What We Like

Excellent Attachments – A meat pusher is included with this grinder. This is extremely useful for loading larger quantities of meat into the grinder without having your hands dirty. A Kubbe/Kibbe-making attachment, as well as three separate sausage stuffing tubes of varying sizes, are included. Construction efficiency in the industrial sector – Stainless steel and polished aluminium are used to make the blades and plates. The electric motor is powerful, and the rubber feet provide stability. Speed Selection/Circuit Breaker – The ability to choose between high and low speeds is an excellent design option. The reverse feature comes in handy a lot. This grinder is better to use than many other, less expensive models because it has a circuit breaker. AVI (Advanced Variable Intake) technology is used in this grinder, which allows it to handle a large amount of food. It enables it to accept significant amounts of meat in a healthy and timely manner. When you need to grind a lot of meat for a lot of people in a short amount of time, the grinder is a good option.

Auger pressure – Since the auger does not have a perfectly tight seal, filling sausage casings can be difficult.

Simple to Disassemble for Quick Cleaning – Thankfully, this grinder is simple to disassemble so that each main component can be cleaned separately. It’s also easy to put everything back together. All of the knives, bowls, and other meat-touching pieces can be thrown in the dishwasher to make it even easier. High-quality materials, such as stainless steel or aluminium alloy, are used to make the majority of the grinder. It also comes with a reverse turn, which should make cleaning it a lot easier. Storage Box – The grinder has a hidden storage box where you can put all of the pieces you aren’t using. You can also keep any other meat grinder attachments you use regularly in this compartment. Cost-effective – This model is inexpensive as compared to many other electric meat grinders.