Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker

Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker

All gastronomy enthusiasts can now cook tasty, varied and healthy meals with ease thanks to the existence of the multicooker. In addition to being functional, practical and easy to use, this incredible cooking appliance is in most cases supplied with a book or recipe application so that each user can prepare dishes worthy of a real chef.

What Is A Multicooker Exactly?

A multicooker also called a multifunction cooker is a kitchen appliance allowing you to cook or quickly and easily prepare different savory or sweet dishes.

It has a control panel with a touch screen or digital keys as well as a bowl usually made of stainless steel or ceramic.

Or currently finds on the market a wide range of multicookers of any brand which differ according to the capacity, the power, the number of programs and the variety of functions.

Why Cook With A Multicooker?

It is no coincidence that countless kitchens are now equipped with a multifunction cooker. Efficient and easy to use, the latter allows anyone to make delicious dishes in no time. This type of appliance has indeed several automatic programs integrated offering it the ability to cook, fry, roast, boil or even steam or pressure cook. You can even make cakes or yogurts with some models.

Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker
Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker

In addition to its versatility, the multicooker also stands out for its practicality. It is equipped with an automatic stop, an easy-to-use control screen as well as very solid carrying handles. So what are you waiting for to find the ideal smart pressure cooker?

How To Cook Healthy And Varied Recipes?

Nothing beats a healthy and varied diet to stay fit and healthy, only how to do it? The multicooker is the perfect assistant that will help you make tasty balanced meals every day.

Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker
Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker

Indeed, thanks to the use of a multicooker, you will be able to cook new recipes that you are not used to making. Indeed, it will manage the cooking times and temperatures for you so that your dish is neither overcooked nor undercooked. You can also vary the dishes to eat healthier or in a more balanced way, thanks to many varied recipes. Cooking with a smart pressure cooker therefore becomes simpler and more practical on a daily basis.

It is also good to recall some fundamentals. An adult man needs 2,100 to 2,500 kcal per day and 1,800 to 2,000 kcal for a woman. A good breakfast should, for example, consist of a hot drink or fruit juice, a dairy product and a cereal product.

Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker
Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker

To have a balanced lunch or dinner, it is preferable that it is composed of 100 to 150 g of meat or fish or 2 eggs for proteins, 200 g of green vegetables or raw vegetables for vitamins and fibers , a dairy product and a fruit. Finally, these indications are variable depending on age, physical activity and state of health.

A Few Cookbooks For Multicookers

Easy Electric Multicooker And Slow Cooker Recipes

Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker

This 112 page cookbook for electric multicooker written by Marie Elise Bonnefont is available for only 19.99 euros.

You will find recipes that are easy to make, quick to prepare and affordable. Recipes that you can cook with most all-in-one cookers available on the market.

Cooking With A Food Processor – Super Easy

The editor Celine de CEROU offers any apprentice cook his multi-cooker recipe book on amazon for the lower price of 6.95 euros.

With its 192 pages, it contains 90 new recipes for easier, varied and balanced cuisine for all. Preparations can be made on any type of programmable pressure cooker.

Cooking With A Food Processor

Edited by Noemie Andre, this 8-in-1 multi-cooker recipe book entitled “Cooking with a food processor” is dedicated to all cooking enthusiasts.

In its 272 pages, there are over 190 gourmet recipes, including vegetarian dishes or even healthy steam recipes and desserts to keep in shape while simplifying our daily lives. A great book for a very small price!

My Cooking In A Food Processor – 150 Quick And Easy Recipes

Another special electric multi-cooker recipe book that we are offering you is the cooking guide entitled “My cooking with a robot cooker” edited by Valerie DUCLO.

Author of numerous works, she is indeed head of the Kitchen and Decoration department at Version Femina. The 192-page book presents 150 delicious quick and easy recipes that you can make with your Moulinex Cookeo cooker.

200 Recipes To Simmer In A Food Processor

Released last January, this cookbook for smart cookers available on amazon will only cost you 5.95 euros.

As can be seen on its cover, it contains 200 recipes to simmer in a food processor, including soups as well as tasty little dishes and desserts. All you have to do is start your cooking appliance.

Multicookers With Recipe Book Included

Cookeo + Usb Intelligent Multicooker – Moulinex

Long known for the manufacture of kitchen appliances, Moulinex confirms its know-how by designing the Cookeo + USB automatic cooker. To further satisfy its buyers, the brand includes 150 preprogrammed recipes in its pressure cooker.

It offers 4 interactive menus for step-by-step preparations, namely the ingredient menu, recipe, manual and library menu as well as 6 cooking modes, including pressure cooking, steaming, gentle, browning, simmering, reheating and keeping warm until 24H. It should be noted that the Moulinex Cookeo + USB has a large capacity of 6 liters.

Viva Hd4749 / 77 Pressure Cooker By Philips

The Viva HD4749 / 77 food processor will dazzle all food lovers. With incomparable advantages, it is one of the best models of the moment. This Philips automatic cooker has an easy recipe, more precisely a book of 60 recipes that will allow you to cook varied and balanced dishes. It is a device with a power of 980 Watts and a capacity of 5 liters with 22 cooking programs.

In addition to the recipe book delivered when you purchased your multicooker, it is provided with a steamer basket, a measuring glass, a spoon and a spatula.

Redmond Rmc-M4502 Automatic Cooker

Are you considering buying a multicooker with integrated recipe? What could be better than the all-in-one cooker RMC-M4502? It is an essential assistant during the preparation of your breakfast, midday meal or dinner, because it offers 34 programs, including 16 automatic and 18 manual with a culinary book of 100 recipes.

It has a keep warm function, a delayed start and a 3D program for even baking of your cakes and breads. Also note that this 100 recipes multi-function robot is equipped with a bowl with an ecological coating for healthier eating.

Bosch Autocook Smart Pressure Cooker

The famous Bosch brand makes its quality AutocCook multifunction cooker available to all kitchen lovers. Its main advantage is to offer a book and a mobile application with more than 100 recipes.

But that’s not all, since the device is equipped with 17 modes and 48 cooking programs, including vacuum cooking. It has a power of 900 Watts and has a 5-liter non-stick bowl so that you can prepare for more than 5 people.

If you are not convinced by this selection of multicookers with recipe books included, discover the best sellers of the moment: