Best Steam Cookers

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable – Comparison

A steamer is an electric cooker that can prepare many dishes a snap and desserts. To be sure to make a worthwhile purchase, make sure to order the best cooks can steam, that is to say one that will suit you personally.

To help you make your choice, we present 6 high quality products with best steam cooker 2020 in our view, the Russell Hobbs 19270-56.

How to Compare Steam cooked? What steamer choose my budget? Can we do anything other than Steam?

Take stock of these issues through this file and find your future steamer for cooking.

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Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

G tested for you, all the reviews are written and published independently. This website is not affiliated with any brand of appliance, which allows him to present products based on their efficiency and not according to their manufacturer.

For this the files are written from line items (on specialized sites like on the magazine side house), reviews on Amazon and Darty shops and videos and user publications.

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Seb VS404300 Vitacuisine Compact

It is a cooker without plastic almost. The two bowls (6 l in total) are stainless steel while the cover is glass. The power is 980 W and the storage is ultra compact.

For overworked people, it has 3 compartments with tray to prevent flavors are transmitted from one floor to another. It works with delayed start and keep warm.

With three steam baskets (either the 9 in all) and a rice basket (1 L), it works with a 60 minute timer. Water may be added at any time on one side choice.

The best mid-range

It is a cooker without plastic almost. The two bowls (6 l in total) are stainless steel while the cover is glass. The power is 980 W and the storage is ultra compact.

The best high-end

Seb VS404300 Vitacuisine Compact

For overworked people, it has 3 compartments with tray to prevent flavors are transmitted from one floor to another. It works with delayed start and keep warm.

How Is Made The selection?

A steamer is an electrical device that allows one type of cooking. It is to bring pressure cookers and rice cookers. For a more versatile, we must turn to multicuiseurs (which cook and eventually are mixing) or to the Cookeo (who only cook).

Despite the simplicity of cooking of a steam cooker, there are still a number of criteria to consider. This establishes an objective comparison, on reliable characteristics.

Each steamer comes with two compartments, one for water, one for food. There may be other more compartments stacked one above the other. For a family of 4, there must be a volume of 6 liters. The steam cooked currently for sale have a capacity ranging from 4 to 12 liters depending on the model.

This folder has only the same type cookers: electric steamer. It is therefore to connect to power to use it. And each product has an electric power ranging from 600 to 2000 W. More power, the longer the cooking, especially preheating, is fast. On the other hand it also makes up the electricity bill, so priority should be given significant power on a cooker proven effectiveness.

The options and functions

Some options may be included to improve the grip of the steam cooking appliance. Among them are a timer, temperature manual adjustment, a delayed start, but a yogurt maker function, the ability to wash the items in the dishwasher, etc.

To find the best steam cooker for your kitchen, you compare the color, size, weight, dimensions.

1. Russell Hobbs 19270-56: The Best Cheap

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

3 bowls or 9 in the whole basket for rice Spaces Filling eggs while cooking timer 60 minutes

No juice recovery

The steamer Russell Hobbs 19270-56 is a model input range that allows to prepare a lot of things at once. Indeed it is equipped with three plastic baskets BPA for a total capacity of 9 l. In each basket are locations to cook eggs. And a basket of a liter for cooking rice is also included. For storage, the baskets will fit into each other to take the least possible space.

On the front of the base are two important elements: the timer which provides flow and water level. The timer has a maximum duration of 60 minutes. It is associated with an automatic stop and an audible signal. The water level is easy to follow, which is convenient even during cooking, because it is possible to fill the tank any time through two holes positioned on each side. By cons attention pedestal heater and cooker can be moved after startup.

The power is 800 watts, which is not bad. As against it lacks a recovery juice between baskets.

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2. Aigostar Fitfoodie 30Cfo: The Alternative No Dear

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

3 baskets of rice Bowl 3 l Special Protection overheating protection Water level indicator Timer 60 min

The steam pressure cooker Aigostar Fitfoodie 30CFO is a device that allows both of steaming many foods and prepare rice. In fact it comes with three steam baskets, each with a capacity of 3 liters. The one under the lid can even receive larger food like artichokes. And also receives a special rice bowl which allows to easily cook grains. All items are dishwasher safe.

