Best Steam Cleaners

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

To clean your entire house, without any detergent, looking to buy a steam cleaner.

This vague term includes lots of different appliances. It is not always easy to know how to find and which favored. So in this case, you can choose to dip into the selection of the best devices of the moment or use practical advice and concrete to select your steam cleaner future.

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Karcher steam cleaner SC4 Easy Fix

Karcher steam cleaner SC3 Easy Fix

H.Koenig Steam Cleaner 4 NV6200 bars Autonomy …

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Compare Steam cleaner: Our Top 10

Choose directly in this comparison and Top 10 steam cleaners. You will find different devices and yet all very appreciated.

1. Karcher Sc2 Easy Fix: Model Entry End

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Price interesting Several nozzles for several uses Compatible with all Karcher accessories Storage of practical accessories washable floor cloth machine

Cable short enough not very responsive when traveling

The steam cleaner Karcher EasyFix is ​​a fairly basic model, but versatile and efficient. It makes it possible to carry out the cleaning of up to different surfaces with few accessories.

This sled cleaner could be mistaken for a vacuum cleaner when the two 0.5 meter tubes are positioned above the nozzle with the ground. He can wash the floor as could mop. But you can also attach a hand nozzle, round brush or nozzle jet pencil. Thus it cleans as well as the corners inside the oven or joints.

In terms of power, maximum pressure is 3.2 bar, the maximum flow rate is 100 g / min (continuous flow was 40 g / min), with a power of 1500 watts.

This steam cleaner does not start up button. It lights up when it is plugged. The reservoir of one liter needs 7 minutes to preheat. Then the Karcher can be used until the tank is empty, which corresponds to about twenty minutes. The power cord is 4 meters which is quite small, but appropriate, because usually we have a specific point to wash.

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2. Polti vaporetto Smart 100_T: 9 Included Accessories

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Works on carpets and rugs Accessories storage heaters on the sled quickly Unlimited autonomy Large tank

A bit pricey Heavy enough

This true vaporetto steam cleaner is a product sold with 9 different accessories to allow for cleaning of up surfaces. Thus it includes an accessory for carpets and rugs, a small brush to the windows, brush seals, hub for embedded tasks and nylon brushes for delicate surfaces. Storage space is provided directly on the sled to always have everything in one place and with you.

The main brush to wash the floor is Vaporforce brush specificity Polti. She has a special shape and is very wide for faster cleaning.

In terms of power, this cleaner has a pressure of 4 bars and the steam flow can go up to 110 g / min. The tank has a capacity of 2 liters. It is transparent for better monitoring of the quantity of water available and it offers unlimited autonomy. Warm-up time of only 2 minutes.

Finally, the operating range is 7.5 meters. And handle makes it easy to move the cleaner on stairs for example. If the retail price is around EUR 200, it is especially interesting when a purchase is on promotion.

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3. Karcher Sc5 Easy Fix: Steam or Hot Water

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Quick attachment of the mop unlimited Autonomy For all surfaces Very high power descaling powder included

Power cable rather short Its price

The cleaner Karcher SC5 is a cleaning device that allows the use of course steam, but also simply hot water with a flow rate of 250 g / min thanks to the VapoHydro function. This is a system that helps dissolve some tasks. Also included accessories allow to tackle many dirt. Thus there is a nozzle to the floor with a microfiber cloth, two tubes 0.5 meters long, a main nozzle with its microfiber windshield, a nozzle jet pen, a round brush.

Water is ready quickly. The tank has a capacity of 0.5 liters, while the removable reservoir contains up to 1.5 liters of water. The preheating takes three minutes. The pressure rises to 4.2 bar and the steam flow up to 150 g / min. Continuously, the steam flow rate is 60 g / min.

maintenance side of the descaling powder is included to improve the longevity of the unit. There should be to buy after 18 months (depending on your use of the device). The EasyFix system will remove the mop the floor with his foot, as it stands with the scratch. Finally, if the cable as 4 meter steam hose is 2.3 meters, which makes the radius of action any more interesting result.

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4. Pteu0260 Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0: Professional Cleaning

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Professional design Good stability when traveling Boiler pressure Easy to pause Many accessories available optional

Bulky Long heating times

The cleaner Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 is an extremely advanced solution under pressure for cleaning the house or for use in a professional context. Thus it is quite possible to fix it other accessories of the same brand as a steam iron.

