Best Robot Windshield Washer

Best Washing Robot Glass 2020: Comparison and Review – Which to choose?

Ras-le-bol of washing windows! In addition when a child passes, fingerprints appear and must be repeated.

Suffice to say it was time for appliance manufacturers are based robot vacuum cleaners to get rid of the chore of washing windows. A vow finally realized primarily through Ecovacs and E.ziclean offering several robot models window cleaner. But who says several models, said many budgets and several qualities.

That’s why I realized this buying guide on robots washed glass. The idea is to help you understand how they work and what are the elements especially not to miss before buying. During your reading, you will learn which robot to choose glass.

The Best Deals Of The Moment:

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This Qu’Est-Qu’Un Robot Washer From Windows?

I find the idea of ​​the robot windshield washer brilliant and indispensable. I also like robot vacuums, but with children who are not always on top to store their toys, for now I am wary. As for the windows, there is nothing to do.

Just install it on the glass and it cleans, alone. Okay, it’s still up to us to get to do change sides of the glass. And it’s so simple to make that I can put on the road every fortnight and therefore have windows permanently perfect!

Best Washing Robot Glass 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

Our Top 3

Discover the best robots on windshield washer tested according to G community for you.

E.ziclean Hobot V2 – Simple And Effective

This window cleaner robot E.ziclean Hobot V2 has the general shape rather rectangular, but with rounded corners. It measures 30 cm by 15 cm. It is sold with seven pairs of pads, two supports for the pads, a remote control and especially 2 extensions 4 m each.

It is equipped with a system of smart travel. Thus E.ziclean Hobot V2 seriously clean the entire glass without spending hours. Simply move the center of the window and he will himself go at the top left and then move methodically. The remote control may be used to move the area over a dirty, or just switch it on. And he takes care to wash and dry! This produces a result with no trace.

It works on all surfaces (windows, mirrors tiles) and especially on all inclinations. We can switch it on in a classic glass, but also on a skylight (or more likely on the sloping roof of a veranda) or floor. Like most other robots, it has two safety systems to prevent falls. And it emits only 60 dB.

Best Washing Robot Glass 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

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Ecovacs Winbot 950 – Design

It is surprising to discover that the Ecovacs WINBOT 950 robot was awarded for its design. Yet this is the reality, he received the IF Award in 2016. But no matter its design, the most important is its effectiveness.

Square screen (27.3 cm square), it cleans the windows in four steps. First he wets the surface and picks up dirt. Then two squeegees pass, one after the other to remove dirt. Finally the back of the robot wipes the window to a result without task. In addition the apparatus is sold with a product sample window glass, although it works with any type of detergent to glass.

However its effectiveness comes not only from his way of cleaning. We must also consider the intelligent movements that ensure that happens everywhere. And no risk of not being able to get to the end, as it always returns to its starting point.

The pads that attach under the robot can easily be recommended. And fortunately, because it is better to have some in stock to always start up the robot with skates absolutely clean. This produces really cleaned windows.

Best Washing Robot Glass 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

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Alfawise S60 – Connected And Cheap

This robot has attracted the geeks (where should I say the geekettes?) Because it is a connected model. Simply install a small application available on iOS and Android and then Bluetooth 4.0 lets loose the remote control provided without stress. Rather practice is not it? But an app is not enough to make a good product.

The Alfawise S60 windscreen washer offers a small price a model quite powerful. Its rectangular shape makes it possible to equip the two pads (small cloths fix below). While one takes care of cleaning, the other dry. It is very important that the pads are clean and not too wet for maximum result. So the robot is sold with seven pairs of pads. All are machine washable for not taking the head.

The electric wire is 5.5 m long enough to clean relatively large areas, if it is always possible to add another extension. The only drawback to report is that it does not detect the void, not at all. You install it on a nice glass door bowls and he plunges to the ground. We can not use it on a large number of glass doors. Make sure yours before ordering.

Best Washing Robot Glass 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

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How To Choose The Glass Washing Robot?

Currently the offer in terms of robot washing glass is still quite limited and few brands of appliances to offer. So, the models often look like and what are really the details that make the difference. Here are the different criteria not to miss, starting with the largest.

The type of area needed

Typically these robots help raise more than the windows they are also suitable for mirrors and all major flat surfaces. Think all the same to see if they are suitable for single or double glazing, they work vertically and horizontally, etc.

Furthermore, a minimum window size is often necessary. The E.ziclean Hobot V2 device can run on a 40 × 40 cm glass and cleans once up to 60 sqm. The robot Ecovacs Winbot 930 needs a window of at least 60 × 35 cm.

The length of the electric wire

Since the device must be able to move along the glass, make sure that the cord is long enough. But in general they are rather short. Most cameras are around 3m. To remedy this lack, some manufacturers add an extension. The E.ziclean Hobot Pro has a total of 7 m wire.

The type of movement

Here, there are two different elements to consider.

Is that the movement is random or intelligent? The second makes sure that the unit will switch over quickly and efficiently. With the shuffle mode, there is always the risk that an area is not covered, while others have received several passages.

