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Best Cleaners Glass 2020 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

Washing windows is a domestic gesture which also improves the brightness of a room. However this is a task that can be time-between stage washing and the drying. And it is to save time we buy an electric window cleaner for the first time.

Lavas windows are relatively small devices and costs quite affordable. Karcher is the brand that dominates this sector, but other manufacturers offer, even with variations in grip.

So what glass cleaner to buy? What budget provide for a good window washer? Do Karcher is truly the best brand?

Take stock of the issue and find out why we think the glass cleaner Karcher WV2 Premium special edition offers the best value for money now.

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This choice invites us to work meticulously on both technical presentations of products by comparing the devices one by one. Searches are performed with online articles (like the one on the manufacturer’s website Karcher), carefully reading reviews of online stores (Amazon, La Redoute, Darty, etc.) and presentation videos.

Compare Cleaner Glass / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Karcher WV2 Premium Special Edition

Particularly versatile and complete, window cleaner that Karcher comprises two squeegees of different sizes in addition to a sprayer, a long range and a low noise level.

This is the autonomy that makes this special cleaner. It works for 100 min in less than 3 h load. An LED display allows to monitor the remaining battery power. Sold with a single blade.

Imitation of what offers Karcher, windshield washer comes with a spray cleaner. The battery is lithium ion battery with 30 min run time. The dirty water tank is 70 ml.

The best mid-range

Karcher WV2 Premium Special Edition

Particularly versatile and complete, window cleaner that Karcher comprises two squeegees of different sizes in addition to a sprayer, a long range and a low noise level.

The best high-end

This is the autonomy that makes this special cleaner. It works for 100 min in less than 3 h load. An LED display allows to monitor the remaining battery power. Sold with a single blade.

Imitation of what offers Karcher, windshield washer comes with a spray cleaner. The battery is lithium ion battery with 30 min run time. The dirty water tank is 70 ml.

How Is Made The selection?

Buy a window cleaner is to choose a device that allows you to wash the windows faster. It should not be confused with a robot windshield washer that performs maintenance for you.

There are several window cleaners and the first thing to look for is how they work and the relevance of each characteristic. The list of criteria below allows you to sort and know our approach to establish our top 6 of the squeegee.

The vast majority of window cleaners are also named vacuums glass. It is device that facilitates maintenance by sucking the dirty water after cleaning. So does the drying with a squeegee and a constant aspiration.

However there are also glass steam cleaners is for electrical products that do the cleaning and not drying. The steam helps to loosen dirt.

Note that it is possible to wash the glass with steam using a steam cleaner directly associated with a special tip glass.

Whatever the chosen model, it is necessarily equipped with a squeegee to pass along the glass. The size of this squeegee determines the type of surface that can be cleaned.

Indeed this kind of device can also be used in a shower on the tiled walls of the bathroom, a skylight and a glass door. For this squeegee must always be narrower than the surface to maintain, without being too small. The size usually varies between 17 and 28 cm long. Some devices offer two interchangeable scrapers.

A glass cleaner is very often a wireless device, but is not systematic. We must therefore start by seeing if it has a battery or a power cable. Then with a battery, is the autonomy offered and loading time are compared.

It may be a fresh water tank to deliver steam or a tank for the dirty water sucked up. In all cases, it is necessary to have a tank or too small (to be changed often) or too big (it weighs too the unit).

Must be considered the system for emptying / filling the tank. It is very pleasant to slide just under the tap or having a large opening for the drain in the sink.

A window washer is always heavier than the cloth traditionally used to wash the windows. To avoid tiring too fast, the device should be comfortable to hold with good grip and low weight. Also, it’s nice to use it horizontally and not just vertically.

In some cases the accessories are offered, in others they are sold as an option. It may thus have a sprayer, rags, a boom (for cleaning windows in height) …

Best Cleaners Glass – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Teccpo Tdwc01G: The Best Cheap

Best Cleaners Glass 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Battery 30 min Sprayer included Easy to disassemble Leger (810 g) Large blade

average overall strength

The inspiration of this seems to come completely what Karcher offers, in a very economical format. Indeed Teccpo TDWC01G is a window cleaner sold with a sprayer. So two devices are received (one manual and one electric), to distribute glass cleaner, scrub and wash and dry.

The sprayer is an apparatus 2 in 1. It has a 300 ml reservoir to accommodate water and cleaning agent. On top positioning the microfiber pad. So in the same movement is sprayed glass surface of the product and rubbed. Then it must pass the other device which is the cleaner power window operating by suction.

