Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment

Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment

The Italian coffee maker is essential equipment for any lover of good coffee. It is still very successful today thanks to its ease of use and durability. However, the market offers such a wide variety of models that it is difficult to find the right utensil. Comparatif-Multicuiseur helps you find the coffee maker that best suits your needs and tastes through the selection criteria to be favored.

What Is An Italian Coffee Maker?

An Italian coffee maker also called a mocha coffee maker is a tool used to make coffee manually. Invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, it works on a baking sheet and has been specially designed so that you can prepare quality coffee in a short time.

Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment
Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment

It is composed of a base into which water is poured which will then be heated, a central compartment to store and filter the ground coffee, as well as an upper part to accommodate the prepared coffee. Like any other coffee maker, it is a container that has a side handle and a lid. The Italian coffee maker is available in different types, from old versions to Italian espresso coffee makers and induction models.

What Is The Best Italian Coffee Maker?

Our site invites you to discover its comparison of the 3 best Italian coffee makers available on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Italian Coffee Maker?

Depending On Its Material

This is a determining point in the choice of your Italian pressure coffee maker. The manufacturing material determines the effectiveness, robustness, ease of maintenance and of course the price of the utensil. First, there are the coffee makers designed in aluminum which are good conductors while being light and less expensive.

Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment
Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment

This model is recommended if you are using an electric hob. Stainless steel coffee makers are very trendy today because of the multiple advantages they offer. In addition to withstanding high heat, they are perfectly resistant to impact, scratches and rust. They are also easier to clean because they do not stick and are generally dishwasher safe.

Depending On Its Capacity

Capacity is also a criteria that you should take into account when purchasing, as it determines the amount of coffee that the coffee maker can produce.

Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment
Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment

This is measured in cups of 5 centilitres and will depend on your habits, your frequency of consumption as well as the number of people in your household.

A 2-cup Italian coffee maker might be enough for you on a daily basis, but it would be insufficient if you share a convivial moment. We therefore advise you to opt for a cookware with a capacity of 4 or 6 cups, especially since the price difference is not huge. This will allow you to prepare enough coffee for your loved ones or friends who come to visit you at one time.

Depending On The Type Of Heating

You should also not be mistaken in this point. The utensil will be of no use to you if it is not compatible with your hotplates. It should be noted that all coffee makers are generally suitable for electric, vitroceramic and gas hobs.

Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment

However, if you use an induction hob, you will need to obtain an Italian coffee maker on an induction hob such as the Cucina Dimodena NC3670-944 or the Bialetti Venus Induction 1685. The latter will also be compatible with other types of hob. Resistant to high heat, it is mostly made of stainless steel. Note that the market also offers Italian electric coffee makers that you can take with you on the go like going to the office or even traveling.

Depending On Its Design

Besides the material, the capacity and the type of heating, the design is also a characteristic that should not be overlooked. The manufacturers have made sure to make coffee makers in all shapes and colors. You are free to choose as you wish, knowing that the appearance of your Italian espresso maker has no impact on the taste or quality of the coffee it produces.

The most important thing is that your utensil matches the rest of your kitchen equipment and adds a touch of decor to your table. Opt for a classic design like the Bialetti Moka Express and its eight sides if you are the retro type. If you are looking for elegance, prefer coffee makers with a chrome or black appearance, like the model NC3670-9446 from the brand Cucina Dimodena. You will even find colorful utensils on the market if you are looking for more style and modernity.

Why Buy A Good Italian Coffee Maker?

To Taste Quality Coffee Without Investing A Lot

The main advantage of using an Italian coffee maker is that you have the possibility of preparing a coffee that is not only tasty, but also refined, powerful and light.

This is thanks to its operating system which uses heat to build up pressure and retain the rich and fruity aromas of coffee.

Also, the emulsion produced by the vapor makes it possible to reduce the caffeine content without it tasting tasty. You will be able to obtain an espresso type coffee without having to buy a machine which costs much more.

For Its Ease Of Use And Its Longevity

Another advantage of the Italian pressure coffee maker is that it proves to be both simple to use and durable. It suffices to fill the two lower compartments, to screw the three pieces back on and to heat everything on a hot plate. In addition, it is a utensil having a very long service life because it does not have a fragile system and mechanism. An Italian coffee maker can be passed down from generation to generation if you take good care of it.

Which Italian Coffee Maker To Choose?

We have selected for you the TOP 4 of the best selling Italian coffee maker models at the moment.

What Is The Price Of An Italian Coffee Maker?

As with any kitchen utensil, the price of an Italian coffee maker varies from one model to another. It depends on its material, its capacity, its compatibility and of course its brand. The price generally goes from 10 euros to 40 euros for aluminum utensils and from 20 to more than 50 euros for stainless steel.

For an Italian electric coffee maker, count at least 50 euros. Everything will therefore depend on your needs, the type of plate you have and your use. But be aware that with a budget of around 35 euros, you can get a good quality 6-cup utensil. In all cases, look for models designed by major brands, such as Bialetti, Cucina Dimodena, Godmorn, Aeternum, Pulcina, Bodum, CHISTAR, Fagor, Bestron or Ariete which combine reliability, aesthetics and robustness.

How To Use An Italian Coffee Maker?

It is important to know how to use an Italian coffee maker well to obtain quality coffee. To do this, you must follow a few steps. First, take coffees specially ground for this type of utensil which is neither too thin nor too large. Start by delicately placing your coffee in the filter until a dome protruding 1 cm in height. Then screw the 2 parts of the coffee maker.

When tightening, you should note that the coffee in the filter is perfectly homogeneous. Fill the tank with mineral or filtered water up to the mark or at the safety valve. Avoid exceeding this limit, as your coffee maker will not be able to build up pressure properly and produce good coffee. You can now put your coffee pot on the fire or the hob. Heat over medium heat with the lid open to let the steam escape and prevent your coffee from burning. Do not hesitate to remove it from the heat when leaving the coffee in the upper half. Here, your drink is ready and just waiting to be tasted.

How To Clean Your Italian Coffee Maker?

Although some Italian coffee makers are dishwasher safe, it is best to clean it by hand for best results and prolong its life. Here are some tips for easy maintenance of your utensil.

An Italian coffee maker can simply be washed under hot water. Only, the limestone contained in the water can leave white spots at the bottom of the cookware. To remove them, fill the tank with a mixture of water and white vinegar. Then boil before rinsing with clear water and drying. Black spots caused by caffeine residue can also be seen on your coffee maker. In this case, boil water mixed with lemon juice, rinse and dry. You can also use water with a little bleach if the dirt persists.