The power of the device is 800 watts. There is no adjustment required. The initiation is done using the timer that has a maximum duration of 60 minutes. This applies even to turn off the cooker, you must reposition the timer to 0. However there are several over-temperature systems to automatic operation. First the steamer will stop automatically when there is more water in the tank. Then a buzzer sounded the end of cooking. Finally a light signal lights when the temperature is too high.

The water tank has a level indicator, visible just off the timer. An opening allows refilling while cooking if this proves necessary, without having to lift the baskets.

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3. Convenient Vc145100 Seb: The Best Middle-End

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Two stainless steel bowls Bowls Glass lid Power 980 Watt Timer 60 min

No temperature adjustment

Here is a steam cooker in stainless steel with a value prime. Indeed cooker Seb Convenient is a complete unit of 980 watts with a total capacity of 6 liters. It is equipped with two stainless steel bowls and a glass lid. Even the base limits the use of plastic. For storage, it is possible to fit all, that is to say that the bowls take a position directly on the base (while competing products invite to store the base on one side, the bowls of each other) .

The initiation is done with a timer of 60 minutes associated with an automatic stop. Next door is a reminder of the ideal cooking time for each type of food (for al dente result). you have access to the same level in a track of the amount of water remaining in the tank. It is also possible to add at any time through a side opening.

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4. Identity Collection Braun Fs5100Bk: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

2 bowls of 3.1 L black Elegant Power 850 W compact storage Easy maintenance

Do not fill during cooking

With this product, Braun offers a steam cooker that can cook two different preparations safely that smells of one invading the second. So there are two removable bowls of 3.1 liters each. They are plastic transparent BPA. The rest is black to make it a stylish and enjoyable product positioning in the kitchen. It weighs 2.3 kg, which is very handy. Different bowls fit a particularly compact storage. It also helps to cook rice and eggs.

The power is 850 watts, allowing quick heat. The initiation is done with a timer 60 minutes. By cons must fill out the first water tank, because it is not possible to refill during cooking. It’s a shame, especially as the bowls do not have very large handles. The set is easy to handle, but there are no plans to put the water, including using a D system (such as the interruption of cooking).

To clean the steam cooker, it is sufficient to rinse the base (which also serves as a water tank). The other elements, that is to say everything that is removable, can be placed in the dishwasher.

5. Seb Vs404300 Vitacuisine Compact: The Best Premium

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

No temperature controller

The steam cooker Seb VitaCuisine Compact is a product of great capacity, with a nice versatility. Thus it is sold with three compartments (with a total capacity of 10.3 liters), two plates (for recovering drippings) and 4 glass cups, lids and support. It is therefore possible to cook with steam, including with sauce. The trays are positioned in each compartment and ensure that the flavors do not mix. To try new things, a book of 100 recipes is available. The power of 1800 Watts really lets do what we want.

Furthermore various features improve the grip. For example, one can select a start delay of 4 hours or benefit of maintaining the automatic warm. Scaling is built for maintenance of the base. And all the removable parts can be put in the dishwasher (although they are quite bulky and the dishes by hand may be preferable). Storage is relatively compact, although everything is positioned above the base.

The grip is made from an LCD screen and a few buttons positioned on each side. The term Vitamin + that there are means a steam ultrafast better preserving food.

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6. Moulinex Steam’Up Vj504010: The Alternative Premium

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Made in France 8 Recipe Booklet programs 45 min steam No contact with food

Online revenue mainly

Steam’Up is a steamer to completely original concept. Moreover in 2019, this was voted Favorite Heart Jury Prize for Innovation. Indeed, it is a compact device that simply distribute steam and send down. This means that the Steam’Up is positioned above the dish of your choice. It runs on any flat 16 to 29 cm in diameter, round, oval or even rectangular. The device is never in contact with food and you can use the dishes you enjoy and that can even be directly on the table.

