Best Steam Mop

Steam Mop: Comparative & Comments From 10 Top Model 2020

To banish certain toxic products in your home, without compromising on hygiene and cleanliness, you are looking to buy a good steam mop.

This floor cleaning apparatus is much more democratic and it is possible to find different styles and with various quality-price ratios. However, it is not by spending more than we have the best equipment. So, make your own comparison to choose the steam mop that will suit you best or draw directly into best sellers.

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Compare Steam Mop: Our Top 10

Discover our selection of the 10 steam brushes that have the most success currently is to say, which combine the positive online reviews that are a bestseller.

1. Black + Decker Fsm1630-Qs: With Head Cleaning Convertible

Steam Mop: Comparative & Comments From 10 Top Model 2020

Function “Steam boost” Suitable for all soils Stands upright alone Ready in less than 20 seconds Removable tank

No possibility of compact

This steam brush Black + Decker FSM1630-QS is a wire unit equipped with a transformable cleaning head. Default head is rectangular. It is so wide and can clean a larger area with each pass. It is possible to turn it into triangular head (called the delta head) to clean corners or small spaces. Pads are provided to be fixed both on one or the other shape.

Moreover it is a convenient device to use. The controls are on the handle and the adjustment is based on soil type (parquet, tiles / linoleum, marble). The boost effect allows for 50% more steam for 10 seconds to unclog a task. An adapter for the carpet is also included. The water tank is removable and has a light system to see if the preheating is finished or not. An anti-scale filter is included. Opinions are very positive about its effectiveness.

By cons, beware this is a wired brush, that is to say it has no battery. It is equipped with a power cable of about 5 meters, making it suitable for small rooms or a suite. ➔ For more information on technical features, check out this review of Black + Decker FSM1630-QS.

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2. Black+Decker Fsmh1351Sm-Qs : Balai 9-En-1

Steam Mop: Comparative & Comments From 10 Top Model 2020

Ready in 15 seconds Boost Effect reachable by foot to a variety of surfaces Various accessories Skates machine washable

Not for windows do not stand alone

This steam mop Black + Decker has so many accessories that it is much more than a broom. Indeed, the goal is to clean up steam surfaces. So the steam output can be modulated. You can use the classic head to the ground, a Steamitt glove for small items or flat surfaces, the simple tip for corners, the carpet accessory, etc. According to the reviews on Amazon, the only thing missing is an accessory for washing windows. In reality, it is possible to do with what is included if one has a squeegee side.

There is also the classic elements of Black Decker steam + brush. Thus, the tank has a capacity of 500 ml and the heating time is only 15 seconds. It is possible to receive a boost with the broom effect size, with a pedal. And the power adjustment is done directly on the handle. The power levels are broken down according to the type of soil (tiles / linoleum, marble, parquet).

This FSMH1351SM QS model is wired broom. The cable is 6 meters which is relatively long. This makes it a more environmentally friendly product, because the batteries are very harmful to the environment.

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3. Clean & Ry7557Wh Rowenta Steam: Steam Vacuum Cleaner And Broom

Steam Mop: Comparative & Comments From 10 Top Model 2020

Vacuum and steam cleaning power cable Long Large water tank Parking position provided Bon anti-scale system

Quite heavy very massive head

Rowenta This model is often presented as a steam cleaner. In fact it is a cleaner that sucks and distributes steam. It can be used as a simple broom or vacuum cleaner just like a steam mop. The Clean & Steam is really a product that is easy to use as it is needed. Moreover aspiration is good. It is based on cyclone technology. And the steam is ready in just 30 seconds.

If the product file ad in capital letter “autonomy of 40 minutes”, be aware that this autonomy in terms of steam. It is actually a device with a power cable of 7.5 meters.

One can choose to buy it with or without carpet accessory. The ideal is to use on hard ground as a priority, this is where he is most effective. Many mops are included with the steam mop vacuum and an additional anti-calc cartridge. The final value is interesting. The only flaw to note is its weight, 5.4 kilograms. It is not intended for use on stairs. ➔ This notice Rowenta RY7557WH Clean & Steam allows you to see in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the unit.

