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Best Segway 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Looking to buy a Segway, but you do not even know where to start. Besides, we told you not to look for a “Segway” but a Segway because it is the real name of this electric vehicle.

In general it was during a vacation the opportunity to try arises. For if the Segway is an urban and ecological means of transport, it is especially popular with tourist boards and other local agencies tourisms. The latter set up tours during which every tourist is installed on a machine. Generally it only takes 5 minutes for everyone Master usage.

However this is everyday that this type of electrical device is very convenient to move emission-free, uncluttered and with some agility. It is also necessary to know what to buy Segway get value for money. And that’s why I suggest you read our full buying guide on Segways. You should better understand the specifics of these devices and know what you need.

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This Qu’Un Qu’Est-electric Segway?

The Segway is a device that is difficult to classify. It has a platform on which are mounted, two rather large wheels and a handle for holding and driving.

When it is limited to 6 km / h it is a non-motorized vehicle that can travel on sidewalks as well as pedestrians. Seen as an aid for people who have difficulty walking or have really a lot of kilometers on foot in the day.

In fact, the Segways are rarely sold slanted. They can ride 15 see 20 km / h.

Other non-polluting devices exist to move easily in the city. If you hesitate, complete your reading with our comparison on gyroroues (one wheel equipped with a kind of pedal on each side) or on the best hoverboard (just the platform and two wheels).

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Best Segway 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

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This model appealed to us because it is the first price of the Segway brand. So no, this is not a classic Segway, but a mini Segway. As it weighs only 12.8 kg and is easy to store in the trunk of a car with its telescopic handle. It costs only 699 € or half a conventional model.

After a charging time of 4 hours, it has a battery for travel 30 to 40 km. It can move at a maximum speed of 18 km / h but it is also possible to ask the curb to comply with the legislation to consider it as non-motorized vehicle.

As for equipment, it handles very easily via an app available on iOS and Android and via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. However the most important things are automatic like LED lights on the front (which light up according to the ambient light) and the lights-flashing stops and on the back

How To Choose The Segway?

The Segway is a device that was designed by the Segway brand and it is true that for the moment this brand seems to dominate the market. However this is not the only one and it is possible to compare various models to find a Segway that fits in your budget and that is all the same quality.

Urban Or Suv

The vast majority of self-balancing machines are designed for the city, on very smooth pavements for example. However, some models have wider and taller wheels suitable for all land. The size of the wheel gives you no indication already bad on the opportunities available to you. The larger the diameter, the more the whole is stable to get off pavement and maneuver in town.


The ideal is a lithium battery. It is lighter and more resistant. But this simple detail is not enough. Compare also the charge time and autonomy obtained. Let’s say a midrange model should be after 2 hours load offer you up to 30 km range.

Maximum Speed

As seen above, for use on sidewalks, the Segway must be restrained and limited to 6 km / h. In fact, some owners choose Segway faster devices and opt for bicycle paths. Thus it is possible to buy a Segway up to 18 see 20 km / h.

The options

On one model to another, the Segway has various options. They can be equipped with LED headlights, turn signals, Bluetooth connection, etc. Some options are more important than others, do good update on future trips and requirements.

The Maximum Weight

In general we do not think this detail, but there is maximum weight not to exceed to mount on a particular model. This limit varies from PT to the other, but always rotates around 100 kg.

The Top 5 Best Selling From Gyropodes

This selection provides the favorite devices of users. However it is difficult to establish a strict selection of Segways, as this term is often used wrongly and through all electric mobility devices. The market is largely dominated by Segway and Ninebot (which are associated), but you can also turn to other brands like Weebot, Nova or Razor.

Best Segway 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Segway 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Segway 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Segway 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Segway 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Why Buy A Segway?

This is a vehicle that allows you to move ecologically city without leaving the car without the need for permits, without tiring. In areas with many cycling (like Alsace for example, and more and more cities everywhere), it is comfortable and safe.

It saves time, avoids fatigue and ultimately more we can do in one day.

What Is The Price Of A Segway?

At the price, compare the Segway with an electric bike. That is to say that it takes more than 1000 € see at least 1500 € for a correct model. The price can easily climb up to 3000 €. By cons there are mini Segways, ie more compact models, a little less comfortable at keeping it, but they cost less. Prices start from 500 €.

How to Use a Segway?

The first time, it is preferable to provide a few minutes taken in hand before starting the adventure. The Segway is headed by body movement and specifically the handle. So we look forward to moving forward and we look back to brake. Some devices are more or less sensitive.

What Is The Difference Between Hoverboard And Segway?

Both cameras have a similar basis. The hoverboard has a platform composed of two segments, one for each foot. At its end are fixed two wheels. Just mount it to roll. Generally the hoverboard is quite popular with young people. The Segway is a more substantial machine, which has a handle in principle, even if the definition is not always clear. Because of its price, it mainly crosses in office districts.


To choose a good Segway must not be afraid to spend money. Indeed the first models prices are often too fragile and too sensitive to be used daily. It is a real alternative to public transport or car, from the moment when a serious brand is chosen.