Best Induction Cooktop

Induction Hob: The Comparison

Induction hobs have become very fashionable today because cooking enthusiasts love them for their great performance and efficiency. However, the market currently offers a wide range of models and to choose the right equipment, it is important that we take into account certain elements.

What Is An Induction Hob?

The built-in or mobile induction hob is a household appliance for cooking food. Operating thanks to the magnetic field generating heat, it heats the container placed on it while remaining cold.

Induction Hob: The Comparison
Induction Hob: The Comparison

It has one or more fireplaces depending on the model and offers different cooking levels. The induction cooktop also consists of a touch control panel to easily control the power of the fireplaces as well as a timer.

What Is The Best Induction Hob?

We offer you a comparison table containing the 3 best induction hobs on the market.

How To Choose An Induction Hob?

Number And Type Of Outbreaks

There are 1-burner, 2-burner, 3-burner, 4-burner induction cooktops and even 5-burner induction cooktops on the market. To acquire the right model, you must choose according to your needs. Models with one or 2 fireplaces take up little space, but offer fewer possibilities.

Induction Hob: The Comparison
Induction Hob: The Comparison

Induction hobs with 3 or more burners are more practical, since they provide at least one more powerful and larger hearth suitable for various container sizes. Some of these devices are equipped with a modular zone composed of several independent inductors for cooking at different powers.

The Powers

Power is also one of the criteria to take into account when choosing the right induction hob. Expressed in Watts, this may vary depending on the model. The more powerful the device, the higher the maximum temperature.

Induction Hob: The Comparison
Induction Hob: The Comparison

Note that the manufacturers mention the total power as well as the power of each stove. Larger burners are often more powerful. However, the power also depends on the function of the stove. For example, a simmer stove requires less power than a stove intended for another type of cooking. We therefore advise you to choose an induction hob with 4 cooking zones of different powers in order to be able to prepare various dishes.

The Control Panel And Options

In addition to the number of cooking zones and the powers, the control panel is also an important element that should not be overlooked when buying a built-in induction hob.

Induction Hob: The Comparison

It is essential that it is simple to interpret and use so that you can control the power of the fireplaces and make the various settings with ease. The best models benefit from a touch screen and a slider on which it is enough to slide the finger from left to right to increase the power of the fire. A good induction cooktop is also a device that offers more options.

Most models are equipped with a timer and a booster function. Some are equipped with various security systems such as a residual heat indicator, an anti-overheating, automatic pan detection or even a parental control to lock the panel.

Why Buy An Induction Hob

A Very Efficient Cooking Method

The induction hob is a device with multiple advantages. First, it uses very efficient technology with an efficiency of over 80%. The loss of power is minimal, since it does not tend to spread outside the home.

Indeed, the magnetic field means that the induction hob does not heat, but only the container placed on it. You will therefore also limit your electricity consumption. This type of hob is also characterized by its reactivity and precision. You will be able to benefit from an ultra-precise adjustment of the power and pass from a strong heat to low instantaneously.

For Ultra Easy Maintenance

Besides efficiency, the other advantage of the rectangular or round induction hob is its ease of maintenance. Food stains caused by splashing do not burn and do not become encrusted on the plate.

Thanks to a smooth surface and the absence of buttons, the table is easily and quickly cleaned using a damp sponge or soaked in a little detergent.

Which Induction Hob To Choose?

Comparatif-Multicuiseur has selected 4 models which are among the best sellers of the moment.

The Different Types Of Hotplates

Induction Or Gas Hob

The gas hob is a gas appliance. This can have 3, 4 or 5 lights depending on the model. The rise in temperature is rapid, since the flame ignites and produces heat as soon as the knob is turned.

In addition to being compatible with all cookware, this type of hob is simple to use and costs much less than an induction hob. However, its maintenance takes more time, because it is necessary to clean not only the table, but also the grates, the burner caps and the burners.

Induction Or Ceramic Hob

The ceramic hob is often confused with the induction hob. Indeed, this hob is also composed of glass ceramic glass known for its resistance to high temperatures and shocks.

However, it is only from an aesthetic point of view that these two types of plate look alike. The glass ceramic hob works thanks to the principle of conduction and radiation. It therefore offers rapid heating. It also has the advantage of being compatible with all cookware. It has radiant or halogen fireplaces or a combination of the two.

What Is The Price Of An Induction Hob?

The price of an induction hob can vary from 170 to 5000 euros depending on the model. It depends on the number of stoves, power, options and brand.

Everyone now has the opportunity to acquire quality equipment from 180 euros thanks to the price reductions offered by the manufacturers. However, to offer you a large induction hob with a modular zone composed of several independent inductors, it will be necessary to count at least 500 euros.

How To Use An Induction Hob?

Choice Of Container

It is important to know how to use your 4-burner induction hob to succeed in your dishes and not to damage the equipment. The first thing to do is to choose the right container.

Note that the induction principle requires the use of ferric metal utensils with a thick, flat bottom, such as cast iron, steel, enameled steel or stainless steel batteries. You will therefore not be able to use aluminum, copper, glass, ceramic, porcelain, brass or silicone containers.

Besides the material, you must also choose the right size. Use a cookware at least 14.5 cm for a 12 cm inductor, 18 cm for a 14.5 cm inductor and 21 cm for an 18 cm inductor.

Handling Equipment

The induction hob is safe and very easy to use. Start by plugging the equipment into an electrical outlet before placing the container on the plate.

Then set the timer and temperature before starting cooking. For better safety, do not forget to unplug the appliance after use even if the hob only heats if there is a cooking utensil placed on it.

How To Maintain Your Hob?

In order to keep your built-in induction hob in good condition and functional over time, it is essential to clean it daily. In fact, the induction hob may be dirty with food or liquid residues.

To remove them, just pass a damp sponge, preferably when the induction hob is still warm and then wipe the plate with a soft cloth or absorbent paper. Do not use abrasive or corrosive products, as this may damage your induction hob. In case the stains resist, you can use a specific product for ceramic glass or simply a mixture of dishwashing liquid and white vinegar.