Best Juice Extractors

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

Whether to eat more vegetables or to make the most of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables, you are looking to buy a juicer. This product is more and more requested, as it therefore makes a cold extraction and keeps a maximum of vitamins.

Like any product becoming popular, the supply of juice extractors are expanding and it is not simple to navigate. To help you make your choice we extensively analyze the available devices and we have selected six, the best in our opinion, as the Omega juicer 8226.

Find your future juicer and answer your questions in this matter!

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Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

Our opinions are based on careful research into both the functioning of juice extractors that recent and ancient advice on the most successful products. Indeed we consider that the effectiveness of a stripper (or other device) is not visible at first use, but after a few weeks.

The goal is not to buy a disposable juicer, but a sustainable product. For that we also consult the complete records as those made by Marmiton or Wirecutter (in the version translated by Le Monde) and the ratings given by consumers on sites like Amazon.

Thus our selection is totally made from the products. We are not sponsored by a home appliance brand. By cons we perceive a small commission when readers of this article are ordering them from one of the links included (learn more).

Juice Extractor Comparison / Our Top 3

The best high-end

The best mid-range

BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer

With just two screens and six specialized tips, this versatile horizontal extractor allows the preparation of juices, purees, sorbets and even pasta.

This vertical extractor has a wide mouth and is sold with three screens to prepare juices, sorbets, smoothies, vegetable milk, nut cream.

With a stainless steel body, a wide mouth and a compact vertical design, this extractor offers excellent value for occasional use.

The best high-end

With just two screens and six specialized tips, this versatile horizontal extractor allows the preparation of juices, purees, sorbets and even pasta.

The best mid-range

BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer

This vertical extractor has a wide mouth and is sold with three screens to prepare juices, sorbets, smoothies, vegetable milk, nut cream.

With a stainless steel body, a wide mouth and a compact vertical design, this extractor offers excellent value for occasional use.

How Is Made The selection?

This selection is for strictly juice extractors that have a very specific way to get the fruit and vegetable juice. They should not be confused with the centrifuge, because the operation and the results have nothing to do. The same goes for the juicer.

Here the comparison criteria are strictly dedicated to juice extractors. They allow you to objectively look at the effectiveness and relevance of each characteristic of each juice extractor.

The format and design

The juice extractor format directly impacts its bulk. The vertical juice extractors are easier to place in a small kitchen. On the other hand a horizontal extractor is more versatile, that is to say, he can manage a wide variety of ingredients and sometimes even make mashed potatoes or fresh pasta. The design relates to the colors and the visual rendering of the product.

The speed of rotation

A screw that rotates too quickly will heat the fruit and vegetables and thus damaging them. Indeed, any movement causes heat generation, more movement, the faster it heats. Do not just rely on the term “cold extraction” but compare the announced rotation. Here the power has no interest.

In general one can expect to find an extractor with a speed ranging from 40 to 80 revolutions per minute. There are also manual extractors, that is to say it must turn a handle to turn the screw.

The ideal is the twin screw screw as it provides more juice and is perfect on the greens. But it is also the most expensive. It is possible to buy an extractor with a single screw or screw double helix. More than the name of the screw for a first extractor, rather look at the list of ingredients that can be placed there.

There are basic options like a handle, a drip stop, pitchers (for juice and pulp) and a recipe booklet. It is also possible to choose an extractor with more complex accessories, sold in more or included. Thus a juicer can be converted into ricer or pasta machine.

This is information that is only slightly scattered by the manufacturers. A function juice extractor can be very noisy, especially as some vacuum cleaners for example. so try to find the official declared noise in dB (and always put the figure as low as possible) or visit online notice the comparison between them.

The price is a final criterion. Of course a EUR 200 juicer is more efficient a device to EUR 100. But we can choose this for you and that’s why the extractors are classified by price range.

Conversely the guarantee is not a relevant criterion for an extractor, because in France beautiful legal safeguards protect consumers. And especially the extended warranties cover only very rarely the most fragile items such as accessories or even sometimes the engine.

Best Extractors Juice – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. H.Koenig Gsx12: The Best Cheap

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

60 revolutions / min vertical Large Format Two bowls neck 1 liter Other optional sieve

For occasional use

Compared to the price, the juicer H.Koenig is really surprising. It offers a really slow speed, without heating: 60 revolutions per minute. It has a vertical format which allows it to extract the juice of a large number of different foods including leaves (spinach) or hard vegetables (beets). Getting started is easy. The neck is wide so as not to think about cutting the ingredients (7 x 3.5 cm). The noise level is quite correct, it is a discrete product.

The recovery of juice and pulp of fruits and vegetables is included in bowls, each with a capacity of one liter. There has against a single screen included. However, the same model is available for sale with several screens, just be prepared to pay a little more. The list of accessories also includes a cleaning brush and a pusher.

This still remains an extractor for occasional use. This means that if you are looking for a juicer daily, so buy right away a more upscale product. This is the general strength which does not allow intensive use. This is his general functioning which makes it a great product for a long time use.

