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The Best Abdominal Belt 2020 6 Efficient Appliances – Comparison

To refine muscle or the abdominal area, there are different belts electrostimulation that make the body work, without going to a gym. Indeed, this type of belt can be worn time to watch a movie. By cons must keep in mind that it works better if you practice some sport in the week anyway.

The lap belts are many and varied and not all based on the same operation. That is why we have made a careful study of currently available products in order to retain only the best six belts of the moment. Our favorite? The belt Slenderstone ABS7.

How to choose a lap belt? What advantage to choose a belt electrostimulation? Can we do sports while wearing a lap belt?

Take stock of these questions and find the waistline that you will achieve your goal.

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Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

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Our priority is to study the products objectively, from a list of criteria based on the specifications. We consult the online records (like the one established by the and we read the reviews posted by consumers on Amazon or YouTube.

Compare Belt Abdominal / Our Top 3

The best high-end

The best mid-range

Sport-Elec Bcs multiposition

The Abs7 lap belt offers 10 programs, including 3 assets, and 150 levels of intensity. The remote control is compatible with other brand products. Works with a battery.

More than a belt, this unit electrostimulation works on all muscles of the body, because the belt is separated into two parts just connected to the control unit by a cable.

Agreeing with a 75 waist to 140 cm, this belt EMS offers 5 programs for 40 levels. The control unit can handle and the electrodes do not change.

The best high-end

The Abs7 lap belt offers 10 programs, including 3 assets, and 150 levels of intensity. The remote control is compatible with other brand products. Works with a battery.

The best mid-range

Sport-Elec Bcs multiposition

More than a belt, this unit electrostimulation works on all muscles of the body, because the belt is separated into two parts just connected to the control unit by a cable.

Agreeing with a 75 waist to 140 cm, this belt EMS offers 5 programs for 40 levels. The control unit can handle and the electrodes do not change.

How Is Made The selection?

To compare as accurately as possible the various abdominal belts, we have established a list of specific criteria. This identifies the characteristics of each model and see if it suits your expectations.

Indeed, it is possible to want to buy a belt in order to use only a few months or in the long term, as a result of pregnancy or to boost results in sports club, etc.

Behind the phrase “lap belt ‘, there are three types of products. The most popular seem to be the belts electrostimulation, because they create a muscular contraction to muscle, strengthen and tone.

Sweating belt aims to sweat to find a flat stomach. It is especially recommended when seeking to refine its silhouette.

Finally, the vibrating belt is made especially for weight loss in depth because it attacks the cellulite and fat with vibrations.

It really is best to choose a lap belt offering different programs. Thus it is possible to have automatic programs, linking the duration and intensity tailored to your expectations. And as and measure your progress, it is possible to change programs.

Is called the power intensity of electrostimulation or sent vibrations. It is still preferable to have a belt with a large amplitude intensity available. Indeed, after a diligent use of several weeks, it will be necessary to increase the intensity to continue to enjoy the benefits of the lap belt.

The format and design

Since this is a belt, it must take place around your stomach comfortably. For this, it must be adjustable to the finest or very long for other people. So check both the size and mounting system.

Moreover some belts are scalable and the electrodes can be placed also on arms or thighs. Finally you must check its weight, if it is easily positioned under clothing.

The Best Abdominal Belt – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Beurer Em 35: The Best Cheap

The Best Abdominal Belt 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

4 permanent electrodes 5 programs 40 intensities larger size (up to 140 cm) Program Memory

The lap belt Beurer with electrostimulation is a model cheap and yet very comprehensive. It is suitable for many different profiles to strengthen the muscles. In fact it is equipped with 4 Permanent contact electrodes. It is not necessary to change, the same electrodes are used for years. They operate without contact gel, it is just enough to moisten the skin or the electrodes before the establishment of the belt.

It is a flexible belt suitable for people with waist measuring between 75 and 140 cm. For larger sizes, use the cord that is included with the device. All washes hand. The control box is removable. It is positioned on the front of the belt and includes very few buttons for a quick start. There are 5 programs, offering sessions of 22 to 31 minutes and 40 intensity levels. An internal system remembers your last program memory to drive continuous tracking. In order not to use the battery unnecessarily, the belt should be in place to maintain the setting, otherwise it will jump to zero. All works on three AAA batteries, a first batch is included in the box.

With regular use, it strengthens the abdominal front and side. There should be several times a week, consistency is essential to achieve results. The lap belt is used only passively, that is to say you can not wear it during a workout, but just to go about your daily business quietly.

