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The Best Teppanyaki Planchas Of The Moment

Practical and effective for searing or grilling different types of food, plancha teppanyaki is now used by both professionals and cooking enthusiasts. You also want to have some at home, but you do not know which one to choose? Our site presents the important points that you must focus on in order to find the utensil that will best suit your needs and desires.

What Is A Plancha Teppanyaki?

Native to both Spain and Japan, a plancha teppanyaki is a versatile kitchen utensil that allows you to sear and grill all kinds of food, including meat, fish and vegetables.

The Best Teppanyaki Planchas Of The Moment
The Best Teppanyaki Planchas Of The Moment

It is a smooth metal heating plate which produces a high cooking temperature. There are different types of plancha. Indeed, it can be electric, induction or gas. We can also distinguish portable models and built-in teppanyaki planchas.

What Is The Best Teppanyaki Plancha?

Our comparison presents the 3 best models of teppanyaki planchas available on the market.

How To Choose A Teppanyaki Plancha?

Depending On Its Power

Power is one of the important characteristics you should take into account when choosing your plancha. Variable from 1,500 to more than 3,000 W, this defines the ability of the cookware to quickly rise in temperature. The more powerful the plancha, the faster it will heat up, saving you time.

The Best Teppanyaki Planchas Of The Moment
The Best Teppanyaki Planchas Of The Moment

Be aware that the most powerful devices are also often the most versatile. But that does not mean that you have to acquire an ultra powerful model at all costs. Everything will depend on your use and the amount of food you want to prepare. In addition, it should not be forgotten that a less powerful device will consume less energy. A plancha of 1,500 to 2,500 W would be a wise choice for a particular use.

Depending On The Type Of Plate

The hob is the main element of the plancha. This is where we put the food to grab. Note that it can be designed with different materials depending on the model. Each has its pros and cons. Laminated carbon steel planchas are very resistant, but can quickly oxidize without careful maintenance.

The Best Teppanyaki Planchas Of The Moment
The Best Teppanyaki Planchas Of The Moment

Those in enamelled steel are characterized by their resistance to corrosion, but are easily scratched. The hard chrome plates offer very good cooking quality, but are quite expensive. There are also models in enameled cast iron which are probably the cheapest. However, they prove to be susceptible to rust and impact. The best teppanyaki planchas are those that have a stainless steel cooking surface. In addition to offering good conductivity, it is a material that is both resistant and very easy to clean.

Depending On The Size Of Its Cooking Surface

To find the right teppanyaki plancha, you also have to consider its size. Your choice will depend on your needs. The more guests there are, the larger the cooking surface should be so that you can cook enough food.

The Best Teppanyaki Planchas Of The Moment

A 40 x 25 cm or 35 x 24 cm plate is enough to treat 4 to 6 people. If there are more of you at home or you often welcome guests into your home, opt for a large-size cookware instead. Some models allow you to prepare enough meals for 10 people at one time. However, a plancha with a large cooking surface can take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

So choose your equipment according to the space available for its installation and storage. Be aware that the market offers built-in teppanyaki which are provided with a large plate, but not bulky.

Depending On Its Ergonomics

This is an essential point not to be overlooked when buying a plancha. A good utensil must be practical, secure and comfortable to use. In addition to a continuously adjustable thermostat control, some models are for example fitted with a tilting plate promoting the flow of grease or extendable by 180 ° rotation to increase the surface.

Others are also equipped with a collecting tank used to collect grease and cooking juices. In terms of safety of use, we advise you to favor planchas which are fitted with insulating handles to avoid burns as well as non-slip rubber feet which ensure good stability.

Why Buy A Good Teppanyaki Plancha?

For Healthier And More Varied Cooking

The first advantage of teppanyaki plancha is that it allows you to cook healthily. You can cook your meats and vegetables there without too much fat while keeping their flavors.

Moreover, the majority of these utensils are equipped with a tray that collects fat. The plancha also allows you to make various preparations. You can put not only your, meats, fish and chickens, but also your fruit skewers on the plate for dessert.

Very Practical And Easy To Clean Tool

The other advantage of the plancha is its practicality. It is often portable and can be placed directly on the table. It is also characterized by its ease of maintenance. Compared to other utensils, the plancha is easy to clean by gently scraping the plate while pushing the fat into the collecting tray. The latter is then easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

Which Plancha Teppanyaki To Choose?

Discover our selection of the TOP 4 best selling teppanyaki planchas right now.

What Is The Price Of A Teppanyaki Plancha?

The price of a plancha is very variable depending on the heat source, the power, the cooking surface and the ergonomics of the cookware.

There are around thirty euros to over 1,000 euros. For electric planchas, the price generally ranges from 35 to 100 euros. Gas powered models are the most powerful and therefore the most expensive. Their price varies from 100 to more than 1,500 euros.

In short, the budget that you must plan depends on your use, your needs and your expectations. Lean in all circumstances towards branded utensils guaranteeing performance and solidity, such as planchas teppanyaki bosch, Domo, LIVOO, BEPER, Siemens or even Philips.

How To Use A Teppanyaki Plancha?

Dedicated to professionals and amateurs alike, the plancha teppanyaki is one of the simplest cooking utensils. There are still a few rules to follow and rules to follow to make delicious dishes every time.

First, take appropriate accessories, namely pliers and a spatula. Make sure all the necessary seasonings are close at hand. You can then light your plancha and let the plate heat up. To check, add a few drops of water. These will have to transform into balls which roll quickly if the plate is very hot. All you have to do is oil the food before placing it. Be sure to respect the cooking time for each type of food and use a cover if it is a long-term cooking.

How To Clean Your Teppanyaki Plancha?

It is important to take good care of your plancha to keep its performance and ensure its durability. As noted above, it is a very simple utensil to clean. Here are some steps and tips to do it quickly.

Start by unplugging the device. With the baking sheet still hot, pour a little vinegar and scrape with a stainless steel spatula or a stainless steel ball by pushing the fat and the juices into the collecting tray. You can use a cooktop cleaner available in supermarkets and specialty stores. Spray the product evenly on the baking sheet and leave to act for a few minutes before rubbing with a sponge. Wipe with a clean cloth and rinse with clean water. The container can be removed and washed in the dishwasher or by hand. And now, your plancha is refurbished.

In case you only use your plancha occasionally, it is best to put it in its cover before storing it to protect it from humidity and dust.