The squeegee 28 cm long. It is not suitable for smaller windows. We have to move the squeegee everywhere without much support. Aspiration load to send the dirty water in the tank that has a capacity of 70 ml. The lithium-ion cleans 105 m² glass surface or for 30 minutes.

For maintenance it is easy to disassemble everything, be it the head with the squeegee or just tanks. Thus, according to need, it’s easy to empty or fill them. The assembly is quick and everything finds its place just as easily.

The default, which is signaled by some opinions on Amazon, regarding the overall strength of the suction head. It is a cheap product and it seems that savings are made on the quality of the plastic. If one carries out a high pressure through the squeegee, one sees all in contact with the glass bend slightly. Like any cheap product, it is the user to be careful.

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2. Polti Forzaspira Ag220 Plus: Dear No Alternative

Best Cleaners Glass 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Ultra lightweight shaft telescopic included 30 min run spray bottle included

Not quite noisy horizontally

The cleaner Polti windows Forzaspira AG220 Plus has been developed to meet those windows in height, whether porch, large windows or even high mirrors. In fact the window washer is sold with a telescopic shaft with a length of 57 cm. It is possible to wash up without having to climb on a chair. And even without the telescopic handle, it has a more elongated than the competition and it helps to more easily reach the top of a glass. The flip side is that it is not possible to use it if the window goes to the floor.

It is a device that works with suction. It is suitable for all glass vertical surfaces. It has a tank 70 ml which empties relatively quickly. Without the telescopic handle, the AG220 Forzaspira Plus is a very light product. Its total weight is now 420 grams.

It is sold with another classic accessory: a spray bottle with a microfiber windscreen for pre-washing the surface. This is a manual device that is proposed to replace the traditional cloth.

The battery of the glass cleaner has a range of 30 minutes. Polti consider it time to wash windows 80 sqm. Reloading is done completely in about 3 hours.

The set is solid and seems manageable. However there is a real helping hand to make. Indeed, not a trace, you must not pass the squeegee once (the second run on a dry surface leaving traces). So be some trial and provide perhaps some imperfections the first time, before being completely satisfied with the result.

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3. Karcher Wv2 Premium Special Edition: The Best Middle-End

Best Cleaners Glass 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Low sound two squeegees included Many accessories Large tank option (100ml) Glass cleaner included

If Karcher is a reference mark, it is not through seniority or by design. Those are the actual performance of devices that offer him such a reputation. Each window cleaner is sold in a kit complete, practical, strong and durable. The glass cleaner WV2 Premium is distinguished by being extremely versatile. Indeed, there is a box containing two different squeegees, for small and large surfaces. They measure 17 to 28 cm.

With the cleaner is therefore receives a sprayer which can be fixed in the windshield included microfibers. This will wash the windows with the product. Besides a bag of 20 mL concentrated glass cleaner is offered. This is a very clever way to make you want to only use this cleanser because it is actually very good. Two squeegees are interchangeable and easily switch from one to another. Finally, since it is a cordless electrical appliance, a battery is included (in the windshield washer, it is not removable) as well as a charger.

This model is presented as offering a longer battery life than previous models of the brand. Thus it is possible to use it for 35 minutes continuously, which is about 105 m² of glass clean at the end. Although this is a Li-ion battery, the charging time is relatively long. There must be 185 minutes (just over 3 hours).

This is a relatively light and handy product. It weighs only 600 grams. Its handling is easy and has an ergonomic handle. It is little noisy, emitting only 50 dB. Finally, details very significant, it is easy to buy compatible accessories or spare. Indeed, it is essential to change the squeegee lips regularly (for clean glass and a cleaner performance in the long term). With Karcher, we are sure they will always be available in a few years.

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4. Karcher WV5 Premium: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Cleaners Glass 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

removable battery 2 squeegees included removable tank 35 min self Low noise

This wireless window cleaner WV5 Premium has much in common with the WV2. But some differences make us think that the WV2 is more interesting. However the real highlight of this model is that it has a removable battery Li-ion. So in a professional context, window cleaner is more interesting. It is possible to buy one or even several other batteries, to work throughout the day and do everything possible to load later. Autonomy becomes virtually unlimited. Otherwise battery included by default offers 35 minutes of autonomy for 185 min load (almost 3 hours).

Side specifications, there is a window cleaner comes with two flights (17 and 28 cm). The kit also comprises a sprayer and windscreen microfiber, a sample of 20 ml of concentrated glass cleaner and a charger.

