Best Yogurt Makers

Yogurt Makers Buying Guide: Test And Reviews

Finding a yogurt maker is not at all difficult, there are lots of them on the market. The most painful task will be above all to choose the model that suits you among all these variants. But don’t panic, Comparatif-Multicuiseur wants to help you by offering you this guide to buying the best yogurt makers. You will discover all the essential choice advice for your future purchase.

What Is A Yogurt Maker?

As the name suggests, the yogurt maker is a machine used to prepare homemade yogurts. In general, all the models consist of these basic elements, namely a heating support which works with electricity and in which the yogurt pots are placed, as well as a cover which comes to cover the whole while acting as oven.

Yogurt Makers Buying Guide: Test And Reviews
Yogurt Makers Buying Guide: Test And Reviews

But there are two main types of yogurt makers on the market, including a simple model that only allows you to make yogurt and the second which is a multifunction model capable of making various delicacies. Thus, the choice of a yogurt maker depends on several criteria which differs from one product to another, in particular the capacity, the size, the design, the different functionalities or even the accessories supplied with it.

What Is The Best Yogurt Maker?

We suggest you take a look at our comparison of the 3 best models of yogurt makers currently offered on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Yogurt Maker?

Depending On Its Capacity

The capacity of a yogurt making machine is determined in particular by the number of pots it can accommodate in a single round.

Yogurt Makers Buying Guide: Test And Reviews
Yogurt Makers Buying Guide: Test And Reviews

Thus, the models available on the market are numerous and all meet specific needs. If you live alone or as a couple, a yogurt maker with 4 or 6 pots will be more than enough. It will allow you to prepare up to 6 pots of yogurt that you will have plenty of time to taste in two days or three at most.

For a small family with one or two children, the ideal will be to opt for a yogurt maker 8 pots or more if you are heavy consumers of dairy products. It all depends on your consumption habits. There are even large family yogurt makers of 12 or 14 pots to meet the needs of a large family! Besides, don’t forget to check the size of the jars, as it can also range from 100 ml to 200 ml depending on the model. A large pot will allow you to decorate cereals or fruit more easily with your yogurt.

Depending On Its Functionality

A simple yogurt maker will be perfectly suited to large yogurt consumers and those who only need to prepare yogurt. As for those who wish to benefit from a 3 in 1 device, we advise them to orient their choice towards a multifunction yogurt maker.

Yogurt Makers Buying Guide: Test And Reviews
Yogurt Makers Buying Guide: Test And Reviews

The most sophisticated machines actually have the capacity to prepare different types of snacks to delight young and old, including yogurts and drinking yogurts, but also various dairy desserts, such as flanks, creme brulee, clafoutis or even cheese cakes. You will also be surprised by their function to prepare fresh cheeses and faisselles.

In both cases, Comparatif-Multicuiseur recommends that you do not neglect the presence of a timer. It will allow you to adjust the cooking time of your delicacies which will influence their texture and taste.

Yogurt Makers Buying Guide: Test And Reviews

Indeed, not enough fermented, the yogurts will be too liquid, on the other hand too fermented, they will not only be compact, but also acidic. Also prefer a model that incorporates the automatic shutdown function so that you do not have to constantly monitor your machine, or a model with the end of cooking alarm function. An adjustable temperature yogurt maker will also be very profitable, especially if it is a multifunction device.

Depending On Its Options And Accessories

On the other hand, our site also suggests that you look into certain elements that can be very useful in your daily life, namely the presence of a backlit LCD screen which provides better reading of information and allows easy programming of the information. ‘apparatus.

Also prefer a model equipped with an on / off switch to benefit from a safer use, as well as non-slip feet which guarantee better stability. The ideal way to maintain the interior temperature will also be to ensure the quality of the lid closing system, knowing that some lids can be screwed to the base of the machine.

Besides, the best would always be to have a handle on top of it in order to handle it with ease. This is also the case for the base of the machine and the removable transfer tray for the yoghurt pots, which should have handles that facilitate transport.

As for accessories, the best is always to have a variety. Most yogurt makers are also supplied with additional pots to allow you to start another round while the others are still in the refrigerator.

The best thing for them is that they all have a lid to guarantee better conservation hygiene. In other models, there is also a white cheese drainer, bottles for drinking yogurt, or a ladle for pouring milk. And to avoid the sustainability of yogurts, we advise you to opt for pots with manual date marking.

