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Electric Scooter Adult: The Comparison Of The Best Models In 2020

Pandemic Covid-19 has not only changed our lifestyle and our family and emotional relationships. She invited us all to rethink how to move to avoid crowded areas and promiscuity. The electric scooter is one of the alternatives that can go to work easily without sweat and without rubbing other.

It’ll just find in our selection below best electric scooters for adults to move independently. And if you do not know where to start your thinking, why not discover our favorite scooter, model Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter (M365 Mijia).

The electric scooter she allows to go really fast? Is it a means of locomotion for any adult? What budget provide for a solid scooter?

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Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

As an independent website (learn more) we have the opportunity to express ourselves on all brands and all products as we wish. And we made the choice to be as objective as possible every time, whether to present hoverboards or adult scooters.

For that we truly take the time to study the various products, their characteristics, prices received, the comments and even the items available in the press. We check that scooters will hold for regular use in the city and the folding / unfolding will be easy and fast. To forget nothing, we have a specific list of characteristics to study each time. You can check below to make your own comparison before purchase.

Electric Scooter Compare / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

E-Tvov Booster In Evolution

Mini Motors Dualtron Thunder

Connected, this scooter has a value hard to beat. With a range of 30 km, a crutch, a bell and a bright light, it is suitable all year round.

This scooter has a very resistant Samsung battery that allows for up to 35-40 km on a single charge. It is also very compact and completely foldable with wheels 8 inches.

Extremely powerful, this scooter can travel 120 km on one charge and have speeds up to 85 km / h. It also has very large wheels of 11 inches and two engines.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Connected, this scooter has a value hard to beat. With a range of 30 km, a crutch, a bell and a bright light, it is suitable all year round.

The best mid-range

E-Tvov Booster In Evolution

This scooter has a very resistant Samsung battery that allows for up to 35-40 km on a single charge. It is also very compact and completely foldable with wheels 8 inches.

The best high-end

Mini Motors Dualtron Thunder

Extremely powerful, this scooter can travel 120 km on one charge and have speeds up to 85 km / h. It also has very large wheels of 11 inches and two engines.

How Is Made The selection?

To achieve this guide, we really started with the idea that you want a mode of electric urban transport, as is also the self-balancing unicycle or Segway. We therefore offer the elements needed to know what electric scooter choose to work. The characteristics vary directly with your expectations.

What To Land

The vast majority of electric scooter is designed for city traffic, but everyone does not live in the same environment and therefore it is possible to adapt its purchase.

This is the wheel size that will play on comfort. For use on dirt roads, we must opt ​​for large and big wheels, equipped with anti-puncture tires. For the city, small wheels enough. The double suspension is always appreciated.

To allow you to climb steep slopes, the engine must be strong and powerful. Finally if you want to ride on the roads, then you must choose an approved road scooter that exceeds 25 km / h.

The format

The size of the scooter is taken into account according to your own size and projected movements. Handlebar height is almost always adjustable.

Weight is another essential element, when it comes to wear electric scooters (e.g. on the bus). There must be at least 10 kg, but it can go up fast, especially on cheap models.

Finally, compare the clutter. Is it a foldable scooter, what are its dimensions when folded? Is it possible to put your device in your trunk for example?


Manufacturers announce autonomy in kilometers. They have only the maximum figure, because depending on the power used, this can vary from one day to another. The battery is lithium ion often. It has a charging time can be 2 to 12 hours.

Also, make sure that it is a totally electric scooter and not with electrical assistance. The operation is not at all the same.

The Speed ​​And The Brakes

To travel on the pavement, electric scooters should not exceed 25 km / h. To drive on a road, it must amount to more than 25 km / h to be approved. Check the maximum possible speed and read reviews from previous users to know the reality on the ground.

Remember to compare the brakes: where are they positioned, how effective are they?


The weight issue has already been discussed, as well as whether or not to bend the craft. This really is to choose according to your movements. Do you need to descend stairs, climb into a bus or subway?

Plus you will need to dismount, plus transportation accessories will be appreciated. The carrying strap is the basic element, not always included. Otherwise, it is also possible to have a bag.

The Supported Weight

Each scooter has a maximum weight it can support. There may be 80 or 150 kilograms. Until now it was advisable to take into account its own weight and that of her child. It is no longer possible, because it is forbidden to have a passenger (more on regulating electric scooter). To carry a child, the only solution is the electric bike.

The Included Accessories

There is a wide variety of accessories available and these are elements to be studied carefully. Thus the headlight LED is appreciated when you come out of work after 18 hours in winter, as the LCD screen to track the speed and level of the battery. There may be parking brake, a stand, a removable seat, a horn, a carrying strap, a spare battery, etc.

In some cases the accessories are not included but can be purchased easily and more. This is rarely available on the brands at the lowest prices.