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4. Polti vaporetto Sv440_Double: Brush Vaporforce 15 In 1

Steam Mop: Comparative & Comments From 10 Top Model 2020

Broom and steam gun To really all surfaces Energy class A + Use water tap aroma diffuser included

Manual steam quite heavy Channel Setting

This steam mop is a real Polti vaporetto. The manufacturer presents it as a device 15-in-1, as it can clean 15 different surfaces. In reality it is two devices in one, a broom and a steam gun. And in one form or another, it will clean: tiles, marble, parquet, carpets, hobs, fittings, textiles, health, mirrors and glazed surfaces, tile grout, upholstery, doors, boilers, curtains and plants. This is possible thanks to the many items included with the broom.

Moreover it is a very good broom Polti. Thus the removable tank has a capacity of 300 ml, the steam needs only 15 seconds to preheat and consumption is 1500 watts. Despite all the energy class A +.

Side grip, brush vaporforce cleans effectively. In fact, it offers a large cleaning surface in a single pass and has an abrasive surface to remove stains. Still it’s a pretty fine headed relatively well under furniture. Finally deodorant diffuser is also included.

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5. Black + Decker Fsm1616-Qs: Swivel Head To 180

Steam Mop: Comparative & Comments From 10 Top Model 2020

Settings directly on the handle Speedcook swivel head 180 end of the head change of the foot pads machine washable

Short power cable No light that it is ready

This steam mop Black + Decker FSM1616-QS is a wired product that allows to equip cheap.

Depending on requirements, it is possible to use the large head and small rectangular or triangular head (called Delta). Skates are provided for each and they attach with Velcro. Each mop is machine washable. The set really lets go in a room without difficulty and without loss of time.

The removable tank has a capacity of 350 ml, which is quite adequate for cleaning a large room. The steam flow rate is variable and the settings are made directly on the handle. The flow is adapted to the type of soil, but not suitable on the carpets.

After purchase, the negative opinions that emerge concerning the ergonomics. Thus, if the preheating is rapid (20 seconds), there is no light signal for informing that the steam is ready. The other downside is the electric cable measuring only 5 meters. If this is correct in the majority of Parisian apartments, this may be a bit short for all others. But in terms of efficiency and power, no problems were reported.

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6. Vileda Steam Mop : Microfibre Multi-Surface Steam Mop

Steam Mop: Comparative & Comments From 10 Top Model 2020

Taking Intuitive Eats Great sobriety Small footprint Very handy

Extremely basic non-adjustable handle length

This Steam Broom Vileda is a commodity that can buy a steam mop efficient without putting too much money.

It is suitable for all surfaces, although it is most effective on hard floors. Indeed, a special accessory lurking / carpet is included. And 2 runners (appointed microfiber covers) are offered to get one in advance if needed. The water tank is not removable. So a cup is included in order to fill it as simply as possible. Its maximum capacity is 400 ml. The product description considers that it can clean 130 m² at once. In fact, Amazon reviews agree that using steam moderately, it does not exceed 70 sqm at once. This remains a correct surface in many homes.

The power of steam is adjustable according soil. The buttons are in the middle of the steam mop with the handle of great simplicity. Moreover it shows the weight of the device is quite light: only 2.3 kilograms. Finally there is a wire cleaner. The cable is 6 meters.

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7. Steam Vileda Xxl: Cleaning Head Xxl

Steam Mop: Comparative & Comments From 10 Top Model 2020

Extra long head only 15 seconds to warm Microfiber Cover Safe handling Very effective hand on tiles

Non removable tank No power controller

The broom Steam Steam Vileda XXL owes its name to the cleaning head. It is especially great since it measures 40 cm wide. It is rectangular to wash the largest possible area in a minimum of passes. This makes it a particularly interesting model for surfaces of over 100 square meters, but also for smaller rooms furnished in a minimalist way.

A lurking and carpet accessory is included and so the brush can pass on all floors (linoleum, tile, marble, carpet). Moreover 3 covers are included, of two different types. They are machine washable and it is the only accessory that will need to buy after several months of use.

If the sale price is 130 €, in reality, it is possible to find less than 100 €, shipping included (on Amazon for example). So it is a product immediately interesting in terms of value. Online reviews are also positive and boast among others the quality of each microfiber wipe.

Since the tank is not removable, a beaker to fill is provided. And the power cable is 7 m. Finally, it will have to wait 15 seconds for preheating.

