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Pressure Washer Comparison 2020 10 Efficient Appliances

Buying a high-pressure cleaner is really interesting when we have large surfaces resistant to clean, like a terrace, garden furniture or the floor of a garage. This kind of device is quite impressive due to its size and noise, but it is quite accessible in its use.

By cons, not to waste time cleaning, it is important to choose the pressure washer that will suit you best. We offer below several models that have proven successful. Our favorite? The high-pressure cleaner Karcher K4 Full Control.

What is the difference between a pressure washer hot water or cold water? What budget for a really effective device? What brand to a good pressure washer?

Special High Pressure Washer Best Quality / Price

Karcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer

High Pressure Washer 2000W 160Bar 450L / h …

Lavor 8.086.0076C – 160 GALAXY 2L high Cleaner …

Pressure washers Bosch – UniversalAquatak …

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

We are an independent website (learn more) which gives us the freedom to choose, analyze and criticize the different products sold in France. In order not to leave us overwhelmed by all the options available to us, we have established a comparison and analysis procedure.

First we identify the best sellers lists on various online stores. Then we check whether certain products are winning by individuals or professionals. We study the items available online, as studies conducted by professionals as Leroy Merlin or What to choose (and for some products we also read tests conducted by bloggers).

Finally, we analyze guest reviews on the online shops to identify defects that appear after a few months of use. We would also like to personally test all products, but it is not yet within reach.

Compare Pressure Washer / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Karcher K7 Premium Full Control plus Home

Karcher K2 Premium Full Control

With an efficiency of 30 m² / h, cleaner has a rate of 130 bar and a flow rate of 420 l / h. You can choose between 3 and 2 power modes. The pistol grip is longer than average.

Very useful louse cleaning the floor, this cleaner is sold with a unique accessory: the cleaner soil T450. It also has a very high efficiency with a pressure of 180 bars and a flow rate of 600 l / h.

This cleaner is a perfect business model for small areas. It has a yield of 20 m² / h and offers three different levels of pressure. The maximum pressure is 110 bar.

The best mid-range

With an efficiency of 30 m² / h, cleaner has a rate of 130 bar and a flow rate of 420 l / h. You can choose between 3 and 2 power modes. The pistol grip is longer than average.

The best high-end

Karcher K7 Premium Full Control plus Home

Very useful louse cleaning the floor, this cleaner is sold with a unique accessory: the cleaner soil T450. It also has a very high efficiency with a pressure of 180 bars and a flow rate of 600 l / h.

Karcher K2 Premium Full Control

This cleaner is a perfect business model for small areas. It has a yield of 20 m² / h and offers three different levels of pressure. The maximum pressure is 110 bar.

How Is Made The selection?

To know what pressure washer choose, it is important to take the time to review your needs. You will not buy the same cleaner to maintain once occasionally polish up your patio or your weekly shop.

That’s why we offer below the list of features that we took into account in determining our selection and that you will need to complete your purchase.

The power

To evaluate the performance of a pressure washer, there are three things to consider:


Depending on your project, you will not need the same elements. Thus the thermal engine is suitable for intensive use possibly over large areas, while the electric motor is for occasional use or small areas.

In the same genre, cleaning with cold water suitable for regular use and therefore something that is never extremely dirty. Hot water is preferred for embedded dirt.

the maneuverability

A pressure washer can be a cumbersome accessory. This is why we must take into account its weight, the length of the power cable and hose length.

The online notice also show whether the handles are comfortable, if the device reacts well, etc.

The accessories

From the variety of items included depends on the variety of uses. It is not to be tons, but to have those who will be helpful. Also see if storage is provided between uses.

Best Pressure Washers, 6 Reliable Products

We offer below a detailed and reasoned of product assets we have identified as being the most interesting moment of pressure washers.

1. K2 Karcher Premium Full Control: The Best Cheap

Pressure Washer Comparison 2020 10 Efficient Appliances

Vario Power three pressure levels Although permanent tank of detergent Yield 20 m² / h

Whether steam cleaners or high pressure cleaners, Karcher is the must-have brand for accessible products and very good qualities. Everything is done so that the grip is relatively intuitive and above all practical. All products are also easy to recognize by their yellow and black design.

So this cleaner weighs 4.6 kg and is easy to move. It has a large handle and two wheels, which allows driving do not wear it. And when one is being cleaned, it is stable standing. Further accessories can be attached directly to the cleaner everything together and have everything at your fingertips at any time.

