Best Multicuiseurs

Best Multicuiseurs 2020 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

Whether you have a small kitchen equipped or you want a versatile, the Multicooker is a smart cooking appliance that simplifies meal preparation.

Although selected it allows to prepare as well as rice casserole, steamed vegetables, fish, etc. Everything really depends on the product you buy. Therefore we studied the multicuiseurs available now to find the best, most reliable, most durable. Topping the list is the Multicooker Moulinex Cookeo CE704110.

Whether cooking with Multicooker? How to know what Multicooker buy? Is it really necessary to spend more than EUR 100?

Take stock of these questions in order to understand why multicuiseurs presented above have attracted our attention.

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Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

G tested for you is an independent site. The research, comparisons and selections are based solely on the actual effectiveness of each product without any affiliation to a brand of appliances.

Thus the editors rely on different documents to establish their selection and take into account all the views of users (on Amazon, Fnac, Darty, etc.). They seek to know the durability of products, not just their effect upon unpacking. Besides technical issues such as those of Que Choisir also studied to be sure that the figures announced by the manufacturers are really relevant.

Compare Multicooker / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Moulinex Cookeo+ Gourmet CE852900

simple and effective model Cookeo, it provides access to 100 revenue through menus 4 and 6 cooking modes. Its vessel of 6 liters is anti-adhesive and easy to clean, as well as the steamer.

This is the Multicooker that besides allowing to cook meals suitable for making cakes, pies, etc. It is sold with a steamer and a cake pan plus a 6 l tank.

Moulinex offers Multicooker entered range which allows varying preparations (12 modes) for a small price. It has a vessel of 5 liters and a steamer.

The best mid-range

simple and effective model Cookeo, it provides access to 100 revenue through menus 4 and 6 cooking modes. Its vessel of 6 liters is anti-adhesive and easy to clean, as well as the steamer.

The best high-end

Moulinex Cookeo+ Gourmet CE852900

This is the Multicooker that besides allowing to cook meals suitable for making cakes, pies, etc. It is sold with a steamer and a cake pan plus a 6 l tank.

Moulinex offers Multicooker entered range which allows varying preparations (12 modes) for a small price. It has a vessel of 5 liters and a steamer.

How Is Made The selection?

A good Multicooker is a device that allows you to prepare your favorite dishes and do not disappoint over the months. The best device for one person is not always what works for another. However, there are criteria to get a first good idea of ​​the quality of the cooking appliance.

The Cookeo Moulinex are multicuiseurs a genre somewhat specific, but they can quite be compared with others.

The cooking bowl size is the first criterion to consider, the most important and also the most personal time. It all depends on your family size and the number of people for whom you are cooking.

By cons must also take into account the design (which he has insulating handles), the material and maintenance. If you have a dishwasher, so having a tank which can take place.

This is the list of programs included in a Multicooker that can get a clear idea of ​​the possible dishes. usually included is a special program and simmer another for browning. For the rest up to you. Thus a comprehensive Multicooker can replace a rice cooker or even a slow cooker.

It seems essential to also have access to a manual mode and have a large amplitude in the choice of temperature. In general, it can range from 40 to 200 ° C.

Between the accessories and options, the possibilities are endless for improving the grip of Multicooker. Thus it is possible to have a connected device (to monitor the cooking of his office, access to recipes to the supermarket, etc.), safety locks, delayed start-up, a keep warm, a recipe booklet a frying basket …

Design is important because Multicooker is made to sit in the kitchen and remain visible. When the kitchen is open to the dining room, much prefer a beautiful device. Conversely, if you want to store it between uses Multicooker is its weight to be taken into account.

