Best Multifunction Robots

Best Multifunction Robot 2020 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

The multifunction robot is an extremely practical accessory for the versatility it offers. This is one device that replaces several. It saves space in the kitchen and keep everything handy.

However all multifunction robots do not have the same effectiveness because they do not have all the same functions and the same kind of accessories. That is why we have selected after careful study, six multifunction robots more reliable the time, led by our favorite, the Moulinex robot Easy FP244110 Force.

What multifunction robot choose? How to compare different models? What price for an effective food processor?

Find the answer to these questions and much more by continuing your reading.

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Multifunction Robot Comparison / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Moulinex Easy Force FP244110

KitchenAid 5k45ssewh Classic

With five accessories and bowl 2,4 l, it provides access to 20 functions. It has a power of 700 watts which is varied by a selector to be set to one of 2-speed or pulse function.

Sold with 10 accessories, is a powerful robot for all the functions it offers. Three speeds are available. It includes a juicer and a shaker in addition to conventional elements.

Very sturdy, it is a robot that is initially sold with few accessories, but that can easily be completed according to individual needs. Has a direct drive motor.

Moulinex Easy Force FP244110

With five accessories and bowl 2,4 l, it provides access to 20 functions. It has a power of 700 watts which is varied by a selector to be set to one of 2-speed or pulse function.

The best mid-range

Sold with 10 accessories, is a powerful robot for all the functions it offers. Three speeds are available. It includes a juicer and a shaker in addition to conventional elements.

The best high-end

KitchenAid 5k45ssewh Classic

Very sturdy, it is a robot that is initially sold with few accessories, but that can easily be completed according to individual needs. Has a direct drive motor.

How Is Made The selection?

The interest of a multifunction robot is its ability to perform multiple functions effectively. Indeed, it must be as good as a meat grinder to chop and a blender to mix. But in reality the features vary from one product to another as well as performance.

That’s why there are some specific features to compare while keeping in mind the most useful options for you. For example, when one has a very good heating blender, the ability to mix becomes less important.

The engine and power

The engine power is expressed in watts. One of the most interesting features is access to an asynchronous motor which can work longer and with more power.

Also a powerful robot just will not do everything accurately. It is therefore preferable to have a multifunction device that offers various speeds (at least two) and a pulse function.

The included functions and accessories

These are the accessories that determine the possible uses. The most complete multifunction robot can cut, chop, slice, grate, knead, mix, making juices, climbing whites. Some even allow you to make pasta (tagliatelle form for example).

The number of accessories is not a relevant criterion, because in some cases we get 5 different graters and nothing to chop. The other thing to consider is the possibility to buy additional accessories and thus gradually improve the robot. Only the best brands offer it.

The tank supplied has a capacity that can be more or less clear idea of ​​the quantity of eggs to ride in snow or bread dough that you can do there. According to the descriptions, the capacity is given relative to the entire bowl (that is to say by imagining it will be filled to the brim). The most interesting is to have the useful capacity, that is to say that we can truly fulfill to use the multipurpose robot in good conditions. The useful capacity is approximately two-thirds of the total capacity. Moreover some robots are sold with two bowls, one small to small quantities.

Generally removable parts can be placed in a dishwasher. This facilitates maintenance. However it is best to check definitively before buying. Furthermore it is necessary to take into account the ergonomics, that is to say the ease in placing the elements and to remove for washing.

This concerns both the stability that the implementation of the robot route. While some cameras allow just knead dough, several blades are often included. It is necessary to be sure that no child will slip the hand and the robot will not turn on the road during disassembly.

Best Multifunction Robots – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Moulinex Easy Fp244110 Force: The Best Cheap

Best Multifunction Robot 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

For integrated hygrometer room of 30 m² Adjustable diffuser microporous cartridge Timer included

The Moulinex Easy Force robot is a multifunctional robot designed for beginners and for those providing occasional use. Indeed everything is done to make it simple to use and that the information is at hand.

Thus the robot comes with 5 accessories which gives access to 20 different functions. All accessories can be stored in the large bowl, and once on the other everything is in one place. It is true that this means that the time to use non-useful accessories lying next to you. But as soon as the bowl is clean, everything finds its place quickly.

The initiation is done on the front of the robot by selecting one of the two velocities or the pulse mode. Of the different accessories is mentioned optimal operating speed. So just take a look at the introduction of the accessory and can still use the food processor to the best of his ability. As against these little thoughtful gestures are there really no manual, so you have to trust and act on instinct than anything else.

5 accessories included are a kneader knife, a slicer, a thick enough grater, an emulsifier and a vegetable cutting disc. The bowl includes a capacity of 2.4 liters. It has a great grip for easy handling. With the exception of the motor base, all parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. As against this robot is not designed to accept more to be purchased optional accessories. Unable to add a blender for example.

The power is 700 watts. This is a good model, however it remains a product input range, so do not push the engine too long. Stability is good. And just as many household robots, it is quite noisy.