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2. Plastimea Meabelt 1000: The Alternative No Dear

The Best Abdominal Belt 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

8 modes Mode 1 massage relaxing 116 cm waist max 3 patches conductors included

The belt EMS Plastimea MEABELT 1000 is a model rather cheap to beginners and those new to the concept. It is not for athletes. It works with electro-stimulation and allows 1000 muscle contractions per minute. For this it needs two batteries. A first set of batteries is included in the box with the device.

A small ergonomic remote control lets you select the intensity level of the program and track the duration of the session. It is advisable to do 15 minutes a day. The belt has 18 levels of intensity (which is limited and explains that she is suitable for people who are new) and 8 drive modes. Each target mode some particular muscles. There is a fashion for all abdominal and mode offering a relaxing massage.

The belt should be installed next to the skin. It is set in three different sizes and is suitable up to a waist of 116 cm. In order not to require conductive gel, the belt operates with patches conductors. Three patches are directly included with the product. They are suitable for several months, but it will provide to buy new at some point.

The online notice signal a pleasant harbor. We feel that the muscles work, but nothing more. As against it is also reported that if we have to tighten up the belt, it is a much less pleasant stroke. For people who wear clothes size small, this is perhaps not the best choice. For others, no worries.

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3. Sport-Elec BCS Multiposition: The Best Middle End

The Best Abdominal Belt 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

For the body Easy to position session of 20 to 40 minutes Waist 175 cm Max French Company

No change in intensity Batteries not included

Sport-Elec offers this model a multiposition belt suitable for the muscles of the body. Indeed belt has two electrodes and it splits in two. It is possible to install on the arms or thighs. In its full size, it is positioned in the stomach and buttocks. All attaches and detaches easily. Also it can have a total length of 175 cm thanks to an included extension. This is a model that is suitable for both men and women.

As said before, there are only two electrodes included on this device. It is wireless carbon electrodes. They work with a water based contact cream must be systematically applied before putting the electrodes in contact with the skin. Then the big wired remote control selects one of four programs. One can opt for firmness, maintenance, strengthening and massage. Each program has a different duration, from 20 to 40 minutes. There is no real power settings of electrostimulation by cons.

To function, the belt needs 3 LR6 batteries which are unfortunately not included. It is not recommended to use rechargeable batteries which power is always less than conventional batteries. As for the contact cream, it is advisable to focus the brand, but others exist and creams as they are water-based, convenience. Sport-Elec is a highly reactive French company in case of questions or concerns.

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4. Medisana – Am 880: The Alternative Middle Of Range

The Best Abdominal Belt 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

smart display without conductive gel 50 intensity levels Automatic shutdown command legible screen

Medisana is a serious German brand of good quality. She has a very good reputation and AM 880 belt is actually a good product, effective and suitable for very different profiles. Whether to tone your abs, to accompany you through a diet or to recovery in a specific training schedule, it may be appropriate.

Thus the abdominal AM 880 offers 50 levels and 6 electrostimulation programs 30 minutes each. The choice of programs is very easy thanks to a small control panel positioned on the front of the belt. Its screen is really conveniently located. Where many devices offer a screen on the front (absolutely unreadable when wearing the belt), here is the LCD screen on the top. When one looks down, can be read without any problem all the information contained therein. However the device is designed neoprene flexible for use under clothing without difficulty. Either way there is no need to watch the screen because the camera turns off automatically when the program ends.

This is a model of 110 cm which can be expanded to 140 cm in waist circumference. It is fixed with Velcro. There is no point in buying conductive gel. By cons before applying electrodes to the skin, it must be moisten slightly (with water) and then moisten the skin. Without that, the use of risk poking and tugging.

To operate, there is no rechargeable battery, but a battery compartment. The first three batteries are included and available, but it will provide to buy regularly.

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5. Slendertone Abs7: The Best Premium

The Best Abdominal Belt 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

Very comfortable 150 intensities Active and Passive Acts in depth with a rechargeable battery

It is not by chance that the lap belt Slenderton Abs7 is our favorite product. Firstly there is a belt for men and women which is suitable both under sporting goals in a slimming program. For this belt offers 10 different programs, including 3 active programs. This means it is possible to wear the belt preparing dinner or during a weight training session. There are 150 levels of intensity, which really can follow the same program over several months gradually increasing intensity. Moreover, each program integrates heating and cooling muscle. Everything is done to have a deep action, but we must still provide for session 5 times a week.

The electrodes operate without contact gel, however, it is better to moisten them slightly. The seatbelt then more comfortable. Note that it is suitable for people with a tower height of 69 119 cm. If necessary, Slendertone proposes extensions sold as an option.

The choice of program and intensity is made through a remote controller connected to the belt by a cable. Thus it is possible to take the remote control in hand. This is a compatible remote control with many other Slendertone products. It is possible to buy a stimulator for the arms or buttocks for less since you already have some of the equipment. Slendertone is a British brand which specialized initially in electrostimulation devices for top athletes. Today its products are available for all and mostly they are many and varied. This is why it is interesting to have soon a versatile remote control.