Best Multicuiseurs – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Moulinex Mk705111: The Best Cheap

Best Multicuiseurs 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Steamer included 12 modes Delayed Start Warming Keep Warm

This Multicooker Moulinex is presented as a 12-in-1 device because it offers 12 different modes. The control panel on the top allows you to choose between the following functions: risotto, rice and grains, steam and soup, wok and stir fry, simmer, baby, oven and dessert, yogurt, warm, hot holding, utilizing delayed road finally adjustable time. For this the Multicooker comes with a steamer plastic spoon, a spatula and a book of 26 recipes. The temperature varies from 42 to 160 ° C, depending on the selected mode. It differs from a Multicooker Cookeo Moulinex mainly by the absence of “ultra-fast cooking under pressure” mode.

The proposed cooking is relatively homogeneous because it is a 2D cooking, that is to say the sides and bottom. A condensation collector is present in the cover. The tank has a capacity of 5 liters. and is designed with a highly durable ceramic coating. It can be washed in the dishwasher, as well as the cover and the steam basket.

In principle, this camera is versatile enough to be used daily. However it has a large carrying handle and weighs only 3.7 kilograms. This allows the store in a closet and not leave the when we need it.

There are two details to be familiar to enjoy. First the bowl has a curved bottom for better heat distribution. It’s stupid, but that means it’s impossible to cook a fried egg. Furthermore, the Multicooker heated to maximum 160 °, or thermostat 5-6. So even with the oven mode, many cakes can not be cooked in this unit. You really have to be considered as an accessory to cook meals and there, no worries.

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2. Bosch Autocook Muc22B42: The Alternative No Dear

Best Multicuiseurs 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Steamer For 5-6 people. Recipe book 48 programs Delayed start

This smart Multicooker Bosch offers 16 different cooking modes. Each is available in three phases (short, medium or long), making a total of 48 different programs. In these automatic modes may be preferred the manual mode. This allows to choose a temperature between 40 ° and 160 ° C. One can also enjoy programming that cooking starts later or the dish stays warm when it’s ready. The power of the cooker is 900 watts. All online opinion boast the ability to never give anything burn.

The control panel is entirely in French to facilitate handling. And it is well positioned on top for better readability.

The accessories are limited but sufficient for many dishes. Thus we get the cooking bowl has a capacity of 5 liters (4 liters capacity, ideal for feed 4 to 6 people), a steam basket, spatula, spoon and a recipe book. The latter is quite brief. It is mainly there to learn how to use the device. Then it is best to refer to the AutoCook application or simply use Cookeo recipes since they are often compatible. In the end all these elements allow to prepare a variety of food such as yoghurt, risotto, jams, stews, vapors dishes, etc.

Maintenance is very simple. The main bowl is anti-adhesive. And all accessories can be placed in the dishwasher. It must still be careful not to use abrasive sponges, as the anti-adhesive is not more efficient.

It is possible to buy accessories in addition to multiply the uses. Thus it is possible to buy a frying basket, although it is preferable to opt directly for a fryer without oil (for a matter of maintenance of all).

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3. Moulinex Cookeo Ce704110: The Best Middle End

Best Multicuiseurs 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Good stability 6 modes of cooking Fast cooking Pressure container of 6 liters / LCD

No possible revenue additions

The Cookeo Moulinex CE704110 is the simplest model of Cookeo multicuiseurs and therefore the cheapest. Note that all Cookeo devices are very similar and the difference between them is the access to recipes. Thus, some connected, others read receipts on USB keys, etc. But now everyone can download the application My Cookeo and even if it requires using the manual mode, you have access to so much revenue that the basic Cookeo became quite sufficient for most households.

The use is very simple and is done from a wheel positioned on the front, just below the LCD. First you must choose one of four menus: ingredients, recipe, favorite, manual. The device is loaded with one hundred different recipes. Then from there, we must opt ​​for one of 6 cooking methods: under pressure (with two pressure levels), steamed (steamer included), brown, gentle cooking, simmering, heat. Anyway it is also possible to program a delayed start-up (up to 15 h) and a keeping warm at 64 ° C (for a maximum of 1:30).

The vessel has a non-stick coating. It has a capacity of 6 liters it suitable for dishes for 2 to 6 people. The vessel and the steam basket are dishwasher-safe. The exterior is also easy to clean with a sponge. The Multicooker is quite heavy (6.4 kg), but suddenly it is steady. It is a device that is installed in principle permanently in her kitchen. To learn more about how it works, read this critical presentation of Moulinex Cookeo.