The Price And The Brand

One can buy a scooter from EUR 250 or more than EUR 1,000. Start with the budget you have and then ask about the best brands available. Take stock of reliability over the long term and the availability of spare parts or accessories.

And beware, the price is not everything. At the same price, always choose the best known brand with the most online notes because it is likely to give you access to better equipment.

The Best Scooters Electric For Adult

If the first time, the electric scooter may request a little balance, this has nothing to do with the use of an electric skateboard that requires real learning. It is possible to buy one of the scooters below and take a walk on receipt (or almost, because it must first charge the battery).

1. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter (M365 Mijia): The Best Cheap

Electric Scooter Adult: The Comparison Of The Best Models In 2020

disc brake Connected IP54 Certificate Gentle (12.5 kg) with Phare range of 6 m

With prices below EUR 400, the Xiaomi Mi scooter Electric Scooter unbeatable. It is indeed strong, lightweight and handy. It is not perfect of course, but it allows you to move safely, including in the rain. The IP54 certification announcement that the device is protected against dust and splashes from all directions.

Its engine allows for a maximum of 25 km / h. The lithium battery provides up to 30 kilometers in all. By cons attention when it is less than 35% of battery, the speed decreases drastically, which greatly limits the actual autonomy and ease of use at the end of battery. For braking, there are disc brakes and especially it is a dual system which brakes front and rear.

Monitoring the battery and speed is via a small screen. Xiaomi actually recommends using a smartphone, through the dedicated application. So we fixed the smartphone over the original and has a good view screen on practical information. In other practical elements, note that there are a crutch and a bell. There is also a powerful beacon of light in front (with a range of 6 meters) and a red LED on the back to indicate that it slows.

This is a relatively light electric scooter. It weighs only 12.5 kilograms. For this, its chassis is low density aluminum and high strength. The handles are slip resistant. The tires measure 8.5 inches. The set folds in three movements: swing, bend and snap. Then nothing happens, so it’s convenient to carry.

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2. Ninebot Kickscooter Es2 By Segway: The Alternative No Dear

Electric Scooter Adult: The Comparison Of The Best Models In 2020

lightweight (12.5 kg) Double brake system 3 operating modes Quick Charge weight max 100 kg

Not for steep slopes

The scooter adult Ninebot KickScooter ES2 is an urban model for mainly flat areas. Indeed his main fault is that this machine does not climb slopes with more than 5 to 10 ° (depending on your weight). Otherwise, the rest of the time, the opinions are positive.

This is a gray anthracite model, that is to say, dark gray and light gray. The dashboard is central and it can be replaced by a smartphone when it has the Ninebot application and it is connected to the scooter.

The lithium-ion battery will charge in 3-4 hours and gives a range of 25 km. You can choose on the control panel between three driving modes (standard, sport, regulated) to prioritize either the speed or autonomy. The engine is 300 watts. There is a headlight and a red LED on the back that comes on automatically when the brake is applied.

Moreover there is a double brake system to brake both front and rear. Thus there is an electric brake and a mechanical brake (though less effective, but still available in case of trouble technical).

This device folds in half, but you can not fold the handles. The total weight is 12.5 kilograms. There is no strap, however, when folded, the scooter does not move and can therefore carry taking part. Last detail: the weight capacity is 100 kg. In addition the device has IPX5 certification seal, which means that even in a really heavy rain, the unit holds up.

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3. E-Twow Booster V Evolution: The Best Middle-End

Electric Scooter Adult: The Comparison Of The Best Models In 2020

Dynamic suspension design front and rear load in less than 3 h 20 cm Wheels Up to 23 ° uphill

The Joint scooter E-Twow Booster V Evolution is a dynamic model, tough and strong. It has very many positive opinions either at the reception or after a few weeks of use. Colored day it is visible at night.

This is a powerful scooter. It can go up to 35 km / h it is sold clamped with a limit of 25 km / h. It is equipped with a Samsung 36 V battery that loads in two or three hours and that allows for a range of 35 40 km in all. Its editor even allows it to be shown effective in up to 23 °.

The grip is made with good visibility on the LED screen 6 × 6 cm. From there, we follow and chose the speed, the number of kilometers, temperature, remaining battery charge and the lighting of the lighthouse. To do so, there is a button on each side of the screen is handled with the thumbs. Attention to the left, is the main brake. There is also a mechanical brake which is operated with the foot.

It is one of the lightest scooters since it weighs only 10.9 kilograms. It is fully collapsible, that is to say that one flap handles and which is then folded part against the board. One can thus carry in public transport or store in the trunk of a car.

The wheels are large enough, models 8 inches. The rear tire is softer rubber compound for better grip on the ground and to promote absorption of vibrations. There suspensions at the back and front.

