Best Mixers Plunging

Best Blenders 2020: 6 Feet Mixer Reliable – Comparison

A blender is an older kitchen accessory that can make soups, floss and even jams and compotes. However the quality of these products is very variable and therefore the results and sustainability of the mixer too.

To allow you to buy the first time the best hand blender that is in your budget, we offer a selection of the most interesting models. Thus you will know quickly what blender choose.

What criteria taken into account in choosing a blender? What budget for blender soup? What a difference a blender?

Find the answer to all these questions and a presentation of the 6 best mixers diving, the diver robot Bosch ErgoMixx MSM67160, our favorite.

Special Mixer Plunging Best Quality / Price

Moulinex DD65H810 Stand Mixer Quickchef 4 in 1 …

Kenwood HDP401WH Triblade system pro Blanc 800 W

Philips HR2657 / 90 Mixer Plunging ProMix, mixes, …

Bosch Mixer Plunging ErgoMixx MSM66120 -…

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

The presentation of the various mixers is made from a list of specific criteria and objectives. So the products are selected and evaluated based on technical data and not in the original brand. Besides G tested for you is an independent site not working with any company appliance. Learn more.

The editors are studying specialized magazines files, records and even customer reviews posted on Amazon, Redoubt or Fnac to carry their items.

Compare Mixer Plunging / Our Top 3

The best high-end

The best mid-range

Moulinex DD100141 Turbomix Plus

Full Blender, ErgoMixx product is sold with a mini chopper, whisk in stainless steel and a measuring cup. It has an output of 750 watts and 12 speeds. It is silent.

Very simple, it is strictly blender to mix, but it does so with power and efficiency, because it has four blades positioned shifted and a turbo button.

Made in France, this mixer is an accessory that the premium simplicity, only one speed, a well positioned button, a suspension ring, no more accessory.

The best high-end

Full Blender, ErgoMixx product is sold with a mini chopper, whisk in stainless steel and a measuring cup. It has an output of 750 watts and 12 speeds. It is silent.

The best mid-range

Very simple, it is strictly blender to mix, but it does so with power and efficiency, because it has four blades positioned shifted and a turbo button.

Moulinex DD100141 Turbomix Plus

Made in France, this mixer is an accessory that the premium simplicity, only one speed, a well positioned button, a suspension ring, no more accessory.

How Is Made The selection?

Below you’ll find six mixers plunging chosen from specific criteria. Indeed, if the price and the brand can already steer the overall quality, especially if you have other multifunctional robots, it is better to use other features for a reliable comparison. And these are specific to plunging mixers and can be applied to choose a heating blender as close as are the two products.

To assess the power of a blender, there are three criteria to be considered: the electrical power (in watts), the number of included speed and number of revolutions per minute maximum. The power should be more than 500 W to really enjoy and the ideal is to have at least two speeds.

For a good grip, compare the weight, the general shape and the materials used. The mixing foot must be stainless steel and it is preferable that it be removed for easy maintenance. The cord should be long to be able to mix anywhere in your kitchen. And the device must have suitable hand will handle it with the adjustment buttons at your fingertips.

The heat resistance

It is not said in the sales descriptions if the mixer can be used in a heated dish, while it is still in the manual. So before buying, please read the customer reviews. It is possible that the blender can only be used 50 to 60 seconds in a hot mixture to prevent overheating of the engine.

Most mixers are simply sold with a measuring cup. However amount in price range, we can choose the most complete kits with better grip and greater versatility.

Best Hand blenders – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Moulinex Dd100141 Turbomix More: The Best Cheap

Best Blenders 2020: 6 Feet Mixer Reliable - Comparison

Foot stainless steel French manufacturing suspension Ring Lightweight Bowl 800ml

Here is a simple and effective blender. This is a Moulinex model that was made in France. It has a white design with a touch of red. It has a mixer foot stainless steel with two blades. This foot is removable for easier maintenance, by hand or in the dishwasher. In general, if flushing is done immediately after use, it’s fast and the dishwasher is not necessarily required. One accessory is intended with this mixer, it is indeed sold with a measuring cup of 800 ml.

The grip is also very simple. This mixer is particularly light as it weighs only 600 grams. There is only one button that must be pressed for this to work. There is no speed adjustment. The engine is especially suitable for small preparations that is to say for the soup for 3-4 people. For larger quantities, cheap products do not agree.

For storage of the device, if it is possible to put in a drawer, there is also a suspension ring to keep it close at all times. This is especially handy if you have the opportunity to also suspend safely wire.