Maintenance is pretty easy, because everything comes apart without difficulty and is recovering in place intuitively. The brush can reach places of difficult access. There is little help to be taken to undo the bowl, because there is a kind of notch. But once we have grasped the principle, nothing wrong it. The exterior is stainless steel, a sponge blow is normally sufficient.

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2. Aicok Amr521: The Alternative No Dear

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Easy to assemble Drip 80 rpm Silent Compact enough

Threaded plastic end

The Aicok juice extractor is the perfect model for a first extractor, because it is really cheap and it allows for many tests (that is to say with various ingredients). Operation is intuitive, there is not much to do. It is necessary to cut into pieces the first fruits, not necessarily small, but at least a little.

This is a product which has a screw plastic. This detail explains why we see it as a product to discover the extraction. Indeed over the long term, the plastic screw is not what is best, especially if you plan to use it every day.

The extraction rate is 80 rpm. This is fast enough, but the result is quite correct. By cons it is not suitable for overripe fruit and too soft like banana. They are immediately rejected without juicing. At the sound as it is correct, as it does not exceed 60 dB. This is not a silent extractor, but it is acceptable at any time of the day.

Maintenance is really the highlight of this extractor. It is very easy to disassemble everything and put everything in place. All removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher. However it is almost faster to wash everything by hand just after preparation when nothing has dried. Besides a small cleaning brush is included to help you.

Side, the machine has an anti-drip function and an inverse system. The latter is handy to avoid paper jams. She turns the screw in the opposite direction which unlocks any ingredient stuck. Finally the service is made directly to the glass / bowl that is just included with the unit. The glass has a spout and then distributed among different people.

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3. Biochef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer: The Best Middle-End

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Wide aperture 3 different screen format vertical solid Accessories Only 40 rev / min

plastic predominantly

The vertical extractor BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer is a model available in several colors (silver, red, black and white). It measures 45 cm high and weighs 7.1 kilograms. This is a solid, well made and inspires confidence. It is predominantly solid plastic BPA. It has a long life, parts are strong and solid as the months of use.

His real plus is its extra large opening. It measures 8 cm in diameter. And above all it is a double entry, according to choose the form of the ingredient to be introduced (rather long as the pieces of carrots, or rather compact as apple pieces). A plastic plunger is also included. This system allows to put food without force and without risk of blockage. Extraction is really slow with 40 rpm. The juice can be stored for 24 to 48 hours in the refrigerator.

Three screens are included for greater versatility in the preparation of fruits and vegetables. There’s a fine sieve for juice, another for nectars and smoothies and a third for sorbets. This allows wider way to also make walnut butter and vegetable milk. A recipe booklet is included to easily learn how to take control of the extractor and get a fair idea of ​​all the possibilities it offers.

Finally, we get to the two containers apparatus (to get the juice and pulp) and a brush to clean everything, including the interstices of the screen. If necessary, it is also possible to put in the dishwasher the different removable elements, although it is better to do it by hand just after use.

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4. Biochef Axis Cold Press Juicer: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Beautiful colors and design Wide mouth Used to make pasta Stylish Design Change pressure available

Locks on soft foods

BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer is an elegant horizontal extractor that was fun to settle permanently in his kitchen. One can even choose the red or white. His feet with suction cups and weighs 6 kg guarantee a good stability.

Various accessories are included to make it a versatile and not only a powerful extractor. So there are 6 different tips for making fresh pasta and two screens. Of course one also receives a manual and a cleaning brush and a stick pusher. For juice, it works great on the leaves (nettle, spinach, parsley, etc.) and hard fruits and vegetables (peeled orange, apple, carrot, etc.). By cons he has difficulty with too soft ingredients like banana, ripe pear and cucumber. All too quickly becomes a puree that blocks the screw. Even by activating the reverse function (to turn the screw in the opposite direction), nothing unlocks the situation.

Note all the same, this juicer is one of the few models on which pressure can easily change applied to fruits and vegetables. It can vary from 0 to 5, the maximum pressure suitable for the toughest ingredients.

The machine maintenance has been simplified to a passage under the tap can perform most of the work. The small brush included allows to finish properly. It is possible to place the elements in the dishwasher. However it is advisable to wash everything quickly after use to not let the dried food deposits. Because it is more difficult to clean and dishwasher might not give you satisfaction.

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5. Omega 8226: The Best Premium

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

6 Silent Bottleneck specialized nozzles 5 cm single screw feet suckers

A little quick to upscale

The horizontal Omega extractor 8226 is a product of a chrome silver color (it is also available in white in another reference). It is very complete, all accessories are included. Thus it is sold with 2 pitchers, two sieves, nozzles 6 and a piston (also called pusher). It weighs 6 kg and has suction feet to provide good stability.

The juice extraction is performed in two steps through two screens. Thus the performance is better and a maximum of juice is extracted every time all the fruits or vegetables. This is visible both in the pitcher that collects the juice in it for the pulp, since the waste that emerge dry. Also speed of 80 rpm allows preparation without foam and without heating fruits and vegetables.

