Best Meat Slicers

Slicers Comparison: The Best Models

We are actually used to finding a slicer working with commercial butchers, but note that this device can also be used at home. This is why through this article, we bring you all the necessary advice to choose a family electric slicer. We are actually used to finding a slicer working with commercial butchers, but note that this device can also be used at home. This is why through this article, we bring you all the necessary advice to choose a family electric slicer.

What Is An Electric Slicer?

The electric slicer is a device which is used to cut and slice any food according to the thickness which one wishes to obtain.

Slicers Comparison: The Best Models
Slicers Comparison: The Best Models

It has a rotating circular blade, as well as a tray which is used to collect cut food, whether cold cuts, bread, meat, cheese, fruit or vegetables.

It is the essential tool for all those who no longer wish to queue at their butcher or those who often need to slice ingredients in their own kitchen.

What Is The Best Electric Slicer? has established for you a comparison of electric slicers to facilitate your choice.

How To Choose A Slicer?

Fineness Of Cut

There is a huge advantage in having an electric slicer with a thickness adjustment. Indeed, some models are not equipped with this feature, which will not allow you to obtain food cut to the thickness you want.

Slicers Comparison: The Best Models
Slicers Comparison: The Best Models

On the other hand, the ideal would be to opt for a device that has a cutting capacity ranging from 1 to 25 mm. This will leave you with a lot of choice in the thickness of the slices you want depending on the ingredients to be processed. You can for example make slices of ham in chiffonnades, or even thicker slices of sausage to delight the taste buds of each of your guests.

The Blades

Almost all electric slicers are equipped with stainless steel blades to offer perfect long-term resistance to a wide variety of food to be cut. Most of these slicers are also universal and allow you to slice all the ingredients, whether breads, meats or cheeses.

Slicers Comparison: The Best Models
Slicers Comparison: The Best Models

However, you must be careful when purchasing, because some models only have specially profiled blades for slicing a specific type of food. You can for example fall on an electric bread slicer with a blade with relatively large teeth, or an electric meat slicer equipped with a completely smooth blade.

Therefore, the ideal would always be to opt for a device delivered with several types of blades so that you can make beautiful slices with the blade adapted to each type of food.

Security And Stability

Although you can afford a real professional electric ham slicer at home, it is essential to pay special attention to its safety criteria.

Slicers Comparison: The Best Models

We therefore advise you to choose a model fitted with a safety lock or a retractable blade which retracts when the machine is not in use.

This is highly recommended when you have young children. We also recommend a model with on / off button to prevent the blade from turning without being ready to use it. It is also necessary to ensure that the machine is properly installed and remains perfectly stable throughout its use, hence the need to look at a model with suction feet. This type of device does not risk slipping on the worktop while you are handling it and you will be far from any risk of accident.

Why Buy An Electric Slicer?

Save Effort

This is the major advantage of having an electric vegetable slicer at home. We will no longer need to take out our board and our knife to cut or slice all kinds of vegetables, meats, cheese or bread.

Now, it is the device that does all the work for us, and what is more, it cuts them regularly according to the thickness that we want to obtain. No more long minutes of bending over a big piece of cheese, trying somehow to make thin slices well presented. Thanks to the electric slicer, a few seconds are enough to impress your guests with pretty plates of cold meats, cheeses and perfectly sliced ​​vegetables.

Economy Of Finances

If you’ve always been in the habit of buying cold cuts or pre-sliced ​​meat, you’ve always spent more money than you should.

In fact, buying a large piece of meat or ham is much cheaper compared to slices ready to be pan-fried.

And now that you have decided to invest in an electric meat slicer, not only will you cut your food as you want, but you will also benefit from a great saving of budget.

Which Electric Slicer To Buy?

Our site has selected the best models of electric slicers for the best sales available.

The Different Types Of Electric Slicers

Manual Or Electric Slicer

The manual slicer was the first deli slicer on the market. It is a meat cutter system that operates using a crank.

Very bulky, heavy and more difficult to use, the manual slicer is more successful with restaurants than in private kitchens.

Indeed, it is a utensil that offers much more precision in terms of the thickness of the slices, especially in the production of rags. Food is also less heated with a manual slicer than an electric slicer that rotates faster. It is also a very old tool that will find its place with collectors of authentic objects.

What Is The Price Of A Good Electric Slicer?

An electric mini-slicer can be purchased from 30 euros. However, these are plastic models that have nothing to envy of the magnificent versatile and more resistant slicers.

For a quality model that will bring you satisfaction in all your cuts, it is best that you plan a budget of at least 150 euros. From this price, you will be able to benefit from a wide range of products which guarantees reliability over time. And unlike entry-level tools, you will easily find electric slicers in aluminum and stainless steel. As for professional electric slicers, it is possible that the price may increase to more than 500 euros.

How To Use An Electric Slicer?

It is essential to read the user guide for your device before using it for the first time. This is very important to avoid mishandling to avoid the risk of damaging your machine and to preserve your safety. First of all, make sure that the slicer is perfectly installed and that it is very stable. It should no longer be moved once it is running. Do not place it in a corner that is difficult to access or too narrow to facilitate handling.

Start by plugging in the tool’s power cord, then place the food you want to cut on the cart. Switch on the machine, set the thickness of the slice that suits you and pass the piece over the blade until the desired quantity of slices is obtained. Remember to turn off the slicer when you are finished using it and unplug it.

How To Maintain Your Electric Slicer?

Cleaning your slice tool should be done after each use to keep it in good condition. Make sure that the model you have chosen is equipped with removable parts to facilitate their maintenance. Parts that pass through the dishwasher without problems are also preferred so that you can benefit from considerable time savings.

If not, proceed to cleaning by equipping yourself with a wet sponge soaked in dishwashing liquid. Then rinse the elements one by one with clean water and wipe them thoroughly with a dry cloth. The body of the device is also cleaned with a sponge moistened with soapy water, then with a cloth slightly moistened with water. It will then be dried with a dry cloth to prevent rust.