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Chocolate Fondue Comparison: The Best Models

Any chocolate lover cannot do without equipment like a fondue maker. Simple to use, it will allow you to make your favorite desserts in no time.

Chocolate Fondue Comparison: The Best Models
Chocolate Fondue Comparison: The Best Models

Here are some tips for finding the perfect device among the countless models on the market. Any chocolate lover cannot do without equipment like a fondue maker. Simple to use, it will allow you to make your favorite desserts in no time. Here are some tips for finding the perfect device among the countless models on the market.

What Is A Chocolate Fondue Appliance?

A chocolate fondue appliance is a device used to melt chocolate for desserts or snacks.

Chocolate Fondue Comparison: The Best Models
Chocolate Fondue Comparison: The Best Models

With picks, you can fool different foods and treats, namely fresh fruit, dried fruit, marshmallows, candies, cakes, brioches, and many more according to our desires.

It is a device that is available today in several models, ranging from burner versions to electric versions. Some are ceramic, others are steel with non-stick coating or stainless steel.

What Is The Best Chocolate Fondue Appliance?

Choose your chocolate fondue machine from the models we have selected in our comparison table.

How To Choose A Chocolate Fondue Appliance?

The Capacity

Capacity is the first thing to consider when purchasing a chocolate fondue appliance. Getting equipment that doesn’t meet your expectations and needs is like throwing your money out the window.

Chocolate Fondue Comparison: The Best Models
Chocolate Fondue Comparison: The Best Models

In order to find the right capacity and to be able to serve a sufficient quantity of chocolate fondue, you need to determine the number of people who eat most often with you. To give you an idea, it is for example necessary to use a bowl that can contain 400 to 500 g of chocolate if you have 4 to 6 guests.

The Power

This selection criterion mainly concerns electric chocolate fondue devices. It is also an important point outside the capacity, because the speed of heating depends on it.

Chocolate Fondue Comparison: The Best Models

Note that models with a power lower than 1000 W are slower with a heating time of half an hour, but perfect for keeping the mixture at a stable temperature. If you are less patient, it is best to opt for models of 1000 W or more which allow accelerated heating within 15 minutes. However, it should not be forgotten that these types of machines consume more energy.

The Materials

Not sure which chocolate fondue appliance to buy? Another characteristic that will determine your choice is the material of manufacture. In fact, not all models are made from the same material.

Different manufacturers offer devices on the market with bases in stainless steel, steel with non-stick coating or even ceramic.

Each one has its advantages, because if the latter is best known for its resistance and its ability to conserve heat, stainless steel and coated non-stick steel prove to be more robust and easier to maintain. You must therefore choose according to the criterion that you favor.

Why Buy A Chocolate Fondue Appliance?

User-Friendly Equipment

Chocolate fondue is a recipe that can be enjoyed with many. She will love your guests at family events, birthday parties or during moments with friends.

By purchasing a chocolate fondue appliance, you will be able to enjoy a warm atmosphere, laugh and chat while savoring. In addition, everyone is free to choose the ingredient they want to fool in the fondue.

Make Food Tastier

Everyone, big or small, loves chocolate. This cocoa-based food has the particularity of marrying any ingredient, in particular with treats, fresh fruit, dried fruit, marshmallows, candies, cakes or brioches.

Having a chocolate fondue appliance will allow you to make food more tasty, whether for a dessert than for a snack.

Which Chocolate Fondue Appliance To Choose?

Here are the best sellers of the moment in terms of chocolate fondue machine, which will certainly allow you to find the chocolate fondue machine that suits you!

The Different Types Of Chocolate Fondue Devices

The Burner Appliance

The chocolate fondue devices operating with a burner use either dough or methylated spirits which are placed under the fondue pot. These models have many advantages.

In addition to guaranteeing unparalleled authenticity, these can be moved to any room in the house and are suitable for use outside the house, such as during picnics for example.

In addition, this type of fondue set is made to last and does not risk breaking down. The only drawback of a burner is that it is difficult to keep the mixture at a stable temperature, since there is no precise adjustment. The flame adjusts by opening the air supply more or less. We gain in charm what we lose in precision.

The Electric Fondue Set

The other model concerns the electric chocolate fondue machine. Equipped with a thermostat, the latter has the advantage of providing better temperature control, and this, throughout the device.

This type of machine is divided into two groups. There are those with a power lower than 1000 W which have a heating time between 25 and 45 minutes. They reduce the risk of splashing and keep the mixture at the right temperature thanks to a well-staggered thermostat.

As for the electric chocolate fondue devices provided with a thermostat greater than 1000 W, they have a very rapid heating rate, namely 10 to 15 minutes. Their weak point is that their thermostat is quite difficult to adjust and that splashes are very frequent.

What Is The Price Of A Chocolate Fondue Machine?

If there is one criterion that we favor most when buying a device, it is the price. This is the reason why it is essential to compare the best models offered on the market.

The cost of a chocolate fondue machine varies between 20 and 100 euros. Fuel models are often more affordable than those with a thermostat, but the price may also depend on capacity and material. However, you can acquire a good quality cheap chocolate fondue by consulting our buying guide.

How To Use A Chocolate Fondue Appliance?

For A Burner Appliance

The operating instructions for a chocolate fondue appliance differ depending on the model. For a combustion version, you can choose between using methylated spirits or combustion gel to fuel the stove. If you have taken the first option, you should pour it directly into the stove. However, avoid putting too much on to minimize the risk of an accident.

The choice of combustible paste offers more serenity, especially since it is easy to use. Indeed, just remove the lid, place the refill in the stove and screw the burner head back before lighting the dough with a match. It should be noted that there are also fondue sets operating with simple candles.

For Electric Fondue Set

For an appliance melted with electric chocolate, it is even simpler. With an adjustable thermostat, this model allows you to both melt your chocolate and keep it warm. Then simply plug the device into an electrical outlet, turn it on and preheat it before adjusting the temperature.

How To Maintain A Chocolate Fondue Appliance

It is important to clean your chocolate fondue machine properly so that it remains functional for many years. Of course there is nothing complicated, but there are a few steps to take.

First of all, always wait for the device to cool completely before cleaning to avoid getting burned. If it is covered with a non-stick coating, simply wash it with a sponge and washing up liquid before rinsing it with clean water.

Never use a metal sponge or an abrasive product which could damage your equipment. Be aware that some models, especially those in stainless steel can be washed in the dishwasher.