Best Quilt

Best Quilt 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

You need to buy a quality quilt and do not know too well how to choose.

Having the size of the bed is not enough, there are various points to consider, as the choices available to you is really consistent. Should we take a dodo or Abeil quilt? Is there no other brands?

This record is a buying guide on comprehensive duvets. All important issues are discussed and the details that make the difference.

The Best Deals Of The Moment:

Douceur de France | Duvet 220x240cm Microwhite …

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Abeil Couette Softness Absolute Hot 140 x 200 cm

This Qu’Une Qu’Est-Couette? What Difference Between Comforter And Cover?

The bed linen set includes several accessories with a rather precise vocabulary.

I have a good mind to tell you that the coverage is what you find in the beds with love by your grandmother. And comforter, the one you use at home. But one of my grandmothers only works with blankets, so this is not a sufficiently precise definition.

The comforter is usually thick. It has a soft tissue envelope and contains a fairly large packing. The comforter needs a duvet cover.

The cover is thinner, sometimes heavier. For many people, it is used in addition. We huddled in a blanket watching television, we add a blanket over the duvet in the coldest winter. To install it on a bed, it is satisfied with a sheet and blanket is apparent.

To go with your quilt, do not forget to order a bag to the right size and a sheet. For this we have prepared for you a comparison on duvet covers and an article on the best fitted sheet.

Our Blow Of Heart ❤

In our view, the best quilt is a quilt Abeil hot and thick. It is manufactured by a French company and its lining is from recycling. An ecological approach that could leave us insensitive.

This quilt is 100% polyester, perfect against allergies. The outer casing is a touch polyester peach skin. Inside is a lining from the bottle of mineral water recycling plastic. The latter offers a silky soft swelling. Also the duvet is certified Oeko-Tex to ensure that there is absolutely no risk to health.

It can stay warm all winter and take pleasure to curl. And it costs less than € 50 (price varies depending on the size chosen). Note that this model is available in four sizes and two thicknesses (hot or mild).

Best Quilt 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

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How to Choose Your Quilt Of Quality?

There are several elements to consider to know which comforter choose. It is best to order carefully because it is not necessary to change every year duvet. So, it is a long term purchase you are about to do and that will accompany all your nights.

Comforters have a size which varies from 75 × 120 to 240 cm × 260 cm. You have to choose your duvet depending on the size of your bed and take greater. Everyone likes to be well wrapped in the quilt, so you have it protrudes slightly from the bed Allow at least 20 cm longer.

The weight is expressed in grams per square meter. A summer duvet has a basis weight ranging from 150 to 300 g / m² while the comforter winter from 300 to 500 g / m². If you’re the cautious type, take the largest weight systematically.

There are also quilts 4 seasons. These are actually two models with different weight duvets that are hung together to form a quilt for the winter.

Thus Dodo 4 seasons duvet comprises a duvet 200 g / m² (the summer model) and a duvet 300 g / m² (spring and autumn model). Together we obtained a duvet 500 g / m² (winter format).

The filling and coating

Want a natural or synthetic quilt? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. In natural materials are available duck down, silk, wool, cotton, bamboo. This gives the sometimes delicate quilts maintenance. The synthetic duvets offers light, easy to maintain and often treated against allergies.

The first question is how to wash the duvet. Passe she Machine? Should we do dry cleaning? Also look if the treatments included in the quilt: anti-mite, molds, bacteria …

Manufacturers are creative enough and try to better customize their duvets. So there are models with optimized flow of air, a reusable storage bag, essential oils trapped in the fibers, etc.

Of course it is impossible not to take into account the price. It was nice to dream of a beautiful quilt duck down, everyone can not afford it.

The Top 5 Best Selling Of Quilts

To allow you to order a duvet without wasting time, I offer you to be guided by this selection of the best quality duvets. They were selected by users. In general, they have a very good value. In addition, we regularly update to ensure the best quilts at any time.

Best Quilt 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Quilt 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Quilt 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Quilt 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Quilt 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

What Is The Quilt Of A Price?

The first prize for a quilt is about 10 €. In principle for a double bed and a warm duvet (mid-season or winter), there must be a budget of at least € 50. And down duvets eider duck can cost several thousand euros …

The Different Types Of Quilts and Blankets

To keep warm there duvets (that is put on the beds and that’s it), blankets, comforters, quilts them.

The cover can be used without any cloth, just to wrap in on the couch, to warm up on the terrace of a cafe or dropping it in addition to a bed It may also be the only heating the sleepers.

The quilt looks like a quilt, but it is shorter and arises more on the bed It is usually very large. As against its name implies that it is only topped with duck feathers (far from the reality of the products on sale today).

The quilt is a padded cover that sits on the bed and overflows through. It is not necessarily very thick.


The quilt is the base of the bed linen In fact to be precise, it is first necessary a bed for the dimensions of the quilt and the quilt to be able to buy everything else to the right size. And it is she who participates greatly to the quality of sleep, as there is nothing worse than having to sleep with cold.