Best Hand Vacuums

Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

When it comes to the daily maintenance of the table for meals or even cooking, hand vacuum is an easy and practical solution. It is in a format that invites the grab for only 5 minutes and it has a weight that makes it easy to handle even on days of small form.

To allow you to buy the first time the currently best hand vacuum available, we studied the various models on sale, compared the opinions concerning, Compulse different folders. In the end we selected six models, including the very effective Black + Decker hand vac PV1820L-QW.

What is an effective hand cleaner? What is the ideal weight of a hand vacuum? What budget provision?

The result of our research will answer all your questions and you will find the best handheld vacuum in your budget.

Special vacuum Handbag Best Quality / Price

BLACK + DECKER PD1820L QW-Hand Vacuum Cleaner …

BLACK + DECKER PV1820L QW-Hand Vacuum Cleaner …

Dustbuster Hand Wireless, 9KPA Vacuum …

Rowenta AC476901 Hand Vacuum, 0.38 liters, …

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

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Comparative Vacuum Handbags / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Black + Decker PV1020L-QW

The originality of this model is the presence of a nose swivel 200 ° to reach any surface easily, possibly with the help of its integrated extension.

This is the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner Dyson with 100 W. The autonomy is 20 minutes. It comes with a motorized brush to clean pet hair from carpets.

Light, equipped with a dual filtration, this model has good usability, increased by two accessories included: a brush and a crevice tool. Autonomy is 9 minutes.

The best mid-range

Black + Decker PV1020L-QW

The originality of this model is the presence of a nose swivel 200 ° to reach any surface easily, possibly with the help of its integrated extension.

This is the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner Dyson with 100 W. The autonomy is 20 minutes. It comes with a motorized brush to clean pet hair from carpets.

Light, equipped with a dual filtration, this model has good usability, increased by two accessories included: a brush and a crevice tool. Autonomy is 9 minutes.

How Is Made The selection?

To find the best handheld vacuum cleaners, we have created a list of criteria. This allows for an objective and therefore reliable approach. Each model must be efficient and ergonomic.

In operation, the handheld unit much like the bagless vacuum cleaner, since the dust is sent to a reservoir emptying at regular intervals. It can also, especially in the context of a high-end product, be compared to a water vacuum and dust. But the selection criteria are relatively specific to this small size.

Because of the device size, power may seem very low. Yet from 15 watts, a hand vac is a correct product. And it is considered powerful from 20 watts. The ideal is to have the power associated with a drive to benefit freely and on various surfaces.


Above all it is the tank capacity interests. It is said that the more it is, the less it will be necessary to empty and thus to the maintenance of the hand vacuum. However this means that when the tank is full, the total weight increases unpleasantly. So it is better to stay on a small capacity.

The other element to consider is the way to empty. Dyson offers very hygienic systems. Other brands simply invite open and shake the tank above the trash. In a home with allergies, as priority the most ergonomic and accurate system possible.

Last point, what kind of waste accept the hand vacuum? Most often it sucks the dust, but there are models that aspire liquids and dust.

Autonomy and the charge time

Autonomy is more or less always the same, maximum 20 minutes.

By cons there is a great disparity in the charge time. With a lithium-ion battery, the handheld unit can be loaded in 4 to 6 hours.

Other models require almost twenty hours. This is not necessarily bad if one aspires only once a day. This becomes problematic if you want to use at different times of the day.

If an effort is really made noise robot vacuum cleaners and even vacuum cleaners sleds with high-end bag is far from the case on hand vacuums. They are noisy and products every decibel account.

The vacuum cleaner is running on battery. It therefore needs a loading system. This can be included in a base to lay on a table, a wall mounting base or simply with a cable. This system will directly influence where you can store the handheld unit. This is why it is better to know before buying.

The design, weight and grip directly affect the usability of the device. Cleaning is often easier with a product in less than a kilo in all.

With an input range of vacuum cleaner accessories are rare or nonexistent. It should go upmarket to qualify for certain options like a power cable (to clean the inside of the car), brush, crevice tool, etc.

Finally, if you have the means to buy a top model, maybe you could take the time to compare vacuum cleaners, because many of them can turn handheld vacuum cleaner in one click. As against the original budget is not at all the same.

Best Vacuums Handbags – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Philips FC6148 / 01: The Best Cheap

Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Less than 1 kg 2 accessories included Easy to empty Double filtration curved handle

The handheld vacuum cleaner Philips FC6148 / 01 is a model that offers good value for money. In fact, for less than EUR 80, it has a power of 22 W and there is even a drive to choose between two powers. It can be used on the floor, table or chairs and sofas. For even more variety, it comes with two accessories: a brush (for vacuuming the finest dust) and a crevice tool (for hard to reach areas).