The grip is good. The device weighs 700 grams (more than most competing devices) and has a tank for dirty water 100 ml. This tank is removable for emptying at once and to be able to rinse. Squeegees are very good. To benefit optimally, do not hesitate to wipe them quickly on a clean cloth to progressively drying the glass surface. It is also necessary to wash them after each use. And as soon as they show signs of wear, it is necessary to establish new lips scrapers (optional purchase).

Finally it is a relatively discreet cleaner. In operation, it emits 53 dB, which is the level of noise a quiet restaurant (source). This allows to listen to the same time radio that you clean example.

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5. Karcher Wv 6 More: The Best Premium

Best Cleaners Glass 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Discreet (52 dB) Liquid Silicone Lips Ultra long battery time remaining LED Display of accessories available

The glass cleaner Karcher WV 6 Plus is the latest Karcher for maintenance windows. This is a cleaner with a high performance battery. So it has a battery life of 100 minutes, which can clean 300 m² of glass surface! And the battery recharges more quickly than other models of the brand, that is to say in just 170 minutes for just under 3 hours. Also an LED display lets you accurately track time available autonomy, minute by minute. This looks more like a professional cleaner, as a window cleaner for small house.

In many aspects, it resembles other cleaner Karcher products. Thus it is sold with a pulverizer 2 by 1 and its windscreen microfiber, a sample of glass cleaner concentrate and a charger. As against it is only one squeegee, the longest model, that is to say 28 cm. It is equipped with liquid silicone lips that are very effective and leave no trace in principle on the windows. It is possible to buy additional accessories easily through various shops.

As against it must be noted that all the new features the weigh down a bit. Thus it weighs 760 grams, which is still quite correct. By cons attention, the tank is also larger, it is 150 ml, which means it can immediately weigh all when full. Fortunately it is removable, it is easy to empty in seconds.

Finally, the noise of the cleaner WV6 Plus is quite correct. It reached 52 dB maximum, which lets you listen to music or a broadcast.

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6. Leifheit 51013 Dry & Clean Multi Accessories: The Alternative Premium

Best Cleaners Glass 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Automatic shutdown Sleeve 43 cm horizontal use and vertical 35 min run time Large tank

Small squeegee only

The set of the vacuum cleaner to windows Leifheit 51013 Dry & Clean is a complete package for cleaning small glass surfaces. It is sold with a cleaning nozzle 17 cm long (where the scraper is located), a spray for windows, a handle of 43 cm and a cleaning cloth. The unit can be fixed on the handle to achieve height surfaces. And if that was not enough, it is easy to buy compatible accessories Leifheit on many online shops, including a telescopic handle even longer. Everything is designed each time to practical use.

This device works on all glass surfaces vertical and horizontal. There is no risk of leakage from the tank when it sucks in water fell on a table for example. Besides the tank is large, 100ml, to work longer without a break. By the squeegee against measures only 17 cm and therefore it is especially an apparatus for fine surfaces as a shower.

The internal system is developed to provide maximum efficiency with a good battery management. First of autonomy is 35 minutes, which is fairly standard, although some devices offer more. Also an automatic standby is included. Concretely this means that the unit is operating in contact with the glass. As soon as there is contact, maximum power is on. There is no waste precious minutes of battery operation.

Note that this top model, user reviews are positive about the results. There are no special techniques to develop, helping hand to make. The main reason is that the cleaning nozzle is of excellent quality and it shows with each pass. You just have to wipe it regularly for it to be always the case.

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And why not…

Here are some cleaners also attractive windows. They are practical and effective. They are rated and they could be in the best products (if the other were not so interesting). If you are looking to buy at the best price, it is interesting to take into account, especially when balances or Black Friday, when good specials going fast.

Intey Glass Cleaner From Power

The vacuum cleaner for glass INTEY very similar to that proposed by Karcher much cheaper. This is indeed a device that draws water from the windows. It is sold with two flights (17 and 28 cm) and a spray (to clean windows). The latter is designed to offer three spray modes (in particular jet or a larger area).

Its autonomy is extremely satisfactory. In fact just three hour charge for 45 minutes of use. The manufacturer estimates that 130 m² of glass washing in one load. Armed with its battery cleaner that weighs 800 grams, it’s not a featherweight, but that’s okay. The tank has a capacity of 150 ml.

The various accessories are easy to find online to replace them when the time (especially the lips squeegees). However you still have to note that this is an imitation of Karcher at a lower price, so the rubber squeegee is of lesser quality and always well positioned to leave no trace.

