Synthetic vs Natural Food Growth

Wash your fruits and veggies. Just because you put nerve gas in front of pesticides doesnt make it worse. Pesticides have always been used to keep away insects so that your produce can make it to you in your area when most produce would be out of season.

Its always about how you say it when trying to give information. She said they testing umbilical chords from a “Farming” community. Why not test them from a no farming community who eats from the same produce?

Its cool to inform us and all but dont try and make people look bad. If you wanted to make them look bad how about catching them with something a bit worse than spray food to keep insects off them. I dont get this? Someone help me out.

Organic uses pesticides. I wouldn’t say it’s common for them to use synthetics, but it happens. If you look up the regulations for usda certified organic, you’ll find pages and pages of allowed substances, and under what circumstances synthetics are allowed to be used.

Anyway. If you’re against “all pesticides”, you better stop eating plants. 99.99% of the pesticides you ingest are made naturally by the plants themselves. Caffeine is a pesticide. Capsaicin is another one. Nicotine… All plants make some sort of pesticide for self defense, but some are stronger than others. Most have no effect on humans at the doses we ingest.

There is nothing vague about the synthetic pesticides copper sulfate and lime sulfur allowed to be sprayed on crops by organic farmers and are more toxic than glyphosate.

There is nothing vague about pyrethrum, azadirachtin, and ryania which are also more toxic than glyphosate.

Nothing vague about bacillus thuringiensis Veronica.

Synthetic vs natural. It’s the toxicity and mode of action that matters, not whether or not a substance is naturally derived or not. Botulism is 100% naturally occurring and simultaneously one of the most toxic substances known to science.

I never said caffeine was made by all plants—it’s an example of a potent plant-manufactured pesticide that many of us ingest daily because of its effects on our nervous system.