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2. Black + Decker Bxhb500E: The Alternative No Dear

Best Blenders 2020: 6 Feet Mixer Reliable - Comparison

Cone splash Good grip Transmission Steel Dishwasher Safe Several powers available

Black + Decker BXHB500E mixer is the mixer small price brand. Its power is 500 W and it is sold with only one accessory, a measuring cup. However with the same design, it is possible to buy other variations of the same product, with more power and more accessories. To this we must be prepared to double the price.

Here there is a white blender, comfortable handle. It is all plastic. It measures 38.4 cm tall and weighs 860 g. Its format makes it easy to find a place to store it. It has one big button to hold the loosely and ensure proper operation at the same time. There is only one speed, hit that button is the only one present.

Between the engine and blades is a steel transmission, making it a robust and durable device. The blades are stainless steel and are suitable for pieces of any size. They are in an anti-splash cone. The arm can be dismantled and it is possible to clean the mixer blades in the placing in the dishwasher. To detach the two parties, do not hesitate to pull hard.

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3. Bosch Ergomixx Msm66110: The Best Middle End

Best Blenders 2020: 6 Feet Mixer Reliable - Comparison

Foot while stainless silencer 600 watt 4-blade coating slip

The mixer Bosch ErgoMixx is a rugged and powerful. However this is strictly a blender with one accessory includes a measuring cup. Its advantage is its power of 600 W and the presence of a turbo button. Also the foot is completely made of stainless steel and is equipped with 4 blades that are at different heights for better mixing of food. So you can really mix any type of preparation, and without investing in an expensive product. This power is possible even though it is energy class A.

This is a white and gray product, very restrained. It measures 40 cm high, weighs against by 988 grams. To avoid it you slip between the fingers he has a non-slip coating. The startup is done by pressing a button and just next door is the key to the turbo mode. The engine is relatively quiet, which is great for cooking at any time without disturbing anyone. The electric cable to be connected to the sector is 140 cm.

The base mixer is removable. He retired with an eject button. The easiest way is to wash by hand, passing it under the tap. But if you prefer, it can be put in the dishwasher.

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4. Bosch Mfq3540: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Blenders 2020: 6 Feet Mixer Reliable - Comparison

5 Long-speed cable with whips and hooks in stainless blades Good grip

Bosch This product is a food mixer. That is to say it has the format of a drummer, but its various accessories allow to use it to knead bread dough or to mix soup. Thus the box comprises a foot mixing plastic with stainless steel blades, turbo two whips, dough hooks two and a bowl of 600 ml. The accessories are stainless steel and easy to implement while an ejection button to remove them. Without the button, it is impossible to win. To learn more about the different uses of the robot, check out this review of the mixer Bosch MFQ3540.

The power of the device is only 450 W, which is quite low. Yet different opinions demonstrate the ability to knead bread dough or making mayonnaise. Admittedly drummer mixer offers 5 different speeds and a pulse function (kind of speed boost available for only a few seconds).

The grip is comfortable. The power cable is particularly long (1.4 meters) for safe use, regardless of the location of electrical outlets in your kitchen. The handle has a soft touch coating that provides good grip without slipping. The control buttons are at your fingertips.

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5. Bosch Ergomixx Msm67160: The Best Premium

Best Blenders 2020: 6 Feet Mixer Reliable - Comparison

Blades very sharp 12 speeds Mini chopper included silent motor Whip Stainless

Cover not compatible dishwasher

In the collection of mixers ErgoMixx, Bosch offers several products with varying powers and accessories. Here it is a model with a black handle and stainless steel elements. It is sold with a foot while stainless steel mixer with four very powerful blade, mini chopper, whisk in stainless steel and a measuring cup.

The electrical components are attached directly to the engine with one click and they can be cleaned in the dishwasher (except chopper lid). Reviews consider each element is as powerful and well as others. It benefits both the chopper as the mixer. Thus we can grind raw meat, prepare soups with homogeneous results and more.

The power of the device is 750 watts. You can choose between 12 different speeds and even use the turbo. Nevertheless it is a silent blender. The grip is good, thanks to ergonomic shape which encourages to position the hand at the right height and with the soft touch covering. It was thus automatically the buttons under the fingers, especially as they are wide. The electric cable is quite long (1.4 m).

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6. Moulinex Dd65H810 Quickchef 4 In 1: Alternative Premium

Best Blenders 2020: 6 Feet Mixer Reliable - Comparison

10 speed accessories 4 foot stainless 1000 W soft touch covering

The QuickChef blender by Moulinex is a box of four operating elements on the same engine block. This helps reduce clutter while having a full range of kitchen appliances. Thus one receives here a mixer foot, while stainless steel, mini chopper with a capacity of 500 ml, a whip, a foot masher and a drink dispenser 800ml. This allows to soups, sauces, puree, mayonnaise, etc. And since all recipes do not require the same mixing intensity, the power of 1000 W can be adjusted very easily. The drive offers 10 speeds that can be changed at any time.

