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Compare Kitchen Stove doing your: Best Model 2020

Gourmet chef or student, looking for a kitchen stove. And behind this everyday accessory, you are well aware that the risk is played spend hours washing dishes, preparing meals charcoal taste and finish with a smoky kitchen completely.

Then of course choose a good stove does not solve all problems, you still have to watch the cooking, use a suitable oil. However a quality stove is so much difference, that we wonder why it has not changed his earlier material.

This record is there to help you identify different models, namely that you can use on your cooking fires or save time by opting for a stove top 5.

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This Qu’Est-Qu’Une Stove Kitchen?

A stove is a kitchen accessory, with low edges, allowing to skip the ingredients, brown them, fry them, of the icing with vinegar, bring them back. also can be prepared much meat as fish or vegetables.

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Compare Kitchen Stove Doing Your: Best Model 2020

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How To Choose A Good stove?

To choose the stove, there are several elements to consider, both for cooking and for the grip.

Here is a test to look at the number of people at the table and depending on the size of cooking fires. It is considered that a 20 cm diameter is suitable for one or two people, while 36 cm is 7 or 8 persons. So for a family of four must choose a diameter of 28 or 30 cm.

The materials and coating

I develop the subject in more detail below. Depending on the material, cooking does not have the same speed. It will not use the same amount of fat, etc. It is a central element of choice.

It is necessary that the handling is easy, while having access to quality material. Cast iron pans are particularly heavy for example. We must find the right balance between the various criteria.

This information is not available. Yet it greatly influences the handling and type of recipe that you can follow.

You have to look at what material it is designed (she can heat?). It is also possible to opt for a removable handle.

The Top 5 Best Selling From Kitchen Stoves

To save time, I leave you offers guided by the opinions of other buyers stoves. This kitchen stoves selection was made from person to notice as you and me. That is to say each model has been purchased, tested, reviewed and rated. Our ranking of the best stoves based on such ratings and on the best amazon sales.

Compare Kitchen Stove Doing Your: Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Compare Kitchen Stove Doing Your: Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Compare Kitchen Stove Doing Your: Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Compare Kitchen Stove Doing Your: Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Compare Kitchen Stove Doing Your: Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Why Buy A Stove?

A stove is indispensable in a kitchen, even when we do not seek to haute cuisine. When we moved alone, you need a pot and a stove, nothing more. So a student can always prepare a fried egg, while the amateur cooks will prepare a turkey cutlet, fried potatoes, a fried vegetables or even risotto.

By cons, if you do not own anything, and you do not want to buy for a student, it might be interesting to find out directly on the cookware.

On the other hand, maybe have you ever few pans and is a ras-le-bol face poor quality material that encourages you better. Then consider a good look at what you already have and use it to choose your stove. For buy a good stove is also simplifying the kitchen.

Where To Buy A Good Kitchen Stove?

When pressed, a supermarket may well agree to buy a stove. In the shelves of Carrefour, Auchan and even Ikea, there will always be a few pans, not necessarily the best quality, but they have the advantage of being readily accessible.

We can also turn to the most renowned for household appliances shops, but that can be equipped with leading brands: Cdiscount Darty, Boulanger, Amazon, Rue du Commerce, etc.

Price On A Stove Kitchen?

You can buy a pan with a budget ranging from 10 to 200 €. These are the materials used and the coating that create such a difference.

Where to Find A stove No Dear?

For a really cheap stove, as I said above, it is possible to go to a supermarket and buy the first prize. By cons must plan to have difficulty not grill anything and to maintain the pan. The best to save money in the long run is to buy quality during sales and Black Friday. Or, consult specials on Amazon.

What Is The Best Brand Of Stove Kitchen?

There are the famous brands and thematic brands. To allow you to better know the differences between the models, I offer you a presentation of brands offering cooking stoves.


The Tefal pan very long time was a sign of high quality thanks to coating Teflon. However there a few years ago has been put forward that the Teflon contains PFOA is carcinogenic. All recent Tefal pans (designed in 2015) are without PFOA is safe for health. For others, be sure to read the description.

De Buyer

De Buyer offers stoves for a budget from 15 to 50 € (mostly). This is cookware made in France. Each model is declined in several diameters. Various coatings are available.


Lagostina is an Italian brand that offers a wide variety of stoves from 30 €. They are elegant and have a silicone grip for safe handling.


Beka is a German brand that offers pans for any kitchen. Thus one can choose a fish pan, a skillet to cook Japanese, etc. The whole is rather plain, although some stoves have colorful sleeves.

Arthur Martin

Arthur Martin is a brand that belongs to the Electrolux Group. Both names appear most often on products. In terms of pan, Arthur Martin to buy lots at prices quite correct.


Sitram is a French company that offers mid-range stoves. According collections, one can choose between stainless steel or cast iron stoves. The design is carefully designed to bring a personal touch to the kitchen.


As the name lets assume Stoneline (when translating from English into French), it is stone stoves. All are guaranteed without PFOA and with easy clean coating.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset is a French company that offers high-end equipment. We have the choice between various stoves, but also jigsaws and griddles.


Schumann offers, as Stoneline, a variety of stone stoves. These are quality models with a very good reputation.


The Laguiole brand offers cookware professional quality. y there is a wide choice with stone stoves, ceramic and stainless steel. And the prices are quite affordable.