And especially it already has a lot of handy accessories: A window washer kit, two brushes of different sizes of wands, a mop, a windscreen, a steam nozzle and a steam wand.

Its boiler is stainless steel and it is a pressurized boiler. It must therefore 11 minutes to be ready. It has a capacity of 2 liters. An indicator light lets you monitor the water level. Another informs that preheating is underway or has been completed. For safety, the vessel is equipped with a patented plug and secure Polti. And as the tank is not removable, a funnel is provided to facilitate filling.

It is a high-end device, there should be almost EUR 300 to buy it. But it is a price that seems justified in reading the reviews online. The only black point is often considered too short wire (it still is 6 meters). ➔ This notice Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 allows you to see in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the unit.

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5. Karcher Nc4 Easy Fix: La Poly Valence Karcher

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Quick mop to set up Easy to move with two wheels Unlimited autonomy Fast heat-up Good efficiency

Short power cable Limited Settings

This steam cleaner Karcher takes several very popular items at Karcher and provides access to all the complementary products developed by the brand. As for cleaning the floor nozzle Easy Fix is ​​used, the mop is placed very quickly and withdrew his foot to not have to get dirty. It also receives a hand nozzle and windscreen microfiber, a nozzle jet pen, a round brush and two tubes of 0.5 meters.

Moreover it is a sleigh Steam Cleaner 4.1 kilograms. It rests on two wheels and handles like a vacuum cleaner. Its cable is a bit short, because it measures only 4 meters.

In terms of power, it has a pressure of 3.5 bar and a steam flow amount to 110 g / min. Continuous steam at a rate of 50 g / min. The tank has a capacity of 500 ml and to allow unlimited autonomy, it is associated with a reservoir of 800 ml. The latter is removable and can be completed at any time.

Finally preheating is relatively fast. It requires only 4 minutes and a warning light indicates when it’s over.

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6. Karcher Sc3 Easy Fix: Heater Ultra In Time Fast

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Child safety Multifunction Microfiber Mop high quality anti-scale cartridge heater included ultra fast

Basic Operation only short cable

This Karcher steam cleaner is an older model of the collection Easy Fix. There is suddenly a little less powerful, but it is much faster to start.

When the tank is full, simply press the ON button to start preheating. 30 seconds later, it’s ready! And with a full tank of water (maximum capacity 1 liter), it is possible to clean up to 75 sqm. By cons because the cable is only 4 meters long, there should be an extension cord or disconnect / reconnect several times cleaner.

It is possible to do the cleaning many different surfaces, all in fact, except raw wood. The different accessories provided (brushes, nozzles, etc.) also can clean specific items like the gate of a barbecue or crannies. And all done without detergent. Comments on Amazon tout its ability to clean up and ease of handling.

The pressure may go up to 3.5 bar, while the adjustable flow up to 100 g / min. It is equipped with an anti-scale cartridge to reduce scaling and increasing the lifetime of the device. ➔ For more information on technical features, see this review of Karcher SC3 Easy Fix.

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7. Polti Lecoaspira Fav70 Intelligence Vacuum Cleaner And Steam

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Very large multipurpose device operating range HEPA 13 included Digital display device programs luxurious

The steam cleaner Lecoaspira is a device that combines steam cleaning and suction of dust and water. To use, 6 programs are included to fit your needs and surfaces. A water filter can limit greatly the release of dust into the air, which is suitable for allergy sufferers.

15 accessories are included to use it throughout the house. The turbo function steam and pressure of 5.5 bar make it a powerful device. He must still 6 minutes warm.

The tank has a capacity of one liter, but it can be filled at any time to offer unlimited autonomy. The cleaner-range is 9 meters.

This vaporetto Lecoaspira is considered a luxury product, but the value for money does not seem very interesting according to the reviews on Amazon. Indeed, there must be a budget of almost 400 EUR. And the results do not appear to be exceptional enough to justify such a price. This cleaner seems especially suitable for occasional use or for a daily pass in a place that gets dirty bit.

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8. Polti Vaporetto Pro 85_Flexi: Eco-Design Barge

Reduced power consumption Indicates the lack of water storage for accessories System parking for the brush and the handle made in Italy

Floorcloths not tight fit short electrical wire

The steam cleaner vaporetto Pro 85 is a complete device that has been designed and manufactured in Italy so as to have a lower environmental impact than previous models of the brand. So it consumes 30% water and 20% less electricity to a similar result.