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2. Philips Hr7762 / 90 Viva Collection: Dear No Alternative

Best Multifunction Robot 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Grand Double diffusion nozzle Ultrasound tank and cold vapor Silencer Auto Off if vacuum tank

Philips Viva This robot is a model called 3-in-1 that actually offers 28 functions. Indeed, it is sold with numerous accessories. Firstly there is a plastic bowl with a usable capacity of 1.5 liters. also receiving a blender with a capacity of one liter and a mill of 250 ml (for pepper for example). The 750-watt motor is powerful and really lets optimally use each accessory. Do not run the engine for too long, but it is the principle of this type of product.

Furthermore the list of four discs includes stainless steel appliances, a kneading tool, grater and a knife S. For any group, a storage box is also available. any type of vegetable can be grating, including carrots. The blade is very sharp and very solid. The preparation is done by activating one of the two speed or pulse function. In fact, surprisingly enough, it seems that the element most delicate or plastic bowl!

So this multifunction robot Viva HR7762 / 90 allows for mashed potatoes, soup, grind pepper or berries, to make cream with almonds or walnuts, grate of cabbage and many other vegetables. It is truly versatile and all accessories work well, whatever we need.

All removable parts can be placed in the dishwasher for a more basic maintenance. The camera is all in height, it is stable and the handling is easy. The elements fit together well and quickly as needed.

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3. Food Processor Topchef: The Best Middle End

Best Multifunction Robot 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Large tank (2.5 l) 7 color night light + Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffuser essential oils backlit touchscreen

short electrical cable

The TopChef robot is a stylish device, black and transparent, is to take place in the kitchen permanently. It comes with 10 accessories with access to 7 different functions. Thus the robot with a cutting blade is received, a dough hook, a disc slicer, a chopper, a shaker (named blender pitcher), a juicer, a grinder, a whisk and a spatula. The bowl has a usable capacity of 2 liters, while the shaker has a capacity of 1.8 liters. This therefore allows a slight grinding, fine grinding, kneading, slicing, chopping (meat or not) and grind coffee or other seeds.

The power is 1100 watts. The display order is clear and very readable. We have the choice between three speeds and pulse function. Around commands is displayed, as a reminder, what speed choose according to the accessory and the desired function. Thus, even if a manual is included with the food processor, usually can do without.

This robot is highly rated online reviews are numerous and positive. Indeed it is a true multifunction device. It allows to make smoothies, soups (by mixing vegetables already cooked), squeeze oranges and grapefruits, kneading bread dough or cake, grate carrots, etc. It is effective in all functions and shows no weakness.

As the orders are clear, the implementation of the various elements is easy and intuitive. If in doubt, the French manual is very comprehensive. It must still know that there is a security system for fixing each item. Everything must align to be sure that nothing spills. Also the device is positioned on suckers for good stability and limit the spread of vibrations on the worktop.

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4. Klarstein Lucia Orangina: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Multifunction Robot 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Night mode auto or manual mode Two NanoCloud speed digital interface technology

Hygrometer not ultra-precise

The food processor Klarstein Lucia is a product design, elegant, that we want to put in evidence in her kitchen. Moreover it is available in several colors (orange, red, silver, cream, white, silver). On the other hand it is also quite high (64 cm all mounted) and heavy (11.2 kg). It is made to settle permanently on a work plan and not to make return in the closet. However, it is not only for its design we have included in this selection, it is indeed a very versatile robot.

The model of Orangina Lucia Klarstein allows mixing, kneading, chopping and mixing. For that it comes with hooks, a whip, a glass shaker with lid, chopper with accessories to make sausage, a bowl stainless steel 5 liter accessories to make pasta. The trouble works with a planetary mixer. Thus it allows to beat egg whites or knead heavy dough (bread dough or pizza).

Getting started is simple. The elements are easily set up quite naturally. The Start button is convenient because the front. It provides access to 6 different speeds. However there is a security, which makes the device does not start until all is not well fixed in the right place, with the lid tightly closed on top. Good also because the engine is 1200 watts, which is a very important power. This security can be ramping at the beginning when you do not understand what is loose, but with kids, it’s scary. The set is also very stable thanks to feet each equipped with a suction cup.

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5. 5K45Ssewh Kitchenaid Classic: The Best Premium

Best Multifunction Robot 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

ultraviolet Presence Option 10 powers fan timer Remote

while plastic outer

The KitchenAid Classic is a versatile robot famous blender. It is easy to identify by its strong and unique design. It is available in white or black and sometimes in other colors. Moreover KitchenAid brand has a solid reputation and many amateur cooks to trust him completely and boasting its merits. As against this famous brand primarily sells simple products, you pay more to add accessories and options. This is the case here too.