Moreover, is that the device detects the flanges and the vacuum? For example, can we start on a large glass table? For the detection of edges, sometimes there is a minimum size observed to avoid accidents.

The average auto glass lava is between 60 and 65 dB. That is as much as a conventional vacuum cleaner with bag. However the model Ecovacs Winbot W730 managed to issue only 55 dB. This is currently the most discreet robot that I found.

There are two leading brands in the market and each has its own style. Robots are therefore in rectangular and square in E.ziclean Winbot. Colors vary, along the lines. As you establish your preference.

Note however that the Winbot 950 robot received the IF Award, a professional prize dedicated to design.

I mentioned above extension, but this is not the only available accessory. Check that includes the purchase of the robot you want the number pads to set below, the presence of a remote control or product to glass, etc.

Check also the price to recommend some accessories, such as shoes (or pads) essential to the proper functioning of the robot.

Best Washing Robot Glass 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

The Top 5 Best Selling Of Glass Washing Robot

Let’s start right away with a comparative robots washing glass. I will propose below the best devices. No, I have not tested them all, this is a selection created from opinions on robots glass. Specifically, each notice filed on Amazon and best sellers are used to calculate this ranking.

And for this top 5 is relevant, it is regularly updated. So you are sure that today when reading, first place is occupied by a device on sale!

Best Washing Robot Glass 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

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Best Washing Robot Glass 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

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How to Use Robot Washing Glass?

The use is a real breeze.

Why Buy A Washing Robot glass?

The main advantage to buying such a robot is without hesitation the time saved, as is the case with many windows cleaners.

And you will see quickly that having such a device your windows will own all the time. Indeed, before a robot, I expect they are visibly dirty to wash. There, I run the unit regularly, dirt does not have time to settle and require thorough cleaning.

Okay I admit it is a relief since I have an apartment with huge windows.

Where To Buy A Washing Robot glass?

You can find different robot models of washing glass in many types of shops, as Darty, Boulanger, Carrefour, Castorama, Auchan, FNAC, etc. However, I have often noticed that the choice of places is limited. So when we want a brand or a particular model, it’s not ideal.

While in line, there are more models available more easily. One can go on Amazon Marketplace or Amazon. And if I have a preference for the latter, it is mainly for the ease of finding the most useful information.

The Price Of A Robot Washing Glass?

For the first prize, it takes at least 150 €. The best devices are rather between 250 € and 300 €. And of course, the price may go up, up, up over € 400.

What Brand Of Washing Robot Choose Glass?

Over the years, more and more brands offering robots wash windows. Small presentation of each of them.


The E.Zicom brand specializes in robotics to practical use. In terms of glass washing robot, E.Zicom offers several ranges: Hobot, Hobot V2 Hobot Square. Each model offers a quality device for Pricing mid-range, between 200 and 300 €.

Ecovacs Robotics

Ecovacs only of robot cleaners, vacuum the floor or window cleaner. Among the most famous robots washed glass Ecovacs Robotics is the range Winbot (950, 850, etc.). As against it is high-end appliances and there must be at least € 300, but on older models.


Alfawise is a brand that offers intelligent devices throughout the home. robot hand washing glass Alfawise, stand S60 models or WIN660. This brand has the advantage of offering excellent value for money and offer accessible accessories!


The robot washes glass Amibot Glass AG30 is a good example of what the French brand offers. The design is elegant, the price midrange. Each unit will be innovative and brings something extra compared to what is currently available.

Where to Find A Good Robot Washing Glass Cheap?

If there are less expensive than other brands (like Alfawise), it is also possible to search the right equipment at the best price. For this, the ideal is primarily to wait for the sales or Black Friday. However by searching online, you can find high-end appliances promo. Amazon is a good site to start the search.

Washing Robot Glass: Is It Effective For Clean windows External Inaccessible?

The washing robot glass is probably the only solution for cleaning inaccessible outer panes as a skylight in height, a veranda, an inaccessible bay window, etc. However, we must keep in mind several points to not be disappointed.

The robot must be secured to prevent fatal fall. This is important on the highest windows and on the most dirty windows. The more the glass is dirty over the robot will have difficulty cleaning. It may skate forwards or to give the impression of having worsened the situation by spreading dust everywhere. For a first cleaning a very dirty surface, there must be several passes with rags (or skates) own each time!

By cons once it realized first big interview, just a passage regularly to keep the windows clean even though only the birds can come close!

Glass Washing Robot Or Glass Cleaner

If the window-washing robot works alone, windshield washer cleaner merely accelerate the cleaning session.

So according to your priorities, one or the other is better. If you have a small budget, the glass cleaner is for you. If you are overwhelmed and would really save time, then take as much glass cleaner robot (which, compared to a maid, is actually not that expensive).

How to Maintain Its Glass Washing Robot?

To use the robot for several years, it must take care. Each record will show you how to clean this or that element.

It is imperative to clean the shoes (rags) under the appliance after each cleaning session. But there may be other elements to be cleaned with a soft cloth, pads that can be machine, but no tumble dryer, etc.


I hope this buying guide is comprehensive enough to answer all your questions, I tried to remember everything. As you now enjoy beautiful windows and / or mirrors perfect, without moving an inch.