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4. Instant Pot Ip-Duo60: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Multicuiseurs 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Delay 24 h High and low pressure timer up to 24 h Bol Bol 6-liter stainless steel

Controls on the front

The moment Pot is a discreet and modest Multicooker. Indeed, it was nice to just say 7-in-1, actually it is better than many other models announcing dozens of cooking methods. His versatility holds first that one can choose a low or high pressure cooking. It can replace the pressure cooker and prepare yogurt. And it replaces a rice cooker and steam cooker. In fact it just provide a good mix to really do everything from stir-fries, casseroles or soups.

The controls are positioned on the front. This is not always practical because it takes always look to see what is selected. By cons everything is clear and readable, with large keys. In addition to the various automatic modes, it is possible to use the manual mode and adjust the temperature as well as the cooking time. You can program a delayed start up to 24 hours. And we can also use a timer for cooking. When the time is up, the camera does not turn off, but goes into Keep Warm mode.

This Multicooker Instant Pot is sold with a cooking bowl stainless steel that can be washed in the dishwasher. It also receives a rice paddle, a tablespoon, a manual, a plug for France, a Quick Start manual and especially a book of 29 recipes. It’s pretty short, but the interest is that each recipe helps understand how the Instant Pot and so dare to try new and more personal recipes.

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5. Moulinex Cookeo + Gourmet Ce852900: The Best Premium

Best Multicuiseurs 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

150 pre-programmed recipes 1 cake pan included 1 steamer included effective Keeping warm larger tank 6 l

The Multicooker Moulinex Cookeo + Gourmet CE852900 like any Cookeo (this is the principle of this range), but it is designed for the preparation of cakes. So it’s a device that comes with two accessories, not just one. It has a steamer and a cake pan. The latter is equipped with a handle for a seizure safely. It allows for flans, clafoutis, pies, cakes and even some savory dishes such as pies or cakes. For this additional preprogrammed recipes are included in the device.

Like all Cookeo devices, the startup begins with the selection of one of four menus: ingredients, recipes, manual or favorites (sometimes called library). The main interest is to follow one of the recipes included in the device. Here, there are 150 recipes available. It is also possible to download the My Cookeo application to enjoy the many recipes shared by users multicuiseurs Moulinex. The community is important and very useful for understanding a new device.

Six types of cooking are available, both for cooking under pressure, as steam or gently simmer, brown and warm. A delayed start is available and can be programmed up to 15 hours later. Dishes can remain warm for 1 hour to 30 to 64 ° C after the end of the preparation. It is a Multicooker who can do everything in one cooking appliance, but do not automate the preparation. There should be mixed from time to time, to support oneself the change in temperature or cooking type, etc.

Maintenance is simple. The insert elements are all compatible with a cleaning in a dishwasher (the tank 6 l., The lid, the cake pan and the steamer).

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6. Riviera & Bar Multicooker Maestro: The Alternative Premium

Best Multicuiseurs 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Storing power shut if Yoghurt pots included Steamer basket and frying Cooking 3D 12 cooking modes

Maestro Multicooker Riviera & Bar is a really powerful and complete product. It is presented as a 6-in-1 device because it acts Simmer, steamer, fryer, rice cooker and cereals, oven and yogurt. It has all the accessories needed for its operation, it is not necessary to buy anything more. Thus with the device receiving a steamer, a frying basket, 6 yoghurt pots with lids and a recipe book.

The control panel consists of a large color screen. Indeed the different menus are represented by a color photo. It has access to 75 programs and 12 types of cooking. Heat from 35 ° to 180 ° C. There is also a delayed start up to 24 hours and keeping warm is automatic at the end of a program.