Depending On Its Ergonomics And Design

Many people buy their household appliances according to the aesthetics they like. Whether in terms of color, shape or design, there is something for everyone and for all styles!

So, it is obvious that one is easily seduced by the external appearance of the device before even knowing all its characteristics. Some yogurt makers have a square or rectangular shape, while others are round. The yogurt pots are usually made of glass, but there are also ceramic models and the small lids are often made of plastic.

The transparency of the large glass lid is often the element that characterizes the yogurt maker and makes it elegant. And when it comes to the basics, there are many models. There are those in plastic, stainless steel, anthracite white, brushed steel, gray and all kinds of colors to choose from. Finally, don’t forget to check that the size of the yogurt maker is suitable for the space you have in the kitchen. We advise you to find the right balance between capacity and dimensions.

Why Buy A Good Yogurt Maker?

To Be Able To Prepare Your Own Yogurts According To Your Tastes

Having your own family yogurt maker means not only being able to prepare yogurts at home when you want to taste them, but also, and above all, having total control over the ingredients used.

In fact, we do not always have all the essential information concerning the ingredients that make up yogurts sold in supermarkets. And by opting for the purchase of your personal yogurt machine, you will have the chance to choose the dosages of sugar and milk yourself, as well as the different flavors for your homemade yogurts.

And in addition, you can also control the level of fermentation of these according to the texture and taste you expected. One of the best opportunities to treat yourself and take care of your health.

To Avoid Repetitive Purchase Of Industrial Yogurts

Whether you live alone, as a couple or as a family, you are sure to find a quality yogurt maker on the market that meets your needs. So why continue to buy expensive industrial yogurts which also contribute to the consumption of plastic?

The purchase of a yogurt maker with a large pot will allow you to taste good homemade milk desserts at any time, saving you from the heavy expenses generated by the purchase of yogurt packs in supermarkets and especially by participating in the protection of the environment. This is an investment that can only bring you advantages, especially since today you will find 3-in-1 yogurt makers that allow you to prepare not only yogurts, but also fresh cheeses and various desserts.

Which Yogurt Maker To Choose?

Discover our selection of the TOP4 best selling yogurt makers of the moment.

What Is The Price Of A Yogurt Maker?

The price of a yogurt maker can vary from one model to another depending on the different characteristics that make it up. Very often, the most efficient devices are the most expensive, which does not mean that they are the most efficient models.

If you have a small budget, entry-level yogurt makers are available from around fifteen euros to around fifty euros.

You will find in particular the simple versions of this type of machine. For a more efficient model, plan rather a budget of around 100 euros. And to have a sophisticated, multifunctional machine and above all offered with various accessories, the price to pay can go to more than 150 euros.

How To Use A Yogurt Maker?

Before using your machine, the main thing will first be to prepare your yogurt. You can do this with a cookbook. The base will however be made up of milk, powdered sugar and stevia if necessary.

That’s all you need for plain yogurt, to mix in a large bowl. On the other hand, you can also add to your creation several other ingredients according to your desires, namely fruit in pieces or mixed, cocoa powder or melted, crushed nuts, confectionery, spread, perfume or even crushed cookies. Mix everything well in the bowl with the milk using a whisk and pour into each pot.

For cooking, place the jars already filled on the heating surface of the appliance, taking care not to close them with their lids. Then place the device cover and plug into an outlet. From the control panel, you can program the cooking according to the type of yogurt you want and start the program. Cooking time can range from 30 minutes to more than 10 hours depending on the model. Be careful not to open the cover during this time, otherwise the temperature will suddenly drop and the job will be destroyed.

Once the timer has warned you of the end of cooking, turn the machine off and unplug it. Take out the jars and let them cool down first. You can even put them in the fridge for a while by putting the lids on so you can taste them fresh.

How To Maintain Your Yogurt Maker?

Always take the time to thoroughly clean your yogurt maker after each use. Wait for it to cool, then rub all the nooks and crannies with a wet cloth. Also on the accessories side, it is very important to clean them carefully to prevent the bacteria used for the fermentation of yogurt from becoming harmful to your health.

Take one by one the jars and their lids, the ladle, the bottles, the funnel, the cheese stocking, the drip tray and the lid to get rid of the yoghurt residue before putting them in the dishwasher . However, hand cleaning with cold water and mild detergent or lemon is the best solution.