Best finish for kitchen table

Best finish for kitchen table

Introduction Finishing a good tabletop is tricky. On a big table particularly, coating the entire surface before the finish becomes too slick is the ultimate test of pace and ability. And your job has to be fine. Rather than every other furniture surface, a tabletop absorbs light and shows off every little flaw. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. These tips will make the difficult sections simpler and help you achieve a flawless finish. Follow these foolproof tips and tricks for finishing a tabletop to flawless perfection. Finish application You must work quickly during application, as oil-based finishes could turn sticky in a few minutes, depending on the surrounding conditions.

Good water-based finishes dry quickly, so you will need all your supplies, and everything prepared before you begin. Also, once you start, you cannot leave until water-based finishes is finished Applying oil-based finishes with a roll-on brush is a better choice when it comes to larger surface areas. The finish might appear terrible to begin with, but any bubbles will quickly disappear. You will be left with a clear and smooth surface, a much better result than when using a regular brush. Using lighter coats when using a roller brush to prevent any edges or problems when rolling back and forth. We suggest a microfiber mini roller for finest outcome. However, do not use a roller when applying a water-based finish. When applying a finish to a wooden table, make sure to install a coat underneath as well.

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Good wood readily absorbs moisture and can swell or shrink. If you do not coat the top and bottom of your wood, it will warp and ruin the table finishes. To prevent any harm to the wood, add at least three coats. This will also make sure the table finish.

lasts longer and it will be easier to revive the finish when the time comes. You will find that some finishers need even more layers Sealing the end grain of the wood table . The end grain will usually soak up a lot of the finish, which creates a darker appearance compared to the face grain. If you want to prevent this, add some finish before you begin to the end grain. This will help to reduce the amount consumed when adding the main coat. You may use sanding sealer, wood conditioner, shellac, or a polyurethane, which has been thinned by half. Using an artist brush to apply the seal finish to avoid getting some on the face grain Clean white residue after sanding. If any is left on the floor, it will be swept up in the next coat added and will stay there for all time.

Use Oil-Based Polyurethane

Varnish is not easy to add, and shellac is not durable. Tung oil dries slowly and requires many coats. That’s why, for the non-pro, I’d suggest an oil-based wipe-on polyurethane. I’ve used oil – based polyurethane on a variety of projects like tables that I designed for The New Yankee Workshop and for my own use. It provides great security, has the look of a hand-rubbed oil finish, and is easy to apply. It also dries more easily than brush-on polyurethanes, so there’s less risk of dust getting in the finish. You can buy wipe-on polys that are water-based, but they dry clear as glass.

I like the way that oil-based formulations add color to the wood. When I’m using this finish, I make my own applicator: a clean piece of rolled-up cotton cloth held by a metal binder clip. The clip holds my fingers out of the finish. I simply pour the poly into a paper cup, dip the cloth into the finish, and spread the finish on the tabletop. The trick is to lay down the poly in long, continuous strokes, one right after the other, so you still keep a wet tip. Don’t wipe on too much at one point on the tabletop. Thin coats level out better and dry quicker than thick ones. Most manufacturers recommend adding three coats, but I typically do more.

After each coat dries for a few hours, scuff it gently with 220-grit sandpaper and clean up the dust with a cloth moistened with denatured alcohol. When you’re finished, you should have a smooth finish that’s robust and food-safe, until it cures. This Old House master carpenter Norm Abram Build It | New Platform Bench Build It | Recycled Heart Pine Bench Build It | Adirondack Chair How to Build a Small Bookcase with Moldings How to Make a Color Wash Patina on Furniture How to Repair Furniture Finish

Best Finish For Wood Kitchen Table- Reviews & Guide

It’s practically difficult to find construction work going on in the kitchen without the kitchen table being renovated as well. Kitchen tables are the first observations in any kitchen, and if they don’t look right, then the whole room doesn’t look nice. Don’t worry because we know what you need, the best finish for wood kitchen table. In this article, we have reviewed some of the most outstanding things you can find on the market that will give you the best finish for wood kitchen table. Read on, before you finish, you shall have found the right product for your project. Rest assured.

General Finishes Sgqt Arm-R-Seal Urethane Topcoat

best finish for kitchen table
Here is the first tabletop urethane product on our list since the product has the approval of many customers. This formula will smoothen your butcher block, giving the product a fantastic look in the process. It’s a very robust product with a rating of 5/5, making it the best if you are looking for longevity in a finish. Besides, it is waterproof. We highly recommend that you don’t apply this finished product during rainy weather because it’s not an optimal time for its use. Instead, apply this finish during dry weather while the air is dry with that, you will be having the best finish imaginable.

