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Pressure cooker: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

You want to buy the best cooker ever. Or the best pressure cooker. Besides, what’s the difference?

The principle of pressure cooking has been discovered in the seventeenth century by Denis Papin. The pressure cooker is a designated unit, created and patented by Seb brand. For all other brands, only the term cooker is available.

A pressure cooker is a pressure cooker, and vice versa, at least in common language. Because there is no Seb offering of such a device, Tefal and Instant Pot, to name a few, also feature.

To assist you with your purchase, we offer a comprehensive guide to pressure cookers. You will find everything and more to compare and pressure cookers in order to buy the best equipment possible.

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This Qu’Un Qu’Est-cooker?

A pressure cooker is a cooking device that can cook steam, stew, simmering or sterilize jars. It especially allows to use the pressure for cooking up to three times faster than conventional cooking.

It is a device which has been marketed in its current form in the 1950s and was an immediate success. For not only will it cook faster, but it is no longer necessary to monitor cooking.

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Pressure Cooker: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

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How To Choose The Pressure Cooker?

In addition to price, to always take the time to consult, we offer a series of benchmarks. Pressure cookers are devices whose operation is always the same, but, over time, get rich options and more or less relevant elements. To you to find what you need.

Pressure cookers may have a capacity ranging from 3 to 10 liters. 4 liters is considered suitable for 2 to 4 people and 8 liters allow to cook for 5 to 8 people. Some models are available with the same level of design, but with capacities to choose from.

This is to look at the number of programs and the difference between them. While default allows the cooker to cook the pressure, more and more models offer variations.

The opening system

There are various systems for opening / closing the pan, which are often linked to the brand, each with its small specificities. The ideal is to turn to a system that can be manipulated with one hand. The other hand may well hold the flat for more ease.

Compatibility with cooking fires

This is a detail that does not interest anyone. But if you own induction hob, check that the pressure cooker of your dreams is suitable for all types of fires. Information must be specifically mentioned “compatible with induction hobs”.

One of the most common options is the presence of a timer. Otherwise, opportunities are rare, but manufacturers know how to be imaginative.

Security systems

A pressure cooker is a pressure cooker that can be dangerous. In addition to basic safety rules during cooking, it is best to opt for a difficult device to open, especially if you live with children.

Indeed, simply lift the lid during cooking can cause serious burns.

So all pressure cookers are safe, but some more than others.

The Top 5 Best Pressure Cookers

We suggest you do the fastest lap of the best pressure cookers, rated by consumer devices. You will find a wide variety of devices in a constantly updated selection.

Pressure Cooker: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Pressure Cooker: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Pressure Cooker: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Pressure Cooker: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Pressure Cooker: Notice To Compare And Choose The Best Model 2020

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Why Buy An Electric Pressure Cooker?

For many people, the pressure cooker is essential in a kitchen. Indeed, it allows to divide by three the cooking time. So it only takes 10 minutes for potatoes steamed.

Moreover, the device asks to remain closed during cooking, so you can attend to other business. It is even easier to do with devices fitted with a timer.

Where to Buy A Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cookers are sold everywhere, in hypermarkets or supermarkets. One can choose a pressure cooker at Darty, Boulanger, Goal, Auchan, Lidl, Leclerc, Amazon, Cdiscount and others.

The Pressure Cooker Of A Price?

A pressure cooker is a relatively economical cooking appliance. It is accessible to all and I must say that no woman in the Mediterranean basin could cook without!

A pressure cooker cheap costs about 40 €. For the most sophisticated models, it takes up to 150 €. In general for this price, you can enjoy a variety of options such as a timer.

Where to Find A Cheap Pressure Cooker?

To find a cheap and good quality pressure cooker, it is no secret: we will have to wait. In fact, the easiest way to see the price drop is to enjoy the sales, Black Friday and ends of lines. One can also enjoy discounted on Amazon, which are highly variable from one product to another and throughout the year.

What Is The Best Brand In Pressure Cooker?