Also it is a good mixer with stainless steel finishes. The mixer foot is completely in stainless steel. For others, the party responsible for mixing is stainless steel, the rest is plastic. The handle has a soft touch coating for a decision in friendly hands, even with wet hands.

All removable parts (ie everything except the engine block) can be put in the dishwasher without any worries. By cons for a perfect result, it is best to rinse the mixer foot immediately after use. This prevents dry food.

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And why not…

Here are some additional plunging mixers which you can enjoy, especially if you buy during sales or Black Friday.

Senya Sycp-M046

The Senya mixer is a device sold with two different feet. There is a foot and a conventional blender masher extra large. Both work with stainless steel blades. The transition from one to the other is very easy. And these are the compacts for easy storage.

The exterior of the mixer, at the grip is rubber for a good performance without the risk of slipping. The Start button is positioned under the fingers, as well as the turbo button. As against the drive is on top, which avoids change by mistake, but that takes shot using both hands (one to hold the mixer, the other to adjust).

Best Blenders 2020: 6 Feet Mixer Reliable - Comparison

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Black + Decker Bxhba1000E

Buying Black + Decker BXHBA1000E is actually that of a complete kit for mixing, chopping and lather. Indeed in the same cabinet receiving a motor 1000 watts with 20 speeds and a pulse function which can be positioned different accessories. There is a dipleg with 4 stainless steel blades, a chopper and an emulsifier glass arm (said emulsifying / foaming device). It also receives a measuring cup to measure ingredients.

The elements are easy to apply and remove. The buttons are under the fingers when handling while the drive is on top. The power cord is long enough for comfortable use.

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Moulinex Dd655D10 Quickchef

This hand mixer is the Moulinex version of Black + Decker model above. There is a kitchen accessory sold with three components: a stainless steel foot extra large with a double blade, a grinder with a capacity of 0.5 liters and an emulsifying arm. A 0.8 liter cup is also included. The power was 1000 watts and is adjustable with a knob 10 for choosing between speeds.

The set is ergonomic and the grip is facilitated. It is relatively quiet in terms of noise. Maintenance is also simplified since, except for the block containing the engine, everything goes in the dishwasher.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Plunging blender or blender?

A blender is a small, specific food processor. It allows mixing by immersing the foot of the unit in the preparation. The blender allows him to mix the contents of his bowl. The preference for one or the other depending on the amount of food to mix and your cookware. And if you live alone, it is preferable to have a directly heated blender that mixes and baked. By cons, if you need a mixer and other kitchen utensils (grater, chopper, etc.) you should perhaps consult multifunction robots directly.

How To Use A Mixer Plunging?

A mixer plunger is equipped with powerful blades. It is therefore necessary to handle with care. So you first set foot correctly and connect the mixer. Then slides should be immersed in the preparation before pressing the start button. Turn the mixer throughout the flat to get a homogeneous result. Next mixers, it is possible to mix or a hot mixture then only cold preparations or at room temperature. Stop the mixer while leaving it submerged to avoid splashing. Then remove it from the dish. Unplug it before removing the foot and take care of the cleaning.

How To Power A Blender Plunging?

This is the power that will determine the effectiveness of the mixer and the duration of use (just fifteen seconds or for several minutes). It is better to go directly to a mixer of more than 500 watts. Finally, while it’s nice to have a device that mixes fast, it’s even better to have a variable rate and not only the most power at any time. This should be easily modified, if only with a pulse function.

What You Can Do With A Blender Plunging?

The blender can mix only. Despite the simplicity of use and the only function included, it allows for many different culinary preparations. The most famous dish is the soup. You can do with all existing vegetables from the time that the recipe is adapted. Many sites dedicated to soup enable you to start if needed. It is also possible to use the blender to make mayonnaise, mashed potatoes, applesauce, smoothies, tapenade or gazpacho.

Conclusion: What We Mixer Plunging According Buy?

For us the best blender is the product Bosch ErgoMixx MSM67160. It has four really sharp blades and a powerful engine and quiet. In addition it receives with a mini chopper and whisk a stainless steel, which works with the same engine and cleans in seconds.

If your kitchen is well equipped, it is better to buy strictly a mixer and we recommend priority mixer Bosch ErgoMixx MSM66110. It allows you to mix very effectively, with or without the booster power because it has four stainless steel blades. To spend as little as possible, check the Moulinex DD100141 Turbomix Plus.