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4. Inokim 2 Super Light: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Electric Scooter Adult: The Comparison Of The Best Models In 2020

Automatic activation of lights included Pump With Long battery stand Easy to debride

Behind a fairly robust design is a versatile scooter that allows both to go to work in the city than to walk on the roads in good condition. This is a machine which weighs 13.7 kg and can withstand a weight of up to 100 kg.

The lithium-ion battery needs a charge time of 4 hours 30 then provides 30 km of autonomy. By default, the maximum speed is 25 km / h but you can unleash your device up to 35km / h. All data are provided in the manual.

By cons attention, it is inflatable tires, that is to say that the risk of puncture is the same as a bicycle. A pump is included, which allows to take control of the scooter receipt. The wheels measure 20 cm, customer returns were positive over time and there is no need to fear the fact of dying. This happens to everyone at least once, even without hardware failure.

The LCD display tracks speed, distance traveled, the battery, the mode selected and the light. The little extra is that the lights are switched according to the brightness, it is not necessarily required to think. And to pause and greet someone, you can use the stand. When driving, the acceleration is progressive and therefore secure and enjoyable. To stop, there is a disc brake lever.

Fully foldable, one can even fold the handlebars. This is done quickly and safely, and then you can wear on stairs, to take a bus or simply store it under a desk.

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5. Mini Motors Dualtron Thunder: The Best Premium

Electric Scooter Adult: The Comparison Of The Best Models In 2020

Very powerful Until 80 km / h Autonomy of 120 km in two Foldable Climbing slope to 35 °

Approval necessary Weight 44 kg

Warning, if this model Mini Motors has all the look of a classic scooter, it is such a powerful model that is preferable to provide an approval to go on the road, and a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads for your protection. After all, the scooter Dualtron Thunder is presented as the most powerful model in the market! This largely explains its price.

It is equipped with two motors scooters, each with an output of 2700 watts, which makes a total of 5400 watts. It can therefore drive up to 85 km / h but by default it is delivered clamped at 25 km / h. To go faster, you have to debride and homologate do. To stop, it has electric brakes and disc brakes 160 mm. The wheels are very wide and are 11 inches. The maximum slope that the machine happens to climb is 35 °, which is much more than the other models in our selection.

The battery 60 is a model V lithium ion battery that allows roll 120 km. As against the charging time is particularly long because it must be provided 18 hours in all. So do not want to drain the battery in one day and like to resume the next day.

This is a heavy machine: 44 kg in all. Impossible to predict the wear for the subway for example. If Dualtron Thunder is foldable, it is only for storage or to put it in the trunk of a vehicle, nothing more.

Moreover, it is one of the few scooters officially suitable for users over 100 kg as the maximum authorized weight is 120 kilograms.

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6. Mini Motors Dualtron Spider: The Alternative Premium

Electric Scooter Adult: The Comparison Of The Best Models In 2020

Up to 60 km / h Very autonomy Power 2900 watt LED Headlight 10 inch Wheels

necessary approval

The Dualtron Spider stands out scooters Mini Motors because it is much lighter than previous models of the brand. While so far it took at least 35 kg there, the electric scooter weighs only 19.8 kg, although appreciable difference. Besides that, the power to which Mini Motors has accustomed its customers is always present.

Thus the engine power is 2900 watts. The 60V battery charges by 9 am and then works on 60 km. The machine is suitable for supporting a total maximum weight of 100 kg. And once unbridled, this adult scooter can run up to 60 km / h (before that, it is limited to 25km / h as French law requires it). She rolls without too much trouble on slopes up to 35 °. 10-inch wheels provide a good grip. These are wheels with air chamber.

There are disc brakes both front and rear. Technically, it also boasts 15 levels of suspension. The rear fender is wide enough to reduce the stains. The total length of the scooter is 113 cm. It also measures 60.5 cm wide. To fold, it can also go the handles and then the width is only 24.5 cm, which is easier to store.

Everything in this scooter, its price to its size and speed, remember this is a means of transport for adult use respecting the Highway Code and ensuring its own security, not least that an investment in a good helmet.

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Comparison Chart Power Scooter Adult

And why not…

Here are some electric scooters that might also suit you. We offer you a quick overview, but feel free to look in more detail if you find in promo or a purchase during the sales or during Black Friday.

Sxt Scooters Sxt 1000 Turbo

The Sxt brand is a reference in France and the scooter Sxt 1000 Turbo seems to be its most popular model, that we understand without difficulty. If this scooter is limited to 25 km / h can be unbridled to roll up 35 km / h. You can choose two ways to roll: ECO or TURBO. This influence through against autonomy, which is shorter in TURBO mode. Mechanical disc brakes respond well.