If we know all Moulinex and Seb unclear which other brands could afford to buy a good cooker. So, I’ve listed the most important below and I’ll offer a brief presentation.


Seb is the inventor of the pressure cooker and since then her pressure cooker models have continued to improve. Today there is a choice between very basic models or hyper complete.


Moulinex offers many types of cookers, whether smart or Multicooker cooker. By cons for each collection, there is little choice.


Sitram is a French company that was founded in the 1960s It can be equipped with a small price pressure cooker (ie from 50 €).


Tefal is a brand of Groupe SEB. Specializing in the vessels of non-stick cooking, it also offers several pressure cookers where safety is always at the rendezvous.


Lagostina is an Italian brand that allows for quality equipment at prices quite correct.


The Fagor brand is a company of Spanish origin (now owned by a larger group). This is another alternative for a small price pressure cooker. There should be from 40 to 60 € on average.

to bake

Backen is a company offering pressure cookers mid-range, that is to say between 50 and 100 €. It is sold primarily online and unfortunately it is difficult to learn about the origin of products.

The Different Types On Pressure Cookers

Usually when we think pressure cooker, one visualizes a model-type pressure cooker. But there are other types of pressure cookers, to know before buying.

Rice cooker

There is talk of rice cooker or rice cooker. Technically it allows for only rice, but Asians (and a few curious travelers or French) offer more recipes that you can make do.

Electric Pressure cooker

The electric pressure cooker is almost a Multicooker. It runs on electricity and needs no external source of heat.

Steam Pressure cooker

The steam cooker is an electrical device that is composed of one or more baskets. It is also present as a steamer, as it allows no further cooking.

Induction cooker

There is talk of induction cooker for when we put forward that it is possible to use this type of pressure cooker on induction hob. But it also means that it is suitable for all other types of lights.

Multifunction Pressure cooker

The multifunction cooker is also named Multicooker. It makes it possible to prepare dishes from very different cooking as the steaming or stews.

Pressure cooker pressure cooker

Officially and although the term has passed into everyday language, a pressure cooker is a device manufactured by Seb. The pressure cooker pressure cooker is a device of a specific brand.

Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Difference Between cooker and pressure cooker

There is no difference between a pressure cooker and a pressure cooker. On the technical and use, these are the same two devices. However pressure cooker is the term coined by SEB to describe their device. It therefore can not officially designate the products of this trademark.

How Can We Make Bake in a pressure cooker?

The pressure cooker is primarily based on pressure cooking. This allows to speed up the cooking of potatoes, artichokes, cauliflower, beets or even chickpeas and chestnuts.

With a good cookbook for pressure cooker, we can start in many dishes. Some only use it when they receive guests. We can thus engage in a stew, a veal stew, beef bourguignon, tongue, beef, boiled chicken, head of veal, roast pork, etc. Please note, only the rice cooker allows for the Japanese rice, sushi rice.

How to Clean a Pressure Cooker?

Before we avoid scratching the bottom of the cooker to avoid damaging the coating. If foods have attached, use a wooden spatula to remove larger. Then can boil one minutes a mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate. Or you could let stand white vinegar mixed with warm water. And for daily maintenance, is done smoothly, the same way that we clean the pans.

How to Use a Pressure Cooker?

The principle of the pressure cooker is really simple.

It begins with a drop of water background, then sets up the steamer. The various ingredients are then deposited in the basket. The pressure cooker is closed and begins to heat up. Once the unit is pressurized air escapes and a whistle is heard.

It is only from this moment that we count the cooking time. Before opening the cooker, we must think about letting the cool unit to prevent accidents.

Side maintenance, pressure cooker can go in the dishwasher. You just think about changing the gasket every year. And if you are afraid of not finding the right model, buy the right joins directly with your new cooker and set it aside.


I must say that to prepare this article for you, made me want to spend in the kitchen! I dream of a good chicken with pineapple … And I hope that soon, you too can you feast on delicious meals that your pressure cooker will help you prepare.