  • Semi-Gloss
  • 1 Quart

The Summary Of Top Features

best finish for kitchen table
  • Arm-R-Seal Topcoat
  • Contains The Highest Quality Urethane Resin
best finish for kitchen table
  • A Topcoat That Is Exceptionally Durable And Long-Lasting
  • The Formula Is Applied Using A Foam Brush
  • Waterproof Disadvantages Crates bubbles
  • It’s Highly Durable
best finish for kitchen table

The Smell Is Not A Problem

Here’s another product that you can look for if you need the best finish for a wood kitchen table. It gives you a fantastic finish, that is 100 percent waterproof. Looks matter a lot much as you’d love a sturdy product. This formula will bring the wooden surface to life. The formula does not affect the grain and, above all, comes with a minimal gloss. Nice Stuff Wood Finish is super simple as far as use is concerned, which makes wood finish a great match for the DYI tasks. It is a gel-like liquid; therefore you can use a rag to spread it on the wooden surfaces.

  • Semi-Gloss
  • Available in Different Sizes
best finish for kitchen table
  • Takes Long To Cure Buy On Amazon
  • Grizzly H2372 Good Stuff Wood Finish for Maple Tops

The Summary Of Top Features

best finish for kitchen table

  • It Is Safe For Food Contact
  • It’s robust
  • The Formula Dries Faster
  • It Resists Both Water And Alcohol

best finish for kitchen table
Waterlox Initial Sealer/Finish for Wood, Brick, Stone, Tile & More – 1 Quart Waterlox finish belongs to the top of the class of the best finish for wood kitchen tables. It has a soft and attractive gloss that brings out the best of carvings. This top formula is a derivative of tung oil. This oil finds it simple to penetrate the surface of the wood, thus forming a finish that resists water. This wood finish can stand spilled milk, water, oils, and other liquids. Waterlox is excellent for kitchen tables that undergo medium activities as it is easy to maintain. We recommend the use of Waterlox for your kitchen table if you are looking for a soft gloss. It can stand low as well as medium household use.

  • Semi-Gloss
  • Has A Great Look

Cures into a protective and elastic finish that stands daily household spill It has 90 percent of its resin portion from organic, natural resources

Easy To Apply

best finish for kitchen table

  • A Little Expensive Though Worth It Buy On Amazon
  • The Summary Of Top Features
  • High Penetration And Waterproof
best finish for kitchen table
  • It Has 90% Of Its Resin Portion From Renewable
  • Water-resistant
  • Natural Resources
  • Soft gloss Disadvantages
  • Produces A Satin Sheen Look (20°-25° Gloss Level)
best finish for kitchen table

Has A Great Performance

The Formula Last Years

Another one of the best finish for wood kitchen table is the top Minwax Fast Drying Finish. It works well on both finished and unfinished wood, which makes it handy when you are unsure of using a primer finish. You may apply this formula using a bristle brush, a foam brush, or the lambswool applicator. One of the most important characteristics of Minwax Wipe-On Poly is the time it takes to dry. Given that you add thin layers, it will take a short time to dry. This finish is bright; however, it will possibly change the color of your wooden table a bit. The oil present in the formula is responsible for the color change, which is noticeable though negligible.

  • Semi-Gloss
  • The Product Is Easy To Work With
  • Has Renewable Natural Resources
  • It’S A Little Expensive
best finish for kitchen table

It Takes Time To Dry Buy On Amazon

This top formula dries quickly and offers lasting beauty on finished and unfinished wood surfaces Advantages

Minwax 63010444 Fast Drying Polyurethane Clear Finish

  • Quart
best finish for kitchen table
  • Satin
  • Lasts long
  • The Formula Is Applied Using A Foam Brush


  • It Offers Lasting Beauty And Protection To Any Interior Wood Surface
best finish for kitchen table

An Excellent Product For Woodworking


The ease of application is an important feature to consider when searching for the right finish for your wood kitchen table. The newbies in wood finishing should go for a finish that wipes so you won’t have to think about making mistakes.


best finish for kitchen table

And Floors

The durability of the product you choose is paramount, particularly when you are looking to refinish your wood kitchen table. You must select items that can withstand the amount of work that your table goes through. You can note in most cases that certain finishes that last longer are a little costly. Provided the finishes will serve you for as long as it takes, then it’s always worth the investment. Varnish and oil-based polyurethane clear finish typically last longer than the others. Linseed and Tung oils also do a fantastic job when it comes to longevity. Try to avoid the finishes made from shellac; they don’t last long.

Works Well For Both Finished And Unfinished Wooden Surfaces

Yeah, it’s okay to paint over a varnished wood ! Painting can help revive old wooden surfaces, particularly you need the best finish for wood kitchen table. The varnish is a dense and transparent protective coating that provides protection and gives an extra shine to wood kitchen table surfaces. If you are trying to improve the appearance of your kitchen table, then the varnish is the way to go and improve the kitchen table. Buyer’s Guide Finishing your wooden kitchen table takes time and effort. When you choose the best kitchen table choice for your skills and lifestyle , you will get the job done right on the first try.

As you look at various choices, here are some considerations that can affect your decision. Conclusion You need to do your homework thoroughly for you to get the best finish for wood kitchen table for your projects. We care so much for you and have moved to help make your job easier by offering a summary of the best items in the market for your kitchen table. With the detailed details that we have provided, you will find it easy to compare different types of finishes kitchen table even as you go about your shopping.

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