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8. Black + Decker Fsmh1321-Qs: In Windows Cleaner

Presence of steam boost pedal Cleans very easy Settings window to Other accessories compatible optional Converts hand cleaner

Do not stand up Provide storage for all accessories

Like almost every steam mop the brand, model FSMH1321-QS is a device sold with several accessories to be able to use on various surfaces. Here there are 7 different accessories: it has a long hose (to the oven for example), a window scraper (microfiber and cover), a small round brush and a special brush to the joints.

Moreover the steam outlet is standard, so it will buy if desired other accessories and more like the Steamitt glove. By cons must choose strictly Black brand appliances + Decker, compatible with this series.

The unit switches easily from one function to another. As an ordinary broom, it also offers a quick and easy decision in hand. The auto select setting to select a soil type (parquet, tiles, etc.), the camera then adjusts the flow itself that best. A boost pedal lets have toe a powerful steam supplement to cleanse the stains.

The tank has a maximum capacity of 500 ml water and heated in 15 seconds with a power of 1300 watts.

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9. Polti vaporetto Sv450_Double: Mop Steam Dual Function

Works with tap water Easy to move from one accessory to another stall to mop up the broom and steam cleaner for all surfaces

Small reservoir Head thick enough

This steam mop is a complete vaporetto and convenient model. While subtlety, every step of the cleaning is simplified.

Thus a removable filter allows the use of tap water without worry. The tank can be filled in use providing unlimited autonomy. The glow lasts only 15 seconds and an indicator light informs when it’s over. The steam flow rate is adjustable on the middle of the brush, while the start-up is made on the handle.

The cleaning head is Vaporforce brush. That is to say, it is wide and has a specific shape, between the classic rectangular and triangular head format. Three mops are included. And at the end of the interview the ground, the mop comes off his foot with a velcro system.

All accessories (13 in all) can clean up to 15 different surfaces, that is to say almost any home, upholstery on doors, going through the joints. The assembly of any accessory is easy and well thought out. The action radius is 7.5 meters, because it is a wired device.

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10. Bissell Powerfresh Slim Steam: Steam mop 3 In 1

Wall bracket included Converts hand cleaner cover some tips in his Light and handy base Fits on a lot of varied surfaces

Not for carpets Do not hold

Technically the steam mop BISSELL PowerFresh is mostly a steam cleaner which one of the accessories into the broom. Indeed it is a hand-held steam cleaner in which a pipe with a mop at its end can be installed. But it also has other accessories to clean the whole house from the kitchen to the bathroom. An internal system can store all the items in the unit. And wall bracket allows for the easy storage in a closet or other.

In terms of efficiency, it is fairly standard. The tank has a capacity of 350 ml. The action radius is 7.6 m, against it by no thread guide, so be careful where you walk. The set weighs 2.8 kg, and it is possible to lighten it by removing all the accessories it conceals.

As against it is only suitable for hard floors. It is sold with two mops, choose carefully depending on soil and dirt. So there’s a mop for delicate surfaces and a mop scouring. All online notice agree to praise the power of steam and the overall effectiveness of this device.

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This Qu’Est-Qu’Un Broom Steam?

A steam mop is a device for cleaning floors that some also call electric mop. If its design evokes an upright vacuum cleaner, the presence of a mopping head can effectively wet cleaning the floor.

Since it uses steam, this brush needs a power outlet or a charged battery, a full tank, a time of a few seconds to few minutes and heated for regular maintenance limescale . For the rest, it’s an easy solution that works on all hard floors.

The Different Types Of Steam Broom

The steam brushes are organized in sometimes rather vague categories. Here are some concrete elements to distinguish them from each other.

⇨ Steam Mop Wireless

The vast majority of steam brushes are wired. That is to say, they have an electric cable 5 to 10 meters, which must always be plugged in to enable use of the device.

However it is possible to buy a wireless steam mop. This requires taking the time to compare the models (the wire is often erased the pictures wireframe models). Then before validating your basket and pay your order, do not forget to take into account the autonomy offered and loading time.

⇨ Vacuum Steam Mop

This is a required format, because it is a unit 2-in-1. The steam mop vacuum cleaner, as its name suggests, allows to vacuum and mop the floor at the same time. Actually power is that of a broom and therefore less vacuum cleaner with a canister vacuum.

