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Gas Planchas Comparison: The Best Models

If you are on this article, it is surely because you wanted to invest in a gas plancha. Indeed, Comparatif-Multicuiseur guides you step by step through this buying guide to choose the right equipment. Thus, you will know exactly the dimensions you need, the power adapted to your preparations or even the type of material which will be the easiest for you to maintain.

What Is A Gas Plancha?

The plancha is a kitchen accessory that allows you to cook all kinds of food on a smooth hot plate. Here, the energy source is gas and the hob will be directly supplied with heat by means of burners thanks to the hose and the regulator.

Gas Planchas Comparison: The Best Models
Gas Planchas Comparison: The Best Models

Practical and functional, the gas plancha ensures precise cooking of food, whether it is meat, fish, vegetables or even fruit. It comes in different models, the main differentiating elements of which are the power, the number of burners, the size of the hob, as well as the material of manufacture.

What Is The Best Gas Plancha?

You will find in our comparison the 3 best models of gas plancha available on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Gas Plancha?

Depending On Its Power

The power of a plancha is expressed in kilo watt and the higher it is, the more the equipment will be able to cook food very quickly. Only here, everyone does not necessarily need as much power, since the choice of power will depend in particular on the type of cooking that you want to achieve with the device.

Gas Planchas Comparison: The Best Models
Gas Planchas Comparison: The Best Models

If you are a fan of seared meats, a fairly high power will be necessary. On the other hand, to delicately grill fish and vegetables, a little less power will do the trick. It should also not be forgotten that the power indicated on each model is the totality of the power delivered on each burner. So the more burners, the more power you will need. Some professional stainless steel gas planchas can reach more than 15 kW.

Its Cooking Surface And Its Number Of Burners

Note that the more burners your gas plancha has, the better the cooking efficiency. First of all, you will need to make sure you choose the right plate size that meets your needs.

Gas Planchas Comparison: The Best Models
Gas Planchas Comparison: The Best Models

In general, it will depend on the amount of food you are used to preparing. For a small family of 4 to 5 people for example, an area of ​​30 to 40 cm will be sufficient. This plate will not need more than one burner.

In the event that you are often several for the barbecue, a plate of approximately 60 cm, with two burners, will be perfect for cooking food for a group of 10 people. And to treat up to 12 guests, we advise you to favor a cooking surface of 70 to 90 cm, equipped with 3 or more burners.

However, even if not many of you want to feast on an outdoor dinner, Comparatif-Multicuiseur can always recommend that you opt for a plancha with two or three burners. These will allow you to cook different types of ingredients at different temperatures in several places.

Gas Planchas Comparison: The Best Models

Thus, you will have the possibility of grilling crustaceans for the entry on one part of the baking sheet, to sear meat on the other and to keep warm the food already cooked on another part.

Depending On The Materials Of The Hob

To be sure of making the right choice in terms of material constituting the hob, it will be necessary to take into account your frequency of use, as well as your ardor as regards cleaning.

Also remember that some materials have a longer shelf life, offer a much better cooking result and heat up faster than others.

For small budgets, we recommend enameled cast iron which ensures very good restitution and heat conservation. It also provides excellent taste quality on grills, although it requires a little maintenance, which makes it the most suitable material for occasional use.

Enamelled steel is also accessible, prevents food from sticking and is not afraid of rust. It is recommended for frequent use although its temperature rise is slower.

For a very rapid rise in temperature and good heat distribution, opt for a carbon laminated steel plate. Gas planchas made of stainless steel and hard chrome are the most expensive and most appreciated by professionals, but nothing prevents you from choosing them if your budget allows. The first provides flawless hygiene and a long service life, while the second provides perfect cooking quality and easy maintenance.

Depending On Its Options

Certain options can become real assets in the use of your cooking equipment. For this, use the piezo ignition which is standard for gas planchas, but also the thermocouple function which ensures the automatic shutdown of the gas in the event of wind.