Among the accessories of this juicer are six specialized nozzles. They are used to vary the possible preparations and not only by varying the vegetables and fruits used. Thus by setting the proper nozzle on the output of the device, it is possible to prepare sorbets, mashed potatoes and even pasta. One can also make dried fruit purees.

The grip of the extractor to juice or to clean it, is really very simple. We just have to find the right place to store all accessories without losing anything. Between disassembly, cleaning and replacement, there must be 10-minute interview. A fine brush cleans places difficult to access.

Finally there is an extractor for almost daily use. Thus it is solid. It is designed to be frequently handled and it holds well. The elements are repositioned correctly and the single screw a good job over the weeks.

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6. Omega Vsj843Rs Hurom: The Alternative Premium

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Large amount of juice extract Very slow double-screw propeller self-cleaning mode Suitable for vegetable milk

Strictly for juice

Omega This extractor is one of those products that are found in all comparative because it gives satisfaction to all its users for years. It is also a vertical model, silver and elegant. It is designed to sit permanently in the kitchen and can be used at least once a day.

The juice extraction is done in the best possible conditions. Thus the device has a screw double helix. The speed is really slow to ensure quality cold extraction. It performs 43 revolutions per minute.

By cons must note that this is strictly a juice extractor. It is presented as being versatile, but for the type of juice that can be obtained. It does not make pasta or sorbets. It has two screens, a fine sieve for juice and a sieve with large holes for nectars. There are two containers 1 liter plastic (one for the juice, one for the pulp) and a pusher. The set allows to make fruit and vegetable juices, but also green juices with very fibrous ingredients or leaves (fennel, celery, etc.) and plant milk (almond milk, nut milk by properly following the classic recipes).

Finally this vertical extractor has a cap to avoid splashing and especially to enable the self-cleaning function. Then there is not much to do for maintenance. Besides all the elements are easy to disassemble, the worm keeps everything in place, simply remove it to access everything. The replacement of the elements is also simple and fast.

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And why not…

Hard to be limited to 6 juice extractors, while some brands offer a lot of good products (such as Omega). So, we have added 3 more. They do not seem to offer as much efficiency as the previous, but depending on your tastes, your budget and even space in your kitchen, it may hide your future juicer.

Aicok Amr519

The extractor of horizontal Aicok AMR519 juice has an original design and a close operation of the other Aicok extractors. So it’s not expensive, it is stable (with its 4.4 kg), it is not too noisy (between 40 and 60 dB) and is sold with a cleaning brush. Maintenance is easy and all the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

It has a speed of 80 revolutions per minute and has an inverse function to avoid the jam. We just plan to cut the ingredients into a few pieces and do not forget to peel citrus and pineapple. By cons attention unlike other models of the brand, it has a continuous operation rather short. Do not use the extractor for more than 10 minutes continuously, then you have to take a long break before resuming.

accessory side, the device comes with a brush, a collection container for 800 ml of juice and a collection container for the pulp.

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Omega 8224

The device is a versatile Omega 8224 juicer and solid. It is sold with two pitchers (for recovery of juice and pulp), two separate screens and nozzles 6 or specialized cones. These are accessories that allow you to vary the uses of the extractor. Thus it is possible to prepare vegetables or fruit purees, sorbets, fresh pasta, etc.

Screens included are a patented exclusive Omega. This enables better performance and spring is really dry pulp. This system is associated with a single screw and a slow speed of 80 rpm.

The design is quite original because it is a product that has existed for years. So it has a little retro unintended side. It weighs 6 kg, which allows it to have good stability. A handle on the top helps the handle and move it. There should be a length of 52 cm in all, between the device and pitchers recovery.

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Tribest Slowstar (Sw-2000-F)

The Tribest SlowStar juice extractor is a premium product. This is a compact, stylish vertical design. It is easy to place in a kitchen and even the accessories are not very bulky. It is guaranteed without BPA. It weighs just over 9 kg, it is powerful robust and very handy. The establishment of the elements and cleaning are very easy. It’s just a shame that the neck opening is not a bit bigger. On the other hand, this requires cutting out the ingredients and do not unnecessarily test the motor resistance.

This product is very versatile Tribest. The different accessories allow the preparation of sauces, sorbets, vegetable pies and even seed butter (like sesame paste). It also easily handles vegetables containing plenty of fiber thanks to its double roller blades.

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Conclusion: What Juice Extractor Buy In Us?

Difficult to retain only one extractor, because it really depends on what you expect. So let’s say if you want a reliable juicer in the long term, for almost daily use, it is best to turn to the extractor Omega 8226. It will be effective on all fruits, all vegetables and even herbs and nuts. This is our first choice!

On the other hand if you are looking for an extractor to juice two or three in the week, no need to spend too much. The H.Koenig GSX12 juicer should give you full satisfaction.

And if you hesitate between, if you want to include daily juice without being sure to really succeed, then let yourself be seduced by the extractor BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer.