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The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

Whether you sew a zero waste kit, make clothing for a child or to dress the whole family, you are looking for a new sewing machine. This device has long been associated with the grandmothers activities, but since the house is made of new trend, have a sewing machine is almost the basic equipment.

However in the same way that there are dozens of ways to sew, there is a wide range of sewing machines. To fully enjoy it, it is best to choose a model that suits you and that’s why we present 6 different products with leading the Singer sewing machine Initial suitable for beginners as well as those seeking to improve themselves .

Take stock of the important elements and are now your future sewing machine.

Special Sewing Machine Best Quality / Price

Decorative Singer Sewing Machine White 31 …

Joody Sewing Machine, Portable … 12 Points

top4pc Coils for Singer Sewing Machine …

Luxbon A box 36 Coils Threads …

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

To offer you a selection of quality products, we are working from a list of specific criteria and objectives. They are suitable for all sewing projects. Thus the selection is indeed made from sewing machines and not from a specific brand. G tested for you is a totally independent website (learn more).

Our research is therefore conducted from files like those made by Que Choisir, from seamstresses videos and taking into account the many guest reviews posted online on Amazon, Boulanger, Darty, Fnac, etc.

Compare Sewing Machine / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Brother Sew & Go 8

reference model for teens and adult beginners, this sewing machine gives access to 18 adjustable points, 10 programs, LED lighting, auto buttonhole in 4 times, etc.

Designed for beginners who want to progress quickly, this electronic sewing machine has 70 different points and a needle threader. It can even be used without pedal.

Ideal for quilting and patchwork, this electronic sewing machine provides access to 197 points 1 alphabet, 7 buttonholes. It offers a beautiful work space as well as a free arm.

reference model for teens and adult beginners, this sewing machine gives access to 18 adjustable points, 10 programs, LED lighting, auto buttonhole in 4 times, etc.

The best mid-range

Designed for beginners who want to progress quickly, this electronic sewing machine has 70 different points and a needle threader. It can even be used without pedal.

The best high-end

Brother Sew & Go 8

Ideal for quilting and patchwork, this electronic sewing machine provides access to 197 points 1 alphabet, 7 buttonholes. It offers a beautiful work space as well as a free arm.

How Is Made The selection?

The sewing machine is the basic apparatus for making garments. It is used in conjunction with an iron and ironing board, because the fabric must be perfectly smooth prior to cutting. And if all these products are necessary for an accurate result, the most important steps based on the use of the sewing machine.

This is why the following characteristics should be considered before buying a new sewing machine.

Mechanical and electronic

It is often presented as the first question to ask before buying a sewing machine. The mechanical sewing machine has manual adjustments and is less expensive. The electronic sewing machine is set with a screen, which is often seen as easier. So the machine is more expensive.

The other difference to consider is that it is often possible to perform self-repair on a mechanical sewing machine while it is almost impossible on an electronic model. So there is not a format better than another, but two different products.

The power is not always an essential part of a sewing machine, however, it helps to get an idea about the risk of overheating. If you want to sew curtains for the whole house, the work will be simple (mostly hems), but long. A powerful sewing machine will sew right, fast and good for several hours without a problem.

Number of points and buttonholes

Only two stitches are absolutely essential on a sewing machine: the right point and the zigzag stitch. It is also nice to have a stretch point (for sewing jersey) and one point for a buttonhole. All other points are comfort and decoration. It is nice to have them, but this is not essential as long as one does not patchwork.

Options and accessories

The first element to be compared is the number of hind foot (or feet pressure) included as well as the specifics of each of them. But there may be many other elements, more or less practical: a needle threader, a crowbar special zipper, a lot of needles, an LCD, the large variation in speed etc.

Note that it is easier to buy accessories for a Singer sewing machine or Brother for an unknown brand.

This is to compare the size, weight, ergonomics and even the design of each sewing machine. When one has a workshop and that the sewing machine is installed permanently, regardless if it weighs more than 10 kg. But if you must put down a closet, excessive weight can be a barrier to regular use.

Similarly, if it is too big and you can not store it or install it, it will not work. This is personal criteria. Without the ability to choose for you, we give you this information as much as possible.

The talented seamstress and the projects it wishes to conduct are essential to buy a sewing machine.

So when we started and we provides only occasional use, a model input range will suffice. It’s the same if you want to carry out only simple projects (such as makeup remover wipes). And if you hesitate because of the price, wait balances or Black Friday to make your purchase.

The Best Sewing Machines – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Singer Initial: The Best Cheap

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

metal bobbin holder 0 18 programs adjustable items Simplified Threading LED Lighting

The sewing machine Singer Initial is the model input range of the famous Singer brand and is intended specifically for beginners. Everything is made for taking quick and easy hand, even if the only help we have is a tutorial on YouTube. Thus there is a simplified threading and machine preparation is quick. The bobbin holder is metal for greater strength and better implementation. The work plan has LED lighting. And there are 6 feed dogs heads.

In terms of points available, you can choose between 18 different points, that is to say the straight stitch, zigzag stitch, and various decorative stitches. Their length is manually adjustable. In parallel, it has 10 programs. Finally, we can make a buttonhole in four steps. The power is 70 watts, which is about right.

The format of the Singer sewing machine is comfortable: small, but not too much. Thus it measures 37.31 x 17 cm and it weighs 7 kg. Because of its size, it is popular among teenagers, more petite than adults. As against the sewing machine does not have cover and it will therefore be needed to sew quickly to protect it from dust and reduce maintenance. A mini accessory kit is still included. This is especially suitable for those starting from scratch sewing.

Finally, Singer offers a gift with the purchase of this model an online sewing classes on site Artesane. This is a course for beginners that allows launching into a first draft for oneself or to offer. It is particularly interesting to follow this course that controls or discover many tips and techniques. Moreover, since it is an online course, no matter where you live, you will benefit.

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2. Brother CS10: The Alternative No Dear

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

40 different points 5 Auto buttonhole styles Double LED lighting electronics Model Practical accessories

Not very lightweight case

It’s an endless debate between Brother and Singer, each seamstress and his preference not ever change. The sewing machine Brother CS10 is an electronic model is also suitable for beginners. The LCD is the centerpiece of the sewing machine. There, with the four keys the type of point is chosen, its length, width and foot type. The summary points presented on the machine directly (the part that hides the engine). There are 40 points, including 5 button styles. Performing a buttonhole is 100% automatic. The screen is quite small and there is no backlight, but it is quite readable.

For the development of the machine, the first positive point is that there is a built-in needle threader. There is no need to drag yourself the thread through the eye. In the interests of simplification, the can is positioned horizontally, which everyone agrees is simpler than the vertical placement. Thus it is also easier to track the amount of remaining thread on the bobbin.

A double LED lighting is expected to better monitor the work. However some opinions indicate that the brightness is not sufficient and it may be necessary to provide a place to settle in well lit or change the included LED.

With the sewing machine, you get a instructional DVD and a Brother accessory kit. This includes needles, foot (for zigzag stitches, zippers, overlock) and some elements for the maintenance of the machine. You can buy it with or without cover.

Its real draw is its lightness. This sewing machine weighs only 5 kg and has no fastening system (such as suction cups). So, when working on a large amount of tissue (on a tablecloth or curtain) or on thick fabric (denim, velvet), the machine is slightly driven by the fabric.

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3. Brother Cx70Pe (Patchwork Edition): Best Middle End

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

70 points needle threader included Double LED lighting robust rotary hook Works without pedal

The Brother sewing machine CX70PE is a complete electronic model for beginners and intermediates. It offers great flexibility. So 70 points are available and they are all represented on the hull to choose as easily as possible. The settings are made with 4 buttons arranged around the LCD. If at first, especially when you start sewing, manual (in digital format) is required, use rapidly comes naturally and intuitively.

To insert the wire, it has an integrated needle threader. The positioning of the can is also simplified and is flat. The lid above the bobbin is transparent to allow to follow the wire feeding. The 6 feed dogs allow work fairly thick fabrics (without going to the leather). By cons is a fairly lightweight machine. If this detail is convenient to install and store every time, it means that we must not go too fast with heavy fabrics or very large pieces of fabric.

It is possible to operate the sewing machine without using the pedal, ie only with the start / stop button. The reverse button is located next door. The machine is also equipped with an automatic bobbin winder and it is possible to choose the position of the needle (top or bottom) stationary. There is also a free arm and a robust rotary hook.

Several accessories are included with this Brother sewing machine, many different feet, needles, a bag, a screwdriver, a seam ripper, a can, etc. By default it is sold without extension table, but the same model is available with an extension table for about 30 EUR more.

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4. Singer Brilliance 6160: The Alternative Middle Of Range

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

60 points 4 different buttonholes Feed dog thick fabrics Automatic Threading Points quilting

The Singer sewing machine Brilliance 6160 is an electronic model that has 60 different points. It is intended for enthusiasts, beginners or advanced. The screen and control buttons are located just above the list of available points. This includes 4 buttonholes, stretch 8 points and points to the full embroidery, quilting, quilting or just decoration.

It is designed to work on up to tissues (by purchasing the appropriate needle) because it has feed dogs which are particularly suitable thick fabrics. Reviews of Singer Brilliance 6160 testify that can be used on small projects with leather or jeans.

The grip of the Singer machine is easy with automatic threading and a very simple system to change the crowbar. A bright LED light gives a clear view of the current fashion. All is well indicated on the machine, even if there should be to eventually see the manual, especially when one begins and especially to control various knobs.

The accessories are not very many, but it includes everything that is necessary to start and get a personal idea of ​​what is needed. Thus there are two spare cans, needles, an auxiliary vertical spool, a washer Felt, a cap for coil, a slot opening (with forceps and torn-overlock), a screwdriver for the needle plate a darning plate, a foot for a slide fastener and a buttonhole foot. Singer brand Interest is only when necessary it is easy to buy any item in haberdashery.

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5. Bernina Sew & Go Bernette 8: The Best Premium

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Beautiful 197 different points 7 buttonholes 15 needle positions For professional use

The model Bernina Sew & Go Bernette 8 is an electronic machine for professional use, primarily for people making patchwork and quilting. It is ideal for both activities, because everything is done for achieving the sewing work is simplified. Thus there is a large work area. A start / stop button is positioned right next to the needle to move the pedal and especially to act with the utmost precision. There is even a wire cutter.

Among other features, it should be noted that the LCD is long and accurate. It provides access to 197 different points, including an alphabet and 7 types of buttonholes (including a round shape). There are many buttons to save time by programming the machine (on the first price models, it is often arrows to scroll through the programs). One can also modify the length and width of the points.

All fabrics can be sewn, as the 7 feed dogs accompany even heavy fabrics. And the free arm to sew the hems or easily make repairs, including the often narrow children’s clothing.

Online, this machine than meets positive opinions. The few faults that may occur are immediately paid by the customer service or with accurate information about product use. Its price is fully justified and as soon as one wants to start a regular and serious use, it’s worth looking into priority this sewing machine.

In terms of accessories, you get all the essential elements for a good grip or for regular maintenance. Thus there is a standard crowbar, a sledge buttonhole foot, a foot Blindhem a foot button, overcasting foot, open embroidery foot, a zipper foot, a seam ripper, a assortment of needles, three cans, screwdrivers, an extra spool pin, etc.

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6. Brother Fs100Wt: The Alternative Premium

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

LCD backlit Automatic Threading 7 feed dogs 100 points and 1 alphabet 7 feet included

Choice points not very practical

Again, our choice fell on a Brother sewing machine. The model is a complete FS100WT Brother electronic sewing machine with an extension table for quilting and patchwork. Moreover it is a very stable machine whatever your sewing. The cop is positioned horizontally very simply.

Via the backlit LCD display and buttons surrounding it, choosing from 100 different points. All points are shown on the machine directly. There are also 8 types of buttonholes and an alphabet. The twin needle function gives access to more customization. It is possible to change the stitch length (up to 5 mm) and the width (up to 7 mm). A power converter is included and can be used with or without the machine pedal. The on / off button is positioned conveniently to achieve without diverting your sewing.

Unlike other models of this selection, the Brother sewing machine comes with a rigid cover. This is not necessarily essential, depending on the storage which you have access. But it provides greater protection against everyday accidents (whether you live with cats or children). There is also a carrying handle and all necessary accessories to start are included. It is also easy to buy in haberdashery.

Finally, it is a sewing machine that still fits many projects. It can be used with the free arm or an extension table. The light really good mimics daylight to properly illuminate without dazzling. The thread tension setting is manual. And if you hesitate to launch you an introductory DVD is included and provides access to numerous manipulations.

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And why not…

Sewing machines below does not lack assets and charm. Some have specific functions. Others not necessarily a terrible price. So according to your needs or if you find a nice promo, do not hesitate!

Singer Decorative

The sewing machine Singer Decorative is a mechanical model 31 comprising adjustable items (that is to say which can modify the length). This is a machine that is ideal for those who are new, which have many projects in mind and do not yet know exactly what type of sewing they are destined.

Thus there is a simplified threading, we can make a buttonhole in 4 times and there are 19 programs included. The handling is easy and fast, so make your first project, the purchase of the Singer sewing machine provides access to an online sewing classes two hours on the site Artesane. Finally it is a model that weighs 7 kg, with a power of 70 watts and offers a lighting of the work plan.

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Toyota Power Fabriq

This sewing machine is a marvel for sewing thick fabrics. It will be much less interesting to realize a light cotton dress, but it will be a leather bag without difficulty. So she used to sew the fabric up to 6 mm thick, leather up to 4.5 mm and up to 12 layers of jeans (no worries for hemming!). It is possible to thread the drawstring over there.

This is a mechanical model and all adjustments are made with a wheel positioned on the right. 17 points are available including a buttonhole in 4 stroke, two decorative stitches and two stretchs points. It also comes with some accessories, including six crowbars and two cans. Despite its weight of 5.7 kg it has good stability and is robust. A lightweight case is included.

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Singer Heavy Duty

This machine model Singer sewing stands out from other models of the brand because it is stronger and more efficient in the face of heavy fabrics. This is a mechanical sewing machine with two knobs to select the type of dots and their length. 32 points are available, ie utility stitches and decorative stitches and others for the jersey. Four crowbars are included.

It is a model that works, that is, causing the fabric well, passing course of hemming jeans, etc. The sewing machine is powerful and fast. Its weight of 6.6 kg gives it good stability. By cons must provide that the document is only available in digital format and that the accessories are not very many (but all are needed there).

Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Finally, here are some additional items to allow you to have really the answer to all your questions.

What Sewing Machine To Start?

To begin, it is best to buy a mechanical sewing machine. It is cheaper, we can do many tests by understanding each setting and each result.

Needless to begin to have dozens of different points. Working with the machine is only one factor among others to make a garment. We must also take the time to read a boss, transfer, etc.

Or Overlock Sewing Machine?

We do not do the same with a sewing machine and a serger. And especially a serger is a little more complicated to handle.

If you want to get into sewing and do not have any equipment, we must begin with a sewing machine.

By cons, if you already have a first sewing machine, even a small inherited from your grandmother and want to do more complex projects with delicate finishes, then it may be interesting to choose a serger.

Machine A Coudre Brother Vs Singer ?

Brother and Singer sewing machines offer varied with prices to suit all budgets. One can find a Brother machine quality for a bit less expensive than its equivalent Singer. This brand also includes a bit of new technologies.

But impossible to decide and should be less the question of the brand as the relevance of the machine with our desires and needs. As well let your first sewing project and your budget decide this issue.

How to Put A Duckling In A Sewing Machine?

The can is a small all round accessory included with the sewing machine. We must first put the wire (the one you are about to use), then set up in the machine.

The bobbin is positioned under the needle. It is important to put it in the right direction and let the wire out slightly. Then just go down / up the needle only once so that the wire is positioned correctly.

Please note that the direction in which to ask the bobbin varies between machines. We must therefore refer to the instructions. If in doubt, always take a few points on a tissue unimportant to ensure it is well positioned.

How to Thread a Needle On A Sewing Machine?

Before threading the needle, make sure to have a ready can.

For the rest, the ideal is to directly consult the manual for your machine because it varies from model to model. But more often the path followed by the wire is indicated on the machine.

For your first time, consider making some points on scrap fabric before starting your project. And if the voltage is not correct, repeat from the start threading the needle and the establishment of the can.

How Its Oil Sewing Machine?

Above all it must be equipped with oil for sewing machine. We can not lubricate a sewing machine with oil or cooking with oil for bicycles. Then you have to think about the regular maintenance: remove dust from all corners (including around the bobbin) and change of needles even if it is bent in half.

Finally one can lubricate the sewing machine once a year, a detail to check in the manual of your machine. The places where oil deposit are also specified in the instructions, because for some machines that cleaning is simplified. After putting the oil, it is necessary to operate the wireless machine on a tissue drop.

Attention to lubricate your machine before using it and not before putting it to rest. The oil could freeze and cause problems the next boot.

Conclusion: What Sewing Machine Shop According to Us?

To achieve the basic sewing, that is to say the creation of children’s clothing, but also smaller projects like pie bags or pretty kits without any hesitation the Singer sewing machine Initial will be perfect.

This mechanical model is relatively compact and its use is intuitive. Furthermore it has a sewing course of 2 hours in line to make his first project. The Singer model is regularly purchased, used and enjoyed by a diverse audience (child, teen, adult, male or female).

By cons, if you want to start with an electronic sewing machine, it is better to opt for the mid-range to have immediately a comprehensive and sustainable model as Brother CX70PE. And if you have to become a professional project, specializing in patchwork and quilting, then you need the sewing machine Bernina Sew & Go Bernette 8. It’s a pretty amazing product at any level (but more expensive ).