A comfortable padded seat and is included with this electric scooter, but it is removable, so you do or not. The wheels are 26 cm and 10-inch rims. This is a model that is well suited for trips on roads as well as for city use.

The default included battery is a 36V battery that offers autonomy of 6-8 km. It can be exchanged easily by a lithium battery to have a bit more pep.

Only point to consider: it is heavy. Without battery, but with the saddle, the total weight is 32 kg. So even if the folding is easy, it is not to wear it under his arm, but just store it in a car trunk.

Electric Scooter Adult: The Comparison Of The Best Models In 2020

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Ninebot Es4 By Segway

This scooter adult Ninebot has an extremely simple design that does not attract attention. It’s all black and gray and at first, we do not distinguish the electrical aspect. This is a context to craft ultra urban, because the wheels are relatively small, even if there is a double suspension. The floor must be in good condition to ride properly. Furthermore there is no true therefore fender and it is best to avoid too wet.

The battery charges in 4 or 5 pm and offers a long battery life. If one also includes an external battery, then you can go walk on 45 km away! The maximum speed is 30 km / h. The meter is well situated to follow as much speed as the battery level. LED lighting is also on the front works well.

In total, the scooter weighs 14 kilograms. She bends really well and it is possible to keep it with you easily in transit. This requires a little help the first time to avoid the wheels you dirty, but we get used to it quickly.

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Xiaomi Pro Mi Electric Scooters

The adult scooter Xiaomi Pro M365 is a model minimalist design. It measures 1.2 m high and when fully folded, it measures 113x43x49 cm. It weighs in total (including battery 14.2 kg). It is foldable in seconds, which really allows you to move anywhere in the city without wasting time.

It has a long lasting battery that allows for 45 km. The maximum speed is 25 km / h, all very tolerant weighing up to 100 kilograms. You can choose between 3 modes to drive: the eco mode (to reduce power consumption), the standard mode and sport mode. Everything is moving from the small screen positioned well to handlebar center. There are also manages the lighting and attendance as the speed and remaining range. It is also possible to monitor all with his smartphone via Bluetooth and after installing the application Mi Home App.

The wheels 85-inch roll well and we only regret the absence of a right rear fender. Spare parts (or add), are easy to find, the handling of the device is intuitive, in short it is a good product. We must be careful against by the reference because all scooters Xiaomi is not the same.

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Egret Eight

This electric scooter is a German model of a brand with an excellent reputation. This is a fairly late model, including a narrow board with a non-slip coating. The electric scooter folds in half and handles fold down to save space when it comes to carrying or storing. As against it still weighs 14 kg, which is quickly tiring when there are stairs. There is also a crutch, little more convenient to take breaks.

Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, it provides up to 25 30 km depending on the power used. The total load is done in about 6 hours. It is an urban vehicle, with wheel 8 inches and drum brakes. There is still a suspension at the front and at the back for added comfort. It is possible to adjust the handlebar height.

The monitoring screen of the speed and the battery is next to the handle. Light is available in the front and rear.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The choice of one or the other will depend primarily on the distance you need to browse and your load. Alone, with just a handbag and 5 to 10 km up great, the scooter is quite suitable. However on longer distances, with material to transport or child, the bike is the best solution. On the other hand cycling is sometimes more difficult to park, especially an electric model that attracts more envy. It is up to you to check what best suits your life.

Numerous stores offer scooters: sports stores, bike shops, supermarkets and online shopping sites. So you can make your choice as well at Go Sport as Auchan, Amazon or Amazon Marketplace. By cons to compare prices, nothing beats doing your research online before anything else. It takes less time, even also order online and pick up your purchase in stores.

When buying new, scooter never exceeds 25 km / h. Indeed, in France, the scooters do not have the right to drive faster than 25 km / h. To go faster, we must unleash the scooter. This is possible legally, but then there should be to register his scooter and assign a license plate. It will then be possible to drive on the road and it will be forbidden to go on bike paths. To increase the speed, it is best to call in the professionals directly and have all the proper papers for your vehicle.

The French legislation is very clear on this. A user of an electric scooter must be aged over 12 years and must be completely alone on the machine. This has nothing to do with gear capacity and everything to do with the law. It is strictly forbidden to be on both an electric scooter. Nothing is said by cons on scooters without motor.

All laws are available here:

Conclusion: What Scooter Power Buy In Us?

Our choice is fairly easy because the Xiaomi Mi scooter Electric Scooter (M365 Mijia) offers some pretty incredible performance and a real comfort to the grip for a bargain price. It has some flaws, but are not always absent from much more expensive models.

Our second choice is E-scooter Twow Evolution V booster costing suddenly much more, but worth it. Only its design can be intimidating because it looks more like a mountain bike than a mode of urban travel.

By cons, if your priority is speed, so look at the description of the Dualtron Thunder (Mini Motors), hard to find more powerful!