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Best Cooker Hoods 2020: Comparison and Review – Which to choose?

There is nothing worse than knowing dinner the smell that invades an entire apartment. The only way to avoid it is to properly use a hood.

However, all the hoods are not equal and some models hardly deserve to be lit so the difference or not, is thin. Yet there are also effective and hoods that do not require a huge budget or a technician to install it.

This buying guide is there for you, to help you know what hood recycling or disposal choose.

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This Qu’Une Qu’Est-Cooker Hoods?

The hood is a device installed above your large appliances for cooking. It aspires saturated fat odors and cleans the air. Basically, it allows you to cook in the frying meat, without the whole neighborhood finds your menu when your window opens. This also helps to dinner enjoying the flavors of each dish and not just grilled odors … Finally aspiring look fat in a hood, you do not see your walls change colors under the dirt effect.

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Best Cooker Hoods 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

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How to Choose Your Kitchen Cooker Hoods?

There are several criteria to consider to know which hood choose. The ideal is to first take some steps in your kitchen and check the available space.

There are two types of hood: recycle function or evacuation function. The recycling function recycles the air before expelling it into the kitchen. He is essential to provide purchasing a carbon filter that changes every 6 months. The function works without exhaust filter and provides better exhaust air directly outside the kitchen. By cons must be provided to make a hole for air.

We talk extraction, vacuum or air flow. This is actually the amount of air that the device will suck and treat in one hour. This volume is expressed in cubic meters per hour (m³ / h). The more power, the more effective the hood. But that is not enough, we must adjust the flow to the surface of your kitchen. The objective is that the hood renews the air in the kitchen several times an hour. It is therefore all the more important to have a high flow rate that your kitchen is large. Also check if more suction speeds are offered.

A silent hood seems to be as easy to have the real Santa … It usually takes a send at least 50 dB when using the hood. As against some models go up to more than 60 dB. In all cases a discussion is hard to take, but there is still more discreet than other models. So I found a Bosch hood that emits only 44 dB!

Since air does not rise, forming a good thin straight line, it is imperative to choose a larger hood that the cooking surface. There are not to be excessive, 5 cm more on each side enough, and so it will be really effective.

The ease of installation

All hoods are not installed the same way. Those whose disposal is done on the outside are more difficult to install, but also the most effective. Make sure to have enough room to be able to make the connections.

And some hoods are known to be difficult to install only. Be sure to check this if you want to do without the intervention of a professional.

The vast majority of hoods are visible. There is even talk of decorative hoods (as they decorate and yearn). shape, instead it takes and even the color can be chosen. For a design and elegant hood, we suggest you take a look at the hood Klarstein Lumio.

The Top 5 Best Selling Hoods From Aspirants

To save time, we suggest you choose your future hood in this selection of the best hoods. It was made from advices. There are a wide variety of models and we are sure that one of them will suit you.

The most famous brands are Hoods Brandt, Ilot, Whirlpool, Bosch, Roblin, Siemens, Electrolux, De Dietrich and Scholtes, a first element to choose quickly and well your model. And if you still do not know that this selection is regularly updated to incorporate as much as possible new developments that are worth.

Best Cooker Hoods 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Cooker Hoods 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Cooker Hoods 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Cooker Hoods 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Cooker Hoods 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Why Buy A Hoods Hood?

With a hood, you can cook absolutely everything yourself without fear of smell for days. It also prevents the air saturated fat is “clean” against the walls by making them change color.

By cons do not forget to turn it on for five minutes before start cooking. It is also best left turn after a few more minutes (up to a quarter of an hour after the suction flow rate of the hood).

Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Hood Of A Aspirant Price?

The first prizes are very simple models, hoods or caps of filter groups. They really cheap cost between 50 and 100 €. However for quality hood, really effective, it is better to pay immediately a hundred euros. And the prices can go up to 1000 €. It will also require the purchase of carbon filters for recycling hoods function (first prize 10 €, compatible with all hoods) and a fiber filter against fat (between 1 and 6 € the unit).

What Height To A Fan Hoods?

It must be installed between 65 and 75 cm above your cooking space. Further up the hood efficiency decreases rapidly.

How to Clean A Very Cooker Hoods Grasse?

We recommend using a sponge (especially not the green side recurrent) and black soap. Ideally, take a sponge end of life that will go directly to the trash at the end of your cleaning.

Then no secret: lots of soap and a lot of elbow grease as they say. It often rinse the sponge with hot water. To avoid plumbing problems, install a large bowl in the sink that will recover all the dirty water, then empty it into the toilet. Or, let flow into the sink, but finish with a cleaning sink (with a mixture of salt, vinegar and bicarbonate for example) and at least one liter of boiling water over it.

The grease metal filter can soak in water and dish soap for at least 10 minutes before moving the dishwasher.

Finally, remember that the foam filter and charcoal filter should be changed regularly. You will gain in efficiency and will prevent that your walls yellow even when you use your hood regularly.

The Different Types Of Hoods Aspirants

The hoods are classified according to their design. There is even talk of decorative hood to hood all visible even when you do not need. Among them there are the Wall hoods, island hoods, built-in hoods, hoods, caps, retractable hoods, etc. We talk against filtering by group when the hood looks like a drawer under furniture that is fixed (but still over the course cooking space).


With this guide, you should be able to choose a hood that ties aesthetics and efficiency, which will allow you to enjoy your food.