Best Filter Jugs

Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models

Not easy to know which filter carafe to choose from the plethora of offers on the market. So trust Comparatif-Multicuiseur to find your future anti-limescale filter carafe. You will discover through this buying guide all the essential selection criteria not to be overlooked, as well as a selection of the models most appreciated by their quality.

What Is A Filter Carafe?

The filter carafe is like a carafe of ordinary water, except that you will notice inside the container a filtering system which allows not only to reduce the hardness of the water, but also to retain the different impurities that the found in this one.

Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models
Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models

These are particles harmful to health that are not actually visible to the naked eye, yet they can affect the smell and taste of tap water that we drink every day. It can be various bacteria, chlorine, as well as heavy metals like lead, copper and aluminum. The carafe filter is available in two different models which can be recognized by their main components, namely ion exchange resin and activated carbon.

What Is The Best Filter Carafe?

Discover in our comparison the 3 best models of filter decanters of the moment.

How To Choose A Quality Filter Carafe?

Depending On Its Size And Capacity

Obviously, the greater your need for water, the more you will have to choose a large carafe of filter water. Know then that there are commercially available models of all sizes, which can contain 1 l of water to more than 3.5 l.

Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models
Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models

Each household therefore has a greater or lesser number of water drinkers. If there are only two of you at home, a 2 l jug may be more than enough, while a larger volume will be necessary for a large family with children.

The water capacity offered by decanters generally does not exceed 4 l. This is due to the fact that the filtered water should be drunk the same day. If it stays too long in the container, you risk drinking standing water that contains bacteria harmful to your body.

Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models
Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models

Also, don’t forget to take into account the space that your jug ​​can cause. It won’t be a huge problem if you plan to put it on the dining table or in the corner of the kitchen. On the other hand, if you are used to drinking fresh water, you should think about opting for a more compact and well thought out model that will fit easily in your refrigerator. This is the case, for example, with the brita marella filter jug.

Depending On Its Material And Design

The choice of material for your carafe will essentially depend on the use you give it. For an object that will take place in the kitchen and out of sight, you can perfectly orient yourself towards a plastic model.

Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models

The latter will be more practical if you have young children who are likely to handle it, especially since it does not require a lot of care in use and maintenance. The stainless steel filter jugs will be more recommended for those looking for a compact and easy to transport tool. Stainless steel will indeed be more resistant to shocks and will adapt perfectly for traveling, hiking or picnicking.

On the other hand, for an accessory that will be enthroned most often on your dining table or on your bar, Comparatif-Multicuiseur advises you to orient your choice towards a pretty designer filtering carafe. The most appreciated are above all the glass filter jugs, which provide elegance and transparency. So do not hesitate to set your sights on a model that has an unusual shape to enhance your interior: cylindrical, rectangular, round, or even flared.

Depending On Its Filter And Its Options

If you want above all to get rid of chlorine and the various organic impurities that make up your water, the best type of filter to choose is the activated carbon filter.

On the other hand, if you want to eliminate bad smells, improve the taste or even reduce the presence of heavy metals such as lead, copper and aluminum in your drinking water, our site suggests that you favor a filter carafe ionizing. Note however that if you choose one or the other, you will not be able to exchange it with one or the other once the filter has reached its maximum filtering capacity and you should change it.

Filter jugs without cartridges will therefore be more practical since you can use it with universal filters suitable for all models. However, the best filters are those that last as long as possible, with a filtering capacity of up to 160 l.

In terms of practicality of use, the ideal will be to bet on a model with an ergonomic handle. It will be all the more necessary on a large capacity container. The presence of a sliding or flap cover is also easier to handle when filling the tank. Some filter jugs even have an LED filter replacement indicator to prevent you from changing it. The simplest ones only calculate the time that has elapsed since the filter was installed, while others go so far as to take into account the actual volume of water consumed.

Why Buy A Filter Carafe?

To Purify Tap Water

Thanks to an efficient filter carafe, you will no longer have to worry about the various pollutants present in the water that could harm your health. This is why it is above all necessary to equip yourself with a water filter jug ​​to treat tap water before use.

On the one hand, the filter will take care of reducing the hardness of the water to protect all your household appliances from scale deposits. This will prevent a lot of damage to your kettle, coffee machine, sink and other kitchen equipment. And on the other hand, it also removes all the impurities present in the water, harmful to the human body. From where you will get water without taste or bad smell, ideal for consumption throughout the day and for all your culinary preparations.

To Save And Limit The Consumption Of Plastic

If you are having trouble keeping track of your expenses in purchasing plastic bottles, it may be time to think about purchasing a filter jug ​​of tap water. It is the most practical and effective accessory that can quickly purify your water so that it is safe for your body and your household appliances. The purchase of a filter jug ​​is very affordable in terms of price and your expenses will only be limited to replacing the filter. Which is relatively cheaper compared to the mineral water supply in plastic bottles. Besides, at the same time, you will be able to reduce plastic consumption for better environmental protection.

Which Filter Carafe To Choose?

We have established for you a selection of the TOP4 of the best-selling filter jugs on the market.

What Is The Price Of A Filter Carafe?

Several characteristics come into play to determine the price of the filter carafe, namely its capacity, the quality of its material, its design, the number of cartridges which accompany or not, as well as its brand.

Therefore, the models of cheap filter jugs are accessible from around ten euros when the high-end ones can be offered at more than 100 euros. Comparatif-Multicuiseur also recommends that you avoid entry-level products and bet at least thirty euros to guarantee the robustness and efficiency of the equipment. And for this, always favor a carafe from a known brand, such as Brita.

How Does A Filter Carafe Work?

To understand how the filter jug ​​works, imagine a classic carafe, with a funnel-shaped filter inside. To use it, you must first fill the upper tank with tap water from the neck. The filter will take approximately 4 minutes to purify a liter of water and for this, the water will flow little by little into the lower part of the jug through the filter. You should then gradually add tap water over it until you get the required amount of purified water.

How To Maintain Your Filter Carafe?

Ideally, always clean your carafe by hand rather than sending it to the dishwasher. To clean it, use a sponge, with clear water and washing-up liquid, then rinse thoroughly.

Be careful not to fill your container with hot or boiling water, and also avoid exposing the filter cartridges to direct sunlight. Our site also advises you to keep the carafe at room temperature or cold, without however placing it in the refrigerator during the filtration process. And do not forget to replace the filter when the substances that make it up are exhausted to guarantee better efficiency.