Equipped with VaporFlexi brush, it can pass on all the floors and even clean under furniture. This brush has an opening / closing rapidly and it broadcasts steam truly over the whole surface. Polti provides easy purchase additional wipes (those with blue lines).

In terms of grip, everything is done to make it easier. An indicator light signals the lack of water, or it is informed when the steam is ready (preheating 6 minutes). The tank can be done at any time. A storage compartment allows groups to the same place each accessory.

Power is quite correct: the maximum pressure is 4.5 bar, while the variable speed up to 120 g / min. Reviews of Amazon are numerous and the score is quite good (4/5 stars).

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9. Polti Unico Mcv85 Total Clean And Turbo Vacuum Cleaner Steam And Powerful

5 levels of filtration vacuum cleaner and deodorizer Frescoaspira Gros tank for dust aspiration multi-cyclone

The cable wraps wrong Heavy enough

This product Polti Unico allows for a complete and thorough cleaning: it sucks, clean and dry. And its 5 filtration levels ensure that the exhaust air is healthy. It can suck dust and wet dirt (but not really liquid) through the suction multicyclonic. To fit all circumstances, three cleaning programs are available.

Both the vacuum function as steam cleaner is made with the MultiBrush brush, Polti innovation. It is easy to set up, maintain and adapt to each floor.

This cleaner has a pressure of 6 bar (which is high) and 17 different accessories to clean the whole house. There is the ability to broadcast a deodorant fragrance along with steam.

In terms of price, design and power, this steam cleaner is upscale Polti. However, opinions are not as enthusiastic as one might expect. These are the details that are not entirely satisfactory. Indeed at a price of more than EUR 600, we hope that everything will be perfect, but the electric cable wraps evil, one cloth is included and is rather heavy. So, it’s worth that during sales!

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10. Polti vaporetto Pteu0258 Classic 55: Entry End

Boiler unit well under steady pressure mop washable Machine Made in Italy Long wire

Warm long enough low vapor flow

If Polti is a reference mark for steam cleaning, steam cleaner vaporetto each has its own characteristics. Here it is a basic device used to equip cheaper. It is gray with a red stripe.

The steam pressure is 3.5 bar maximum. The flow rate is adjustable up to 80 g / min. Several brushes, cloths and bonnets are included to clean as well as large areas of small hard to reach spaces. Moreover, it is easy to buy a new batch of wipes.

The boiler is a pressure vessel. It has a 1.3 liter container and closes with a safety cap. The preheating time was 11 minutes and an indicator indicates when the steam is ready.

In terms of handling, its weight is 4.2 kg and is stable. Its power cable is 6 meters long. Reviews of the cleaner Classic 55 are really mixed. Thus the power is suitable for many people, as well as the versatility of accessories included. But overall strength seems to be average (leakage problems have been reported).

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This Qu’Est-Qu’Un Steam cleaner?

A steam cleaner is simply a device to clean with steam. The temperature and the steam power are both equally important.

This is in principle a versatile, comes with different accessories. Conventionally it is used for maintenance of the ground, but it would be simplistic to limit it to that!

The Different Types Of Steam Cleaners

The term steamer is ultimately very vague. Discover the different categories to save time in your research and comparison.

⇨ Multifunction Steam Cleaner

The term multifunctional steam cleaner is a misnomer. All steam cleaners are multifunctional, you certainly do not rely on it to choose one model over another. So it is not a sub-category, but the main designation of these household products.

⇨ Vacuum Steam Cleaner

It’s all in the name, steam cleaner vacuum can suck and clean the house. This is a relatively high-end product that requires a budget of at least € 400.

The advantage is that one has a steam device at home which takes the place of a vacuum cleaner which can be separated. Therefore even if it is a bulky device, side 2-en-1 compensates widely.

Check the list of accessories to what extent you can use it on other surfaces than the ground.

⇨ Steam cleaner Handbags

The hand cleaner is a small, compact and lightweight which is at arm’s length. If he does not care very large areas, it is particularly effective on the valves, seals, glass, etc. It allows precise work.