The battery is a Li-ion model, which offers a 9-minute autonomy. A charging base is included and serves as storage base. It stops automatically when the vacuum cleaner is charged, thereby not wasting electricity unnecessarily. By cons it is best to put the base on a desk and not directly on the ground, because the handle finds himself at the bottom, which is not very convenient to grasp.

Finally, when it is empty, this hand vacuum weighs 0.8 kg. It almost comes to regret that its autonomy is not longer because it can suck without fatigue!

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2. Black + Decker Dvj315J-Q W: The Alternative No Dear

Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Only 1 kg Indicator tracking filter retractable brush included indicator monitoring battery tank transparent

Quite noisy Filter difficult to buy

The Black Hand Vac model + Decker is a complete product on him all the necessary elements and without increase. So it only weighs 1.07 kilograms, while a weight is correct with respect to competition. The accessories are directly present on the end where the aspiration is done. There is a brush, which is clipped on top and folds underneath. And there is also a retractable end extender that can suck the most remote areas you without extension of the arm.

The autonomy of this handheld unit is 14 minutes. This is a lithium battery that loads in 4 h. As said before, an indicator tracks the battery capacity. Then the loading is done using a jack, the cable is included in the sales package.

To ensure healthy air, a double filter is in place. It must still plan to change the filter regularly and this is the fault of this product appears. Indeed, it is difficult to remove the filter and equally problematic to purchase replacement filters. It’s a shame, because it does not invite long preserve the unit, even though it works well.

Another flaw, most minimal, it emits 82.5 dB. It’s much, though compared to the competition is any enough unfortunately.

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Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Easy to empty retractable Accessories Self-Cleaning Filter Nose swivel 200 ° High power

Not ideal for wall mounting Quite noisy

This Black + Decker hand vac is presented as an extremely interesting alternative to what Dyson offers. It must be said that the necessary budget is not at all the same as the power is at the rendezvous. Indeed, the power is 20 Airwatts and based on a cyclonic suction. Two accessories are included directly in the camera. So useless to seek an intelligent storage, you have them with you at all times. This is an extension (which lengthens the suction nozzle) and a retractable brush (for sucking the finest dust on a couch or carpet).

Another specificity of this model is its pivoting nose. Indeed, the suction nose can be placed on 8-position differences and a rotation of 200 °. So it is not the person in charge of the household who turns his wrist or arm, but the vacuum cleaner that adapts to the surface to be cleaned.

Moreover, without a featherweight, this vacuum weighs only 1.28 kg, which is still quite correct. The tank has a capacity of 440 ml and it is transparent for easy monitoring and emptying. The filter is self-cleaning to minimize maintenance to a minimum.

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4. Black + Decker Pv1820L-Q W: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Power 35 W pivot nose at 200 ° Triple filtration expandable nozzle included Quick Charge

Quite noisy (85dB)

The Black cordless hand vacuum + Decker PV1820L-QW is a more powerful version of the model above. However it is only the second place, because the power is accompanied by an increase in volume. So it still emits 85 dB, getting a lot and actually hinder discussion.

In order to clean all surfaces, the hand vacuum cleaner has a nose pivot 200 °. That is to say, it can be placed in 8 different positions. There is also an extendable nozzle, that is to say the possibility of extending the suction nozzle, and a special brush furnishings. The tank has a capacity of 440 ml. Since it is transparent, it is easy to know when to empty it. The principle is quite simple, nothing special.

Final point on ergonomics, it weighs 1.38 kg vacuum. It remains correct and therefore easy to handle. Autonomy is of 10 minutes. It’s pretty short, fortunately the charging time is relatively short as it is only 4 hours. It is thus possible to use the device at least twice a day if necessary, or even more, because we seldom aspires to total battery depletion. The battery charging is done on the charging station, itself connected by a wire to an electrical outlet. It can be placed horizontally or fixed vertically on a wall.

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Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Very powerful motorized brush included sanitary dump load in 3 hours 30 minutes Up to 20 minutes autonomy

Dyson is a fairly expensive brand and effectively his hand vacuums are sold among the high-end products as the V6 model Trigger. On the other hand, the brand announced that it is the most powerful of his generation handheld vacuum (in comparison with the best selling models of the moment). So it has a power of 100 watts and offers a range of up to 20 minutes in normal mode. With fashion suction max, autonomy drops to 6 minutes. And it is 17 minutes with the use of motorized brush. The charging time is very fast, since it is expected that 3 hours 30 minutes.

This handheld unit is sold with two accessories for a wide variety of use. There is a crevice tool (for corners) and a motorized brush. The latter is the most interesting element, especially when living with animals. Indeed it can suck the hair on upholstery.

The plug is hand is particularly well thought out. The device weighs 1.23 kg and the center of gravity (often at the motor) is the closest possible to the handle for manipulation without forcing. Furthermore the emptying is particularly hygienic, with a similar aperture to that of the Dyson upright vacuum cleaner models. The dust collector has a capacity of 400 ml, which avoids overburdening the device when it is full.