To use, must be fixed to one of ends included, that is to say one of the two nozzles. Everything snaps for quick implementation and, again, solid. The hose is 4 meters. On the handle where the trigger is, you have access to three power levels. The strength of the projected water is really interesting because it cleans quickly and efficiently a wide variety of spaces. So the engine has a power of 1,400 watts, the pressure rises to 110 bars and a maximum throughput of 360 l / h. This allows for a yield of about 20 m² / h.

There is also a transparent reservoir, just below the unit. This allows the complete or not and therefore to use as needed. The detergent suction is direct and this tank is easy to clean if you need to change the product by changing surface.

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2. Bosch Easyaquatak 120: The Alternative No Dear

Pressure Washer Comparison 2020 10 Efficient Appliances

Ultra compact Three different nozzles Power 350 l / h Hose 5 m Convenient carrying handle

No one gear wheel

Here is a pressure washer Bosch designed for small areas and so as not to unnecessarily clutter your garage. This is in fact a compact model on which it is easy to put the flexible and block various elements. It weighs 5 kg, it has a large carrying handle. This does not prevent powerful being, robust and efficient. Besides, the only flaw is that its size suggests that there is no need lots of space to use. But power is such that it is necessary to provide a step back.

Equipped with an engine of 1500 watts, it can perform the majority of tasks for which it was purchased. It has a pressure of 120 bars and a maximum flowrate of 350 l / hour. There is no possible power setting, by cons depending on the nozzle in place, you do not get the same jet. There are three nozzles and a high pressure gun included. Thus there is a rotating nozzle, a high pressure detergent nozzle and a jet nozzle range. Do not hesitate to take the time to read the package insert to always use the most suitable water outlet to your situation. The assembly connects to the device with a hose 5 meters.

The maximum inlet temperature to the water is 40 °. It is a cold water cleaner. Warning, there are virtually the same device with power differences in the exact name of the product.

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3. Karcher K4 Full Control: The Best Middle-End

Pressure Washer Comparison 2020 10 Efficient Appliances

Induction motor pistol grip Two nozzles included flow of 420 l / h Efficiency of 30 m² / h

Bottle soap Karcher

This cleaner Karcher high pressure K4 Full Control is an apparatus equipped with an induction water-cooled engine which is very simple to use. Indeed, everything is supplied with the appliance, especially we have a good legibility on the different elements and what to do. So for commissioning, there is a large on / off button.

Efficiency is such that it may provide for a cleaning of 30 m² / h. For that one has a pressure of 130 bars, a water flow of 420 l / h and a motor 1800 W. We can choose between three different powers to project the water and there are two modes, with or without soap. For this there must be a Karcher detergent bottle of one liter. It is a system called Plug ‘n’ clean.

That is to say, it simply place the bottle of product into the opening. This works very well with Karcher bottles that have the right format. So he did not hesitate later to keep the bottle and fill it with another product adapted to the cleaner and you need to maintain.

As for equipment, the cleaner has a longer pistol grip than most other Karcher pressure washers. There are also two different nozzles to fix it. The electric cable is 5 m and the high pressure hose is 6 m.

Finally, it is a device that weighs 7 kg. It has two large wheels and the carrying handle is telescopic. It amounts to about 1 m above the ground, for easier handling.

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4. Bosch Universalaquatak 130: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Pressure Washer Comparison 2020 10 Efficient Appliances

Pressure 130 bar Flow 380 l / h Nozzle 3 1 folding handle special nozzle detergent

No power setting

This pressure washer Bosch is a model for occasional use on small areas. To respond to a particular target, the handling is easy and intuitive and power is entirely correct. It works on all materials, with or without detergent.

Thus UniversalAquatak cleaner 130 is equipped with a pump aluminum, stainless steel pistons and a self-priming pump. The motor has a power of 1700 W, the flow rate is 380 l / h and the pressure is 130 bar.

No sending force adjusting water, for cons there are two nozzles. So you can choose the one that works best and secure the high-pressure gun. There is a 3-in-1 nozzle which allows for a flat jet, a rotating jet or fine spray. And there is a low pressure nozzle operating with a detergent container with a capacity of 450 ml. We can put the detergent of choice.

The device weighs just 7.8 kilograms. It has two rubber tires for better grip and a folding handle to move it easily and do not clutter during storage. The flexible measuring 6 m while the electric cable is 5 m (the ultra conventional dimensions for this cleaner format).