Its small size is associated with a small price. Good models are available at fifty euros. By cons, this format means that the autonomy and power are limited. It is therefore important to focus on a good quality hand steam cleaner to really use it effectively.

⇨ Steam cleaner Broom

In principle, this is primarily a steam mop with the versatility of a steam cleaner. It should therefore not rely on the name, but take the time to compare the list of included accessories. Also think about the reviews posted by previous guests. This will let you know if these accessories are effective or simple gadgets.

In all cases, choose the model, your priority should be to wash the floor.

⇨ Floor Steam Cleaner

This type of steam cleaner is a device that often looks like a canister vacuum, without vacuum function. It is more powerful than steam mop and often has a much greater autonomy.

Make sorting the included accessories and the available storage. Indeed, its size suggests that a high price is relatively normal. But if he does nothing but clean the floor, then it should not cost more than 80 €!

⇨ Steam cleaner Window

Most lavas windows are devices that rely on the suction of the water and dirt. However some are actually steam washing windows, that is to say they broadcast steam on the glass and it only remains to pass a squeegee stroke.

These are small devices, not very expensive, whose only defect of lacking versatility. So it is very easy to buy a steam cleaner with accessory to glass surfaces.

⇨ Steam cleaner Sleigh

The sled term evokes the product format. Its engine and tank are contained in a block on wheels that are lagging behind. The advantage is that this block as a stuff with different accessories and has a park position. The downside is that it is bulky.

However it is in this size sleigh found the most complete cleaners, more versatile and even more professional.

What Advantages To Having A Steam Cleaner?

If steam cleaners are purchased on average 15 times less than vacuum cleaners (source:. What to choose, what still are increasingly requested devices The reason is very simple.

If the bleach and a good sponge used to clean everything, today there is no longer any doubt that the detergents are harmful to health and the planet. And yet there are no better alternatives than steam. It kills 99% of bacteria. With a good flow, it helps remove dirt inaccessible places and purify curtains or mattress.

So the steam cleaner is both an effective solution to have a clean house at first sight and reach.

It is however not just a purchase for health. The machine is also very convenient to use and extremely versatile. With a single device, it cleans the oven as well as faucets or soil.

How to Choose A Steam Cleaner?

Here each characteristic to consider when buying your steam cleaner future. It is not only to seek the cheapest.


There are already figures to look at is to say the wattage, the steam pressure in bar and the steam flow in g / min.

Then you have to compare the heating time and for that vessel. More warm-up time, the faster the device is powerful, then in theory. For a pressure vessel has always needed more warm-up time (from 5 to 15 minutes), an unlimited autonomy called tank that heats in 2-3 minutes. The difference is in the fact that the first must be cooled to be refilled. But it offers more power in terms of steam.

Jack In Hand

Another point of comparison is the ergonomics, maneuverability of the cleaner. This is to look at his size, weight, the presence of wheels or the quality of the handle. Are there a storage included for items included or wall bracket? The cord also can check the radius of action of the device. The settings are important. It should be easy to change the power of steam, so the button has to be ideally located. Finally, also taking into account the capacity of the tank to see if you will often need to fill or not.

Caring For The Camera

Since the cleaner is operating with steam, the main risk of damage comes from the presence of limestone in the piping. This is why some manufacturers offer anti-scale cartridges or filters. Check the system included in the model that you tried. Also make sure the price of the cartridge if you have to change every six months.

Another element is to maintain the mop or the mop which is placed at the outlet of the steam. The simplest is to pass it to the washing machine.

Actual use

What are the real functions of the cleaner? What accessories are included? There is a difference between the cleaner which can fix a glove (but not included) and one that has a cleaning glove.

Is there a suction mode, an accessory to the carpet, squeegee for windows, etc. ?


Finally the brand is another point of comparison that informs about the general quality, value, access to after-sales service, availability of spare parts, brushes, wipes, etc. Sometimes pay more, not just pay for the product, but also for all the services available around!

Best Brands For A Steam cleaner

Tour the major brands offering steam cleaners known and appreciated by users.


If we associate the German brand to Karcher pressure washers, is above all a brand that offers equipment for maintenance, for individuals and professionals. It has a very huge and all products are easy to identify because they all have the same yellow color emblematic.

Each steam cleaner benefits from the expertise Karcher. The accessories are compatible from one product to another and it is easy to be equipped with additional elements. As against all the goods are not of the same standard, there for all prices.