The only real flaw of this device is its sound level. It still emits 87 dB, which is a lot. It is unfortunate that Dyson does not seek to make efforts in this regard. Because even if it is a device that is designed to be used only a few minutes, the noise creates a real nuisance.

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6. Black + Decker Dvj325Bfsp-Q W: The Alternative Premium

Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Turbo brush against animal hairs filter cleaning Signal Indicator for battery 2 speeds to choose filter anti odor

total weight (1.55 kg)

Although part of the high-end products, portable vacuum cleaner over Black + Decker DVJ325BFSP-QW has a price quite correct, especially in comparison options included. Indeed it can be purchased for less than 100 EUR thanks to a coupon. This is an efficient and powerful model with 27 watts and a power inverter with two speeds. It has cyclonic action and a double filtration. It is designed for all surfaces. Thus there are two accessories included: the extension and retractable brush. And there is also a turbo brush that can specifically vacuuming pet hair on upholstery (carpet, cushions, sofa, etc.).

The battery lasts for 16 minutes and it is loaded with a simple wire. The charging time is about 6 hours, which is still quite high, especially compared with all other handhelds of this selection.

Finally it is a discrete model, mostly gray with purple accent. If this is not a light hand vacuum, it still weighs only 1.5 kg, the limit to make it comfortable. And the noise it emits only 80 dB, slightly less than many models.

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And why not…

Here are some attractive products to complete the selection. It is always difficult to be limited to 6 products, particularly at the mercy of specials, balances or Black Friday prices vary and that a product little less can be more in your budget.

Black + Decker Dvj315B-Qw

This Black + Decker vacuum cleaner is a stylish model in black and red. It has a lithium battery that provides a range of 10 to 15 minutes depending on the speed used. The charger is positioned in the horizontal included base. There should be about 4 hours to fully charge the battery and it’s really his forte.

Apart from that, it has a comfortable reservoir of 500 ml and empty it weighs only 1 kg. It is therefore easy to handle.

Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Black + Decker Bhhv520Bfp-Qw

This is a special hand vacuum against animal hair. Indeed it is equipped with a turbo brush that effectively suck the hair on a sofa or blanket. Two speeds are optional and autonomy of 20 minutes is more than sufficient in relation to the size of the reservoir (500 ml). There is even a short dump to throw dust easily.

Two filters are in place, a first rigid filter and a filter cloth. A system odor is included, handy when it comes to pick up pet hair. As against the filter needs to be changed once or twice a year and it is not easy to find a suitable filter. It’s a shame, because a light is expected to report that we must change the filter.

An extension is built in, to suck in corners or under furniture. However, its effectiveness is limited on while dust is very good on the hair.

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Holife Hlhm036Bweu

The hand-held vacuum HoLife HLHM036BWEU is an efficient model with a power of 100 W and an aspiration 6 KPA. It also works well on dust as liquids. Thus it may contain up to 600 ml of dry dust in the tank and 100 ml of liquid.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vacuum Handbags Or Vacuum Broom

The space between the two devices is not the same.

The handheld unit is a supplement, it is used in circumstances and very specific places.

The upright vacuum cleaner and hand is a more consistent product, which is used for cleaning the whole house. Some stands to turn into hand vacuum. It is an attractive purchase when you need or want a new vacuum cleaner, and we made a single purchase.

Vacuum Handbag Philips Vs Black + Decker

There are preferences that do not really explain. So in he goes between Philips and Black + Decker.

These are brands that offer the same category of devices, similar prices and very similar options. Difficult to decide.

We advise you to focus on practical details like price, noise and not choosing a brand or another.

What We Can Draw With A Vacuum Handbags?

There are as many ways to use a handheld vacuum that there are families that have them. Indeed, one can only keep the car or camper. Some come to the end of each meal and suck the crumbs on the table or the couch.

It can also suck the ash, hair, pet hair. We can go after her manicure, on the carpet, mattress, on the stairs, underneath furniture. In fact, you can do anything!

How to Clean a vacuum In Table?

The maintenance of the table vacuum cleaner through the act of emptying regularly. It should also clean the hand vacuum filter about once a month.

To do this, simply remove the filter and shake it over the trash. It is also possible to spend the warm water. When it is dry, simply reattach it.

For who ?

When hand vacuum think we often think of grandmothers and children. Yet it is a handy accessory in other contexts such as in a nail salon or at a nail technician.

According to Maria Montessori children can take over cleaning their work areas, so the vacuum can be in a classroom or hall entertainment, available to children. There are really no rules for such a device!

Conclusion: What To Buy Hand Vacuum According to Us?

If it were up to us, it is the Black + Decker hand vac PV1820L-QW that we would buy or possibly less powerful version, but also less noisy what the Black + Decker PV1020L.

And notices consider that the price is really interesting compared to Dyson products, so the efficiency is not necessarily so superior than that. Only if you have pets, we suggest you focus on the Dyson V6 Trigger.