Pradel is a French brand with ceramic stoves, cast iron and stone. Most of them are suitable for all hobs, including induction.

Natural Cook

Natural Cook offers a range of professional stoves. These are cast iron models with a coating of granite stone and ceramic with a minimum budget of € 40.

How To Choose Stove Cooking Healthily

Right now the most stressed is that ceramic stove because it limits greatly the use of fat. It therefore reduces the dishes that we cook.

The Different Types Of Stoves

There are several types of stoves, with specific forms depending on their use.

At Paella pan

The paella pan principle has a large diameter and edges low enough for a good distribution of the ingredients in the pan.

At Stove And Stove Pancake At blinis

The pancake and blini are two smaller versions of French pancakes. They are also thicker than our pancakes. As against the revenues of the two are not the same and the size can vary depending on the cook. A frying pancake, as a frying blinis possible to prepare several pancakes or blinis simultaneously.

At Crepe Pan

Pancake stove has a diameter of 28 to 30 cm. It has really low edges and a flat bottom well.

Grill stove

The grill pan has a very specific background for the grill look. As against it may be round, square or rectangular without impact on the recipe.

Stove In Chestnut

The stove or stove chestnut brown is a pan with holes. The edges are high enough to avoid losing chestnuts as soon as one moves overall.

Frying pan

Frying is the first name of the pan. But today it is also used for higher pans for making fried in.

Wok pan

The wok is a utensil that comes to us from Asia. The wok pan has a relatively small fund, but high sides that open widely.

To pan Omelette

There are several types of stoves for omelet. Some close to being returned, as is done with a waffle iron. Others are rectangular and are actually Japanese omelette pans. Most often they are mostly small pans for omelets for one person.

Is This Qu’Une Stove May Be Used On All The Lights Cooking?

According to the cooking system that you own, it is possible that all pans are not suitable. This is particularly the induction which is quite demanding. Here are tips for choosing the right kitchen stove function.


The induction hobs are the most demanding in the selection of pots and pans. Indeed, for the plates operate the dish must contain metal! If in doubt, make sure that the symbol of the induction is on the stove to buy.


If ceramic hobs accept all the pots, there is still a detail to check. Indeed the background should be perfectly flat. It is therefore possible that some old pots and pans agree more.


Electric plates consume much heat and slowly. It is therefore interesting to prefer stoves with heat accelerator, such as Laguiole stoves. The cast aluminum is also a good choice.


With gas cooking, it is important to choose the right size pan over the fire. Then, all materials are suitable.

What Flooring For A Stove?

The coating is the element that indicates whether the food will stick to the pan and if dishes will be a hell.

In stainless steel stove

The stainless steel pan is a robust, easy to maintain and very hygienic. When speaking of 18/10, this means that it contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel.

Cast Iron Stove

Cast iron is a heavy material that keeps heat. This is the preferred material for simmering dishes, but you can also opt for a stove enameled cast iron. The ideal is to take it with a lid to enjoy.

Stove Ceramic

The ceramic stove is the most preferred stove time. It heats up quickly, requires little fat and is more resistant.

Stove Stone

The stone stove is an aluminum pan with inlay stone particles. This gives a slight profit, handy, perfect for everyday life.

Stove Steel

In fact, we talk about steel pan or stainless steel pan, it is the same type of coating, ie a stainless steel stove. This gives a strong body, strong and light enough.

Stove Aluminum

The aluminum stove is a stove whose temperature rises quickly. Cooking is more homogeneous. It is also a lightweight material.

Stove Copper

A copper pan is both beautiful and perfect for cooking. Even if fashion is the ceramic utensils, copper is still popular (most?) Of many chefs. It allows for great precision in cooking.

Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stove Ceramic Or Peter?

To be precise, there is no stone stove, we speak rather of stone effect. That is to say, it is an iron stove on which granite particles were incorporated. It can be used on all the lights. They are very resistant and non-stick pans. However, they are relatively expensive. And that is why the ceramic stove is finally often more interesting. It costs less and also offers high quality and ease of use.

Cooking Stove With Removable Handle, Or Not?

A stove is a fairly bulky accessory. With a small kitchen, as saying that the removable handle is a real plus. It can store more easily stoves without wasting space or create unstable equilibria. In addition, models with removable handle are often compatible with oven (maximum temperature limited depending on the model), which increases the possible number of preparations.

How to Get A Grip stove Who?

Especially do not scratch. The grandmother trick is to simply pour baking soda over the entire bottom of the pan and then pour one or two centimeters of water. Boil water, then remove from heat and leave it there until everything is well cooled. Empty the pan and wash with dishwashing liquid as normal. And presto, the problem should be solved.

The Maintenance Of Covering Frying

Maintenance depends on the selected surface. However a simple anyway to increase his life expectancy is the rub with oil-soaked paper towels. Then you have to wash the pan and let it dry in the open.

Can We Put In A Stove Dishwasher?

Technically it is possible to wash the pan in the dishwasher, but it’s not a good idea if you want to keep it in good condition for long. The dishwasher is too aggressive, regardless of the selected surface.


The best cooking stove is not necessarily the same for everyone. Because the important thing is that it allows you to cook with pleasure to your family and loved ones.