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Popcorn Machine: Which Model To Choose?

Long intended for traders, the popcorn machine can now be installed in any kitchen. A utensil that allows everyone to taste crisp and delicious homemade popcorns. However, it is not easy to choose the right device from the range of models available on the market. This comparison will guide you in your purchase so that you find the machine that will suit you best.

What Is A Popcorn Machine?

It is a machine that allows you to prepare popcorns. These popcorn kernels which we all love when we are watching television, at the cinema, at the beach or during evenings with family or friends. Providing fast and healthy cooking, the popcorn machine works by popping the corn using hot air circulation.

Popcorn Machine: Which Model To Choose?
Popcorn Machine: Which Model To Choose?

It is often fitted with a transparent top so that the process of producing popcorn can be clearly seen. It is a very easy-to-use utensil, because you just have to pour the corn kernels in it, plug it in and turn it on. It should be noted that certain characteristics, in particular the power, the capacity as well as the cooking method can vary from one model to another.

What Is The Best Popcorn Machine?

Our site presents in this comparison the 3 best cheap popcorn machines currently on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Popcorn Machine?

Depending On Its Power

Power is obviously the first criterion to take into account since it is a cooking appliance. This can vary from 70 Watts to 1,400 Watts and determines the speed of the temperature rise and therefore the cooking time.

Popcorn Machine: Which Model To Choose?
Popcorn Machine: Which Model To Choose?

The more powerful the machine, the more it will allow you to heat the corn in no time. Some are, for example, capable of producing 16 popcorn cups in less than three minutes.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most powerful model at all costs. Your choice will have to be made according to your needs, because it should not be forgotten that the most powerful devices are not only more expensive, but also more energy-consuming. Therefore, we advise you to opt for a popcorn machine whose power is around 800 Watts.

Depending On Its Capacity

This is an important point that you should also give priority to when purchasing your device. By taking a model with a small capacity, you save space, but may not be able to prepare enough popcorn. A large capacity equipment will allow you to make popcorns in quantity.

Popcorn Machine: Which Model To Choose?
Popcorn Machine: Which Model To Choose?

Only, it can take up some space in your kitchen. This is why it would be more judicious to choose the capacity according to the number of people to be treated. To give you an idea, a machine with a bowl of 50 to 100 g is suitable for serving one to eight individuals. Larger models can hold enough popcorn for more than ten people.

Depending On Its Cooking Method And Its Options

Note that popcorn machines use two different cooking modes depending on the model. Those that run on oil are less and less popular, because in addition to the presence of fat, they need a little heating time.

Popcorn Machine: Which Model To Choose?

Prefer machines that use a hot air cooking mode. Also called popcorn blowers, these have the advantage of not only fast cooking, but also fat-free cooking.

When it comes to options, manufacturers are now designing more and more sophisticated devices to meet user requirements. It’s up to you to choose the model that best meets your expectations. There are popcorn machines on the market that are equipped with a mixer arm for good mixing and a heating function to keep the popcorn warm. Some even have a lighting system.

Depending On Its Design And Ease Of Maintenance

In addition to power, capacity, cooking method and options, design and ease of maintenance are also features that should not be overlooked. Popcorn machines come in different aspects, ranging from retro and vintage styles to the most modern. It is the same for the colors.

You are free to choose according to your tastes. However, consider the convenience of the equipment. Those equipped with a plexiglass window will allow you, for example, to view the progress of your preparations. For ease of maintenance, turn to models that have a stainless steel or plastic container. These are much easier to clean. Check that they have removable parts.

Why Buy A Good Popcorn Machine?

To Prepare Popcorns Quickly And Efficiently

The first advantage of the popcorn machine is undoubtedly its speed. Indeed, it is a powerful device that uses hot air to cook corn in record time. Most of this equipment takes only 2 to 4 minutes.

The best performers are even able to process up to 50 grams of corn in just 3 minutes. It is also an efficient machine, because it offers you multiple possibilities of recipes, sweet, salty or spicy according to your desires. In addition, its use and maintenance is very simple.

To Eat Calorie-Free Popcorn

As mentioned earlier, the advantage of having such a device is that you can eat healthy popcorn without fat.

You don’t have to add butter, oil, sugar or salt to get delicious and crispy popcorn from hot air cooking. So containing fewer calories compared to other cooking methods such as the hot plate, machine popcorn becomes a balanced dietetic snack that is safe for your health.

Which Popcorn Machine To Choose?

Comparatif-Multicuiseur has established for you its TOP4 of the best-selling popcorn machines at the moment.

How Much Does A Popcorn Machine Cost?

The price of a popcorn machine is variable depending on the characteristics mentioned above, namely power, capacity, cooking method and options. Nevertheless, it is a tool that remains affordable and accessible to all budgets. Entry-level devices generally cost around 30 euros against 80 euros for mid-range models.

For high-end machines operating with hot air and having many options, it costs around 100 euros. These are approximate prices, since you can find very good quality, but inexpensive devices by opting for a purchase on the internet. The most important thing to choose is equipment from a major brand, such as a tefal, Aicook, Tristar, Gadgy, Simeo, OneConcept, Andrew James, Severin or Klartein popcorn machine.

How To Use A Popcorn Machine?

Ease of use is one of the strengths of the popcorn machine. However, there are some good tips to know to use it well and make delicious popcorns for everyone while avoiding damage to the device as well as accidents.

The first thing you need to do is inspect the condition of where you plan to put your machine. It is recommended to install it far from sources of water and humidity so as not to alter its operating mode. Place it on a platform that is both solid and flat in order to prevent the device from sliding and falling.

Once you have found the right location, pour a sufficient dose of corn and oil into the receptacle. You can add ingredients as desired. Connect the machine then switch it on using the button provided for this purpose. All you have to do is wait for the corn kernels to burst to stop the machine by pressing the same button.

How To Maintain Your Popcorn Machine?

Like all cooking utensils, the popcorn machine requires some maintenance to keep it clean, but also to prolong its life. We offer some simple and effective cleaning methods.

First make sure your machine is unplugged before starting cleaning to prevent the risk of electric shock. Let it cool for about ten minutes. You can then remove the removable parts and clean them using a mixture of hot water and soap and a soft sponge. Avoid abrasive elements which could damage them. Dry with a soft, clean cloth. For the exterior of the device, a stroke of a damp cloth is sufficient. Here, your utensil is clean as new.