Canned Tuna In Sushi


From a native Japanese living in Japan. All those complaining about canned tuna being used in sushi and how it shouldn’t be called sushi are mistaken.

The sushi with raw tuna is the authentic/ traditional one, but at some restaurants they do use canned tuna mixed with other ingredients in makis as well. You probably don’t see them in high class sushi restaurants. We even have onigiris with canned tuna and they are very good. You should try it before you dis it. Disrespectful? California rolls never existed in my country before, but they are very popular now.

Tasty never stated these were authentic. Not disrespectful to eat sushi with chopsticks, it’s just the authentic way to do so. I would eat it with my hands if I go to a high class restaurant. Just a tip. Before you cut makis, each time clean the knife with a wet cloth. This way they won’t come out all squashed. Enjoy your sushi!

On  a side note:

You can eat sushi with chopsticks or with bare hands doesn’t have any specific way. And yah there are sushi/maki that use canned tunas and its not that all bad i always get invited to these places where chef would make it for you and the chef would tell me to eat it with what im comfortable with chopstick or bare hand