When purchased, this cleaner has a two-year warranty (very standard). However Bosch offers an extended warranty of one year by visiting his website and registering the purchased device and your email address.

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5. Karcher K7 Premium Full Control Over Home: The Best Premium

Pressure Washer Comparison 2020 10 Efficient Appliances

special floor cleaner hose 10 m 3 power flow up to 600 l / h Pressure of 20 to 180 bars

Heavy (18 kg) Noisy

The pressure washer K7 Premium Full Control Over Home is the K7 model is sold with a very specific accessory, the T450 floor cleaner. This is a device that cleans the floor surfaces such as terraces, but also a garage or workshop with much more efficiency than conventional jet. This is a real plus to save time and go anywhere. If not for all the other technical characteristics, the product presented here is identical to the single Karcher K7 Premium Full Control.

Thus the gun launch, we have access to a power adjustment (3 different powers). The pressure may vary from 20 to 180 bars. The flow rate is a maximum of 600 l / h. The induction motor is water cooled consumes 3000 W. The whole gives an efficiency of 60 m² / h.

It is possible to use detergent with the Plug ‘n’ clean. This will just set the bottle (upside down) on the cleaner. It works with Karcher detergent cans of one liter. The trick is to buy the detergent wanted the first time, then do not hesitate to reuse the bottle to fill it with another product. Furthermore it is also possible to use the cleaner without product.

Side components of the cleaner, there is a high pressure hose of 10 m and its reel, a pistol grip, a multi-jet nozzle 3 in 1, an integrated water filter, a storage net (on the rear of the apparatus), two wheels and a telescopic handle for travel. The last two are needed to handle the pressure washer as it weighs just 18 kilograms.

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6. Bosch Advancedaquatak 140: L’Alternative High The range

Pressure Washer Comparison 2020 10 Efficient Appliances

8m Flexible rate 450 l / h Several included accessories Self-priming pump integrated Storage

Power cable 5 m Heavy

This product is part of garden products from the Bosch range. It therefore has the same design as the other brand appliances: dark green, black and red accents. This is a complete equipment for working large areas, it is heavy and stable. Thus it weighs 18 kg and has two large wheels and an upper handle to be able to move it (he bought completely mounted). It also has an integrated storage space for grouping all accessories. Still, it remains a compact model that do not clutter.

With the high-pressure cleaner, it receives three different nozzles. There is a flat jet nozzle adjustable, a rotary jet nozzle and a detergent nozzle which has a reservoir of 550 ml. The set works with a high pressure gun metal and with a hose 8 m long.

The power is really interesting. The pressure is 140 bar, the flow is 450 l / h and the engine is 2100 W. In fact, his only weakness seems to be the time to break it needs if it all off. At first turn ignition, self-priming pump sucks water, it is cheap and fast.

By cons in case of overheating, the device goes into safe mode. It is necessary to preserve the device and it’s a good thing. But it must then wait 45 minutes to be able to restart. This is fine if you are warned, but the first time it’s extremely frustrating.

For cable management, everything is planned. This prevents tangling equipment and everything is quick to pack and get out.

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Comparison Chart Pressure Washer

And why not…

Here are some high-pressure cleaners and more, so you have more choices. This could be useful to buy your cleaner during sales or Black Friday, or if you want to buy before while promo.

Karcher K3 Full Control

The brand Karcher has developed different technologies and specific accessories for its high-pressure cleaners. The advantage is that the different accessories are often consistent from one model to another. Here the strong point of this little model (4 kg in all) is the presence of the spear VARIO Power and the opportunity to select three different power levels. There are also two other nozzles for two different types of jet.

And the pressure is 120 bar, the flow rate is 380 l / h and the power of the universal motor is 1600 W. The efficiency is 25 m² / h. And even if the idea is to be on a small terrace, the device is still positioned on two wheels to facilitate his movements.

The tank dedicated to the detergent is removable, allowing to use it only if you need it and maintain it easily, with water as needed. The flexible meanwhile is 6 m.

Customer feedback on this product are very good for a loan detail: there seems to be regularly hiccups on the contents of the package and there is not always the right accessories. A detail infuriating, but fortunately the customer service quickly restored the situation.

Pressure Washer Comparison 2020 10 Efficient Appliances

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Michelin Mpx22Ehds

This cleaner is the range of Michelin environment model. It has as main advantage the opportunity to choose two speeds (to use the language of instruction), that is to say two powers. The lowest power consumption allows 30% less water and is suitable for light cleaning or delicate surface. The high speed provides a flow rate of 460 l / h. The pressure is 160 bar and power is 2200 W.

Accessories are quite numerous and are positioned well on the pressure washer to keep everything together. Thus there is a gun, a spear, a hose 6 m, a nozzle, a rotary nozzle and a foam gun kit (0.4 l). All binds and separates with a quick coupling system. There is also a reel for the hose. The system will quickly route through self-priming. Moreover, even if it works with cold water, it is still possible to use water with temperatures up to 50 °.

This is a device that weighs 11.6 kg and has two large wheels. A telescopic handle allows for the handle to the right height to get the cleaner behind.

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Stanley Sxpw22E

The pressure washer Stanley is a relatively lightweight and compact. Its weight is 8 kg, it has two large solid plastic wheels and all the accessories are attached to the back. It measures 79 cm high, which securely holds the handle to move it.

It comes with various useful accessories. And is received with the cleaner: a gun, a spear, a hose 8 m (to put on the reel), a rotary nozzle, an adjustable spray nozzle and a barrel kit foam (with a reservoir of 0.4 liter to place a soap). As with most pressure washers, is not included garden hose that connects to the tap.

The power is 2200 W, the pressure is 150 bar and the water flow rate is 440 l / h. It is possible to use a warm water up to 50 ° C (which is already hot out of the tap). This still remains a cold water cleaner.

The whole is very solid and customers mention that opinion holds up well over time, that is to say, after several months of use.

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Nilfisk C13518

The Nilfisk brand is a leading brand, but it mainly offers expensive products. It is a very specific budget must be provided. Interest is then many extras are available. Indeed this cleaner works with the Click & Clean system adds just one click a wide variety of items. This course also works with some accessories provided with the C135 cleaner.

The engine power is 1800 watts, the pressure is 135 bar (which is fine for regular use and not damp patches) and a flow rate of 520 l / h. The pump is made of aluminum. The hose 8 m and the power cable is 5 m. The different performance of this high-pressure cleaner enable it to clean a surface of 30 m² per hour (approximately).

Its main drawback is that the hose is relatively rigid and that it is not very simple to use the reel. However it is useful to have for compact storage. Then just use the wheels and the wide grip to move all without harm. Because the total weight is still 17 kg. If that ensures stability, it does not really suitable if you have stairs to borrow every time.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Drinking From A Pressure Washer?

The number of bars represents the pressure of the apparatus, that is to say, the force with which water is expelled. It is possible to find devices with a pressure of 100 to 250 bars. If it is necessary to have a high pressure, it will not help if the water flow is not up to par. We must therefore compare the different criteria at the same time and do not focus on just one.

How to Use a Pressure Washer?

To use your pressure washer properly, certain rules must be known. First and foremost, remember that the power of the jet of your device may present a danger to children and animals. therefore undertake your cleaning work by ensuring that no one is around you. Then, start by filling your tank with the detergent you need (if any). Then connect your water supply and then connect your cleaner to your electrical outlet. For best results, choose a nozzle adapted to the surface you are going to clean up. Also remember to adjust the water pressure.

Que Choisir, The Brand Nilfisk Karcher Or?

Karcher Nilfisk are two serious brands to which it is easy to turn because they are both sold in many shops. However, we must keep in mind that despite their similarities, they do not position themselves in the same way. Karcher target individuals with equipment midrange and some high-end products. Conversely at Nilfisk everything is upscale and it shows in the high quality level of the pump and motor. By cons regarding the price and customer service, Karcher seems to be the best solution. To you to see what is most important to you.

What detergent Take With A Pressure Washer?

You can not put any product in a pressure washer. In addition to all that outdoor maintenance, it is best to opt for biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The brand Karcher offers a special-purpose detergent pressure washer. That is to say, it can be used on all surfaces. Otherwise we have to choose a cleaning product for your area. The two most conventional surfaces are wood and the car body. Remember to also check if rinsing is necessary (this is often the case).

Conclusion: What Pressure Washer Buy In Us?

Finally, if this selection we had to choose only one device, we would opt for the high-pressure cleaner Karcher K4 Full Control because it is powerful, easy to use and it still allows clean 30 m² / h .

To restrict a surface more and suddenly a cheaper device, we recommend the cleaner Karcher K2 Premium Full Control.

Finally to clean a lot, especially the ground in no time, maybe it will favor the Karcher K7 Premium Full Control over Home and accessory to the ground.