Best Pasta Machines

The Best Pasta Machines Of The Moment

The pasta machine is today the delight of pasta lovers. The perfect tool for making fresh homemade pasta. There are, however, a wide variety of models, and finding the right device is not always easy. Comparatif-Multicuiseur presents the important characteristics that you must take into account in order to acquire the machine that best suits your needs.

What Is A Pasta Machine?

A pasta machine is, as its name suggests, a utensil which is dedicated to the preparation of tagliatelle, spaghetti, fusilli, macaroni, lasagna, ravioli, but also other savory or sweet dishes made from pasta. A kitchen accessory that allows you to laminate the dough and cut it into slices.

The Best Pasta Machines Of The Moment
The Best Pasta Machines Of The Moment

There are two types. Manual or traditional models which work manually and which are mainly used to flatten and spread the dough evenly. The automatic or electric pasta machines are equipped with a motor allowing all the preparation to be carried out automatically.

What Is The Best Pasta Machine?

Our site offers you a comparison of the 3 best models of dough machines available on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Pasta Machine?

Depending On Its Capacity And Power

This is also a feature to consider when choosing a fresh pasta machine. The capacity determines in fact the quantity of dough that the latter can prepare at one time.

The Best Pasta Machines Of The Moment
The Best Pasta Machines Of The Moment

Everything will depend on the use you intend to make of your device as well as the number of people to be served. For example, a 250 g to 650 g container can be used to make fresh pasta at home. On the other hand if you are looking for a professional electric pasta machine, opt for a model that can prepare up to 1 kg or more.

It is the same for power. If a 100 W device is sufficient for individuals, a more powerful model capable of making as much pasta quickly is recommended for professionals.

Depending On Its Material

The material is one of the essential criteria that must determine your choice. Know that this conditions the robustness as well as the design of your equipment.

The Best Pasta Machines Of The Moment
The Best Pasta Machines Of The Moment

First, there are the chrome steel models that turn out to be solid and elegant, but which can rust if you do not maintain them properly. Stainless steel pasta machines are the most appreciated by chefs for their refined design, their resistance to rust and their ease of maintenance.

Besides, most kitchen utensils are made from this material. Finally, you will also find plastic models which concern the majority of electric versions. The advantage of opting for these types of device is that they are very aesthetic, light and durable because they do not risk being rusted over time.

According To Its Accessories

To acquire the right Italian pasta machine, it is also important to consider the accessories included.

The Best Pasta Machines Of The Moment

Each utensil must be supplied with the fixing vice, the crank, the rolling mill which serves to roll out the dough to different thicknesses, the dryer, the cutting rollers and the molds.

Be aware, however, that there are devices with more accessories that are more versatile. These will allow you to prepare a wider variety of pastas, such as spaghetti, fettuccines, tagliatelle, ravioli maker and others. You will not have to spend more money to buy the cutting elements and vary your pleasures. Also look for the machines that come with a recipe book to make your dishes a success every time.

Depending On Its Ergonomics And Maintenance

In addition to the capacity, power, manufacturing material and accessories included, ergonomics and maintenance are also points that should not be overlooked. A good pasta machine must above all be comfortable to use.

This is the reason why Comparatif-Multicuiseur recommends the models that have an intuitive control panel. Note that there are machines with an integrated drawer that allows you to store discs and tools. If it is a manual model, check that the handle of the crank is ergonomic.

Regarding ease of maintenance, we advise you to choose a device made up of a maximum of removable elements. You can wash them easily and efficiently one by one. It should also be noted that the best utensils are those that are dishwasher safe. Some, like the philips dough machine, are even more practical since they are equipped with a cleaning tool specially designed for discs.

Why Buy A Good Pasta Machine?

Very Easy To Use Device

Ease of use is one of the main strengths of the Italian pasta machine. Unlike other utensils, its use does not require any particular know-how.

Both professional and private can use it to make delicious fresh pasta every time.

All you have to do is plug in the machine, pour all the ingredients into the tank before switching it on and the tank will take care of the rest.

To Have Perfect Pasta

The other advantage of having a good fresh pasta machine is that we keep the flavors of our pasta. This is also the reason why the greatest chefs use it in their cuisine. Having this type of utensil allows you to eat healthy dishes without preservatives.

You can choose your own ingredients and even incorporate cuttlefish ink to add color to your pasta. Your spaghetti, tagliatelle, macaroni, lasagna or even your ravioli will taste better if they were made with fresh pasta.

Which Pasta Machine To Choose?

Comparatif-Multicuiseur has selected its top 4 best selling dough machines right now.

The Different Types Of Pasta Machines

Manual Pasta Machine

The manual, traditional or even classic pasta machine is a model that works manually and is fixed to the work surface by a vice. To roll out and shape the dough, turn the crank. It can be tiring if you are not used to it.

It is also a technique which requires a certain know-how. However, the manual machine makes it possible to obtain a perfect thickness of paste. This is why it is essential for artists who handle polymer clay.

Electric Pasta Machine

Also called an automatic pasta machine, the electric model allows you to make fresh pasta more easily and without getting tired. Indeed, it is enough and put all the ingredients in the tank which kneads the dough.

The dough then passes through different molds to be cut to the desired length. You just have to insert the pasta pattern. The other advantage of this type of device is that it is possible to prepare a greater variety of pasta thanks to the multiple discs provided. The only downside is that it is often noisy and quite bulky.

What Is The Price Of A Pasta Machine?

Similar to other household appliances, the price of a pasta machine varies according to its capacity, power, material, operation and accessories.

What we can say is that it is more than affordable if we refer to its usefulness. Manual models are accessible from 20 euros, but can go up to 120 euros for those supplied with many accessories.

Versatile and powerful, automatic pasta machines are obviously more expensive. Their cost generally ranges from 50 euros to more than 200 euros for the most advanced models. Anyway, we advise you to find out about the brand of device that interests you. Better to opt for a real specialist to be sure to acquire a tool that is both reliable and robust.

How To Use A Pasta Machine?

Knowing how to use your machine is essential to being able to prepare perfect fresh pasta every time. It should be noted that the instructions for use may be different depending on the model.

Here are some tips on how to properly use such a tool. In case you have a manual model, the first thing you need to do is prepare your dough. For this you will need water, flour and eggs.

You can also add other ingredients such as spices or dyes as you wish. With the dough ready, first set your machine to the largest distance and turn the crank to have a very homogeneous and regular dough. Then reduce this thickness depending on the type of dough you want to prepare. Do not hesitate to add a little flour if the dough tends to stick. Iron it until you get a smooth and fine paste.

The task is easier with an automatic pasta machine. Indeed, the latter does everything for you. You simply have to insert the appropriate disc for your preparation, plug in the appliance, insert the ingredients in the tank and start the process. You must still respect the maximum amount of ingredients that your machine can contain.

How To Clean Your Pasta Machine?

Like any kitchen utensil, the lasagna pasta machine must be cleaned properly so that healthy pasta can continue to be prepared. It also extends its lifespan. Here are some tips for getting it right.

For a good cleaning of your machine, it is preferable to disassemble each removable part in order to access all the parts. Some devices are supplied with a small brush which you can use to scrub every corner. Each item is simply washed with a damp sponge, but you can also run them underwater to remove the toughest residue. Make sure that all parts are dried before assembling. Please note that some items can be put in the dishwasher, especially for the electric versions.