Best Range Cookers

Cookers Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

The stove is an essential item of equipment for both individuals and cooking professionals. Finding the right device can be difficult, however, given the variety of models currently on the market. Here are some tips to help you choose the right stove.

What Is A Stove?

A cooker is kitchen equipment for cooking or heating different dishes. This generally consists of a hob and an integrated oven.

Cookers Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison
Cookers Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

Nowadays, there are now several models of stoves ranging from wood stoves to induction stoves, including gas stoves, electric stoves and piano stoves. There are also mixed cookers that use two types of energy.

What Is The Best Cook?

We have put the 3 best cookers of the moment in our comparison table.

How To Choose A Good Cooker?

Households: Type And Number

The number of stoves is the first thing to consider when buying a stove. In order to find the right model, you must first determine your needs and choose between equipment with 2, 3, 4 or 5 lights.

Cookers Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison
Cookers Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

For example, a 5-burner stove is a better choice than a 2-burner version, because you can take advantage of several sizes and powers to make different preparations at the same time. After the number, it is also important to consider the type of household.

Note that the hob of a stove is equipped with gas burners, electric plates, radiant fireplaces or halogen fireplaces. Each cooktop has its advantages and you are free to choose according to your daily needs.

The Type Of Oven

As for the oven, there are several types of heat. First, there is the natural convection oven which heats thanks to the heating resistors placed at the top and bottom of the cooking chamber. It is characterized by its speed and is ideal for roasting food.

The other model is the fan oven. Here, the temperature is distributed homogeneously by a fan located at the rear. It is a device which has the particularity of consuming only little energy. Finally, you can also opt for the multifunction oven which combines natural convection and fan-assisted heat. This has upper and lower resistors as well as one or more fans which circulate the hot air. It therefore offers different types of cooking.

Safety And Ease Of Cleaning

Safety is also one of the important things to keep in mind when choosing a stove. It is indeed an equipment that is often within the reach of children.

Cookers Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison
Cookers Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

This is why it is essential that the device is equipped with security systems, such as a programming for locking the controls or a wall and a door that always remain cold. Know that a good stove is also equipment that must be easy to clean. The most reliable models are fitted with an automatic pyrolysis or catalysis cleaning system.

The first consists in launching a system which makes it possible to carbonize the splashes of grease with a temperature above 500 ° C. For catalysis, it is the porous walls of the cooking chamber which automatically absorb dirt during cooking at more than 180 ° C.

Which Stove To Choose?

Comparatif-Multicuiseur has selected for you 3 appliances corresponding to the best sales.

The Different Types Of Cookers

The Electric Stove

As one of the oldest with the wood stove, the electric stove consists of a hob with one or more electric plates and an electric oven. This one exists in different sizes generally going from 50 to 100 cm.

Cookers Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

Operating using heating resistors, this is the model that consumes the most energy. In addition, the temperature rise is quite long and the plates take a long time to cool. So you have to be very careful, especially if there are children at home. It remains, however, one of the most affordable cookers on the market.

The Mixed Cooker

A combi stove can operate on gas or electric current. It has a hob generally equipped with two or three gas burners and one with two electric cast iron plates. The oven making up the upper part is electric.

It has a heating resistance at the top and bottom and has a width of 50 and 60 cm or 80 and 100 cm depending on the model. This type of stove has a strong point, because it allows alternating gas and electric current depending on the preparation. This is also a great advantage in the event of a power outage or gas failure as the equipment remains functional.

The Gas Stove

The gas oven stove is kitchen equipment that consists of burners and a gas oven. It can be connected to the gas network of your city or supplied with a gas cylinder.

The advantage is that the heating time is much faster than on an electric model and that one can use all types of cooking utensil on the fires.

Fire management is also more efficient, since you only have to turn the button and the power weakens or increases instantly. However, if you do not have a gas supply, you will need to buy a gas bottle fairly regularly depending on the frequency of use.

The Ceramic Hob

As part of modern kitchen equipment, the ceramic stove is more efficient and effective than a traditional electric stove. It is equipped with ceramic hobs and an electric oven.

Provided with radiant, halogen fireplaces or a combination of both, it works by the principle of conduction and radiation. The heating and cooling time is therefore rapid. Also, in addition to consuming less energy, this model is distinguished by its ease of use and maintenance. It only takes a simple sponge to clean the perfectly smooth and flat surface of the ceramic hob.

The Induction Cooker

Like the ceramic cooker, the induction cooker has a ceramic cooktop and an electric oven. Thanks to a new technology, it is proving to be more efficient with a yield of more than 80%.

It works indeed thanks to a magnetic field which generates heat. This is why fireplaces only heat the containers placed on them. There is thus better security and a fairly significant saving in energy thanks to this system, hence the largely higher price than other types of cookers. With this model, you can also benefit from an ultra-precise adjustment of the power as well as an easy cleaning at the level of the hob.

The Cooking Piano

The cooking piano is a complete kitchen tool that allows you to prepare several dishes at the same time. It is characterized by its large dimensions as its great versatility. The piano cooker consists of an upper part with at least 5 fireplaces as well as a lower part equipped with several ovens.

It can offer different options and operates on gas, electricity or both. Some models are equipped with a induction hob, a fryer, a plancha or even a support for wok. The ovens can operate separately allowing you to roast your chicken in one cavity and mount your cakes in the other. However, you have to pay more than 1000 euros to acquire a quality kitchen piano.

What Is The Price Of A Quality Stove?

Price can also be a determining factor in choosing a stove. This is very variable depending on the type of energy used, the number of burners and the size of the oven. The gas stove and the electric stove have about the same prices.

They cost between 200 and 500 euros. The combination stove and the ceramic stove are a little more expensive. They are accessible from 250 euros and can go up to 1,500 euros. More efficient and consuming less energy, induction cookers are among the most expensive models, since they cost between 500 and 2,000 euros. However, cooking pianos have the highest prices on the market. The price of this very complete type of equipment varies from 1,000 to 10,000 euros.

How To Take Care Of Your Stove?

The maintenance process for a stove differs according to the model. If you have a gas stove, you will need to remove and clean the parts, including the grates and burner heads separately. You can wash them with warm water and a non-abrasive detergent before rinsing and drying each item. For the hob, simply wipe it with hot water and a neutral detergent before wiping with a soft cloth

The task is much simpler for a ceramic cooker or an induction cooker. Thanks to their smooth and flat surface, it is enough to wipe the ceramic hob with a damp sponge and dry with absorbent paper. For the upper part of the equipment, know that the best models have an effective automatic cleaning system.