. Weighs 13.2 pounds and measures 15 by 10.5 by 11 inches.
The positive thing is that its heavyweight offers ample slicing stability. Moreover, when needed, it’s still light enough to bring around. The advertised blade is 8.7 inches. According to some users, the real blade size is 7.5 inches. Although its broad blade has tightened edges that increase its cutting efficiency through crusty bread and meat, sharpening can also be difficult when necessary. Among some users, the biggest concern about the system is that it’s not super-fast or strong as perceived. That said, most consumers view this meat slicer model positively. Besides its powerful performance, most consumers like Nesco FS-250 can slice all types of food because it is lightweight, easy to clean, and relatively inexpensive.
Detaching or reassembling the blade takes a few minutes. Some buyers like the sharp and heavy blade. Most find it more useful in a home environment. We haven’t liked stuff like Elite Gourmet EMT-503B – Best Inexpensive Food Slicer This is also one of the best meat slicers on the lower price point. Overall, so. With all its basic features, you get money value. In reality, it is the lowest price model among all the top meat slicers featured in this list and can easily be called the best budget buy With Elite Maxi-Matic EMT-503B, you can cut precisely a variety of foods such as hard cheese, meats, bread, salamis and firm vegetables.

Th Ings We Liked Things We Didn’T Like

The model is powered by a 130-Watt motor and features an aluminum die-cast construction, 7.5-inch retractable stainless steel blade, and easy-to-use design. The rubber feet and wider slicing platform provide stability. It measures 11 by 9 and 15 inches, weighing 12 pounds. Another likable Elite Maxi-Matic EMT-503B feature is protection steps. It comes with a secure guide to prevent the user from hitting the sharp blade when slicing. It also has four anti-skid feet for extra stability during use. This model comes with an adjustable thickness dial to allow you to slice your food to the desired thickness. Essentially, slice meat up to 1⁄2 inch thick. Besides beef, this appliance can also slice hard cheese, bread and firm home meat slicer

Best Choice Commercial Deli Home Meat Slicer

@11@ Best Option is an ideal meat slicer for meat, cheese, vegetables, fruit, bread, etc. Driven by a 240 Watt electric motor with a blade sharpener and tilt feature, this slicer is one of the fastest food slicing experiences. The slicer consists of robust, high-quality steel. Heavy duty 10-inch stainless blade. It also has built-in whetstones for steel blade sharpening. Read also: Slicer feet are coated with skid-proof rubber for extra protection. The on-off switch also has waterproof material. Another attractive feature is the numerical scale knob for changing the plate to the desired thickness. It can slice 0-17 mm thick meats.
The slicer is usually semi-automatic thanks to the on-off switch making it easy to use. It’s as easy to scrub. Typically, only warm soapy water and bottle brush are required to clean the disassembled pieces. It’s slightly more bulky and heavier than most. It measures 23 inches by 19.3 and weighs 46.9 pounds. Also among the top contenders is the Best Option Commercial Deli. Other versions were rated higher for these key reasons. However, considering Best Option Commercial Deli efficiency level, longevity and user-friendliness, the investment is worthwhile.

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