This type of product is quite popular in addition to a robot vacuum cleaner for example. The day you want to mop the floor, it is an opportunity to suck in areas neglected by the robot. It is also purchased by people living in small apartments.

⇨ Steam cleaner Broom

The cleaner steam mop has everything a classic steam mop. However, the central element containing the reservoir can be detached from the rest to be used as a steam cleaner. In some cases, then it is simply a handheld steam cleaner.

But it is sometimes possible to buy accessories in addition to the more efficient use on some surfaces. This is a more expensive model than others, which is of interest only if selected in the middle or high end.

⇨ Multifunction Steam Mop

These are the accessories that make a steam mop MFP. Indeed, by default it allows only clean the floor. But it is possible to remove the head to place at the steam output of other elements. And then it becomes easy to clean a grill, glass, upholstery, etc.

Before buying, it is essential to compare the features of each model and the exact details of accessories. Only in this way can you be sure to use it as you wish.

What Advantages To Having A Steam Mop?

Today there is no doubt that the use of detergent and other cleaning products is harmful to health, particularly to the respiratory system. Science and Future compares the impact of the household on the human body to that of cigarette smoking and the results are frightening.

The main advantage of the steam mop is to protect all this by allowing an effective cleaning against bacteria, without any harmful product. Indeed steam, because of its heat kills 99% of bacteria present in a home. And if one wishes to have a fresh smell, it can simply drop two drops of essential oil (lemon, peppermint or lavender) to the mop.

Furthermore it is an easy to handle. The time we spend there and physical energy that supplies are much lower than for the passage of the mop. It is easier to be consistent in maintaining his home.

How to Choose A Steam Mop?

To compare the steam brush, it is best to take into account objective criteria, that is to say, the technical characteristics of each model. So you can determine which steam mop buy according to your budget.


The power of the steam mop rates at several levels. The steam must be important, for that you need to look the pressure expressed in bars. In addition, more than the wattage, a relevant detail is the warm-up time that can get an idea of ​​the internal power. Finally, check the customer reviews. But do not rely on only one of them, read-many.


The grip must be easy and convenient. This involves the length of the device, its weight, the shape of the handle and its ability to stand alone or not. Then look at the tank capacity, it is removable or not. Then go to the buttons: where are they located? Is it convenient to use while cleaning?

Compare machine maintenance: is there a descaling system? The shoes they spend in the washing machine? Finally, see if it is a steam mop wired or wireless. The second will require you to be quick, because when the battery is empty, you can not go further. On the other hand the wired steam mop request to take breaks to change electrical outlet on a large area.


There are the classic accessories, which are not really points of comparison: the anti-scale cartridge and the pads to place under the head of the unit.

These are all the other accessories that need your attention. What are they, how do they work? The steam mop can thus also be vacuum (with a dust container), steam cleaner, hand cleaner, etc.


The brand is the last element to be considered, although this may be the first for some. This is to check the overall quality of a brand. It is to be considered along with the recommended retail price of the product.

Best Brands For A Steam Mop

The marks below are considered the best because they sell a large number of steam brooms worldwide. But each has its own characteristics.

Black & Decker

With the invention of the first electric hand drill that Black + Decker became known. This American brand that does not offer the craft materials and it is also possible to equip with her for the garden and for some appliances.

Its steam brushes are many and varied, entered range amid particularly reliable range. So do not simply choose for the brand, but read the details each time.


The Karcher pressure washers are so famous that they are sometimes called Karcher, without consideration for the brand. Yet a true German company behind this name and it offers a wide variety of products for cleaning in private or professional context.

There has mostly Karcher steam cleaners and virtually no steam brushes. Besides these are particularly versatile. Online reviews are nevertheless still very positive.


Elected Best Customer Service 2018 Rowenta is a German company that offers middle or high end. It has a large catalog of appliances for the home, as well as devices for beauty and clothes. And incorporates some years ago eco-design in its design.

Rowenta has not officially steam brushes in its catalog. However its range Clean & Steam has all the characteristics of such a product. The difference ? It also cleaner.


Easily identifiable by its red color, Vileda was originally a German company which proposed faux leather cloths. Today it provides access to all that helps to clean properly with extremely low prices.

The steam mop Steam Vileda is the only model of the brand. It has a triangular head and easy to fill tank. Warm-up time is only 15 seconds and the grip is very ergonomic.