Another element very appreciable, the lap belt is provided with a rechargeable battery. This avoids having to make a battery stock. It takes 3 hours to charge from 20 to 30 sessions of electrostimulation.

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6. Connect Slendertone Abs: The Alternative Premium

The Best Abdominal Belt 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

Connected via Bluetooth For the midsection result in 4 weeks 3 electrodes 100 intensity levels

Extension to buy more

As said earlier, Slendertone is an excellent brand that caters primarily to sports. However the products are designed so that everyone can enjoy. The lap belt electrostimulation Slenderton Abs Connect is a fully connected model. Indeed, enforcement is essential for starting the belt and replaces the remote control.

So after downloading the Slendertone Abs Connect app (compatible iOS8, Android 4.4 and later), connect your phone or tablet with the belt thanks to Bluetooth. Then everything goes with the app. It is primarily used coach. So we choose the program and intensity. And she recorded once on the other results, to accurately track your progress. There is even a callback function to not miss any session. Furthermore the application provides access to videos health, wellness and nutrition and a community to share and advise each other.

Various tests conducted by the brand can be concluded that toning belly appears from 4 weeks old when one opts for 5 sessions per week. There are 100 levels of intensity and it should not hesitate to start slowly.

The belt is thin and discreet. It is positioned in a t-shirt with nothing left to see. It can be used to calm or practicing sports. The format is received for waist sizes from 61 to 107 cm. If you measure more must be provided to purchase an optional extension.

The last thing to know is that it is necessary to change the electrodes every 20 to 30 uses. That means every other month under intensive use. A detail to take into account when assessing the budget for this purchase.

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And why not…

Here are some lap belts that we also attracted to their efficiency and ergonomics. Depending on your needs, it is perhaps that is the best belt for you.

Beurer Em 37

The electrostimulation belt Beurer EM 37 is an ideal model for beginners and for people who do not feel athletic. It has 4 electrodes with a complement of 2 adhesive electrodes. It provides access to 5 automatic programs and 40 intensity levels. So is it really possible to work the core muscles and oblique muscles while increasing the intensity gradually.

Program selection and intensity is performed through a removable remote control (for better handling) and minimalist LCD screen, but legible. Three AAA batteries are included to try receipt. Waist circumference is 70 to 140 cm. The belt closes with Velcro. For more information, please see this review of Beurer EM37.

The Best Abdominal Belt 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

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Slendertone Abs5

This belt electrostimulation is the cheap model of the famous brand Slenderstone. This is a relatively simple device, because it is not compatible with other brand products. Could not make it evolve. As against this belt still contains 10 different programs, including two modes sport to wear the belt during a fitness session (or any sport). And there are 130 levels of intensity. Suffice to say that this will really find happiness and long. Note that each program includes a heating and cooling muscle. The overall target the rectus, oblique and transverse.

Tests conducted by Slendertone announce visible results after 6 weeks of regular use. The belt has an adjustable length from 67 to 117 cm. The choice of program is made directly on the belt before. Finally, it operates with three AAA batteries that can be included directly in the purchase or not, depending on the chosen package.

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Slendertone Abs8

Here is an improved model Slenderstone announcing results after 4 weeks in the context of use 5 times a week. This belt includes electrostimulation 7 Adaptable Program for passive use (that is to say, to be followed during everyday movements like doing the dishes) and 3 active programs (for use in conjunction with a sporting activity). 100 levels of intensity complete the package. Thus this belt made four work groups of muscles (internal and external obliques, transverse and large law).

This is a comfortable lap belt, ranging in size from 61 to 117 cm. You can purchase an optional extension to enlarge. As against it is not compatible with other Slendertone accessories. It is a belt that operates without a battery, but with a battery. It recharges through a USB cable. A remote control is also included for easy grip.

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Conclusion: What Abdominal Belt Buy In Us?

For us, the Slendertone abdominal belt Abs7 is one of the best products of the moment. It is very complete and it helps move the sessions very easily. Moreover, even if its price is actually one of the highest, if one wishes to be equipped to tone the arms, face or buttocks, this product allows to save. Indeed the remote is reusable, so you can buy cheaper the other elements. Equally important, there are no batteries to buy since there is a rechargeable battery.

To work more muscles from a single purchase is the Sport-Elec BCS multiposition belt that will fit you the most. Indeed it can be used both on the stomach than on the arm.

However, it is true that for a first use, and if you fear you will not take very seriously, so opt for a cheaper model and still effective as the lap belt Beurer EM35.