In addition, the gas plancha with trolley is one of the models most recommended by our site due to its practicality. It will be much easier to move and will house the gas cylinder.

The cart will also offer several storage spaces for your dishes and cooking accessories. Besides, some models will even be accompanied by a few utensils, such as a spatula or a long fork for turning food.

The presence of a grease collecting tray is also an essential point not to dirty your terrace, hence the need to opt for a tilting plate that can more easily evacuate the juice from food or on the contrary keep it. Finally, to protect your equipment from bad weather, nothing more effective than a protective cover or hood.

Why Buy A Good Gas Plancha?

Enjoy A Convivial Moment Indoors And Outdoors

Much more versatile than an electric model, the gas plancha does not depend on any electrical connection to operate. This makes it the ideal companion for those who love outdoor dining, but it is also suitable for dinners under the terrace.

Allowing for use in the kitchen, the gas plancha to place easily finds its place on a table or bench during the winter. And on sunny days, the plancha with trolley will be installed wherever you want in the garden. It is the essential equipment for those who love to spend good times with family or friends around a barbecue, especially since it has the distinction of having a large hob. The latter can thus accommodate large quantities of food in a single round.

To Cook Various Foods Simultaneously

It is indeed the biggest asset of the gas plancha. Being able to have two, three or even several independently adjustable burners, it offers users the possibility of grilling food in a homogeneous or different way.

Therefore, you no longer need to chain cooks one by one to cook meat, fish and vegetables since you can distribute each of them on the same baking sheet, but at cooking temperatures different. This represents a real time saver in the preparation of your food, especially if you want to serve various ingredients to your guests. All you need is a stronger fire to sear meats on one side, a medium heat to grill fish and vegetables on the other, and a low heat to keep already cooked food warm.

Which Gas Plancha To Choose?

We offer a selection of the TOP4 of the best-selling gas plancha models of the moment.

What Is The Price Of A Gas Plancha?

The price of a gas plancha varies from one model to another depending on several criteria, including the materials it is made of, its power, its size, as well as the various accessories supplied with it. Be careful not to get carried away in choosing a low-end product, because the hob may be of poor quality.

At less than 80 euros actually, it is quite difficult to find a good quality and thick enough plate that offers even cooking. Bet on mid-range products, with steel materials offering the best quality / price ratio. Otherwise, you can always aim for a gas plancha with stainless steel plate with an unlimited budget.

How To Cook With A Gas Plancha?

Start by cleaning the baking sheet with water to remove traces of impurity. Then connect the plancha to a bottle of butane or propane gas according to the instructions in the instructions for use. Then, start the fire and let it heat for a few minutes at maximum power. Adjust the temperature according to the food to be cooked, pour a few drops of oil and your baking!

To reduce fat consumption, you can oil the food before placing it on the baking sheet rather than pouring oil on the baking sheet. It is also preferable to cut the food into pieces or strips in order to obtain a good cooking. Find on recipe books varieties of dishes to be made on the plancha, as well as the good cooking time adapted to each type of food.

How To Clean Your Gas Plancha?

You can remove any food residue on a hot baking sheet between two batches by pouring water into it and scraping with a spatula or a stainless steel ball in the direction of the evacuation leading to the fat collecting tray.

Otherwise, you can also wait for your cooking to finish and leave the plancha on. Pour alcohol vinegar on the baking sheet and let it boil so that the dirt comes off on its own. Remove the residue and then use a paper towel covered with vegetable oil to keep the plate.

When cold, in the case of a removable plate, you can moisten it in the sink and rub it with a stainless steel ball soaked in dishwashing liquid. Rinse with clear water, dry well and do not forget to oil it with a paper towel to avoid rust. Attention, if it is an enamelled cast iron plate, the cleaning will be specific and without corrosive products. For a non-removable plate, pour washing-up liquid and lukewarm water over it. Peel off the residue with a spatula, rinse with plenty of water, dry the surface with a paper towel and finish by oiling.