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Best Iron On Iron 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

It’s urgent, you need a new iron.

Generally the first iron was a gift from a grandmother or great aunt worried about our look when you get to college or to our first job interviews. It is also linked to the first apartment and mocks royally on the model you own.

Except that over time inevitably comes time to buy a new one. And despite the desire not to ruin, there is also that of not having to spend hours on a shirt to be presentable. So how do we choose?

Follow me, I will take you in search of the best iron!

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This Qu’Est-Qu’Un Iron On Iron?

During my first apartment, there were only irons to care for clothing. Not that I am so old that, but the Steamers were mostly reserved for professionals.

Today, one can freely choose the type of device that you want to counter the wrinkled clothes. So do not confuse iron and steamer steam.

In this case, the iron board be used on an ironing board (or a protected table). It is the warmth with a touch of steam and mechanical pressure (or touches not the garment, frankly you have to go above) that hunt folds.

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Best Iron On Iron 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

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How To Choose An Iron Iron?

If iron is a key device, this is not a reason to buy anything. I you really reveals all the relevant criteria to compare irons and make your choice knowingly.

The power and steam output

The power is expressed in watts (W) and the steam flow rate in grams per minute (g / min). Over the iron board is powerful, the less you will have work to do. Basically, it is to know how to pass on the envelope, it will disappear.

In terms of power, especially if you have thick fabric, choose a higher power to 2000 W, and more than 100 g / min steam flow. Iron Calor FV9625C0 Ultimate has a power of 2600 W and is one of the most powerful devices that are available.

It’s almost the most important element of the iron. The sole is not everything, but a bad sole risk of damaging your clothes. It needs to choose stainless steel or ceramic. So you will have an iron that slides well, easy maintenance and does not deteriorate your tissues.

The Iron Calor FV3920C0 is equipped, in addition to a good sole, the Durilium technology that allows super glide the iron for years.

Think carefully about the workability of the iron. There are several things to watch as the weight, the type of handle, the wire (and its length), etc.

For example, Calor is FV9960C0 irons wireless with great autonomy. It is super easy to use without ever being bothered by the wire.

In a completely different genre, is the Triomph ETF1498 irons trip. It weighs less than a kilo and its handle is collapsible.

The capacity of the reservoir

The tanks have a capacity of 200 to 400 ml. It should not he be too big (if not the iron is heavy to carry) but do not need to fill every five minutes either. Also look at how fills the tank.

EICI it comes to how clean the base, where an anti-scale system and anti tartar. What can be done to increase the life expectancy of the iron and take good care of your clothes?

Several options are available. The most common is the presence of an anti-drip system (more or less at the point).

The device Philips GC2040 / 79 Easy Speed ​​Plus offers anti-drop and the possibility of smooth vertical system. Iron Calor NI5010C0 is an apparatus 2 in 1, both iron steamer and steam.

It all depends on your needs and habits.

The shape of a classic iron is well enough that the colors (white with a hint of pink / purple / blue). However manufacturers manage increasingly to be creative. Compare the style of the different models. Will you opt for red Bosch TDA503001P or black and green Rowenta DW6010D1?

The Top 5 Best Selling From To Iron Irons

For the impatient, here immediately on a comparative irons. What finding the best device to drive the recalcitrant folds. You will find the main brands Tefal, Philips, Rowenta, Bosch, the big names of the houses and well-kept clothes.

Best Iron On Iron 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Iron On Iron 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Iron On Iron 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Iron On Iron 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Iron On Iron 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Why Buy An Iron On Iron?

A pressing iron is a very economical solution for well-kept clothes. The first prize is 20 €, so it’s cheaper than the laundry or any other device to use at home.

And use an iron is a way of taking care of yourself, return the image of someone clean and well maintained.

A Price On Iron On Iron?

This device is really one of the basic accessories for the care of the laundry. So the first prices are really low. Excluding promo, the price range is from 20 € to 150 €.

This is usually the price actually prefer irons to steam plant.

How To Use An Iron Iron?

Basically, just apply the iron on clothing.

In reality there are some subtleties, especially when it comes to iron a shirt. a little steam can be used, varying the temperature as a function of the tissue. If in doubt, take a look at the label of your clothes when care instructions are given.

movement side is avoided circular movements or worse random movements. We must go from bottom to top, from broad to narrow. For example on a pleated skirt in one hand and the bottom was the sharp tip of the iron to the folds.

Finally, at the end of your ironing, allow the iron to cool slightly, then clean the soleplate with a soft cloth or with a little soapy water and a soft sponge. Never use the green side of the sponge!


Some pros ironing, others almost never repass. But there is always a moment when the iron board becomes essential for a shirt before an interview, dress or delicate fabric before a tryst. So I hope you now know what Iron choose to always have clothes on top.