Side operation, cooker features 8 programs and a manual mode, all easily accessible from the control screen. A book of 30 recipes possible to get ideas to get started. Others are available at Moulinex. And a steamer stainless steel is included to receive certain foods that cook best.

The water tank has a capacity of 700 ml which enables the steam cooker to operate for 45 minutes. If that’s not enough, it is possible to refill without turning the unit on break.

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And why not…

Finally some attractive products and more. If you are looking to buy an electric steamer in coupon, it will be easier to find your happiness by having more choices (this is also a good way for us to present all the products that we liked).

Aicok Hy-4401Ds

The fired steam electric AICOK HY-4401DS is a budget model with a stainless steel base and three baskets transparent plastic without BPA. The total volume is 9 liters and format baskets really allows great versatility in the preparation of dishes over the week.

Seb Vitasaveur Vc151100

The product is a VitaSaveur VC151100 steamer Auto 900 watts equipped with three transparent baskets guaranteed BPA. It has a total volume of 9 liters. On its base, the maximum level of water to be filled is clearly visible. There is also a reminder of the cooking time required for different categories of ingredients.

The initiation is done directly with the timer that has a maximum duration of 60 minutes. At the coming of cooking, a signal sounds and the cooker will automatically turn off. Storage is very compact because different bowls can be fitted into each other.

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

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Cuisinart Stm1000E Cookfresh

This steamer Cuisinart is a premium model that keeps total control over cooking. The bowl and lid (that is to say the elements in contact with food) are borosilicate glass while cooking grate (also in contact with food) is stainless steel. The volume is 5 liters and power is 1800 watts.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Use A Steamer?

The principle of the steam cooker is extremely simple. This product still has at least two compartments, one for the water that will be converted into steam and one for the ingredients placed over steam. Just fill each compartment correctly and put the cooker on the way. The cooking time depends on the preparations. So do not forget to set a timer (often included). However it is best to check the information to find out how a complete steamer or options (such as delay start or presence of additional compartments).

These are two very different devices that do not allow the same kind of preparation. A pressure cooker uses pressure to speed cooking. This will prepare stews (such as beef bourguignon) or steamed dishes. For steam, the basket is often quite small and it is not possible to superimpose several baskets in the same pressure cooker. The steamer only allows steaming, that’s all. The choice of one or the other is thus to perform according to your needs and preferences in terms of food.

What Cook With A Steamer?

Cooking with a steamer is often presented as a perfect solution to lose weight. Indeed, this cooking preserves the taste of food and prevents adding fat. However this should not make a diet cooker: it is necessary for healthy eating at any time of the year. The vast majority of vegetables are delicious steamed, it is also possible to prepare fish, especially after having packed in foil for baking. Try also recipes made with white meat, Asian dumplings, crustaceans and even fruit for dessert.

Is It Dangerous To Have A Steamer Glass?

One alternative to plastic is glass. The other is stainless steel. As part of a steam cooker, it is easy to choose the glass which has the advantage of being transparent and hence allow monitoring of the cooking.

Glass is a material that breaks during strong shocks. It also heats up very strongly and the dish must always be handled with protection (like an oven mitt). The only other risk is that the glass dish cracks during a sudden change of temperature. So it must not be stored in the freezer and then place it in the oven. But in the context of the use intended by the steamer, there is no risk. Your food will be preserved and odor does not transmit a batch to another.

Conclusion: What Steamer Buy In Us?

Steam cooking is something simple and healthy cooking. And it seems quite logical to find this simplicity in a steam cooker. So, our favorite is simply the Russell Hobbs 19270-56 who can do everything with a minimal footprint and a total capacity of 9 liters.

To avoid the plastic food contact, there must be a larger budget and focus cooker Seb Convenient VC145100.

You may also prefer a steamer with delayed start and keep warm, well practices and functions present on the cooker Seb VS404300 Vitacuisine Compact.