Wine Decanters Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

The wine carafe is essential for all wine lovers. A useful and aesthetic utensil that fulfills many functions. But choosing the right model is not always easy, especially if you don’t know much about it yet. Our site is delighted to offer you advice on how to find the wine carafe that best suits your needs, tastes and the type of vintage you want to put in it.

What Is A Wine Carafe?

A wine carafe is a utensil which is used not only to present the wine, but also to decant it to separate it from the sediments or to aerate it to let the oxygen come into contact immediately in order to accelerate the release of the aromas.

Wine Decanters Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison
Wine Decanters Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

Besides, there are two types of decanter, namely the decanting model and the serving decanter. It is an accessory that comes in different capacities and forms. Depending on the model, a wine carafe can also be designed with various materials, in crystal, glass or plastic.

What Is The Best Wine Carafe?

We present our comparison of the 5 best models of wine decanters on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Wine Carafe?

Depending On Its Capacity

Capacity is the first criterion you should consider when purchasing your glass or crystal wine carafe. Most often expressed in ml, it is chosen according to your consumption. However, you have to be careful, because the capacity mentioned is not the amount of wine you can put in it.

Wine Decanters Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison
Wine Decanters Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

Indeed, you must take a larger container than the bottle so that your cru can remain in the wide part and have maximum contact with oxygen. For example, if you have a standard 750 ml bottle, a carafe with a total capacity of 1,200 ml would be ideal to guarantee optimal ventilation.

Depending On The Ventilation

Wine needs to be oxygenated to reveal its best aromas. This is the reason why it is so important that you take into account the ventilation which is conditioned by the shape of the utensil.

Wine Decanters Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison
Wine Decanters Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

Your choice should depend on the type of wine you are going to taste. If it is a young wine, we recommend a model with a wide seat, such as a wine carafe in the shape of a stem glass which will let in more fresh air.

For old vintages that do not need optimal oxygenation to reveal their taste and flavor, you can opt for a fairly narrow decanter which allows little contact with the air. It should be noted that certain utensils are suitable for all wines, regardless of their age.

Depending On Its Design

Besides capacity and ventilation, design is also an essential point when choosing a carafe. It should not be forgotten that in addition to being a utensil used to decant and aerate the wine, it is also a presentation accessory for your most beautiful bottles and a decorative object for your table. Decanters currently come in a variety of styles. You just have to choose according to your preferences.

Wine Decanters Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

Opt for antique wine decanters if you are a fan of vintage charm, and for sleek models if you are more for elegance and modernity. The market also offers original wine decanters if you like objects with unusual aspects. Either way, you should not overlook the practicality of the utensil. This must offer easy use and cleaning.

According To Its Material

The material is a characteristic that you should not in any case abandon if you want to acquire the right carafe. The latter comes in different types, ranging from plastic models, to crystal versions and glass utensils. The best thing would be to buy a crystal or fine glass wine carafe.

In addition to allowing a better hatching of aromas, it is distinguished by its resistance, its lightness as well as by its beautiful transparency. Plastic or coarse glass wine decanters should be avoided. They are obviously more affordable on the price side, but will not show off your vintages well.

Why Buy A Wine Carafe?

For Perfect Wine Aeration

You can of course leave the wine in its bottle or pour it into any container before serving. However, this will not allow you to enjoy its true quality and bring out the best in its taste.

By pouring your cru into a suitable carafe, you will decant it at the same time to separate it from the sediments and aerate it in order to speed up its aromatic opening. Thus, his personality and his expressions will be revealed and you will be able to taste a more tasty and fine wine.

To Drink Wine In Style

In addition to raising their flavor, putting your finest vintages in a good decanter will allow you to sublimate them and drink them in style. Manufacturers nowadays offer more and more designer utensils and there is something for everyone. There are modern wine decanters with very elegant styles, but also vintage models that never go out of fashion. There are even utensils with improbable shapes for those who appreciate originality. In short, your vintages will be better presented in a carafe than if you leave them in their bottle.

Which Wine Carafe To Choose?

Comparatif-Multicuiseur offers you its selection of the TOP 4 best selling wine carafe of the moment.

What Is The Price Of A Wine Carafe?

It is difficult to give the exact or even approximate price of a wine carafe, since it varies a lot from one model to another. It depends on its capacity, type, material and brand. What we can say is that it remains an affordable tool that is suitable for all budgets.

Entry-level models generally cost around 20 euros. Design and modern wine decanters are accessible from 40 euros. The price can go up to 200 euros, or even more for high-end utensils. The budget to be planned will therefore depend on your needs and the quality you are looking for. What we recommend is to favor the decanters which have been designed by real specialists, such as Smaier, Peugeot, Riedel, Zodio, WOQO, Nicolas, Sagaforme, Chef et Sommelier or even Spiegeleau.

How To Use A Wine Carafe?

Knowing how to use a carafe is essential to sublimate the wine to the maximum and obtain a better result. First, the decanting must be done at the right time depending on the type of wine. If it is preferable to put the young vintages in a carafe 2 hours before their consumption for optimal oxygenation, this must be done just before tasting for older wines to avoid as much as possible their contact with the air.

This explains why the stopper is only useful for the decanting of old drinks. These also need to be kept at the right temperature. This is the reason why it is better to immerse them in a container of chilled water with ice cubes if you do not have a refreshing wine carafe. Finally, avoid exposing your old vintages to artificial light from a bulb. Instead, use candle lighting.

How To Maintain Your Wine Carafe?

It is essential to maintain the wine carafe after each use, not only for good hygiene, but also so as not to mix the taste of two different wines. Note that this is a utensil which is not compatible with the dishwasher.

Besides, a carafe is often supplied with cleaning balls. If this is not the case, you can pour a spoon of baking soda or coarse salt into it and add a little fine sand or crushed eggshell.

Then stir the carafe in circular motions until the deposit disappears. All you have to do is rinse it and wipe the outside. To dry the utensil, place it upside down on a cloth using a high-rim container or a special drip tray to keep it in position. Introduce a large wick of paper towel through the neck to remove traces of moisture.