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Vertical Roaster: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

Hmm, the sweet smell of roast chicken! A smell that makes you hungry and announces a family feast. However roast chicken takes a bit of preparation and especially a very specific baking the oven can not fill (unless equipped with a combi microwave).

Because for a good roast chicken, use a vertical rotisserie. This cookware is relatively cheap, easy to use and offers many other possibilities.

So to help you buy the best rotisserie can see our guide, make your own comparison and choose the device that suits you best.

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This Qu’Est-Qu’Une Vertical Roaster?

several names upright rotisserie is given: rotisserie spit, grill kebab grill roasted chicken, grill table or grill gyros / doner. Yet promised, no grill top.

Rather the principle of pan rests on the spindle. The food (mostly meat, but not only) cooked by the heat diffused around him. Ideally the spindle rotates so that the food cooks evenly on all sides.

This principle also allows a flow of fat that do not remain in contact with the food. That’s why every roaster has a grease collection tray (also called pan).

This is a fairly small cooking appliance that the most often used indoors.

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Vertical Roaster: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

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How to Choose Your Vertical Roaster?

To buy a rotisserie spit, compare various elements without losing sight of your culinary preferences. An amateur skewers probably not choose the same model as a fan of roast chicken.

The format / Pin

We must choose a device that allows to cook what you want to cook. Most often individuals for models pose how maximum limit 2 or 3 kg of chicken. The pins are long or short. And they are not always rotating.

Over the device is powerful, cooking will be.

The included accessories

The ideal is to have a set of skewers that can be set in the roasting pan.

The best models have a timer and allow the manual temperature setting. The roasters have just a small price / off button.

In principle removable parts are stainless steel and are dishwasher-safe. But much to ensure before buying. And if the roasting ovens are self-cleaning, this option does not exist for vertical roasters.

The Top 5 Best Selling From Vertical Roasters

After comparing the vertical roasters, we offer a selection of the best devices. For this we trust the people who bought a roaster and who shared their opinions online. These notes are associated with the best amazon sales. And the whole is regularly updated.

Vertical Roaster: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Vertical Roaster: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Vertical Roaster: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Vertical Roaster: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Vertical Roaster: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Why Buy A Roaster Vertical?

The starting point is probably greed and love of home cooking.

The vertical roaster is a relatively compact device that can be installed in a kitchen, when it is impossible to have a barbecue. Besides it should be noted that the pan does not emit smoke.

It is also the only way to make oneself its kebabs or roasted chicken. Finally, the vertical position is excellent to limit fat in foods, as they are evacuated from themselves.

Where To Buy A Good Vertical Roaster?

The ideal is to buy a vertical rotisserie online. One can easily choose the brand and quality for its budget. For this, we must look at Cdiscount, Rue du Commerce, La Redoute, Amazon or Electro Depot.

As against it is not always easy to find a vertical rotisserie supermarket. This is not a this product throughout the year and the choice can be limited. However it is still possible to make a turn at Leclerc, Lidl, Auchan. You will have all the same better chance at Darty, Boulanger, Conforama, Goal, etc.

The Price Of A Vertical Rotisserie Chicken?

The average price for a vertical roaster is 70-100 €. However it is possible to find more basic models from 50 € and very sophisticated roasters (or professional) to several hundred euros.

Where to Find A Vertical Roaster No Dear?

There is no secret, for good vertical rotisserie, it will accept to pay more than the first supermarket prices. However, I advise you to wait for the sales and Black Friday to save money. Or you can poke around online for specials of Amazon.

What Are The Best Brands From Vertical Roaster?

The vertical roasters are manufactured by various brands, often little known to the general public. Check them out below to know the specifics.

Vertical spit-roaster Oneconcept

OneConcept is a company of appliances rather discreet in general, except for roasting kebab. These products then mid-range, with a very large selection and some roasters included in all rankings of the best roasters.

Vertical spit-roaster Domoclip

Domoclip is a French brand that also offers many appliances. His roasters are always elegant with several options. We must plan a budget of one hundred euros.

Rotissoire Verticale Rosenstein & Sohne

Rosenstein & Sohne is a German brand known for offer ergonomic and stylish kitchen accessories. The same goes for its range of grill gyros. And the prices are rather interesting. It is also a good choice if one seeks to rotisserie home for a large family.

Rotissoire Verticale Syntrox Germany

It is through Internet shrinking the size of the world that one can buy a vertical grill Syntrox Germany. In fact, this German company is not specifically held for sale in France. Records are therefore sometimes exclusively in German and English. However the quality of broilers actually still an interesting alternative.

How To Use A Vertical Roaster?

Each roast chicken grill is different. It is therefore important to consult the manual to ensure the amount of meat that can be cooked and different settings.

But the principle is the same for all.

Initially preparing meat. It whitewashes the spices and oil, according to the chosen recipe. Meanwhile, we must preheat the appliance. Then positioning the meat on the spindle and the spindle is fixed to the pan. If the device has no timer, remember to put a road nonetheless.

What Can You Cook In A Roaster Vertical Power For Individual?

The most common use of the rotisserie is for cooking chicken or meat kebab (also say gyros and doner). However among the recipes for vertical rotisserie, there is also skewers and preparing other poultry.

To embark on a barbecue or cooking a suckling pig, it is possible to use a roasting pan. However it is not a vertical rotisserie, but rather an outdoor grill which pin is installed horizontally.

Cooking From The Time For A Chicken To The Vertical Roaster?

The cooking time varies depending on the weight of the meat and how you like to cook. In general it is considered that for a chicken must be provided from 60 to 120 minutes.

The Different Types Of Vertical Roasters

There is some variety among the vertical roasters. Basically, they are divided into two categories for professionals and for individuals. But these are names and an individual can buy quite a professional model.

Vertical Roaster Professional

It is the capacity that determines a professional roaster. It can either make several chickens at the same time, or to engage in the largest meat.

Vertical Roaster Power For Individual

The electric grill is designed to be installed in a kitchen for use by a family who wants to have fun. several things you can cook it, but hardly a chicken for 10 people.

Vertical Roaster Or Plancha Barbecue

The vertical rotisserie and barbecue plancha are accessories that allow a healthy and gourmet cuisine. However it is not the same food or the same cooking method. It is therefore not surprising to find that some families have both. The choice between one or the other is personal.

How to Maintain Its Roaster?

There are two distinct elements in the roasting pan.

Removable parts most often in the dishwasher. It may be necessary to rinse them, but nothing more. While the exterior containing electrical components can not be washed with plenty of water. This requires using the same techniques and the same material as an electric oven. It may well be content to spend a sponge with dishwashing liquid after each use.


In an effort to know what we eat in terms of origin and quality, rotisserie is a cooking device that can vary the pleasures. It is especially nice that no head of talent is necessary to prepare a good meal!