Indeed Classic food processor KitchenAid comes with only 4 components: a bowl of 4.3 liters, a son whisk, flat beater and dough hook. This allows it to mix, knead and rise of whites. That’s all ! Other functions are available by purchasing the necessary accessories and more. Note that the robot is manufactured in the US and is touted for its robustness. Accessories are manufactured in Asia and solidity is more variable.

The power of the robot comes from its engine with direct transmission. This allows it to have a very significant power even though power consumption is minimal. A speed controller is positioned on the front of the device and allows to select up to 10 power levels. This will go from 58 to 220 rpm. At maximum speed, the noise level is 61 dB, which is quite high.

Its weight (10 kg) and its stability allow working heavy preparations such as bread dough or pizza dough without difficulty.

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6. Kenwood multione Khh323Wh: The Alternative Premium

Best Multifunction Robot 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Purifier and humidifier Automatic mode Displays air quality Simplified controls flow 3 speeds

approximate hygrometer

The Kenwood MultiOne is organized in two parts. At the worktop takes place a metal bowl of 4.3 liters. It works with the pastry kit (whip, beater and mess of metal), retrieves the juice squeezer and elements out of the chopper. On top of the device, one can fix a 1.5 liter glass blender, the juicer and multifunctional tank based on the establishment of different disks or blades. So we might as well make that whipped grate carrots, prepare mayonnaise or chopped ham. It also receives a cover splash more of the rest. The power of 1000 watts is adjustable with five different speeds.

All elements are solid and reliable, as always with the Kenwood brand. Moreover it is very easy to buy an accessory in case of trouble or supplement slightly overall. It’s a solid device that is made to last in time. Also the customer service Kenwood has a very good reputation. We must provide against by a storage drawer for all accessories, as nothing is provided at the robot. This can quickly become cumbersome. It should also be provided to place the robot in an easy-to-access order to place items on top, for easy access to power-on button, etc.

Maintenance is relatively easy since everything can be placed in the dishwasher with the exception of the block containing the engine. For the latter just use a sponge (never rub with the abrasive side). The feet of the robot end with suction cups for stability. Indeed, without suction, vibration could cause the movement of the robot on the worktop.

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And why not…

Here are a few multifunction robots very practical. These complementary products to our initial list allow you to have more choice and especially more opportunity to find a good camera in your budget either during the sales, Black Friday or the rest of the year.

Philips Hr7628/00 Daily Collection

This robot small price Philips comes with a 2.2 liter bowl of a blender and 1.75 liter. It also has various accessories, mainly stainless steel chopping, whipping, whisking, grating and emulsify. It allows to mount whites or chop onions. It has a large fireplace, the inclusion of ingredients being so simple and secure. As against this large fireplace invites pretty cutting vegetables while he is still better to do. Several graters are included with different sizes of rasps.

This is a lightweight (less than 1 kg) while plastic on the outside. It is at this level that we feel that this is a cheap device. It seems solid (reviews in this direction), but it still does not inspire confidence. Getting started is easy with a big knob on the front. It is positioned on two speed or the pulse function. Then after use all removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

Best Multifunction Robot 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Bosch Mcm 4100

Bosch offers with this multifunction robot a stable, elegant (white and gray) and inspiring confidence. Its specific format hides a storage drawer where almost all the accessories can take place. It’s really convenient because everything is always at hand.

MCM 4100 robot comes with a bowl bowl of 2.3 liters, a multifunction stainless steel knife, a graduated blender, whisk eggs, inserts stainless steel grating and slicing and a juicer. The engine has a power of 800 watts and at the same time the energy is a Class A (that is to say, the power consumption is quite correct).

The initiation is done by choosing the speed 1 or 2, or by activating the pulse function. The commands are grouped into a single button on the front of the robot. It’s really simple to use. The only regret is the abundance of plastic, but the whole is solid over the years.

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Moulinex I-Companion Hf900110

This robot is consistently ranked among the multifunction robots without being truly one. Indeed the Moulinex I-Robot Companion is primarily a multipurpose cooker. That is to say that it allows to cook in many different ways. However, it differs from other cookers by the presence of a double stainless steel blade that allows him to mix and chop.

It is often recommended as a birth gift, because it allows to prepare well floss food for babies. It also has accessories 4 glass jars that conserve meals for later. However it makes meal preparation also for the whole family. Its bowl has a capacity of 1.4 liters.

This is a connected robot, which allows to find recipes on their smartphone (and hence shopping easier) and better monitor the food preparation time.

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Conclusion: What Multifunction Robot Buy In Us?

In many circumstances the Moulinex robot Easy Force FP244110 will be more than enough. Indeed it is necessary for all people who cook occasionally, those starting, those who never had food processor.

It is only with the assurance to do more and more often that it is worth spending more to invest in the multipurpose robot TopChef.

And it is that if you are looking for something that will evolve with you that, yes, the robot KitchenAid Classic 5k45ssewh worth it. It is also the only one that offers a direct drive motor.