With the vaporella, a steam iron, the Italian company Polti was established in late 1970. Subsequently it has become truly expert on the question of steam and it offers many products for cleaning or laundry care.

A steam cleaner of the brand is even upscale middle unit. It takes at least 150 € by you against the assurance of solidity and durability.


Despite its German origin, Rowenta is now one of the many brands of the French group SEB. As such, she participated in group programs, such as guaranteed access for 10 years in the spare parts of a product. It also has an excellent reputation for customer service.

Rowenta has on its website a dozen “vapor cleaners.” In fact these are all of brooms Steam vacuum cleaners. However, some models are versatile enough to be used as steam cleaners.


Specializing generally in cleaning the floor, BISSELL is a US company founded in 1876. It is positioned in the midrange and team individuals. It even topped the sales in this specific sector in North America.

Its steam cleaners have a common black design with just a touch of blue. They are handy and versatile equipment.


American brand par excellence, Hoover still belongs to an Asian group, Techtronics Industries. It can take care of her home and linen. Its devices are in demand and are positioned in the midrange.

The Hoover steam cleaners are rare because they are integrated into the steam brushes. That is to say that the element producing steam can be picked and used alone. This is especially so for a backup solution.

Black + Decker

If one thinks especially Black + Decker for gardening or DIY equipment, this American brand also offers access to some appliances. These are all reliable products, collecting positive reviews online.

Steam cleaners, that Black + Decker appoints steam cleaners, are especially versatile. And their interest is that you only buy what you need. That is to say that the same device can be selected with a variable number of accessories.

Que Choisir: Mop Steam or Steam cleaner?

The steam mop is a specific type of device to clean with steam. Technically it cleans strictly as soil and ideally that hard floors (there must be an accessory in addition to carpets and rugs).

So the steam cleaner is a much more complete device and which many believe is a more relevant purchase. Indeed, it is even possible to choose a steam cleaner with an accessory for maintenance of the ground!

To choose between one or the other, we must also take into account the clutter. At the time of storage, both devices do not take the same place. Also the ergonomics is not the same. If your priority is to clean the soil, the steam mop is therefore a more relevant choice. Just opt ​​for a complete model for ad hoc use on other surfaces.

How to Clean His House With A Steam Cleaner?

Unless you rent a steam cleaner for a few days, once the owner of a steam cleaner so take your time and do the cleaning of a room at a time. As for whether done well, it’s not moving the unit from one room to the other and spray steam in all directions.

As for the windows must spray steam over the whole surface and then spend a squeegee or cloth to dry and remove all traces.

To clean the joints, place a small brush on the end of the unit. Thus steam and brush allow a thorough cleaning, spotless, and without damaging the seals.

To be effective, consult the instructions for your device that will help you understand the value of each of the accessories. And from there, there is more to get to work.

The steam cleaner can also be used for maintenance of a mattress, sofa or car seat. The tip must be covered with a cloth and steam flow should not be too tapping. Then there must be a long drying time not to go too fast to cover the cleaned fabric element.

Where to Buy a Steam Cleaner Cheap? What Budget Plan?

There are dozens of different steam cleaners. The price can therefore spend twenty euros to several thousand euros.

For price range entered, look at Lidl or GiFi. To go quickly try at the local supermarket. Carrefour, Auchan and Leclerc should have some models in stock. Finally, to achieve a broader comparison, choose the websites and specialty stores such as Darty, Boulanger, Leroy Merlin, Conforama, electro deposition, Amazon, Purpose or Cdiscount.

If it is possible to pass, control at any time, try all the same to favor balances or Black Friday, two ideal times to lower the price. If looking for a one-time promotion or a private sale. And do not forget to take into account the cost of delivery before validating your basket!

Where To Buy A Steam cleaner Accessories?

Some brands, the biggest and best known as Karcher used to purchase additional items independently. In this case, these accessories are sold online, on the site of the mark or on Amazon or in some shops of home appliances. We can thus add what washing windows or even iron.

But more often, the accessories are hard to find, especially with the guarantee of being compatible. So it is really better to buy the most complete steam cleaner from the start, rather than being disappointed in a few months.

The only item easy to find, the same brand or not, is the pad that is placed on the main brush. It is necessary to have several from day one.