Best Cleaners Glass 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Vileda Windomatic Power

Windomatic the cleaner to glass by suction Vileda in a more effective form as the previous model of the mark. In principle, there are many of the original model, but there are now two different powers. The MAX power allows for really dry glass without any pressure on the squeegee.

With a load of battery, and the normal power, it is possible to wash 120 m², that is to say during 40 minutes. The head is very flexible to different dry surfaces, such as skylights, a table, a mirror, etc. Moreover it is a really light glass-washing, its weight is 640 grams.

Maintenance is easy, because the tank is completely removable. Can be emptied quickly and once in the sink. If desired, you can buy directly this model with a sprayer or spray with a special squeegee small glass. It then takes between 10 and 20 EUR more expensive on a site like Amazon.

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Bosch Glassvac Bgv1Pro

Bosch has used technology developed for his wipers to design this glass cleaner. Thus all the efficiency of this glass cleaner is in its squeegees. Two squeegees are provided, a 26.6 cm and another 13.3 cm. It has a lip each removable wiping. And especially a very simple system allows for the change of squeegees. No hesitation to switch from one to another, even the time to clean a single mirror.

The windows cleaner also comes with a USB charger and a spray bottle with a built-in microfiber cloth. Thus all stages of the cleaning can be performed with the contents of this set for the windows.

The battery offers 30 minutes autonomy for a full charge. An LED next to the Start button lets you know the battery status. Green, all is well. Red, we have to connect the machine. Note that the window cleaner weighs 700 grams, a quite correct weight for long without cleaning too tiring.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Use A Power Washing window?

Cleaning your windows and glass surfaces is done in three steps:

By cons for a perfect result, it is important to ensure that the squeegee lips are always in perfect condition.

Glass Cleaner Karcher Or Polti?

If you are looking for simplicity, with the Polti steam cleaner is for you. By cons, if you want some accessories more regularly and want to renew the stock of the squeegee lips, so as to turn to the Karcher equipment.

Indeed Karcher offers accessories compatible and easy to buy. It’s the same when replacing a part. So in the long term or for varying uses, a Polti cleaner can quickly be limited.

What You Can Clean With A Glass Dish?

What’s great is that you can absolutely clean any smooth surface, either to clean or simply to dry since sucks the liquid. Thus, it can pass on a bay window, a skylight, a conventional window, a mirror, the tile in the bathroom or shower walls. Some models can even be applied horizontally on the floor or table.

With a telescopic extension, can also clean the windows in height. But for the most difficult to reach windows, it must be better to consider a window-washing robot, because this is not what is more easy to do.

How to Avoid Traces With The Glass Cleaner?

Above all, make sure to have the equipment in good condition. The lips of the squeegee must be clean and smooth. Do not hesitate to throw them out and replace them when they are damaged.

Then for cleaning windows, think to wipe the squeegee regularly. device is held in one hand and a rag in the other.

Finally, the device must be handled smoothly over long surfaces must not lift it in the middle of the glass, but only on the ends. So just pass a quick rub on the frame of the window to finish on top.

How to Clean the Windows External Inaccessible?

Some window cleaners are sold with a telescopic extension. It is therefore natural to ask how to clean inaccessible bay window with.

With a vacuum cleaner for glass, you should know that you should apply the product and rub the surface before use. So the sprayer must also work with a telescopic pole. As against a steam cleaner vacuuming extension should easily. Everything depends on the places and circumstances.

In all cases, there must be a few sessions before mastering the device. It takes a little more strength in his arms and we do not do a cleaning perfect. To this we must choose a cleaner glass. But it still allows to differentiate and offer a clean feeling.

What Can You Put In A Glass As Product From Cleaner?

It all depends on the device. In principle all detergents glass agree, however some products too fat are harder to wash than others. The Karcher detergent is very popular as many, regardless of the selected window cleaner.

Conclusion: What Glass Cleaner According We Buy?

If we were to retain that, the choice would be easy. We would opt for cleaner windows Karcher WV2 Premium Special Edition. With two squeegees, it can be used both on a glass wall in a shower cubicle. It has a longer autonomies proposed by a Karcher product and light weight.

For even more autonomy, we must opt ​​for the high-end, with the windshield washer Karcher WV 6 Plus. This machine has a battery that holds over 100 minutes!

And so really every penny counts, choose the window cleaner Teccpo TDWC01G. However, please note that the price difference is fully justified. So it may be better to wait for the sales and Black Friday and opt directly for a more sustainable model.