Best Kitchen Stove: The Comparison

Best Kitchen Stove: The Comparison

Lovers or professionals in the kitchen, not everyone can do without a pan. An essential utensil that allows different cooking. However, the choice is now very wide and it is important to take into account certain criteria if one wishes to acquire the right model.

What Is A Kitchen Stove?

A kitchen pan is a flat cookware on which you can saute, fry, grill, sear, simmer and reheat food.

Best Kitchen Stove: The Comparison
Best Kitchen Stove: The Comparison

Used since antiquity, it was reinvented in the 11th century to have approximately the shape it has today. It consists of a baking dish to which is fixed a handle for handling. Note that manufacturers now offer kitchen stoves in steel, copper, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel or even ceramic.

What Is The Best Kitchen Stove?

To help you choose, Comparatif-Multicuiseur offers you its comparison table of the best cooking stoves of the moment.

How To Choose A Good Kitchen Pan?

Material And Coating

The material and coating are the first important points that you should check before purchasing a kitchen stove. It should be noted that each utensil has its advantages and disadvantages.

The steel kitchen stove is one of the oldest and simplest models. Designed from a sheet of steel stamped with a press, it has the distinction of offering good thermal conductivity, therefore a rapid rise in temperature.

Best Kitchen Stove: The Comparison
Best Kitchen Stove: The Comparison

It is compatible with all cooking modes. However, this type of utensil requires special maintenance because it can rust.

Although it has the same characteristics as the steel model, the cast iron kitchen stove is distinguished by superior thermal inertia. It is made with enameled or natural cast iron. It is a utensil that is cleaned and maintained in the same way as a steel pan.

Copper is also used for the stove design. It is an excellent thermal conductor which heats and cools quickly. A copper pan therefore offers better control over cooking.

Best Kitchen Stove: The Comparison
Best Kitchen Stove: The Comparison

However, it must be coated with a protective material so that there is no formation of copper oxide.

The aluminum pan must also be covered with a non-stick coating so that healthy food can be cooked in it.

Best Kitchen Stove: The Comparison

Apart from good thermal conductivity and incomparable lightness, it is distinguished by good value for money as well as by its longevity. Appearing later, the stainless steel kitchen pan also has many advantages. Stainless steel is indeed a biologically neutral material composed of 18% chromium and 10% nickel.

However, it is combined with aluminum and steel to be a good thermal conductor. It is the ideal choice if you are looking for a healthy, resistant and easily cleaned kitchen pan.

The pan with non-stick coating is very popular with amateurs and professional cooks.

Undoubtedly the most widespread model currently, this utensil has the advantage of not sticking food and of being easier to clean.

We present the 2 most used types of coatings, namely polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and ceramic.

PTFE, also called Teflon, is characterized by its high thermal and chemical resistance. You can cook different foods there.

In addition, stoves from major brands nowadays no longer contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), considered to be dangerous for health.

Regarding the ceramic kitchen stove, it has the strong point of withstanding very high temperatures.

Designed from mineral powder, it is also ecological and does not contain toxic products. However, this type of coating is less resistant, in particular to impact and scratches.

The Cooking Method

To acquire the ideal kitchen pan, it is important to choose according to the method of cooking and the preparation.

First check that the cookware is compatible with your cooking, electric, gas, induction, glass-ceramic, halogen, radiant heaters, etc. If you wish, for example, to sear meat, it is advisable to opt for a frying pan. steel or stainless steel.

To cook your fish, vegetables and eggs with a minimum of fat, it is best to use a utensil with a non-stick coating. The cast iron or copper kitchen pan is suitable for slower cooking.


In addition to the material and the coating, size is also a criterion that must be taken into account when choosing a kitchen stove. You need to determine the amount and type of food you want to cook there to find the right utensil.

So that you can cook as you wish, you must first check the diameter and the depth of the pan.

In all cases, it is recommended to buy a set of stoves that will allow you to acquire several sizes for a much lower price.

Which Kitchen Stove To Choose?

Discover the top 4 of the best selling quality and inexpensive cooking stoves.

The Different Types Of Kitchen Stoves

Frying Pans

A frying pan is a pan for frying and searing various foods, including meat and poultry. It is often designed in steel, cast iron or stainless steel and is found to be deeper and wider than the other models.

Grill Pans

Also called a grill pan, the grill pan is intended for grilling meats and making braised vegetables. This model is mainly characterized by the bottom streaks offering the same traces as those of a barbecue while allowing food not to be in contact with the juice. This type of utensil is mostly heavier and more resistant especially to scratches.

Pancake And Blini Pans

As its name suggests, this model of stove is designed to make pancakes. The utensil is distinguished by a perfectly flat bottom and a very low edge. Generally made of cast iron or sheet steel, it allows you to cook evenly over its entire cooking surface.

What Is The Price Of A Quality Kitchen Stove?

The kitchen pan is an affordable tool. However, you should not just rely on cost or risk getting a poor quality product.

The price varies depending on the material, the size, and of course the number of units since it is often offered by several. Kitchen stove kits designed by major brands, such as Tefal, Coninx, Beka, De Buyer or Schuman generally cost between 60 and 100 euros.

For a unit price, it costs around 40 euros. Be aware however that it is possible to find quality models, but cheaper by opting for a purchase on the internet.

How To Use A Kitchen Pan?

Knowing how to use a frying pan is essential in order to prepare healthy and tasty dishes.

Before using the non-stick pan for the first time, remember to oil it with a paper towel slightly moistened with oil before washing and drying it with a soft cloth.

Be careful not to overheat the pan and do not use a fork or a metal spatula, but rather a wooden spatula.

For the cast iron or steel kitchen pan, it is advisable to apply a little fat and allow it to warm up before use to prevent food from sticking. Once it is hot, you can sear or grill the food on each side, remembering to lower the heat towards the end of the cooking.

How To Maintain Your Kitchen Stove?

There are also some tips for maintaining and cleaning a stove. However, the process is not necessarily the same for all models. To keep your pan with non-stick coating in good condition over time, it must be cleaned properly.

Never use powdered detergents and abrasive sponges. Simply wash it with a sponge dampened in water and washing-up liquid before rinsing it with clean water.

For your steel or cast iron kitchen stove, it is not necessary to use washing up liquid or other detergents. Just wash it in hot water using a sponge before drying it with a cloth. Then remember to lightly oil the inside of your stove with paper towels before putting it away to protect it from oxidation and improve its non-stick qualities.