It’s as steam specialist that the Italian brand Polti presents. Founded in 1978, its products help to take care of the house or the machine thanks to the benefits of steam. So, the company offers a special 10-year warranty on strictly the effects of hard water.

Steam brush Polti, called vaporetto, are often very versatile practical devices. Thus, several models can also be used as steam cleaners.


If the term is synonymous with Hoover vacuum cleaner in English, it is above all the name of a US brand. It offers electrical equipment for home maintenance and laundry. She belongs since some years Techtronics Industries Group based in Hong Kong.

The Hoover steam brushes are available in several formats. They all allow to have steam for 20 minutes. And each model provides access to every time a rectangular cleaning head and triangular.

Dirt Devil

Offering primarily devices for vacuuming dirt, Dirt Devil is a brand dedicated to the household. It belongs to the TTI (Techtronics Industries) based in Hong Kong. Its products have entered range and they really small price.

A steam mop Dirt Devil is available from 40 €. The different models can be selected based on the headed to the ground. Many shapes and sizes are actually available.


The Neatec brand only sells steam brushes and accessories needed for their proper functioning over the long term. It was founded in 2010 and it comes from China, although it is sold worldwide.

There is a wide choice if we want to buy a steam mop Neatec. The catalog includes many different models in their power and grip. They are mainly sold less than € 100.


Little known in France, BISSELL is all still the number 1 brand in North America for cleaning the floor (number of sales). Admittedly, this family business was founded in 1876 in the US and has never stopped innovating since.

BISSELL devices are very complete. Thus they are more often vacuum and mop steam mop that right. And to describe the most basic models, the brand speaks of electric mop. These are all mid-range devices with many positive ratings.

Que Choisir: A Steam Cleaner Or A Steam Mop?

The steam cleaner is more bulky than the steam mop device. On the other hand it is a more complete device that cleans a variety of surfaces with just steam associated with a strong flow. In fact these are devices that do not have the same utility and their only common point is steam.

However, there are some steam brooms offering options similar to that of a steam cleaner. The power is always less on the broom, but it can help for specific needs.

Or Mop Mop Steam What Difference?

He is not here to question the technical difference, or even the difference in cost. There is no doubt that the steam mop is more expensive. No, the goal is rather whether the result obtained and the steam mop of grip are interesting or at least equal to that offered a mop.

The first substantial difference is that the effectiveness of the cloth is based on water and detergent. This can be dangerous for your health, even buying an environmentally friendly product. It promotes indoor air pollution and is always responsible for perfume ( “fake” clean, ie lavender or lemon, whatever). The steam mop does not need any detergent and provided it eliminates over 99% of bacteria.

Besides the works mop with much elbow grease, ie your own energy to scrub the floor. Unlike the steam mop, though its weight requires a little effort, one off the stains. Faced with those who resist, there is often a boost function to cleanse in seconds.

The report that we observe may be the same with both devices. But in the details, the absence of detergent, the power of steam and ergonomics allow the broom to go faster for a thorough cleaning. And this is not counting on the fact that the steam mop can be equipped with accessories to clean areas other than the ground.

Is T-Broom Steam He Who Made The windows?

Since there are window washers based on the use of steam, it seems normal to want to also use the steam mop to the windows.

In reality you have to have it for a specific accessory, diffusing the steam and allows to scrape the glass surface. In some cases the attachment is included with the steam mop. Further more, it is possible to buy it separately. But beware, often the cheapest steam mop does not include any bonus accessory.

Where to Buy a Steam Mop Cheap? What Budget Plan?

A steam mop is a fairly easy item to buy cheap. Indeed there is entered product range in supermarkets Auchan and Carrefour, as well as in discount stores (Lidl, GIFI, etc.).

By cons to find a more accurate device, better or simply to have more choice, we must move towards a store dedicated to home appliances such as Darty, Boulanger, Conforama, Amazon, Cdiscount or electro deposition. This will eventually allow you to buy at the same time complementary and compatible accessories. And suddenly, you really have the opportunity to buy in your budget, knowing that a broom steam costs between 30 and 300 €.

To lower the price of a good quality camera, it is necessary to make a comparison between different stores listed above. Whether in favor of a promotion or when balances or black friday, best price wins a little.