The tank has a capacity of 5 liters and a release liner. It allows to prepare casseroles for 5-6 people. If not for the other cooking methods, it is best suited for 3-4 people, for it is impossible to use the tank to its maximum. This Multicooker works with 3D cooking ensures even distribution of heat. All ingredients cooked in the same way at the same time. It is not necessary to mix regularly.

Despite its many programs is easy Multicooker to handle, whether for cooking the first dishes or for maintenance. Recipe booklet helps to venture forth and understand the role of each program. Quickly you can cook varied for the whole family, without having to juggle pots and pans.

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And why not…

Here are some other attractive multicuiseurs. They have different programs and allow to cook many dishes without smoking the kitchen or blacken food. They are there to increase your choices and therefore allow you to find the product that is definitely for you.

Russell Hobbs Cook@Home 21850-56

Russel Hobbs @ Home Cook with a Multicooker with 11 programs. One can thus choose between rice, slow cooking, meat, fish, slow cooker, soup, steam and fry, bread, yogurt, cake and finally risotto and porridge. For that all controls are on a digital panel positioned on top of the unit. A steamer is also included, in addition to the cooking pan made of stainless steel with a capacity of 5 liters. It also receives two different spoons and a measuring cup.

Two other practical features are included: delayed start up to 24 h and keeping warm. The power is 900 watts allowing it to be quickly effective. The cover is anti-condensation. If it’s really an effective Multicooker, we do not recommend as the first device, because the user is really poorly done. It is necessary to grope and do not be afraid to experiment to understand how it works. No cookbook is offered with. These are two little annoying details when we used the kitchen to Multicooker but can waste a lot of time to others.

Best Multicuiseurs 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Redmond Rmc-M90Fr

The pressure cooker Redmond RMC-M90FR is a fairly complete model. He announced 45 programs and actually allows to choose between 17 automatic programs (including sterilization and slow cooking) and 28 manual controls. Thus the temperature is adjusted to 40 to 170 ° C while the cooking time can range from 2 minutes to 15 hours. There is also the possibility of keeping warm.

For the grip, a recipe book is included. By cons must note that orders are made with buttons, the text is always in English. While it is easy to understand “soup” and “pizza”, it is complicated for “bread, boil, bake, etc”. A manual is included and there is also an application.

Cooking is homogeneous with what is called 3D cooking (this heat from all sides). The bowl-purpose 5 liter is ceramic. It has two handles for a better grip. Besides the device itself has a long folding top handle, which facilitates the movement (despite its 5.8 kg). Included with the Multicooker a steam basket, measuring glass, a flat spoon and a ladle.

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Bosch Autocook Muc28B64

The Multicooker AutoCook Bosch is a particularly versatile. Firstly it has 16 automatic modes (including vacuum cooking), each associated with three cooking time (short, medium, long). It is also possible to opt for manual adjustments and it can adjust the temperature between 40 and 160 ° C. We can even benefit from the delayed start or keep warm. Finally, various accessories allow for more varied uses. Thus one receives among others a steamer and a frying basket. The latter works with a removable handle for a seizure safely. These elements justify the higher than average price without particular technological element directly on the Multicooker.

The vessel has a non-stick coating and a volume of 5 liters. It is dishwasher-safe. To avoid damaging it, a spoon and a spatula are also included (as well as a measuring cup). The last accessory is a recipe booklet that can take over a concrete way the device. Thereafter it is best to download the Bosch application because it provides access to more revenue.

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Conclusion: What We Multicooker According Buy?

Personally, we arrived at the conclusion that the Moulinex Cookeo CE704110 is really a complete Multicooker model, efficient and largely sufficient for most kitchens. In principle, the majority of us will never use all of its features! Also it can replace the pressure cooker and steam cooker.

The Cookeo requesting a budget, Multicooker Moulinex MK705111 is the cheaper alternative. It is solid and it has 12 different types of cooking, which is more than enough for those who want simplicity above all.

By cons, if you also want to do some baking (finally the cake cooking), then it may be best to go directly to the Moulinex Multicooker Cookeo + Gourmet CE852900 and cake pan included.